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"Directioners" waiting for a concert of their favorite band, One Direction

Many fandoms have their own nicknames that distinguish them from other fan communities. The nicknames are popular with singers, music bands, films, television shows, books, games, sports teams, and celebrities. Some of the terms are coined by fans while others are created by celebrities themselves.

The trend of giving a name to a fandom became more popular in the beginning of the 21st century with the invention of social media, although such nicknames were used much earlier. Some people consider the Sherlockians (fans of Sherlock Holmes) and Beatlemaniacs (fans of The Beatles) to be some of the oldest known examples.[1][2]

Object Fanbase nickname Type Notes Ref
2PM Hottest music band [3]
5 Seconds of Summer 5SOSFam music band [3]
Adam Lambert Glamberts musician [1]
Adele Daydreamers musician Named after the song "Daydreamer" [4]
Aerosmith Blue Army music band [1]
Ailee Aileeans musician [5][better source needed]
Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza AlDubNation actor AlDub is a portmanteau of the names of two actors, Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza), from the Philippines noontime show Eat Bulaga segment entitled "Kalyeserye". [6]
Apple Fanbois company [7]
Aquabats Aquacadets music band [8]
Ariana Grande Arianators musician [4]
Arnold Palmer Arnie's Army athlete [9]
Arsenal F.C. Gooners sports team Derived from the team's nickname, the "Gunners" [10][11]
Aurora Warriors & Weirdos musician [12]
Austin Mahone Mahomies musician [4]
Avatar Avatards film [13]
Avril Lavigne Black Stars musician Named after the song "Black Star" [4]
Azealia Banks Kunt Brigade musician [3]
B1A4 Bana music band [3]
B.A.P BABY music band [14]
BABYMETAL The One music band Named for their English-language song "The One" [1]
Barry Manilow Fanilows musician [1]
Bars & Melody Bambinos music band [15]
Batman Batmaniacs comics [16]
Beast B2uty music band Pronounced "Beauty" [3]
The Beatles Beatlemaniacs music band Hardcore fans used to be called Apple scruffs [1][17]
Bebe Rexha Rexhars musician [18]
Becky G Beasters musician [19]
Bella Thorne Bellarinas actress [20]
Benedict Cumberbatch Cumberbitches actor [21]
Beyoncé BeyHive musician [1]
Big Bang VIP music band [3]
The Big Lebowski Achievers film [22]
Black Pink Blink music band [23]
Black Veil Brides BVB Army music band [3]
Bob Dylan Dylanologists musician [24]
Boston Red Sox Red Sox Nation sports team Term was coined by a journalist in 1986; officially adopted by the team in 2004. [25]
Britney Spears Britney Army musician [4]
Bros Brosettes music band [26]
Bruce Springsteen Bruce Tramps musician [8]
BtoB Melody music band [27]
BTS A.R.M.Y music band [3]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffistas TV show The name Scoobies is also used [28]
BuzzFeed Unsolved Shaniacs / Boogaras / coward shitfish web series If you agree with Shane, you are a Shaniac. If you agree with Ryan, you are a Boogara. If you're in the middle or cannot decide, you are a coward shitfish. [29]
California Chrome Chromies racehorse [30]
Camila Cabello Camilizers musician [31]
Cardi B Bardigang musician [32]
Carly Rae Jepsen Jepsies musician [4]
Chancho en Piedra Marranos music band [33]
Chapo Trap House Grey Wolves podcast [34]
Charli XCX Angels musician [35][better source needed]
Charlie Puth Puthinators musician [36]
Chris Brown Team Breezy musician [37]
Chris Pine Pine-Nuts actor [21]
Christina Aguilera Fighters musician [4]
Christina Grimmie Team Grimmie musician [38]
Christopher Nolan Nolanites director [39]
Clay Aiken Claymates musician [17]
CNBLUE Boice music band [3]
Community Human Beings TV show [40]
Conan O'Brien Coconuts comedian [37]
Conor Maynard Mayniacs musician [8]
Criss Angel Loyals magician [41]
Cupcakke Slurpers musician [42]
Dan and Phil Phandom YouTubers A pun of the combination of Lester and Howell's names, "Phan", and the word "fandom". [43]
Delta Goodrem The Tribe musician Derived from Goodrem's appearance as Grizabella in Cats. Previously known as Goodreamers. [44][better source needed]
Demi Lovato Lovatics musician [45]
Denmark national football team Roligans sports team [46]
Depeche Mode Modies music band [47]
Der Ring des Nibelungen Ringheads opera The other term is Ringnuts. [48]
Detroit Lions One Pride sports team
Dick Dale Dickheads musician [49]
Divergent Initiates book [50]
Doctor Who Whovians TV show [37]
Downfall Untergangers film Named after the original German title, Der Untergang [51][52][53]
Drake Team Drizzy musician [45]
Duran Duran Durannies music band [54]
Ed Miliband Milifans politician [21]
Ed Schultz Ed Heads radio personality
Ed Sheeran Sheerios musician [4]
Ellie Goulding Goulddiggers musician [55]
Eminem Stans musician Named after the song "Stan" [4]
Emmure Decepticons music band [56]
England cricket team Barmy Army sports team [57]
EXO EXO-L music band [58]
Fall Out Boy Youngbloods music band [3]
FC Barcelona Culés sports team [59]
Scuderia Ferrari Tifosi sports team [60]
Feyenoord Het Legioen sports team [61]
Fifth Harmony Harmonizers music band [62]
Final Space Fantrexians TV show [63]
Firefly Browncoats TV show [28]
Five Finger Death Punch Knuckleheads music band [64]
Frank Sinatra Bobby soxers musician [65]
Frankie Moreno FMArmy musician Abbreviation of Frankie Moreno Army [66]
Fright Night Fringies TV show Fans of the show or Sinister Seymour, the host [67]
F.T. Island Primadonna music band [3]
Future FutureHive musician [68]
Game Grumps Lovelies web series [69]
Game of Thrones Thronies TV show [70]
Gary Numan Numanoids musician [71]
Ghostbusters Ghostheads film [72]
Girl's Day Dai5y music band [3]
Girls' Generation Sone music band Named after the song "소원 (Honey)" [3]
Glee Gleeks TV show [37]
Gone with the Wind Windies book [73]
GOT7 IGOT7 music band [3]
Green Bay Packers Cheeseheads sports team [74]
Green Day Idiots music band [75]
Grateful Dead Deadheads music band [76]
Hamilton: An American Musical Hamilfans musical Alternately used: Familtons, Hammies, Alexander Familtons, HamFam or Hamiltrash [77][78][79][80]
Hannah Hart Hartosexuals YouTuber [81]
Hannibal Fannibals TV show [82]
Hanson Fansons music band [8]
Harry Potter Potterheads book Non-fans are often called Muggles [40]
Hayley Kiyoko Kiyokians musician/actress [83]
Henry Cavill Cavillry actor Mostly for female fans [84]
Harry Styles Harries / Stylers musician [85]
The Hunger Games Tributes book [86]
Hulk Hogan Hulkamaniacs wrestler [87]
Iggy Azalea Azaleans musician [88]
iKon IKONIC music band [89]
Imagine Dragons Firebreathers music band [4]
Infinite Inspirit music band [3]
Insane Clown Posse Juggalos music band Female fans are called Juggalettes [90]
Jacksfilms Famsquad YouTuber Also known as Squadfam [91][better source needed]
Jake Paul Jake Paulers YouTuber [92]
James Dean Deaners actor [93]
James McAvoy McAvoyeurs actor [94]
Jane Austen Janeites author [95]
Janelle Monáe Fandroids musician [3]
Jaws Finaddicts film [96]
JBJ Joyful music band [97]
Jennette McCurdy McCurdians actress [98]
Jennifer Aniston Fanistons actress [99]
Jennifer Lopez JLovers musician/actress [4]
Jensen Ackles Ackleholics actor [100]
Jessie J Heartbeats musician [4]
Jewel EDAs musician Short for Everyday Angels [101]
Jimmy Buffett Parrotheads musician Parakeets for younger fans or children of Parrotheads [17]
John Cena Cenation wrestler [102]
Josh Groban Grobanites musician [17]
Joss Whedon Whedonites director [40]
Justin Bieber Beliebers musician [37]
Justin Timberlake The TN Kids musician Short for The Tennessee Kids [103]
Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla KathNiels actor Kath+Niel [104]
Katy Perry KatyCats musician [1]
Kelly Clarkson Kellebrities musician [105]
Kelly Rowland Rowland Stones musician [4]
Kesha Animals musician Named after the song "Animal" [4]
The Killers Victims music band [3]
KISS KISS Army music band [37]
Kylie Minogue Lovers musician [106]
Lady Gaga Little Monsters musician
Lauren Jauregui Jaguars musician [37]
Led Zeppelin Zepheads music band [1]
Lego AFOLs toy Used for adult fans only; the acronym stands for Adult Fans Of Lego [107]
Lil' Wayne Wayniacs musician [17]
Linkin Park Soldiers music band [108]
Little Mix Mixers music band [109]
Liverpool F.C. Kopites sports team Name based on The Kop, one of the stands in Anfield, which in turn was named after the Battle of Spion Kop [110]
The Loud House Loud Crowd TV show [citation needed]
Louis Tomlinson Louies musician Coined by his fans [111]
Lovelyz Lovelinus music band [citation needed]
Madonna Madonna wannabes musician [112]
Mariah Carey Lambs musician Sometimes accredited to be the first named fandom [1]
MattyBRaps BBoys & BGirls musician [113]
The Maze Runner Gladers book [114]
Megadeth Droogies music band Taken from the movie A Clockwork Orange [115]
Meghan Trainor Megatronz musician [3]
Melanie Martinez Cry Babies musician [116]
The Meteors Wrecking Crew music band [117]
Meryl Streep Streepers actress [118]
Michael Jackson Moonwalkers musician Named after Jackson's signature dance move the Moonwalk [119]
Middle-Earth Ringers book Also known as “Tolkienites”. [120]
Miley Cyrus Smilers musician Named after Cyrus' childhood nickname "Smiley" [45]
Monsta X Monbebe music band [121]
Motörhead Motörheadbangers music band [122]
Muse Musers music band [3]
My Chemical Romance Killjoys music band [17]
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Bronies TV show Mostly for older male fans. Female ones are sometimes called Pegasisters. [100][123]
Mystery Science Theater 3000 MSTies TV show [124]
NCT NCTzens music band [125]
Neil Diamond Diamond Heads musician [17]
Neon Genesis Evangelion Evageeks anime/manga [126]
New Kids on the Block Blockheads music band [3]
New Orleans Saints Big Easy Mafia sports team Also the Official Fan Club of the New Orleans Saints [127]
Newcastle United F.C. Toon Army sports team [128]
Neymar Neymarzetes athlete [129]
Nicki Minaj Barbz musician Male fans are called "Boyz" and "Ken Barbz". [88]
Northern Ireland national football team Green and White Army sports team [130]
The Office Dunderheads TV show [37]
Oh My Girl Miracle music band [citation needed]
Once Upon a Time Oncers TV show [28]
One Direction Directioners music band [1]
Paramore Parafamily, Ankle Biters music band From their song Anklebiters. [3]
Panic! At The Disco Sinners music band [131][better source needed]
PewDiePie Bros YouTuber [132][better source needed]
The Phantom of the Opera Phans book [17]
Phish Phans musician [40]
Pia Wurtzbach Pianatics model [133]
Pixie Lott Crazy Cats musician [134]
Porcelain Black Trainwrecks musician [135]
Psych Psych-Os TV show [100]
Pvris CVLT music band Fans are part of the CVLT.
Rangers F.C. Bluenoses sports team [136]
Real Madrid Madridistes sports team [137]
Red Rising Howlers book [138]
Rhett And Link Mythical Beasts YouTubers [139][better source needed]
Rick and Morty Schwiftites TV show Term "schwifty" originated from a song within an episode. [3]
Ricky Gervais Twonks comedian A portmanteau of the words "Twitter" and "gonks", used as a term of affection [140]
Rihanna Rihanna Navy musician [1]
Rita Ora Ritabots musician [45]
The Room Roomies film [141]
Rush Rushians music band [1]
Rush Limbaugh Dittoheads radio personality
Ryan Higa Lamps YouTuber The term was coined by Higa himself in his video. [142][better source needed]
Saiko Saiko adictos music band [143]
Sailor Moon Moonies anime/manga [144]
Salman Khan Salmaniacs actor [145]
Sam Callahan Callafans musician [146]
Sam Smith Little Sailors musician [147]
Scotland National Football Team Tartan Army sports team [148]
Scotty McCreery McCreerians musician [149]
Seattle Seahawks The 12th Man sports team [150]
Selena Gomez Selenators musician [45]
Seventeen Carat music band The official fanclub name was revealed at a Seventeen concert. [151]
Shawn Mendes Mendes Army musician [152]
Sherlock Holmes Sherlockians book [2]
SHINee Shawols music band [3]
Sia Lovers musician [153]
Sistar Star1 music band [3]
Skillet Panheads music band [3]
Slayer Slaytanic Wehrmacht music band [154]
Slipknot Maggots music band [3]
Sơn Tùng M-TP Sky musician [155]
Spice Smurfs musician Female fans are sometimes called Smurfettes. [156]
Sprinkleofglitter Sprinklerinos YouTuber Louise Pentland always opens her YouTube videos saying, "Aloha Sprinklerinos!" [157]
Star Trek Trekkies TV show The other version is Trekkers. [40]
Star Wars Warsies film [40]
Stargate Gaters film/TV show [158]
Stef Sanjati Breadsquad YouTuber [159]
Stephen Colbert Colbert Nation comedian [40]
Stray Kids Stay music band [160]
Supernatural Hunters, SPN Family TV show [28]
Swansea City A.F.C. Jacks sports team [161]
T-ARA Queens music band [3]
Take That Thatters music band [162]
Taylor Swift Swifties musician [1]
Texas A&M 12th Man sports team [163]
The Price Is Right Loyal Friends and True TV show Coined by original host Bob Barker.
Thirty Seconds to Mars Echelon, The Cult music band [3]
Thomas Sanders Fanders actor, singer, YouTuber On the early days of his career on Vine, some called themselves "Sanderlings" and some "Foster Children" for his former username "Foster Dawg" [164][165]
Timothée Chalamet Chalamaniacs actor [166]
Tokio Hotel Aliens music band [3]
Tom Hiddleston Hiddlestoners actor [21]
Tori Amos Toriphiles musician [167]
Trevor Moran Trevors musician [168][better source needed]
Trey Songz Angels musician [3]
True Blood Truebies TV show [37]
TVXQ Cassiopeia music band [3]
twenty one pilots Skeleton clique / Blurry faces music band [169]
Twice Once music band [170]
Twilight Twihards film There are also factions Team Edward and Team Jacob, depending on which character the fans identify with. [37]
Twisted Sister S.M.F.F.O.T.S. music band Short for Sick Motherfucking Friends Of Twisted Sister [8]
Uggie Uggie Huggers dog [171]
U-KISS Kiss Me music band Also known as KISSME, KISS-ME, and as other stylizations [172]
Union J JCats music band [173]
UP10TION HONEY10 music band [174]
Uriah Heep Heepsters music band [8]
The Vamps Vamily music band Other names are Vampettes and Vampions. [175]
Van Morrison Vanatics musician [176]
Vintage Trouble Troublemakers music band [177]
Vlogbrothers Nerdfighters YouTubers [37]
The White Stripes Candy Cane Children music band [8]
Wake Up to Wogan TOGs radio show "Terry's Old Geezers/Gals", coined by host Terry Wogan [178]
The Who Wholigans music band [179]
Winner InnerCircle music band


Winter Soldier Winter's Children comics/film Alternative: Children of the Winter [181]
Wiz Khalifa Taylors musician Named after Khalifa's favourite shoes, Chuck Taylor All-Stars [1]
"Weird Al" Yankovic Close Personal Friends of Al musician [182]
The X-Files X-Philes TV show [37]
Xena: Warrior Princess Xenites TV show [183]
xGaddavírx Gaddavinir music band Translates to the friends of Gaddi. [184]
Zayn Malik Zquad musician [185]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists anime/manga [citation needed]
Zendaya ZSwaggers actress [186]

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