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A modern-day cake shop in Germany

A cakery or cake shop is a retail business specializing in producing and/or selling cakes; they may also sell cupcakes, muffins, sponges, as well as other baked goods that fall under the title of a cake. Cake shops may also sell equipment and supplies for home cake baking, especially for cake decorating, but not all do this. Another common but not universal sideline is special orders such as wedding cakes and elaborate birthday cakes.

Products are baked on site in the same manner to that of a bakery but does not make or sell other associated items. The term "cakery" may sometimes be used to get around the fact that "bakery" or "bakeries" have been taken as a name for many long established businesses and new entrants want to stand out.

Commonly a cakery does not sell anything that is not classed by definition as a cake:

By basic definition at least, this would not include pastries (sweet or savoury) or puddings. A cakery's distinction from a general bakery may not be as strict as with a pâtisserie for example, which is a legally protected class of pastry making establishments in some countries.

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