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Makkah Mass Rail Transit
Makkah Mass Rail Transit logo.png
Native name قطار المشاعر المقدسة
Locale Mecca
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 1 – Pink Line (currently open during Hajj season only)
3 (projected)[1][2]
Number of stations 9 – Pink Line (currently open during Hajj season only)
81 (projected)[2]
Began operation Nov 2010 (Pink Line – currently open during Hajj season only)
Operation will start 2019 (projected)[1]
System length 188 km (117 mi) (projected)[2]
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The Mecca Metro or Makkah Metro or officially known as Makkah Mass Rail Transit is a planned four-line metro system for the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The metro forms part of the 62bn riyal Makkah Public Transport Programme, which will include integrated bus services.[1][3][4]

The four new lines will be in addition to[4] the existing Pink Line[citation needed] (formerly Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah line) opened in November 2010 which operates during the Hajj.[5]


In August 2012 it was announced that the Saudi government had approved US$16.5 billion to build the four metro lines (182-kilometer (113 mi) long) of the system.[6] The announcement of government financing said that the entire expansion would take 10 years. Invitation for tenders were due to be issued in January 2013.[7]

Four new lines are to be built,[8] with work originally expected to commence construction in 2015:[1]

  • Pink Line[citation needed]: 18.1 km, connecting Makkah, Arafat, Muzdalifa and Mina.
  • Red Line[citation needed] : is a straight link between Mina and Makkah.
  • Orange Line[citation needed] : will connect Makkah to large multilevel parking facilities from the west to the south.
  • Blue Line[citation needed] : will connect Mina to the west side of Makkah through a big loop to the north.
  • Yellow Line[citation needed] : circles Makkah with a straight extension to the north.

However, work on the planned four line, now 188-kilometer (117 mi) long, metro network is now expected to commence in 2016.[2]

Makkah Mass Rail Transit Co has appointed Prasarana to provide consultancy services during Phase 1, which covers the construction of two metro lines totalling 45·1 km and 22 stations by 2019.[3]

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