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Introduced3 January 1990
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryHong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd.
Intended useEntities connected with:
Actual usePopular in Hong Kong
Registration restrictionsSecond-level registrations open to all Generic '.hk' domain categories; Specific third-level registrations require identity documents depending on varying rules for each sector; DNSSEC is not available on most local registries.
DocumentsEligibility & required documents
Registration policies & procedures
Registration agreement
Dispute policiesDispute resolution policies & procedures (HKIRC)
How to raise a dispute (HKDNR)
Registry websitewww.hkdnr.hk/en/home/
TLD typeInternationalized country code top-level domain
RegistryHong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd.
Intended useEntities connected with  Hong Kong
Actual useUsed in Hong Kong
DocumentsSee .hk
Dispute policiesSee .hk
Registry websitehkdnr.hk

.hk is the designated Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Hong Kong. It is administered by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC), the only organization endorsed by the Hong Kong Government to undertake the administration of 'hk' domain names. Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC) is a non-profit making, non-statutory, member-based corporation established in 2001.



From its inception in 1990 until 2002, the domain was administered by the Joint University Computer Centre.[1] In 2002, through a "Memorandum of Understanding" with the Hong Kong government, HKIRC took over the administration of '.hk',[2] while the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Corporation Limited (HKDNR), its wholly owned subsidiary of HKIRC, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the registration service [3] for Specific '.hk' Domain Names and Generic '.hk' Domain Name (e.g., www.myname.hk). '.hk' domain names can be registered at both the second and third level.

On June 25, 2010, ICANN approved the use of the internationalized country code top-level domain .香港 (hongkong in simplified Chinese characters and traditional Chinese characters; DNS name: .xn--j6w193g) by HKIRC.[4] This TLD was added to the DNS in July 2010. The Pre Launch Priority Registration for .香港 was started on February 22, 2011.[5] The first .香港 domain was activated on March 23, 2011.[6] 香港 domain categories were opened for public registration since May 31, 2011.[7]

Usage outside Hong Kong


Some Russian 2ch style imageboards use .hk webnames, such as iichan.hk and 2ch.hk.

Domain categories


A Chinese domain name must contain at least one Chinese character but can contain English letters as long as there is at least 1 Chinese character while English domain names must not contain any Chinese characters. All domain names could contain alphanumeric characters and hyphens.[8] Chinese domain names ending in .hk but not in .香港 are not available for registration since mid January 2011. However, the registered domains in these categories can still be used and renewed.[9]

English Chinese Eligible applicant
.hk .香港 Local or overseas individuals or entities
.com.hk .公司.香港 Commercial entities registered in Hong Kong
.org.hk .組織.香港 Non-profit organisations registered or approved by the Hong Kong Government
.net.hk .網絡.香港 Network service providers with a licence from the Communications Authority
.edu.hk .教育.香港 Educational institutions or registered schools in Hong Kong
.gov.hk .政府.香港 Departments or Bureaux of the Hong Kong Government
.idv.hk .個人.香港 HKID cardholders aged 11 or above

Accredited registrars


As of July 1, 2018.[10]

Local registrars

  • HKDNR (wholly owned subsidiary of HKIRC)
  • UDomain Web Hosting Company Limited
  • Eranet International
  • HKT
  • Speedy Group
  • Hu Yi Global

International registrars

  • Instra Corporation
  • Atak Domain
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Foshan Yidong
  • Chengdu West Dimension
  • Shenzhen Internet Works
  • Shanghai Meicheng
  • TopNets Technology
  • Bizcn.com
  • Ascio Technologies
  • SafeBrands
  • united-domains
  • 1API
  • InterNetX
  • EuroDNS
  • Web Commerce Communications (Singapore)
  • Hosting Concepts
  • IP Mirror
  • AB Name ISP
  • Net-Chinese
  • Crazy Domains
  • Safenames
  • 101 Domain
  • MarkMonitor
  • Marcaria.com
  • CSC Corporate Domains

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