Nazia Hassan Foundation

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Nazia Hassan Foundation
Founded 15 October 2003
Founder Hassan family
Origins Pakistan Karachi
Area served
London, England
Owner Hassan family

The Nazia Hassan Foundation was established by Nazia Hassan's parents Basir and Muniza, her sister Zahra, her brother Zoheb, and her son Arez. The charity is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and was established to continue Nazia’s social work.

Mission statement[edit]

The Nazia Hassan Foundation exists to promote harmony and peace amongst communities and encourage the fusion of values and ideas of the East and the West. It seeks to promote the interaction of ideas, values, cultures and philosophies among the young migrants and the local populations, who will be encouraged to set an example by using their energy and talent to promote cultural, social and professional fusion, promoting both closeness and the development of societies.

The Foundation will encourage volunteer programs through which volunteers from one country will be able to work in other countries, within the social service fields. The current areas of focus of the Foundation’s development programs are:

  • Helping the downtrodden
  • Create support systems for children in need and providing homes for abandon children
  • Spearhead and continue initiatives against drug abuse, and to promote awareness amongst the youth against the drug abuse
  • To recognize the exceptional efforts and achievements of individuals of diverse cultural, religious backgrounds
  • To be proud of being part of a multi-cultural, multi-faith society and show respect to all

The Foundation is primarily focused on building homes, schools, and hospitals for children in need within countries where support is most required.

Fundraising and promotion events[edit]

Launching ceremony[edit]

A ceremony was held at the House of Commons to launch the Nazia Hassan Foundation during Autumn 2003. 'Nazia Hassan Awards' were also awarded on that occasion. They were presented to high achievers in their fields of work.

Nazia Hassan Awards[edit]

The 2005 recipients included:

  • Media – Dr Avtar Lit (Founder and owner of Sunrise Radio), Hardeep Singh Kohli, Anita Anand and Nitin Ganatra
  • Print Media Media – Sarwar Ahmed
  • Politics – MP Sadiq Khan
  • Education Award – Mark L. Bickerton
  • Special Achievement Award – Majid Ali.
  • Social Work Award – Maureen Lines
  • Life Achievement Award – Jamila Massey

Cake and Candle Ceremony[edit]

This program is focused on bringing children/families from the ethnic and indigenous communities together to intermingle and participate in concerts/acting/speaking etc. The Cake and Candle Ceremony was held in the spring of 2004 to celebrate Nazia’s birthday. Children from the age of 6–18 years lit candles after their performance and cut the cake with Nazia’s son Arez.

Nazia Hassan[edit]

Nazia Hassan was best known as a singer, but was also notable for her social work. India’s Society Magazine included Hassan in its list of 50 people who changed lives of Indians.[citation needed] That list had names like Mother Teresa, Amitabh Bachan and Indira Gandhi. Pakistan honored Hassan with the "Pride of Performance" award posthumously.[citation needed] After receiving her B.A. and Law degrees, she started working as a political analyst in the United Nations, which provided her with a platform from which advance her work for social causes. It was at this point that Hassan decided to continue her music only to further the cause of helping the underprivileged. She worked in low income areas of Karachi, especially to help women and children. Hassan’s music came to be known as "music with a mission".[citation needed] Hassan died in August 2000.