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The Champion Telecom Platform operated a satellite teleport facility in Connecticut that was acquired from the failed AlphaStar satellite direct-to-home television service.


Champion Teleport Platform had:

  • Two 13-meter Ku band transmit/receive antennas
  • one Step motion 13m Ku band antenna
  • one 13 m full-motion C/Ku band antenna
  • Simulsat-7 receive antenna
  • Two 4.5-meter Patriot receive antennas
  • Dozens of 0.8m - 3.7m C/Ku band antennas
  • Fully automated facility, utilizing Alamar MC-2095 automation
  • Tektronix FDR-100 Digital video file servers
  • D-3, Beta-SP, and S-VHS tape formats
  • CD quality audio
  • Capable of originating 22 automated Pay-per-view channels
  • 500 channel network capacity
  • Secure Datacenter and Equipment Room
  • 24/7 Monitoring of all critical systems by highly trained Network, Video, and Satellite Technicians
  • 300 kilowatt UPS with diesel generator

Champion Teleport Services[edit]

IP Satellite / Internet Broadband

  • Wholesale Telephony
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
  • Audio / Video Conferencing
  • Two-Way Satellite Broadband
  • Paging, Text Messaging and Faxing over IP
  • Streaming Media Hosting
  • IP Multicast
  • Streaming at 300K and 56K
  • IP Video on Demand
  • Encoding and Digitization
  • E-publishing—Downloading Audio Books, Software, Games, Music, Movies
  • E-Cinema

Satellite Broadcast

  • Production, Origination and Playback
  • Advertisement Insertion and Promotion
  • Encoding and Digitization
  • Video and Audio Monitoring
  • Video and Audio Data Storage
  • Turnaround, Satellite to Satellite
  • Redistribution, Satellite to Fiber and Vice Versa, Worldwide
  • Video, Audio and Data Transfer, Worldwide
  • Satellite feed to ISPs, Cable Head ends, Wireless systems, Corporations and Institutions
  • Satellite up-linking and down-linking in Ku band, C-Band and VSAT, Both Analog & Digital
  • Fiber Terrestrial Link to Global
  • Internet Users—Terabit Capacity
  • Streaming Live Events via Fiber and Satellite
  • Pay Per View
  • Subscription Channels
  • Conditional Access

The Champion Teleport facility is a fully integrated digital communications platform capable of receiving, processing, and broadcasting (either via satellite, or fiber) of thousands of satellite and IP broadcast streams from television, radio, and the internet. In addition to MPEG/2 broadcasting, the Champion Teleport is also capable of two-way satellite broadband and is connected by multiple fiber optic lines to several terrestrial backbone providers of Internet connectivity. We have the ability to transmit up to 500 TV stations and thousands of audio and radio channels over satellite on Ku, C, and Ka bands (when available) and VSAT connections directly to North and South America, Europe, The Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Located in Oxford, Connecticut, the Champion Teleport is one of only about a dozen such facilities in the world. The FCC licensed the teleport in 1996 and the teleport cannot be replicated without spending tens of millions of dollars and considerable time to obtain zoning permits and construction, creating an immediate barrier to entry. The teleport was upgraded in the last two years to become a unique platform for broadband applications combining a satellite earth station, fiber hubs, television, video and audio post and pre-production studios with control centers and conditional access.

Champion Teleport was originally AlphaStar Digital Television, which was one of the original four Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite television broadcast companies that included DirecTV, EchoStar, PrimeStar, and AlphaStar. Champion now specializes in Internet and intranet broadband content origination, aggregation, multimedia data storage, streaming and digital media services that can then be distributed by a combination of fiber and live 24/7 satellite broadcasts or on demand.

Originally built as a part of President Reagan's ``Star Wars program, the Champion Teleport was designed according to military specifications including—complete redundancy, climate controls, secret rooms, and the ability to withstand a direct attack. It was intended to protect the US by tracking the former Soviet Union's satellites and missiles. As a result the teleport is geographically located to serve as a gateway to the world where it can downlink and uplink satellite feeds from most countries around the globe.

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