Teradata Warehouse Miner

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Teradata Warehouse Miner
Developer(s) Teradata Corporation
Stable release
V 5.3
Type data mining
License proprietary
Website http://www.teradata.com/t/products-and-services/teradata-warehouse-miner/

Teradata Warehouse Miner (TWM) is a software application provided by Teradata for achieving data mining inside RDBMS databases without the need for migrating the data from the data warehouse.[1] TWM is bundled with multiple statistical and machine learning algorithms for analyzing data and creating data mining models. The whole data mining process, e.g. CRISP-DM process, is supported using TWM which includes: descriptive statists and analysis, analytic data set creation, data mining model creation and data mining model scoring.[2] This facilitates Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) which provides business intelligence for organisations.

Supported data analysis & data mining algorithms[edit]

Teradata Warehouse Miner supports running on RDBMS databases using ODBC connections.[3] It supports data mining and statistical analysis commonly found in statistical applications.[4]

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