Zhangzhou dialect

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Zhangzhou dialect
漳州話 (Chiang-chiu-ōa)
Native to People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.
Region city of Zhangzhou, southern Fujian province
Native speakers
Over 4 million (date missing)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog fuji1236[1]
Linguasphere 79-AAA-jed
Hokkien Map.svg
     Zhangzhou dialect

Zhangzhou dialect (simplified Chinese: 漳州话; traditional Chinese: 漳州話; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chiang-chiu-ōa), also known as Changchew dialect or Changchow dialect, is a dialect of Hokkien originating from southern Fujian province (in southeast China), centered on the city of Zhangzhou. The Zhangzhou dialect has an intelligibility of over 90% with other dialects of Hokkien such as Amoy and Quanzhou. The Zhangzhou dialect is often simply called Hokkien or Minnan. It is the source of some former place names in English, including Amoy (/ɛ˨˩ mui˩˧/) and Quemoy (/kim˨˨ mui˩˧/).


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