Mercantile Credit Bank

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Mercantile Credit Bank
Industry Financial services
Founded 1981 and commenced operations 1986
Headquarters 8 Old Portbell Road
Kampala, Uganda P.O.Box 620
Key people
Ambassador Stephen Nabeta
Mr. Paul Senyomo
managing director
Products Loans, savings, investments,Leases, Foreign currency trading,
Revenue IncreaseAftertax:US$68,750+ (UGX:174 million) (2012)
Total assets US$9.9 million (UGX:25 billion) (2012)

Mercantile Credit Bank Limited (MCBL), commonly referred to as Mercantile Credit Bank, is a Ugandan tier II financial institution licensed by the Bank of Uganda, the national banking regulator.[1]


MCBL is classified as "credit institution", by the Bank of Uganda, the country's central bank. MCBL is one of only four institutions in this class of financial service providers in the country, the others being Opportunity Bank Uganda and PostBank Uganda.[2][3]

As of December 2011, the bank's total assets exceeded US$6.6 million (UGX:16.5 billion), with shareholders' equity of approximately US$1.6 million (UGX:4 billion). In December 2012, the total assets were estimated at US$9.9 million (UGX:25 billion) following its growth in operations.[4]


MCBL was registered as a Merchant Bank in 1981 and commenced operations in 1986.Following the review of the banking laws in Uganda that led to the financial Institutions Act of 2004,MCBL was categorised as a Tier II Institution. As a tier II financial institution, MCBL is allowed to establish customer savings and fixed deposit accounts and other core banking products including provision of credit facilities,fund transfers and foreign exchange trading given the nature of its licence.[5]


Mercantile Credit Bank has four share holders that include two Institutional shareholders and two individual shareholders

Branch network[edit]

MCBL maintained its branch headquarters at Plot 8 Old Portbell Road, in Kampala's central business district. The institution's outreach strategy is supported by the Agency Banking model and the partnerships it has with Top Tier I Supervised financial Institutions.


MCBL's activities are directed its board of directors. The chairman of the eight-member board is Ambassador Stephen Nabeta.

The Chief Executive Officer Mr. Paul Senyomoand Executive Director is Mr. Ronald Jaggwe.

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