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TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryInstitute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Intended useEntities connected with  Iran
Actual usePopular in Iran
Registration restrictionsGenerally open for Iranians and non-Iranians; 3rd-level registrations under subdomains have varied restrictions and are restricted to Iranian-related entities
StructureMay register at second level or at third level beneath generic-category 2nd level domains
Dispute policiesIRNIC Dispute Resolution Policy
Registry websitenic.ir

.ir is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Iran. It is managed by the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences.

In 2014 a US court awarded a group of American and Israeli victims of Iranian terror the rights to the domain, along with Iran’s IP addresses being utilized by the Iranian government and its agencies.[1][2]

Second-level domains[edit]

Persian domains[edit]

Persian internationalized domain names are available for registration under .ایران.ir for public, in the Persian script.[3]

In 2010, ICANN approved IRNIC's proposal for the ایران. IDN ccTLD (representing the Persian spelling of Iran), pending the final step of String Delegation[clarification needed].[4]

Domain hacks[edit]

The URL "ryana.ir" is a redirect to the budget airline website ryanair.com. It is used as a typing shortcut. Some internet users may mistakenly believe that .ir is the ccTLD for the Republic of Ireland, the home country of Ryanair (which is actually .ie).[original research?]

The URL "renmark.ir" is a redirect to the Investor Relations firm Renmark Financial Communications Inc. The .ir in this instance would stand for Investor Relations.


  • .dnssec.ir – limited term testbed for DNSSEC support


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