House of Dawda Group

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House of Dawda Group
Founded 1962
Headquarters Kampala, Uganda
Key people
Hasmukh Dawda
Products fruit juices, sauces, mineral water, confectionery, warehousing, apartment complexes
Revenue US$ 500 million (2015)[citation needed]
Total assets US$ 300 million (2015)[citation needed]
Number of employees
1,000+ (2016)[1]

The House of Dawda Group is a privately owned conglomerate in Uganda.


According to a 2001 published report, the Dawda Group was mainly involved in the manufacture of fruit juices, beverages,[2] mineral water, confectionery and the distribution of cosmetics, hardware, and pharmaceuticals.[citation needed] The group is also involved in the growing of organic cotton.[1] The conglomerate has its headquarters and majority of its businesses in Uganda, with manufacturing plants in Kenya, and distributes ts products in the countries of the East African Community, as well as exporting to Europe and Asia.[3]


The group traces its beginnings to 1962, when its founder chairman, Hasmukh Dawda, began a trading business in neighboring Kenya.[1] Having dropped out of school at age 13, he first began trading in confectioneries, before he eventually raised enough capital to start manufacturing his own.[3][4]

In 2002, the group acquired the Kenyan business formerly known as House of Manji, which was under receivership. After reviving the business, it was renamed Manji Food Industries Limited.[5]

Subsidiary companies[edit]

The subsidiary companies of the group include, but are not limited to, the following businesses:[3]

" Britannia Allied Industries Limited: Ntinda, Uganda - Manufacturer of confectioneries, fruit juices, artificial drinks, mineral water and sauces.[6]

  • Uganda Pharmaceuticals Limited: Kampala, Uganda - Pharmaceutical distributor and retailer.
  • Manji Foods Limited: Nairobi, Kenya - Manufacturer of confectioneries.
  • Masaaba Cotton Company: Mbale, Uganda - Exporter of premium roller lint to Europe, the Far East, and Japan.
  • Kyoga Cotton Company: Lira, Uganda - Exporter of premium roller lint to Europe, the Far East, and Japan.

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