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This article is about the action figure line of Marvel characters. For the video game formerly titled "Marvel Legends", see Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. For the comic book, see Marvel Legends (comics).
Marvel Legends
Marvel legends logo.png

4", 6", 8", and 12" Action Figure Toy Line

Toy Biz: 2002–2006
Hasbro: 2007–2015

Marvel Legends is an action figure line based on the characters of Marvel Comics, initially produced by Toy Biz, then by Hasbro. This line is in the 6-inch (150 mm) scale, with spin-off lines in the 4-inch (100 mm), 8-inch (200 mm), and 12-inch (300 mm) scale.



The Marvel Legends line is a spin-off of the Spider-Man Classics line also produced by Toy Biz. At its inception in 2002, the Marvel Legends line took over the clamshell packaging and the included comic book that had shipped with the Spider-Man Classics line. The first Marvel Legends series included representations of the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Toad.

Beginning January 1, 2007, Hasbro was the new license holder of the rights to produce toys and games based upon the Marvel Universe, while Toy Biz was renamed Marvel Toys. The new Hasbro packaging did not include a comic. In recent years, production on the Marvel Legends line slowed down to the point that it was rumored it would be cancelled, but Hasbro employees revealed at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con that due to fan requests and upcoming movies based on Marvel characters, the line would be making a comeback in 2012, and in January 2012, Marvel Legends returned to store shelves.[1] At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro announced Marvel Legends would be re-branded into lines specifically for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Chase figures[edit]

From the beginning, the Marvel Legends line has used the "chase" concept to introduce figures based on less popular or recognizable characters. These got their nickname by being shipped in fewer quantities than the rest of the figures, thus causing collectors to chase after them. Eventually, rather than entirely new figures, the chase concept was limited to variations (such as an alternate head or a different color scheme) of a figure released in that same series. These figures became high in demand by collectors.


In 2005, Toy Biz introduced the "Build-A-Figure" (referred to as a "BAF" in the collector community) to the Marvel Legends line, starting with series 9. Each figure in the series was packaged with a piece of a larger figure—in the initial case, a 16-inch (410 mm) tall figure of Galactus. A consumer who bought each figure in the assortment would then have all the complete components to assemble a character unavailable in individual packaging.

The concept was re-employed in the tenth Toy Biz series, where each figure was packaged with a piece of a mutant-hunting robot known as a Sentinel. Additional BAFs would include Apocalypse, Onslaught, Giant-Man, Mojo, MODOK (From Toy Biz), Annihilus, Blob, Brood Queen, Red Hulk, Sandman (Spider-Man Trilogy Limited Edition), Ronan the Accuser (Fantastic Four Limited Edition), Fin Fang Foom (Hulk Limited Edition), Ares, and Nemesis (From Hasbro).

With the release of the Giant-Man BAF, Toy Biz packaged smaller parts with each character, requiring 10 figures to be purchased to create the BAF (including one of the variant figures).

Starting with the Onslaught BAF and continuing with the Mojo and MODOK BAFs, Toy Biz returned to the six-piece formula. Hasbro continued the six-piece formula with the Annihilus BAF in its first series, and temporarily moved to an eight-piece formula with the Blob BAF in its second series, but switched back to the six figure format in series 4.

Toy Biz[edit]

Series 1 (May 2002)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Captain America WWII display stand and American Flag Captain America vol. 1 #109
Hulk Destroyed wall display stand Bendable fingers Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #314
Straight fingers
Iron Man Stark display stand Regular Iron Man vol. 1 #149
Gold Iron Man
Stealth Armor, Wal-Mart exclusive
Toad Swamp display stand and frog Uncanny X-Men #4

NOTE: There are three versions of Iron Man in this series.[2] Each of the figures also contains either a comic or a poster foil. Some are English and some are Canadian packaging.

Series 2 (September 2002)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Dr. Doom Latveria display stand Fantastic Four vol. 1 #247, The international version came with a gold foil poster
Doombot Chase
Hulk Wal-Mart exclusive, removable white shirt Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #314
Human Torch Flames Without 4 on chest Fantastic Four vol. 1 #233
With 4 on chest
Namor Water display stand and staff Savage Sub-Mariner #67
Thing Yancy Street wall display stand Regular Fantastic Four vol. 1 #263
Trenchcoat variant

NOTE: Neither version of the Human Torch is a variant. Human Torch was originally distributed with the 4 on his chest, but some collectors asked for the 4 to be removed, since it would be more comic accurate. So as a running change, later shipments had the 4 removed. At the beginning, the figure with the 4 was plentiful, but as time went on, it became more common to see him without it, and eventually it became rare to see him with the 4.

Series 3 (December 2003)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Daredevil Church window display stand Based on Daredevil film Daredevil #164
Ghost Rider Motorcycle display stand Ghost Rider vol. 2 #2
Magneto Sentinel display stand X-Men #2
Thor Display stand Thor vol. 2 #39
Wolverine Hellfire Club members display stand Masked Uncanny X-Men #133
Unmasked, chase

NOTE: There were several running changes to the Daredevil figure(with or without beard), but no true variants.[citation needed] Some Wolverine figures came with a small poster of Wolverine, rather than the comic.[citation needed]

Series 4 (June 2003)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Beast Display stand X-Men #3
Elektra Samurai display stand, swords Daredevil vol. 1 #176
Gambit Sentinel display stand, staff and flaming cards X-Men #4
Goliath Ant-Man and Wasp minifigures Re-released Avengers #1 Toy Biz (Non-Legends) figure, chase
Punisher War Zone display stand, guns White belt Punisher War Zone #1
Black belt

Series 5 (November 2003)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Blade Sword, gun and motorcycle Blade II version Poster book, Spider-Man team-up, or the recalled Tomb of Dracula #45.
Colossus Sentinel display stand Uncanny X-Men #129
Mr. Fantastic Interchangeable arms and fantastic car display stand Fantastic Four vol. 1 #489
Nick Fury Gun, jetpack and flaming display stand Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1
Red Skull Gun and display stand Chase Captain America vol. 3 #16
Sabretooth Sentinel display stand X-Men #5
Silver Surfer With Howard the Duck pack-in and surfboard Silver Surfer vol. 1 #11
Without Howard the Duck

Series 6 (September 2004)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Cable Guns and interchangeable gun display stand Regular, blue costume Cable #73
Brown costume, chase
Deadpool With Doop pack-in, guns and swords Deadpool #4
Juggernaut Destroyed Xavier's Mansion display stand Silver and yellow variant (extremely rare), Regular Costume Uncanny X-Men #13
Phoenix Phoenix Force display stand Green costume Uncanny X-Men #101
Dark Phoenix Red costume, chase
Punisher Punisher display stand, guns and bazooka Movie version The Amazing Spider-Man #129
Wolverine with Ogun base pack-in Brown costume Uncanny X-Men #213
Unmasked (Chase, Series III re-release with Legends VI packaging)

Series 7 (December 2004)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Apocalypse Egyptian display stand X-Factor #25
Ghost Rider Motorcycle Classic
Phasing Flaming motorcycle
Goliath With Ant-Man and Wasp, chase, Series IV re-release with Legends VII packaging
Hawkeye Knuckle guard bow Arrows and display mount
Regular bow
Iron Man (Silver Centurion) Rocket launcher display stand
Vision Transparent display stand Regular Avengers vol. 1 #135
Phasing, chase
Wolverine Weapon X display stand Weapon X Poster book or X-Men Legends comic

Series 8 (January 2005)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Black Widow Natalia Romanov Daredevil vol. 1 #81
Yelena Belova, chase
Ultimate Captain America Poster book
Classic Captain America Wings on head, chase/variant
Doctor Octopus Web display stand Marvel Age Spider-Man #2
Doombot Chase, Series II re-release with Legends VIII packaging Marvel Age Spider-Man #4
Iceman Sentinel display stand and ice sled Uncanny X-Men #18
Iron Man (Modern Armor) Original version Poster book
Red torso version, error
Man-Thing Swamp display stand Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #7
Storm Black costume Uncanny X-Men #96
Mohawk, chase

NOTE: The early shipments of ML8 had a paint error on the Captain America figures. The Ultimate Captain America was supposed to have grey paint on his pants, while the Classic Captain America was not. When the toys were first released, these paint apps were reversed. A running change later corrected the error.

Series 9 - Galactus Series (February 2005)[edit]

This line introduced what would become a long-standing feature of the Legends line until plastic was deemed too expensive: Buying the full line would result in a Build-A-Figure that towers over the rest, marking the inauguration with Fantastic Four character Galactus.

Figure Accessories Description Comic Build-A-Figure Piece
Bullseye Regular Daredevil vol. 1 #132 Left leg
Gritting teeth, grey costume, chase
Deathlok Deathlok vol. 1 #3 Upper torso
Doctor Strange Four selections from Strange Tales Right arm
Hulk First appearance, grey, closed mouth Incredible Hulk vol. 1, #1 Left arm
First appearance, green, teeth bared, chase
Nightcrawler Poster book Lower torso
Professor X Helmet Uncanny X-Men #117 Head
War Machine Guns Iron Man vol. 1 #281 Right leg

NOTE: In some cases the Canadian release of the figures were packaged with a gold-foil enhanced mini-poster (with art by Jae Lee), instead of a comic.[citation needed]

Series 10 - Sentinel Series (September 2005)[edit]

Continuing the tradition, this line introduces a Sentinel figure, and from hereafter, nearly every Build-A-Figure would be lifted from the X-Men villains roster. To complete the robot, only Mystique or Omega Red needed to be purchased, as both have the same piece.

Figure Accessories Description Comic Build-A-Figure Piece
Angel Red costume Uncanny X-Men #5 Left leg
Light blue costume, chase
Black Panther Regular Avengers vol. 1, #87 Right arm
Alternate necklace/belt, later release
Cyclops Blue/yellow costume Uncanny X-Men #201 Left arm
X-Factor costume, chase
Mister Sinister Blue neck, initial release Uncanny X-Men #243 Right leg
White neck, later release
Mystique Poster book Torso
Omega Red X-Men #7 Torso
Spider-Man First Appearance Amazing Fantasy vol. 1 #15 origin story, and Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #8 "Spider-Man Tackles The Torch!" Head/upper torso

Series 11 - Legendary Rider Series (September 2005)[edit]

This line would do away with the Build-A-Figure temporarily, instead packaging the figures with a vehicular accessory.

Figure Accessories Description Comic
Iron Man (Hulkbuster) With glider Iron Man vol. 1, #305
Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch vehicle Varying rarity[3] Avengers vol. 1 #187
Taskmaster Air Scooter, gun and sword Avengers vol. 1 #196
Thing Jet scooter First Appearance Fantastic Four vol. 1 #1
Ultron Glider Avengers vol. 3 #22
Vengeance Motorcycle Ghost Rider vol. 2 #39
Wolverine "Days of Future Past" Logan, black T-shirt/green pants Uncanny X-Men #141
Logan, younger/white T-shirt/blue pants, cowboy hat, chase
Wonder Man Yellowjacket sidekick Avengers vol. 3 #51
Translucent purple "Ionic" version, chase

Series 12 - Apocalypse Series (December 2005)[edit]

This line brings back the Build-A-Figure, this time, X-Men villain Apocalypse. His parts would come in two colors, traditional blue or new black.

Figure Accessories Description Comic Build-A-Figure Piece
Bishop Regular Bishop #2 Lower torso
Alternate bald head, chase
Hulk ("Maestro") Captain Marvel vol. 3, #30 Left arm
Iron Fist Original green costume Iron Fist #8 Right leg
Red costume, ripped mask, screaming chase
Sasquatch Regular Alpha Flight vol. 1, #10 Right arm
All-white Snowbird (Narya) version, chase
Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) Regular Astonishing X-Men vol. 3, #6 Left leg
Unmasked, chase
X-23 Black costume, straight hair Uncanny X-Men #451 Head/upper torso
Purple costume, wavy hair

NOTE: Some Maestro figures were packaged without the hose for connecting the left arm to the Apocalypse torso piece.

Giant Man Series (Wal-Mart exclusive) (May 2006)[edit]

This Wal-Mart exclusive built the largest Build-A-Figure for the entire line, Avengers founding member Giant-Man. This series was found internationally in the UK and other stores, such as Woolworths[citation needed] and Canada's Toys R Us.[citation needed] Sentry would ship in a tan-and-blue uniform that was later corrected to a brighter yellow-and-blue color. Both hues have been used in the comics.[4]

Figure Accessories Description Comic Build-A-Figure Piece
Age of Apocalypse Weapon X (Wolverine) Weapon X #1 Right foot
Burnt face variant Left hand
Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth Astonishing X-Men #3 Left foot
Ant Man Marvel Premiere #47 Right arm
Captain Britain Excalibur #1 Right leg
Kitty Pryde Lockheed the dragon Astonishing X-Men #4 Upper torso & head
Havok Uncanny X-Men #97 Left leg
Sentry Cut hair variant, tan-and-blue uniform New Avengers #3 Left arm
Cut hair variant, yellow-and-blue uniform
Bearded/long haired variant, tan-and-blue uniform
Bearded/long haired variant, yellow-and-blue uniform
Warbird Avengers Annual #10 Lower torso
Thor Thor vol. 1 #351 Right hand

Series 13 - Onslaught Series ("The Villains Wave") (May 2006)[edit]

This time, the figure is yet another X-Men villain, Onslaught. This figure's size was reduced to be nearly the same height as basic Legends figures due to rising plastics costs.

Figure Accessories Description Comic Build-A-Figure Piece
Abomination Regular Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #25 Left arm
Melted face, chase
Blackheart Wolverine/Ghost Rider/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness Left leg
Green Goblin Regular Amazing Spider-Man #122 Right leg
Unmasked, chase
Lady Deathstrike Wolverine #77 Upper torso
Loki Regular Journey Into Mystery #116 Right arm
Alternate Crown of Lies head, chase
Pyro Daredevil vol. 1, #355 Lower torso

Series 14 - Mojo Series (August 2006)[edit]

Mojo, an interdimensional villain (for the X-Men) marked another somewhat scaled-down size for the bonus figures.

Figure Accessories Description Comic Build-A-Figure Piece
Baron Zemo Regular Avengers vol. 1 #6 Head and upper torso
Unmasked, chase
Falcon Regular Falcon #1 Stomach/lower torso
Modern costume, chase
Iron Man (First Appearance) Tales Of Suspense #39 & 40 Back tentacles
Iron Man (First Appearance) Gold variant, chase
Longshot X-Men vol. 2 #10 Lower, right side mechanical legs
Luke Cage Regular Luke Cage #1 Lower, left side mechanical legs
Black and silver variant, extremely rare
Psylocke Uncanny X-Men #258 (cover art from #467) Back/lower torso

Series 15 - M.O.D.O.K. Series (October 2006)[edit]

M.O.D.O.K., an Avengers villain, was the focusing figure of the line. This figure was also another case of plastics' rising cost.

Figure Accessories Description Comic Build-A-Figure Piece
Beta Ray Bill Regular Thor #337 Hover base
Lighter-colored skin
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel #25 Control panel
Genis-Vell Captain Marvel variant, chase
Iron Man (Thor-Buster Armor) Iron Man vol. 2 #64 Right arm
Destroyer Iron-Man variant, chase
Moon Knight Regular Marvel Team-Up #7 Left arm
Silver costume variant, chase
Spider-Woman Spider-Woman #1 Head
Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter variant, chase
Wasp Black costume Avengers #195 Legs
Shoulder length hair, red costume, variant, chase
Shoulder length hair, blue costume (arrows on knees pointing up), variant, chase
Shoulder length hair, blue costume (arrows on knees pointing down), variant, chase

Face-Off Two-Packs[edit]

The "Face-Off" series was first released in mid-2006. Each set included two 6" scale figures, a base with background, and a reprint comic.

Series 1 (May 2006)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description Comic
Captain America vs. Red Skull Captain America Shield Captain America #32
Red Skull Dagger
Captain America vs. Baron Strucker (variant) Captain America Shield Unmasked
Baron Strucker
Daredevil vs. Kingpin Daredevil Billy club Daredevil vol. 1 #171
Kingpin Walking stick
Daredevil vs. Kingpin (variant) Daredevil Billy club Unmasked
Kingpin Walking stick Angry face, black suit
Hulk vs. Leader Hulk Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #115
Leader Modern
Hulk vs. Leader (variant) Hulk Screaming
Leader Classic

Series 2 (November 2006)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description Comic
First Appearance Wolverine vs. Sabretooth Wolverine First Appearance Wolverine #10
First Appearance Wolverine vs. Sabretooth (variant) Wolverine First Appearance, screaming
Sabretooth Screaming
Iron Man (Modular Armor) vs. Mandarin Iron Man Iron Man #311
War Machine vs. Mandarin (variant) War Machine
Mandarin Red-costumed
Punisher vs. Jigsaw Punisher Classic Punisher #36
Jigsaw Punisher costume
Punisher vs. Business Suit Jigsaw (variant) Punisher Modern
Jigsaw Business suit

Gift Packs[edit]

X-Men Legends (2003)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
X-Men Legends Beast Glasses and lab coat
Gambit Vinyl trench coat
Magneto Helmet New head sculpt
Rogue Exclusive to this box set
Wolverine Unmasked, blue/yellow

Urban Legends (2003)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description Comic
Urban Legends Daredevil Figure stand, billy club Red costume Urban Legends Poster Book
Elektra Figure stand, 2 swords, 2 sai, removable weapons holder White repaint costume
Punisher Figure stand, bazooka, removable trenchcoat Black coat
Spider-Man Figure stand

Fantastic Four (2004)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description Comic
Fantastic Four Dr. Doom Figure stand, pistol, removable mask and cloak Fantastic Four Poster Book
Franklin Richards Exclusive to this box set
H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot Flight stand Exclusive to this box set
Human Torch Figure stand Partially flamed on
Invisible Woman Figure stand Dark blue costume,
Mr. Fantastic Figure stand, alternate ball form, removable labcoat Dark blue costume, labcoat
The Thing Figure stand
Fantastic Four (variant set) Doctor Doom
Franklin Richards Exclusive to this box set
H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot Exclusive to this box set
Human Torch Translucent version
Invisible Woman Vanishing/translucent version
Mister Fantastic

Spider-Man Vs. Sinister 6 (2004)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
Spider-Man Vs. Sinister 6 Black Cat Exclusive to this box set
Doctor Octopus A reissue of the Spider-Man Classics version with a coat
Electro Exclusive to this box set
Green Goblin A repaint of the Series 2 Hobgoblin figure with a new head and glider
Kraven the Hunter A reissue of the Spider-Man Classics version with a new head
Venom Remolded from Series 5 Sabretooth, exclusive to this box set

Fantastic Four (Wal-Mart exclusive) (2005)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description Comic
Fantastic Four Human Torch Figure stand Partially flamed on Fantastic Four Poster Book
Invisible Woman Figure stand Heroes Reborn costume
Mr. Fantastic Figure stand, alternate elongated hand and mallet hand Heroes Reborn costume
The Thing Figure stand, sunglasses, hat, removable trenchcoat Trenchcoat and hat

Spider-Man's Fearsome Foes (2005)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
Spider-Man's Fearsome Foes Carnage A repaint of the Spider-Man Classics Carnage with a new head
Rhino Exclusive to this box set
Spider-Man A repaint of the Series 12 super-poseable Spider-Man with a new head
Vulture Exclusive to this box set

Monsters (2006)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description Comic
Monsters Dracula Figure stand, removable cape Monsters Poster Book
Frankenstein Figure stand
Werewolf by Night Figure stand
Zombie Figure stand

Young Avengers (2006)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description Comic
Young Avengers Asgardian Figure stand, staff, satchel, removable scarf Exclusive to this box set Young Avengers #1
Hulkling Figure stand Exclusive to this box set
Iron Lad Figure stand Exclusive to this box set
Patriot Figure stand, shield Exclusive to this box set

House of M (2006)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
House of M Hulk House of M version: bald, aboriginal body paint
Iron Man House of M version: giant gun, energy packs on back
The It The Thing as seen in Fantastic Four: House of M, red-orange color and hunchbacked
The Inhuman Torch Kristoff Vernard, as depicted in the comic book series, Fantastic Four: House of M


Wave 1 - Annihilus Series (January 2007)[edit]

After Hasbro gained the rights to produce Marvel toys, the company continued with the theme of smaller figures as the bonus one, in this case, Annihilus, a Fantastic Four nemesis. Also, Hasbro's new molds eliminated finger joints, a mainstay of the Toy Biz era, and the comic book pack-ins. Annihilus pieces came in a pastel color for his armor, and later, a more comic-accurate version.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Banshee Right wing
Emma Frost Right arm and leg
Hercules Left wing
X-Men: The Last Stand Beast Left arm and leg
"Planet Hulk" Silver left arm, later updated to the correct green Head of Annihilus
Green left arm
Ultimate Iron Man Packaged with helmet on or off Chest and torso

Wave 2 - Blob Series (April 2007)[edit]

The Blob series marked a return to X-Men villains.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Lord of Asgard Thor Head
Quicksilver Regular Left arm
Green 1st appearance variant, chase
She-Hulk Upper torso
Ultimate Wolverine Lower torso
X-Men: The Last Stand Jean Grey Regular Right arm
Dark Phoenix variant, chase
X-Men: The Last Stand Juggernaut Hands
Xorn Left leg
Yellowjacket Regular Right leg
Gold variant, chase

Fantastic Four - Ronan the Accuser Series (Wal-Mart exclusive) (October 2007)[edit]

A Marvel Legends series that focused on Fantastic Four characters only. This Fantastic Four-focused line included Ronan the Accuser as the Build-A-Figure but was perhaps most noticeable for splitting weapons and cape as Build-A-Figure pieces, another casualty of plastics cost.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Dr. Doom Pistol, holster, cape Cape
Human Torch Left leg
Invisible Woman Torso
Mole Man Staff Left arm
Mr. Fantastic Hammer
Namor the Sub-Mariner Trident Right arm
Silver Surfer Surfboard Right leg
Thing Head and helmet

Wave 3 - Brood Queen Series (November 2007)[edit]

Brood Queen was the focus of this series.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Black Knight Legs
Bucky (Golden Age) Tail
Captain America (Golden Age) Legs
Cyclops (Astonishing) Head
Danger (Astonishing) Wings
HYDRA Soldier Closed mouth variant Front leg
Open mouth variant
Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers) Regular Torso
Powered-up variant; there were also 500 package variants which has the figure facing inside the package and her back facing outside showing the phoenix tattoo on her back
X-Men: The Last Stand Colossus Regular Front leg
Chrome paint variant

Spider-Man Trilogy - Sandman Series (October 2007)[edit]

Sandman is the build-a-figure for this movie-based line.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Dr. Octopus Right arm
Green Goblin Glider Leg
Mary Jane Watson Board, display stand Torso
New Goblin Glider Head
Sandman Left foot
Spider-Man (Black) Leg
Spider-Man (Red & Blue) Right foot
Venom Left arm

Hulk - Fin Fang Foom Series (July 2008)[edit]

The two lines, which shipped simultaneously, formed the first towering Build-A-Figure in many lines, that of Marvel villain Fin Fang Foom.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Absorbing Man Right leg
Doc Samson Lower torso
Hulk "The End" appearance Left wing and arm
King Hulk "World War Hulk" appearance Tail
Savage Grey Hulk Regular Left leg
Classic green Hulk variant
She-Hulk "Savage" appearance Head and neck
Skaar, Son of Hulk Upper torso
Wendigo Right wing and arm

NOTE: Some Wendigo figures had manufacturing errors where the Fin Fang Foom arm was missing from the package.

Red Hulk Series (Target exclusive) (September 2008)[edit]

Target exclusive, this line focuses on a new Hulk villain, the Red Hulk.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Adam Warlock Left leg
Silver Savage Silver Surfer in "Planet Hulk" gladiator gear Right leg
Spider-Man (Symbiote costume) Left arm
Spiral Regular Head
Gold-accented variant
Union Jack Torso
Wolverine Classic yellow and blue "tiger stripe" costume Right arm
Black variant from Uncanny X-Men #381

Ares Series (Wal-Mart exclusive) (October 2008)[edit]

A Wal-Mart exclusive, this line focuses on formerly obscure Marvel character Ares.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Crossbones Left leg
Guardian Lower torso
Heroes Reborn Iron Man Helmet and swords
Human Torch Regular Left arm
Semi-translucent variant
Kang Upper torso
Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) Alternate pose Scarlet Spider package (maybe a variant?) Right arm
Ultimate War Machine Head
Vision Right leg

Nemesis Series (Wal-Mart exclusive) (July 2009)[edit]

Another Wal-Mart exclusive this line focuses on Nemesis, aka Holocaust, from the Age of Apocalypse.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Astonishing X-Men Beast Right arm
Black Bolt Right leg
Daredevil 1st appearance Lower torso
Red costume variant
Nova Original costume Left leg
Punisher Tim Bradstreet style Left arm
Camo style variant
Tigra Upper torso

Terrax Series (January 2012)[edit]

This series debuted in January 2012 and the BAF was Terrax.[5] His axe is included as an accessory.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Steve Rogers Shield, guns clear shield variant Lower Torso
Shield, guns normal shield
Extremis Iron Man Extremis Armor Right Leg
Stealth Armor variant
Ghost Rider Blue flames Left & Right Arms
Orange flame variant
Constrictor Upper Torso
Modern Thor Hammer None
Klaw Left Leg
Hope Summers Gun Head & Axe

Arnim Zola Series (February 2012)[edit]

The second wave in 2012 featured Arnim Zola as the BAF, with a Red Skull Zola variant.[5]

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Bucky Captain America Shield, knife, gun Right leg


Ball & Chain Running change to Piledriver Head (Yellow eye) and control (Thunderball) / Head (Red eye) and control (Piledriver)
Ball & Chain Running change from Thunderball
Madame Masque/

Madame Hydra

Gun Running change to Madame Hydra Regular Zola Torso (Masque) / Variant Red Skull Torso (Hydra)
Gun Running change from Madame Masque
Drax Knife (x2) Guardians of the Galaxy costume Left Leg
Spider-Man Big Time costume None
Future Foundation variant
Fantomex Gun (x2) Uncanny X-Force costume Right Arm
Daken (Dark Wolverine) Masked Left Arm
Unmasked variant

Epic Heroes (January 2013)[edit]

Figures from the Epic Heroes series were shown at the 2012 Toyfair.[6] This is the second series that does not include BAF pieces since figures began to form Build-A-Figures. Instead, each figure came with a display base, just like in the early series of Marvel Legends, though these bases included much less detail and all were the same. The variant versions of Dr. Doom and Deadpool as well as Danielle Moonstar and Blade have not been released, but Hasbro have confirmed the figures are ready and that they're considering release options, possibly as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.

Figure Accessories Description
U.S. Agent Shield
Mystique Running change to Danielle Moonstar
Danielle Moonstar Running change from Mystique
Blade/Punisher Gun Running change to Punisher
Gun Running change from Blade
Deadpool Classic
Modern X-Force
Iron-Man Neo-Classic Armor
Dr Doom Classic
FF variant

Iron Monger Series (February 2013)[edit]

Released to coincide with the third Iron Man film, this series includes only Iron Man-related characters. It was split into two waves, each including three figures and three pieces of a comic-style Iron Monger Build-A-Figure. The second three figures were released in May 2013.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor Right Leg
Iron Patriot Comic Style Chest/Torso
Iron Man Regular Helmet Classic "Hornhead" Armor Left Leg
Iron Patriot James Rhodes Movie Version Left arm
Ultron Comic Style Head
Iron Man Mark 42 Armor Movie Version Right Arm

Hit-Monkey Series (March 2013)[edit]

Figures from Series Four were shown at the San Diego Comic Con 2012 and will be available in Spring 2013. This series introduced the Mini Build-A-Figure concept, starting with Hit-Monkey.[citation needed] As a change from previous series, only three of the six figures contain a Build-A-Figure piece. Oddly, it is the three in this series which were planned to have variants.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Protector 2 Pistols Running Change Head & guns
Red She-Hulk Sword Torso & legs
Hyperion Running Change Arms & Pistols
Captain America Shield Ultimate Version
Wolverine X-Force
Archangel Pink & Blue

Rocket Racoon Series (August 2013)[edit]

This wave includes Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon as a Mini BAF, shown at Toy Fair 2013. This series was shown to have several variants including White Phoenix Jean Grey, AOA Jean Grey, classic Hawkeye and Bulldozer. These figures have not been shipped and no information has been given on their releases. Some cases were shipped with an Ultimate Captain America from the Hit-Monkey series and also a Punisher variant (red chest Thunderbolts version) with Epic Heroes packaging.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Jean Grey Jim Lee 90's version Torso, legs & tail
Black Panther Arms
Wrecker Crowbar Head & Gun
Scarlet Spider N/A
Hawkeye Bow Marvel Now version N/A
Punisher 4 Guns, pistol. Stand Red repainted chest (Thunderbolts) version, shipped out in cases for this series with Epic Heroes packaging N/A

Moonstone was also shown at San Diego Comic Con 2012 as an upcoming figure, but the wave number was not specified. She was released in the SDCC 2013 Exclusive Thunderbolts Boxset, and is also set to be released single-carded in the upcoming Jubilee Series.

Puck Series (October 2013)[edit]

Released to coincide with the second Wolverine film, this series includes only X-Men-related characters. The wave will include Alpha Flight's Puck as a Mini BAF, shown at Toy Fair 2013. Phoenix Five Cyclops has been canceled. Rogue will not be in this series either, but Hasbro have said she may appear in the X-Men: Days of Future Past line in 2014.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Wolverine Astonishing X-Men Costume
Sabretooth Modern Costume Head
Emma Frost Modern Costume Torso and Legs
Cyclops Modern Costume Arms

Mandroid Series (January 2014)[edit]

Released to coincide with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier film, the series includes WWII Captain America with no BAF piece, Captain America Now, Red Skull, Hydra Soldier, AIM Soldier and Modern Baron Zemo. To be released in Spring of 2014, three additional figures will also be in this series, which will include a movie version Captain America, a movie version Black Widow and a movie version Winter Soldier. This series begins the Marvel Legends Infinite Series and also new packaging.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
WWII Captain America Shield, Pistol Movie WWII Version N/A
Captain America Now Shield Mandroid Head
Red Skull / Hydra Soldier Cosmic Cube, Pistols Left Arm
Baron Zemo / AIM Soldier Sword, Guns Modern Zemo Right Arm
Captain America Alternate head & hands. Shield Movie version Right leg (while the packaging states it's the left leg, it's actually the right)
Black Widow Alternate head & hands Movie version Torso
Winter Soldier Alternate head & Rifle Movie version Left leg (while the packaging states it's the right leg, it's actually the left)

Ultimate Green Goblin Series (January 2014)[edit]

Released for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, this series has nine figures with running changes on three of them. It has a mixture of movie & comic versions of figures and is also part of the Marvel Legends Infinite Series. Added for an August release, Agent Venom will be a Walgreens exclusive and have Green Goblin series packaging but with no Build-A-Figure piece.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Version Right Arm
Electro Interchangeable Head Movie Version Left Arm
Superior Spider-Man Right Leg
Carnage / Toxin Running Change Head
Black Cat / Spider-Girl Whip Running Change Torso
Ultimate Beetle / Boomerang Running Change Left Leg
Agent Venom 4 Guns Walgreens Exclusive

Groot Series (July 2014)[edit]

Released for the Guardians of the Galaxy film. This series has six figures to complete Groot, all except Nova and Iron Man are movie versions.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Gamora Sword Right leg
Rocket Raccoon Laser Cannon, Hadron Enforcer Head and Chest
Star-Lord Alternate Masked Head, Quad Blasters, Headphones, Sony Walkman, the Orb Right Arm
Drax Knives Torso
Nova Comic version Left Arm
Iron Man Cosmic version Left Leg

Jubilee Series (August 2014)[edit]

They will be released as Toys R' Us & Previews exclusives in June for stores and August for Previews and several figures will come with a piece for the Jubilee Build-A-Figure which was originally shown last summer at SDCC 2013.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Marvel Now Cyclops Right Arm
Magneto Left Arm
Marvel Now Storm Torso & Legs
Stryfe Sword Head & Energy Blasts
Wolverine Unmasked Astonishing Costume No BAF Piece

Allfather Series (2015)[edit]

Marvel Avengers Infinite Series Wave 1. This series was revealed at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014. Each Figure will include a piece for the Odin Build-a-Figure. The Machine Man and Captain Marvel Figures will have different Build-A-Figure pieces to turn Odin into King Thor.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Captain Marvel Alternate Head, Energy Burst King Thor Head, Cape & Axe
Machine Man Interchangeable Arms King Thor Arms
Scarlet Witch Hex Blasts Odin Head, Cape & Staff
Marvel NOW! Thor Mjolnir & Sword Right Leg
Sentry Odin Arms
Hawkeye Bow Torso
Iron Fist Alternate Hands Left Leg

Hobgoblin Series (2015)[edit]

The Hobgoblin Marvel Legends Series was shown at SDCC 2014 and is a Spider-Man Comics Series. Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman are a swap but with different BAF pieces.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Spider-Man Alternate head, Hands Classic Left Leg
Spider-Man 2099 Right Arm, Sword
Spider-Girl Mayday Parker Head & Wings
Spider-Woman Ultimate costume Torso
Anti-Venom Right leg
Daredevil Staff Red Costume Left arm and Pumpkin Bomb

Thanos Series (2015)[edit]

Marvel Avengers Infinite Series Wave 2. This series was partially revealed at SDCC 2014. The series includes three Avengers: Age Of Ultron movie figures and three comic figures.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Captain America Alternate head & hands, shield Avengers: Age of Ultron movie version Right leg
Iron Man Alternate open face plate head Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mark 43 movie version Left leg
Hulk Avengers: Age of Ultron movie version Right arm
Batroc Comic version Torso
Hellcat Baton Comic version Left arm & head
Spider-Woman Two sets removable wings Comic version Left arm & head

Hulkbuster Series (2015)[edit]

Marvel Avengers Infinite Series Wave 3. This series was shown at Toy Fair 2015 and is Avengers comic series.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Doctor Strange Hex Blasts Left Leg
Blizzard Upper Torso
Vision Lower Torso
Iron Man Marvel NOW version Right Leg
War Machine Alternate open face plate head Avengers Age of Ultron Movie version Head
Thundra Wrecking ball Left Arm
Valkyrie Sword Right Arm

Ultron Prime Series (2015)[edit]

Marvel's Ant-Man series. This series was revealed at Toy Fair 2015. The series includes one Ant-Man movie figure and five comic figures. June 20, 2015 was the release date of the Ant-Man Walgreens exclusive. It Is a comic inspired suit from Secret Avengers where a Life-Model Decoy was created to act like Eric O'Grady, called Black Ant. It was in the same "Ant-Man" packaging as the rest of the wave, without the "Ultron" label at the top.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Ant-Man Ant, small Ant-Man and Yellowjacket figures Movie version Head
Wasp Torso
Grim Reaper Left Leg
Tiger Shark Right Arm
Giant-Man Avengers Academy version Right Leg
Bulldozer Left Arm
Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) Walgreens Exclusive Secret Avengers Version N/A

Rhino Series (2015)[edit]

The Rhino Marvel Legends Series was shown at Toy Fair 2015 and is a Spider-Man Comics Series. Rhino will have classic and modern heads. The next Walgreens Exclusive is out in the form of the 1st appearance of Daredevil.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Ghost Rider Left Leg
Scarlet Spider Four alternate hands Masked Head/Angry Screaming Head
Chameleon J.J Jameson and Hammerhead alternate heads Left Arm
Misty Knight Gun Torso
Kraven the Hunter Spear Right Leg
Superior Venom Right Arm
White Tiger Torso
Daredevil red baton sticks 1st appearance (Walgreens exclusive)

Red Onslaught Series (2016)[edit]

The Red Onslaught Marvel Legends Series was shown at New York Comic-Con 2015 and is a Captain America Comics Series.

Figure Accessories Description Build-A-Figure Piece
Agent 13
Captain America
Scourge (Thunderbolts)


Wal-Mart Exclusives (2007)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
Cable and Marvel Girl Cable
Marvel Girl Second costume
Cannonball and Domino Cannonball

Series 1 (2008)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
Ronin and Elektra Ronin
Ronin and Elektra (variant) Ronin Alternate-colored variant
Elektra Skrull Elektra variant
Ultimate Captain America and Ultimate Nick Fury Ultimate Captain America World War II costume
Ultimate Nick Fury
Forge and Wolverine Forge Traditional X-Men uniform
Wolverine Traditional X-Men uniform
Mr. Fantastic and the Thing Mr. Fantastic
The Thing

Series 2 (2009/2010)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
Hand Ninja and Nick Fury Hand Ninja 3 swords, nunchucks Ronin repaint with alternate head
Nick Fury S.H.I.E.L.D. agent alternate head with removable helmet, gun, rifle, knife, removable shoulder holster
Dum Dum Dugan and Hand Ninja (variant) Dum Dum Dugan
Hand Ninja
Skrull and Kree soldiers Skrull soldier Alternate hands
Kree soldier Alternate blue-skinned head, gun, removable holster
Classic Iron Man and Maria Hill Iron Man Tony Stark alternate head
Maria Hill
Stealth Iron Man and Sharon Carter (variant) Iron Man Alternate Tony Stark head, alternate hands Stealth armor
Sharon Carter Alternate head, rifle, two guns
Invisible Woman and Human Torch Invisible Woman Light blue costume
Human Torch Light blue costume

Series 3 (Toys "R" Us Exclusives) (Fall 2010)[edit]

Name Figure Accessories Description
Deadpool and Warpath Deadpool Machine gun, pistol, 2 katana swords with removable sheaths Classic red and black costume
Warpath 2 hunting knives Black and Silver X-Force Costume
Deadpool and Warpath (variant) Deadpool Machine gun, pistol, 2 katana swords with removable sheaths Blue costume
Warpath 2 hunting knives Red and Blue costume
Valkyrie and Hulk Valkyrie Gold sword, bo staff, removable cape and sheath Black costume with blue cape
Hulk None Green Skin and purple pants
Black Widow and Winter Soldier Black Widow Machine gun, pistol, alternate short-haired head Black costume
Winter Soldier Machine gun, pistol, alternate long-haired head Black costume, Captain America's shield star on left shoulder
Black Widow and Winter Soldier (variant) Black Widow Machine gun, pistol and alternate head Gray costume
Winter Soldier Machine gun, pistol and alternate head Black costume, Red Star on left shoulder

Exclusives (2007)[edit]

San Diego Comic Con[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Stan Lee Removable clothing, revealing Spider-Man body; includes interchangeable Spider-Man arms and legs, and Spider-Man and Peter Parker heads[7]
She-Hulk Interchangeable pieces, converts from lawyer suit to Fantastic Four uniform

Toys R Us[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Diamond Emma Frost Clear plastic version of HML Series 1 figure
25th Anniversary Wolverine Silver version of ML Series 6 figure
Black Queen Jean Grey, Emma Frost body repaint


Figure Accessories Description
Silver Surfer Limited Edition

Exclusives (2008)[edit]

Diamond Previews[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Ultimate Wolverine Blue costume

Hasbro Toy Store (October 2008)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
A.O.A. Sunfire Age of Apocalypse appearance

San Diego Comic Con[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Savage Land Box Set Ka-Zar, Shanna,and Zabu
Fin Fang Foom Complete set of eight figures from the Hulk - Fin Fang Foom Series in a unique box


Figure Accessories Description
Limited Edition Hulk "The Incredible Hulk" movie version

Exclusives (2011)[edit]

San Diego Comic Con[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Modern Thor "Rebirth" Thor. First figure from Hasbro's fully restarted Marvel Legends line after a few years hiatus for single packed figures. Revealed at New York Toy Fair 2011. Came in an exclusive Thor hammer package and was later released in the Return of Marvel Legends Terrax series.

Exclusives (2012)[edit]

San Diego Comic Con[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Uncanny X-Force Box Set Psychic Katana (for Psylocke) Includes Psylocke, Archangel, and Wolverine in Uncanny X-Force Uniforms.

Exclusives (2013)[edit]

San Diego Comic Con[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Thunderbolts Box Set Extra Head (for Ghost), Gatling Gun (for Crossbones) Includes Luke Cage, Moonstone, Ghost (translucent), Satanna, and Crossbones.

Age Of Ultron[edit]

Exclusive gold Age of Ultron figure was free with the purchase of a new Marvel Annual Unlimited Plus digital comics subscription at It is the same figure as seen in the Iron Monger series but with a repaint from silver to gold. The subscription came with the figure, variant edition #10 Age Of Ultron comic with cover art by Salvador Larroca, a personalized Plus Member card, welcome letter and custom collectible comic box.

Figure Accessories Description
Ultron Stand Gold version

Exclusives (2014)[edit]

Toys R Us[edit]

This set has the time displaced original five X-Men in their updated classic costumes.

Figure Accessories Description
All New X-Men Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel, Ice Man

San Diego Comic Con[edit]

Based on the Marvel Comics story THE THANOS IMPERATIVE, this special edition collection features five exclusive Marvel Legends figures - Black Bolt, Medusa, Star-Lord, Gladiator and Blastaar. The set comes in a special-edition package designed to look like the GALACTUS ENGINE, the ultimate weapon from THE THANOS IMPERATIVE.

Figure Accessories Description
The Thanos Imperative Box Set 2 Blasters (for Star-Lord) Black Bolt, Medusa, Star-Lord, Gladiator and Blastaar


This 3 pack was shown at SDCC 2014 and includes a new Ms.Marvel sculpt, Ultimate Captain America with alternate Steve Rogers head and Radioactive Man. It will be a Target Exclusive.

Figure Accessories Description
Collectors Edition Shield & alternate head for Captain America Ms. Marvel, Ultimate Captain America and Radioactive Man

Rocket Raccoon[edit]

Exclusive Rocket Raccoon figure was free with the purchase of a new Marvel Annual Unlimited Plus digital comics subscription at It is the same BAF from the Rocket Raccoon series only repainted from red gloves and red trim to white gloves and trim. The subscription came with the figure, limited edition Rocket Raccoon #1 variant comic book with cover art by Sara Pichelli, a personalized member plus card and savings at

Figure Accessories Description
Rocket Raccoon Rocket blaster White trim version

Exclusives (2015)[edit]

Toys R Us[edit]

This set was shown at SDCC 2014 and includes Maria Hill, Nick Fury and Agent Phil Coulson. Fury is a repack from an earlier Wal-Mart exclusive for Captain America - The First Avenger movie, Maria Hill is a new head sculpt and Agent Coulson is completely new, all are movie versions. It will be a Toys R Us exclusive.

Figure Accessories Description
S.H.I.E.L.D. 3 Pack Revenge blaster & alternate head for Agent Coulson with sunglasses, 2 pistols for Nick Fury Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Agent Phil Coulson


This set was shown at Toy Fair and includes Age of Ultron versions of Thor, Doctor Banner, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Figure Accessories Description
Avengers Mjolnir, Hawkeye's bow and quiver, Black Widow stun batons Thor, Doctor Banner, Hawkeye, Black Widow


This 3 pack was shown at Toy Fair and includes Doc Green (Thanos series Hulk remold), Ultron (remold of Green Goblin series Beetle) and Vision (white repaint of Hulkbuster series Vison). It will be a Target exclusive.

Figure Accessories Description
Collectors Edition Doc Green, Ultron, Vision

San Diego Comic Con[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
The Book of Vishanti 2 Hex Blasts, 2 Flame Accessories, Staff, 3 Swords (for Hela and Magik) Dr. Strange (Astral Form), Doctor Voodoo, Magik, Hela, Dormammu

Entertainment Earth[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot in Pot, Cosmic Cube, 4 Daggers and interchangeable hands (for Drax), 2 Blasters (for Star-Lord), Removable head, cloak and sword (for Gamora), 3 Blasters (for Rocket Raccoon). Groot, Drax, Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon


A Marvel Legends Flatman "figure" was included as a joke cut-out in the GLX-Mas Special (2005). It featured "infinite" points of articulation and three action phrases (to be said with one's own voice).



In October 2005, pre-production promotional material for Series 13, "Bring on the Bad Guys," was leaked to the Internet.[8] These materials depicted a seventh figure, Crimson Dynamo, and also advertised that each figure in the series would come with a supplementary "henchman" generic figure. However, neither the Crimson Dynamo figure nor the "henchman" pack-ins reached production for Series 13, though the HYDRA Soldier was released in Hasbro's third wave and Crimson Dynamo in Hasbro's second wave of Iron Man: The Armored Avengers series. Furthermore, the Brood alien and Skrull sculpts were later released in a two pack set under the Marvel Select toyline.

The henchmen included:

  • AIM Agent
  • Brood alien
  • Doombot
  • Hydra Agent (a new, more articulated sculpt of the Hydra Agent was released in Hasbro Marvel Legends series 3)
  • Hand Ninja (a new, more articulated sculpt of the Hand Ninja was released in Hasbro Marvel Legends 2-Packs series 2)
  • Hellfire Club Soldier
  • Skrull alien

Similar pre-production rumors surfaced regarding the possibility of a "Build-a-Vehicle" Quinjet, which was ultimately scrapped, likely due to rising oil costs.[9]


Non-articulated, one-inch X-Babies pack-ins, a Thunder Frog (Thor turned into a frog by Loki), and Forbush Man (Marvel's unofficial mascot, a character from the Not Brand Echh! humor book) were displayed alongside the henchmen prototypes at the Comic-Con International in July 2006.[9] The X-Babies were originally planned for release in Wave 14, alongside the Mojo BAF.[9]

  • Colossusus (Colossus)
  • Creepy Crawler (Nightcrawler)
  • Shadowkitty (Shadowcat)
  • Shower (Storm)
  • Shugah (Rogue)
  • Wolvie (Wolverine)

Mitey 'Vengers[edit]

  • Captain Amerikid (Captain America)
  • Hawkey (Hawkeye)
  • Iron Ace (Iron Man)
  • Thunderson (Thor)

ToyFare Fan Poll[edit]

Hasbro, along with ToyFare magazine, held a poll for which figure would be released as an exclusive on Although Age of Apocalypse Sunfire won, it was stated that the other unreleased prototypes would find their way into future wave assortments (either as single carded figures or in two packs).[10] The other prototypes included:

SDCC 2009[edit]

On SDCC 2009 Preview Night, Hasbro exhibited prototypes for upcoming characters in the toy line.[11] Based on the results of a fan poll, the top three choices (Black Widow, Deadpool, and Valkyrie) were scheduled for release. In addition, three other figures (The Hulk, Winter Soldier, and Warpath) were eventually released as well. The other prototypes included:

Later Released Prototypes:

  • Constrictor (later launched in 2012 Marvel Legends first wave)
  • Fantomex (later launched in 2012 Marvel Legends second wave)
  • X-Force Wolverine (later launched in 2012 SDCC Exclusive X-Force 3-Pack)

Related Lines[edit]

Toy Biz had several lines of toys which are related to Marvel Legends in that the toys are Marvel characters, often exhibit comparable articulation, and are similar in scale. With the exception of Spider-Man Classics, which actually pre-date Marvel Legends, these lines do not include comic books and do not ship in the same clamshell packaging. The figures in these related lines also usually include some sort of "action feature," sometimes limiting their articulation and ostensibly intended to make the toys more appealing to children.

Several popular characters (usually villains) that have not appeared under the Marvel Legends brand have made appearances in these lines, and thus are usually the most desired among collectors. These include most of Spider-Man's rogues gallery, as well as some of the Hulk's, Fantastic Four's and X-Men's.

Spin-off Lines[edit]

Marvel Legends Showdown[edit]

Marvel Legends Showdown is a collectible tabletop game in which the primary component is 4-inch (100 mm) action figures and cards. It was a collaboration between Upper Deck Entertainment and Toy Biz. Originally known as Marvel Superhero Showdown, it was renamed Marvel Legends Showdown to tie it in to the Marvel Legends line. The line did not continue when figure production switched from Toy Biz to Hasbro.


Marvel Legends Unleashed is an 8-inch (200 mm) spin-off line from Marvel Legends. The figures were produced by Hasbro and feature multiple points of articulation.

Wave 1 (2008)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Green Goblin Marvel Knights costume

Wave 2 (2008)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Black Costume Spider-Man
Doctor Octopus

Wave 3 (2008)[edit]

Figure Accessories Description
Iron Man Anti-radiation armor


The "Icons" series includes 12-inch (300 mm) articulated figures of various characters from Marvel. The Toy Biz Icons each came with an "Evolution of an Icon" comic sized book including a history and stats of the character as well as artwork. These books are not included in the Hasbro Icons.

Toy Biz[edit]

Series 1 (2006)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Captain America Regular
Unmasked variant
Iron Man Regular
Gold variant
Wolverine Regular
Unmasked variant
Series 2 (2006)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Hulk Regular
Grey variant
Venom Regular
Unmasked variant
Series 3 (2006)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Beast Gray fur
Variant, blue fur, labcoat and glasses
Spider-Man Regular
Unmasked variant


Wave 1 (2007)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Wolverine Toy Biz series 1 repaint (new color variant of Wolverine's current New Avengers/Astonishing X-Men costume)
Wave 2 (2007)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Doctor Doom
Wave 3 (2007)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Human Torch Regular
Flame off Johnny Storm variant
Silver Surfer
Wave 4 (2007)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Wave 5 (2009)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Daredevil Regular
Variant (classic yellow & red costume)
Wave 6 (2009)[edit]
Figure Accessories Description
Dark Phoenix Variant

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