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ReachMD logo May 2015.png
Broadcast area United States
Branding ReachMD
Slogan The channel for medical professionals.
First air date 2007-03-26
Format Medical news, information, and continuing medical education
Class Internet Radio Station
Affiliations iHeartRadio
Owner US HealthConnect, Inc. (parent organization)

ReachMD is a multi-outlet healthcare programming source developed for medical professionals across multiple disciplines and specialties. ReachMD's Internet Radio channel broadcasts content on ReachMD (streaming website and mobile apps), iHeartRadio (streaming website, mobile app, and auto dashboards), and through podcasts on iTunes.

ReachMD launched on 26 March 2007 and was originally broadcast on XM Satellite radio, brought to XM Satellite in cooperation with Premiere Networks. On December 21, 2011, ReachMD was acquired by US HealthConnect Inc.[1] with the intent to become an Internet Radio broadcaster. Effective October 18, 2013, ReachMD joined Clear Channel's iHeartRadio platform and became exclusively an Internet Radio broadcaster offering its content on air, online, and on mobile devices through Internet platforms.[2]


ReachMD has a series of pre-recorded programs that range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes in length. The ReachMD content wheel is a 12-hour wheel: programs air throughout a 12-hour period and then repeat over the next 12-hour period. Programs fall into three general categories of healthcare education and/or information: (1) Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs, (2) Editorial Series pograms, and (3) Medical Industry Feature programs. The channel's original content is produced in the ReachMD headquarters in Fort Washington, PA, and is broadcast on, ReachMD MedicalRadio App, ReachMD CME App,, and iHeartRadio App. Podcast downloads also are available on ReachMD and iHeartRadio websites and mobile apps, as well as on iTunes.


ReachMD emphasizes that the channel is made exclusively for medical professionals and not consumers. The channel runs regular disclaimers between programs reiterating this and instructs any consumers listening to go elsewhere for their information (or, if they choose to listen to ReachMD, to not rely on ReachMD programming as medical advice or allow ReachMD programming to replace any relationship with a qualified medical professional). The channel also requires a user to enter their medical profession information when registering an account on its website.

Featured Series[edit]

  • Clinician's Roundtable: Interviews with the top thought leaders in medicine exploring the clinical and professional issues that are foremost in the minds of the medical community.
  • Conference Coverage: Conference Coverage brings to life medical conferences from around the world.
  • Diabetes Discourse: Features renowned healthcare professionals discussing the latest topics on diabetes: therapies, research, technology, clinical studies, treatments, and more.
  • FDA Voice and FDA Patient Safety News: Features public safety notices, patient safety news, and more.
  • GI Insights: GI Insights highlights the latest clinical issues, trends and technologies in gastroenterological practice.
  • Grand Rounds Nation CME: Grand Rounds Nation CME empowers healthcare providers with the unique opportunity to listen to educational Grand Rounds and earn continuing medical education credit.
  • Lipid Lumination: A series focusing on the field of lipidology, highlighting recent advances in lipid management and heart disease. This series is sponsored by the National Lipid Association.
  • Oncology Power Hour: Oncology Power Hour delivers powerful insights from leading experts on oncology trends, discoveries, and patient management strategies. Each hour features multiple topics of interest to oncology professionals nationwide.
  • Partners in Practice: Provides insight into the issues experienced by advanced practice healthcare clinicians as they deliver a broad range of medical services to a diverse population, interface with other healthcare providers and navigate their own career issues.
  • Primary Care Today: Features conversations with clinical experts representing a wide range of medical specialties to highlight the latest trends in primary care practice.
  • Women's Health Fridays: Features faculty experts addressing a variety of clinically relevant and controversial topics facing female patients of all ages.

Online Streaming and Podcasts[edit]

ReachMD is an Internet Radio channel that streams online 24/7 on its website,, its mobile apps, and on the iHeartRadio website, [1] and mobile app. All programs aired on ReachMD are accessible as podcasts on ReachMD's website and mobile apps, and CME podcasts are accessible on iTunes. To participate in ReachMD podcasts on its website or mobile apps, one must register an account on the ReachMD website.

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