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88 Precepts is an essay or manifesto written by David Lane, a member of the white supremacist organization The Order. Written while Lane was serving a 190-year prison sentence, 88 Precepts is a treatise on natural law, religion and politics from the view point of David Lane including guidelines for securing, protecting, preserving and establishing white territorial imperatives in North America and Eastern Europe, distributing propaganda[1] and are an expansion upon Lane's Fourteen Words and Wotansvolk religion. The 88 Precepts are commonly regarded as "tenets of white-separatist life" used by white supremacy groups and those who advocate white nationalism and separatism. [2]

Lane claimed that 14-88 was an integral part of his Pyramid Prophecy[3] and the basis for his religion of Wotanism. 1488 is a combination of 14 as in Lane's 14 Words and 88, a white nationalist/supremacist slogan for "Heil Hitler"[4]


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