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at scales within direct human experience, from the micrometric (106 m, top left) to the multi-kilometric (105 m, bottom right).
The Strait of Gibraltar is 13 kilometres wide

To help compare different orders of magnitude this page lists lengths between 10 and 100 kilometres (104 to 105 metres). The myriametre (sometimes also spelled myriameter, myriometre and myriometer) (10,000 metres) is a deprecated unit name; the decimal metric prefix myria- (sometimes also written as myrio-) is obsolete and not included among the prefixes when the International System of Units was introduced in 1960.

Distances shorter than 10 kilometres


10 kilometres is equal to:


Human-defined scales and structures[edit]



Distances longer than 100 kilometres


  1. ^ km is an abbreviation of kilometre


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