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TLD typeInternationalised (Cyrillic) country code top-level domain
RegistryDatacom Co ,ltd
Intended useEntities connected with Mongolia
Registration restrictionsDatacom
DNS namexn--l1acc
Registry websiteмон.мон

.мон is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Mongolia. It is administered by .MN Registry, Datacom. The domain name is composed of the consonants in the three first letters of the country name. The .МОН registry is operated under the thick registry model. Administrative, billing, technical and registrant contacts are required. In 2012 a new top domain was registered for Mongolia, intended for domain names in the Mongolian language. Registrations for the domain opened in May 2014.[1][2] The first site http://мон.мон became active during that month.

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