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This article is about software free to be modified and distributed. For examples of software free in the monetary sense, see List of freeware.

This is a list of free and open source software packages: computer software licensed under free software licenses and open source licenses. Software that fits the Free Software Definition may be more appropriately called free software; the GNU project in particular objects to their works being referred to as open source.[1] For more information about the philosophical background for open source software, see free software movement and Open Source Initiative. However, nearly all software meeting the Free Software Definition also meets the Open Source Definition and vice versa. A small fraction of the software that meets either definition is listed here.

Some of the Open Source applications are also the basis of commercial products, shown in the List of commercial open-source applications and services.


Applied fields[edit]

Artificial intelligence[edit]

  • General
    • OpenCog A project that aims to build an artificial general intelligence (AGI) framework. OpenCog Prime is a specific set of interacting components designed to give rise to human-equivalent artificial general intelligence.
  • Computer Vision
    • AForge.NET Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics library for the .NET Framework
    • OpenCV Computer Vision Library in C++
  • Machine Learning
  • Planning
    • TREX Reactive planning
  • Robotics
    • ROS Robot Operating System


Electronic design automation (EDA)[edit]

Computer simulation[edit]

  • Blender; 3D modeling software written in C, C++ and Python that can make animations and graphics for games
  • SimPy; queue-theoretic event-based simulator written in Python
  • flightgear is an open source flight simulator written for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux.


Integrated Library Management Software[edit]

Image editor[edit]

  • Darktable — Digital image workflow management, including RAW processing.
  • digiKam — Integrated photography toolkit including editing capabilities.
  • GIMP — GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • Inkscape — An Open Source vector graphics editor.


For a more comprehensive list, see List of open-source software for mathematics.

Reference management software[edit]


Main category: Free science software



Geographic Information Systems[edit]

Main category: Free GIS software

Grid Computing[edit]

  • P-GRADE Portal — Grid portal software enabling the creation, execution and monitoring of workflows through high-level Web interfaces

Microscope image processing[edit]

Molecular dynamics[edit]

Molecule viewer[edit]



Main category: Free plotting software

Risk Management[edit]



Quantum chemistry[edit]

Assistive technology[edit]

Speech (synthesis and recognition)[edit]

Other assistive technology[edit]

Data storage and management[edit]

Backup software[edit]

Main category: Free backup software

Database management systems (including administration)[edit]

Data mining[edit]

Data Visualization Components[edit]

  • ParaView plotting and visualization functions developed by Sandia National Laboratory, capable of massively parallel flow visualization utilizing multiple computer processors
  • VTK is a toolkit for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization.

Digital Asset Management software[edit]

  • OpenDAM, Free Open Source Digital Asset Management for enterprise content management integration, to manage image, pictures and video files.

Disk partitioning software[edit]

Enterprise search engines[edit]

ETLs (Extract Transform Load)[edit]

File archivers[edit]

File Systems[edit]

Networking and Internet[edit]




Main category: Free email software

File transfer[edit]

Instant messaging[edit]

IRC Clients[edit]


RSS/Atom readers/aggregators[edit]

Peer-to-peer file sharing[edit]

Portal Server[edit]

Remote access and management[edit]

Routing software[edit]

Main category: Free routing software

Web browsers[edit]

Main category: Free web browsers




  • Apache Cocoon — a web application framework
  • Apache — the most popular web server
  • AWStats — a log file parser and analyzer
  • BookmarkSync — a tool for browsers
  • Cherokee — Speedy, feature rich HTTP Server
  • curl-loader — a powerful HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/FTPS loading and testing open-source tool
  • Hiawatha — Secure, high performance and easy-to-configure HTTP Server
  • HTTP File Server — a user friendly file server software with a drag and drop interface
  • lighttpd — Resource sparing but also fast and full featured HTTP Server
  • Lucee — CFML Application Server
  • nginx — lightweight, high performance web server/reverse proxy and e-mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy
  • NetKernel — an internet application server
  • Piwik — a web analytics system
  • Qcodo — a PHP5 framework
  • Squid (software) — web proxy cache
  • XAMPP — a package of web applications including Apache and MySQL
  • Zope — a web application server

Other networking programs[edit]


Educational suites[edit]

  • ATutor — a web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Chamilo — a web-based e-learning and content management system
  • DoceboLMS
  • eFront — an icon-based learning management system
  • FlightPath - academic advising software for universities
  • GCompris
  • Gnaural — Brainwave entrainment software
  • IUP Portfolio
  • ILIAS — a web-based learning management system (LMS)
  • Moodle
  • Omeka
  • openSIS — a web-based Student Information and School Management system
  • Sakai Project — a web-based learning management system
  • SWAD - a web-based learning management system
  • Tux Paint — a paint application for 3–12 year olds


Learning support[edit]



Other educational programs[edit]

File managers[edit]

Main category: Free file managers


Application layer[edit]


Graphical user interface[edit]

Desktop environments[edit]

Window managers[edit]

Main category: Free X window managers

Windowing system[edit]

Main category: Free windowing systems


Main category: Free groupware

Content management systems[edit]

Wiki software[edit]

Main category: Free wiki software

Healthcare software[edit]


2D animation[edit]

3D animation[edit]

Audio editors, audio management[edit]

CD/USB-writing software[edit]

Flash animation[edit]


Main category: Free graphics software

Image galleries[edit]

Main category: Free image galleries

Image viewers[edit]

Multimedia codecs, containers, splitters[edit]


Video converters[edit]

Video editing[edit]

Video encoders[edit]

Video players[edit]

Other media packages[edit]

Operating systems[edit]

Be advised that available distributions of these systems can contain, or offer to build and install, added software that is neither free software nor open source.

Emulation and Virtualisation[edit]

Password management[edit]

Personal information managers[edit]

Programming language support[edit]

Bug trackers[edit]

Code generators[edit]

Documentation generators[edit]

  • Doxygen : a tool for writing software reference documentation. The documentation is written within code.
  • Mkd : The software documentation is extracted from the sources files, from pseudocode or comments.
  • Natural Docs : claims to use a more natural language as input from the comments, hence its name.

Configuration software[edit]

Debuggers (for testing and trouble-shooting)[edit]

Integrated development environments[edit]

Version control systems[edit]




Data loss prevention[edit]

Data recovery[edit]


Disk erasing[edit]


Disk encryption[edit]


Network and security monitoring[edit]

Secure Shell (ssh)[edit]

Other security programs[edit]

Main category: Free security software


Bible study tools[edit]


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  1. ^ Richard Stallman (July 13, 2011). "Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software". Retrieved August 24, 2011. 

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