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Dulha is a small village in Bisfi block of Madhubani district in the state of Bihar, India. The origin of this name is not known. There is no written proof as how this village was named as Dulha. A newlywed groom is popularly known as 'Dulha' in India.


Dulha village is located in Khairi Banka North Panchayat of Bisfi Block towards the South West of Madhubani district in the state of Bihar, India. The village coordinates are 26°20'41"N and 85°56'35"E. It is surrounded by Bhoj Pandaul (village) in East, Khangraitha (village) in West, Rupauli (village) in North and Khairi Banka (village) in South.


Agriculture is the main occupation here, but majority of the population have migrated to various cities in search of jobs. Agricultural production includes paddy, wheat, maize, pulses, and vegetables. Fruits that are grown here are mango, jamun, and guava. Village ponds and borewells are the main source of irrigation. The area receives heavy rainfall during rainy season (mid June to September). Almost every year floods ravage the crops; as a result the production of crops has gone down. Many farmers have stopped cultavation.

Production patterns have changed. Input costs are very high compared to production per katha. Farmers here normally use conventional ways of cultivation. However, modern technologies such as use of tractors and other farming tools have taken place of conventional farming system. The unscientific use of fertilisers and insecticides in fields has badly affected the production pattern in this area.[citation needed] Agriculture is primarily done for household consumption and not for commercial purposes. A few farmers produce more than they require for their household consumption and earn revenue by selling the same to local buyers.


The education system is in very poor state. The village has got one government run middle school which is the only source of education for children. High school students have to travel 6 to 7 km every day to reach schools. The popular schools are Government Senior Secondary School at Keoti Ranway and Simri. Once upon a time, the school at Keoti Ranway used to be one of the best in the area.[citation needed] For higher education, students have either to go to Madhubani or Darbhanga and stay in private hostels until they complete their education. This is very expensive for students, whose parents' income entirely depend on agricultural production. Girls students are the main sufferers particularly, completing their studies after 10th, because there are no schools or colleges nearby.

In spite of that male members are highly well educated. People from this village are recruited at each place of government and private sectors from bottom to top level.

Resources and facilities[edit]

This village has five ponds. They are basically used for fisheries and irrigation. Ponds are also used for general purpose such as for organising some local functions like Chhattha, performing various Sanskars, and for irrigation etc. Ground water is the main source of drinking water here. Almost every household has a hand-pump. The village is fully electrified and well connected by roads, leading to its block and district headquarters Madhubani and Darbhanga. A rural market (haat) opens twice a week at Khairi Banka where common household and grocery items are available for the public to shop. For large-scale shopping, people of the village normally go to district headquarters, either Madhubani or Darbhanga.

Dussehra Celebration (Durga Puja)[edit]

Famous Hindi festival Dussehra also commonly known as Durga Puja is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion. The village becomes quite lively during this time. Lots of families comes back to visit their home during this time. Durga temple is situated in the middle of village and devotees perform puja whole day. Even the nights are quite lively with plays and dances going on for whole nights.

Area representatives[edit]

The area representatives are:

  • Village Panchayat Head - Khairi Banka North – Mr. Nawal Kishore Yadav
  • Representative in the State Legislative Assembly - Dr. Faiyaj Ahmad of Rashrtiya Janta Dal
  • Representative in Parliament - Mr. Hukmadeo Narayan Yadav of Bharatiya Janata Party