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1 E6 m - Click on the relevant thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: left is 1e6m, right is 1e13m. Click on information icon bottom-left for description of image. 1 E7 m 1 E8 m 1 E9 m 1 E10 m 1 E11 m 1 E12 m 1 E13 m 1 E14 m 1 E15 m 1 E16 m 1 E17 m
Click on the thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: top-left is 1e6m, lower-right is 1e17m. (Image description)
Largest circle with yellow arrow indicates one light year from Sun; Cat's Eye Nebula on left and Barnard 68 in middle are depicted in front of Comet 1910 A1's orbit. Click image for larger view, details and links to other scales.

To help compare different distances this page lists lengths starting at 1015 m (1 Pm or 1,000,000 million km or 6685 astronomical units (AU) or 0.11 light years).

Distances shorter than 1 Pm

Distances longer than 10 Pm


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  2. ^ radius = distance times sin(angular diameter/2) = 0.2 light year. Distance = 3.3 ± 0.9 kly; angular diameter = 20 arcseconds(Reed et al. 1999)
  3. ^ Michael Szpir (May–June 2001). "Bart Bok's Black Blobs". American Scientist. Archived from the original on 2003-06-29. Retrieved 2008-11-19. Bok globules such as Barnard 68 are only about half a light-year across and weigh in at about two solar masses 


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