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ABC Bank (Uganda)
Industry Financial Services
Founded Feb 2010
Headquarters Colline House
4 Pilkington Road
Kampala, Uganda
Key people
James Wilson Muwanga
Mahendra Singh Rawat
Chief Executive Officer[1]
Products Loans, Savings, Checking, Investments
Revenue IncreaseAftertax:US$479,615 (UGX:1,191,190,000) (2012)
Total assets US$12.4 million (UGX:30.72 billion) (2012)
Number of employees
44 (2012)
Website Homepage

ABC Bank (Uganda), whose full name is ABC Capital Bank, is a commercial bank in Uganda. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Uganda, Central bank and national banking regulator.[2]


The bank provides banking services to large corporations, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs), as well as individuals. As of December 2012, the bank was Uganda's fastest growing SME bank and had moved into the top 20 banks in terms of profits. At that time, the institution's total assets were valued at about US$12.4 million (UGX:30.72 billion), with shareholders' equity of about US$7.7 million (UGX:19.12 billion).[citation needed]


ABC Capital Bank was founded in 1992 as Capital Finance Corporation Limited (CFCL), a Tier III Ugandan Financial Institution, under the licensure and supervision of Bank of Uganda. In 1999, CFCL established a wholly owned subsidiary CFC Forex Bureau. In 2008, CFCL signed a memorandum of understanding with ABC Bank (Kenya), identifying the Kenyan institution as a strategic investor in CFCL, in the latter's efforts to transform into a commercial bank. In February 2010, following the acquisition of a commercial banking license from Bank of Uganda, CFCL rebranded as ABC Capital Bank.[3]


ABC Bank (Kenya) is an investor in ABC Bank (Uganda).[4] It has been reported in the East African media that ABC Bank Kenya bought 40% of Capital Finance Corporation, a Tier III Ugandan financial institution in 2008.[5] As of March 2012, the shareholding in ABC Capital Bank, is summarized in the table below:

ABC Bank (Uganda) Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 ABC Bank (Kenya) 68.0
2 Others 32.0
Total 100.0

Branch Network[edit]

As of April 2012, ABC Bank (Uganda), is SME focussed bank maintains networked branches at the following locations:[6]

  1. Main Branch - Colline House, 4 Pilkington Road, Kampala
  2. Avemar Branch - Avemar Shopping Center, Luwum Street, Kampala

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