List of members of the 1st Parliament of Great Britain

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This is a list of members of the First Parliament of Great Britain (1707—1708). No election was held for the 1st Parliament of Great Britain, its members being appointed from the Parliament of England and the Parliament of Scotland.

MPs from Scotland and Wales[edit]

Member Party Constituency
Alexander Abercromby Court Scotland 1
George Allardice Court Scotland 2
Sir John Aubrey, 3rd Baronet None Cardiff Boroughs
George Baillie Squadrone Scotland 3
William Bennet Court Scotland 4
Henry Bertie None Beaumaris Boroughs
Sir John Bruce, 2nd Baronet Squadrone Scotland 5
Richard Bulkeley, 3rd Viscount Bulkeley Tory Anglesey
Thomas Bulkeley None Caernarvon Boroughs
Sir Thomas Burnett, 3rd Baronet Court Scotland 6
Daniel Campbell Court Scotland 7
Sir James Campbell, 2nd Baronet Court Scotland 8
James Campbell Court Scotland 9
Hon. John Campbell Court Scotland 10
John Clerk Court Scotland 11
John Cockburn Squadrone Scotland 12
Sir John Conway None Flintshire
Hon. Sir David Dalrymple, 1st Baronet Court Scotland 13
Hon. William Dalrymple Court Scotland 14
Sir Alexander Douglas Court Scotland 15
Archibald Douglas Court Scotland 16
Sir John Erskine, 3rd Baronet Squadrone Scotland 17
John Erskine Court Scotland 18
Mungo Graham Squadrone Scotland 19
Alexander Grant Court Scotland 20
John Haldane Squadrone Scotland 21
Sir Peter Halkett, 1st Baronet Squadrone Scotland 22
James Halyburton Squadrone Scotland 23
Robert Harley None Radnor Boroughs
Thomas Harley None Radnorshire
Hon. Sir Andrew Hume Squadrone Scotland 24
Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys None Brecon
Sir John Johnstone, 1st Baronet Court Scotland 25
Sir Patrick Johnstone Court Scotland 26
Sir William Kerr, 3rd Baronet Squadrone Scotland 27
John Laugharne None Haverfordwest Boroughs
Hon. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd Baronet Court Scotland 28
Hon. Alexander Maitland Court Scotland 29
Thomas Mansel None Glamorganshire
Charles Mason None Montgomery Boroughs
John Meyrick None Pembroke Boroughs
Patrick Moncreiff Court Scotland 30
Hon. Francis Montgomerie Court Scotland 31
Hugh Montgomerie Court (Anti-Union) Scotland 32
John Morgan None Monmouthshire
William Morison Court Scotland 33
Sir Roger Mostyn None Flint Boroughs
John Murray Court Scotland 34
Sir Richard Myddelton, Bt None Denbighshire
William Nisbet Squadrone Scotland 35
Hon. Patrick Ogilvy Court Scotland 36
Wirriot Owen None Pembrokeshire
Sir Robert Pollock, 1st Baronet Court Scotland 37
Sir Thomas Powell None Monmouth Boroughs
John Pringle Court Scotland 38
Lewis Pryse None Cardigan Boroughs
John Pugh None Cardiganshire
Sir David Ramsay, 4th Baronet Independent (Anti-Union) Scotland 39
Griffith Rice None Carmarthenshire
William Robinson None Denbigh Boroughs
Hugh Rose Court Scotland 40
James Scott Court Scotland 41
William Seton Court (Squadrone?) Scotland 42
Sir James Smollett Court Scotland 43
Hon. John Stewart Court Scotland 44
Sir John Swinton Court Scotland 45
Edward Vaughan None Montgomeryshire
Richard Vaughan (c1655-1724) None Carmarthen Boroughs
Richard Vaughan (c1665-1734) None Merionethshire
Sir Edward Williams None Breconshire
Sir Hopton Williams None Monmouthshire
Sir John Wynn None Caernarvonshire

Changes during term[edit]

  • None in Scotland and Wales during this Parliament.