List of tallest buildings in Midland, Texas

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The Bank of America Building currently stands as the tallest building in Midland.
The Wilco Building, for many years, stood as the tallest building in Midland. It is currently the second-tallest building in Midland.
Centennial Tower is the third-tallest building in Midland, Texas.
Rank Name Height
ft / m
Floors Year Notes
1 Bank of America Building 01.0332 /101 24 1978 The building has been the tallest building in the city since 1978.[1]
2 Wilco Building 02.0308 / 94 22 1958 The Wilco Building was, for many years, the tallest building between Ft. Worth and Phoenix. After the Bank of America Building was constructed, the Wilco Building became the second-tallest in the city.[2]
3 Centennial Tower 02.0191 / 58 15 1978 Centennial Tower is located in Centennial Plaza in downtown Midland. It currently stands as the third-tallest building in the city.
4 Independence Plaza 02.0 16 1984 Independence Plaza is a large office building located in the heart of downtown Midland. It currently stands as the fourth-tallest building in the city.


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