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JW Marriott
Industry Hospitality

Paris, France

Bethesda, Maryland,
United States
Number of locations
83 worldwide[1]
Owner Marriott International
Website Official website

JW Marriott is a luxury hotel chain of Marriott International. It is named after J.W. Marriott, the founder of Marriott Corporation. JW Marriott hotels are in a higher tier than traditional Marriott Hotels, offering more luxurious rooms and amenities.[2] The JW Marriott brand was established in 1984, with the opening of its first hotel in Washington, D.C.[3]


As of January 2017, there are 83 hotels and resorts open and operating under the brand:[4]


2003 Jakarta hotel bombing[edit]

On August 5, 2003, the JW Marriott Jakarta was the site of a massive terrorist car bombing. The bomb exploded in a car in the hotel's entrance directly off the lobby, destroying the entryway, sending marble panels off the lobby walls (along with the near-annihilation of the lobby), and knocking off a large amount of glass panes on the exterior. Several guests inside their hotel rooms mentioned that the force of the blast knocked them over as a result of the entire building shaking. One guest also said that his window imploded into his bedroom and the force of the blast sent him flying from one end of his room to the other. Casualties included the deaths of several guards, as well as many guest injuries. The hotel put together a strong reconstruction team and successfully reopened with full-facilities before year-end.

2008 Islamabad hotel bombing[edit]

2009 Jakarta hotel bombing[edit]

On Friday 17 July 2009 at 07.45 a.m Jakarta time, a bomb exploded in the Jakarta JW Marriott hotel, destroying the first floor of the hotel. The explosion occurred 5 minutes after an explosion at the nearby Jakarta Ritz-Carlton. Latest reports indicate that 9 people died and 14 were injured in the explosions, with 6 of the dead from this Marriott hotel, 2 from the Ritz Carlton, while 1 died in the hospital.



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