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Firs Estate Skiffle Group Christmas 1957

Firs Estate School is a primary and infants school in Raven Street in the Stockbrook Street area of Derby, England, that has existed for many years in an original, probably Victorian building.[1]

The Firs Estate belonged originally to Canon Edward Abney along with a Regency house in which he lived on Burton Road. Abney's son William sold the estate, most of which went for housing in St Luke’s Parish Derby. Canon Edward Abney, a friend of William Fox Talbot, was a pioneer of photography, and his son Sir William Abney became one of the most important figures in Victorian photography. Eleven acres of the Firs Estate were retained by Sir William until 1913, when they were sold to the City council to become the site of Rykneld recreation ground and Rykneld Secondary Modern School Derby.[2]


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