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Red Carpet Inn is a chain of hotels and motels, with locations in the United States and Bahamas. Red Carpet Inn Brands are part of the Hospitality International Franchise System and are individually owned and operated.


In May 1955, articles of incorporation were issued by the State of Colorado for Tasha Oil and Uranium Co., with a subsequent name change in 1978 to Broadway Enterprises, Inc.), and 1979 to Hotel Rent-A-Car Systems. Sometime during the late 1960s Red Carpet Inns International, Inc., a Colorado corporation, acquired the Master Hosts Inns and Red Carpet Inn trademarks from Red Carpet Inns, Inc. In the summer of 1969, Tommy Tucker (one of the original founders of Quality Courts United, now known as Quality Inns), and Bill Harwood (one of the primary persons involved in Broadway Enterprises, Inc.) started Red Carpet Inns of America, Inc. In May 1972, Red Carpet Inns of America is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida.

It was in 1973, when Red Carpet Inns of America, Inc. published a Travel Directory for its Master Hosts Inns and Red Carpet Inns and offered ‘instant’ reservations through a toll free telephone number, referred to the “American Express Space Bank, one of the largest, fastest and best reservation systems in the world.” The directory also stated that “every Master Hosts and Red Carpet Inn provides: complete services, including dining facilities, food and beverage, room service, laundry, valet and porter service. Each features a swimming pool or comparable recreational facility, year’ round air conditioning, a telephone in every room and 24-hour switchboard service, free reservation service, ample parking, highest standards, rigid inspection approval and management that is capable, experienced and hospitable.” There were 57 Red Carpet Inn properties listed, some in key cities and popular attraction areas such as Tucson, Arizona; Little Rock, Arkansas; Denver, Colorado; Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida; Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Knoxville and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Houston, Texas; Richmond, Staunton, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, Virginia.

Ownership changed around 1978, with Red Carpet Inns International’s headquarters being moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In 1980 Red Carpet Inns International published its International Travel Directory, listing 99 properties flying either the Red Carpet Inn or Master Hosts Inns flags, with 30 U.S. locations, throughout Canada and in Monterrey, Mexico. Football great, Johnny Unitas is also a spokesman for the company during this time period. [1][2]

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