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Regiment East Rand
Regiment Oos Rand shoulder emblem
SANDF Regiment Oos Rand emblem
Active1 January 1960 to present
Country South Africa
Branch South African Army
TypeInternal Stability
Part ofSouth African Infantry Formation
Garrison/HQBenoni, Germiston
Motto(s)Wees Sterk (Be Strong)
Company level InsigniaSA Army Company Insignia.png
SA Motorised Infantry beret bar circa 1992
SA Motorised Infantry beret bar

Regiment East Rand [1] is a reserve infantry battalion of the South African Army. The unit was intended initially to be predominantly an Afrikaans speaking citizen force. As a reserve force unit, it has a status roughly equivalent to that of a British Army Reserve or United States Army National Guard unit.



In the period before 1960, 4 military units existed on the East Rand:

  • 7 Medium Artillery Regiment,
  • 2 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment,
  • Regiment Kemp (an armoured regiment) and
    UDF era Regiment Kemp beret badge
  • Regiment Andries Pretorius (a motorised infantry battalion)

With the re-organisation of the military, the four units were disbanded and Regiment Oos-Rand was formed from the integration of Regiment Kemp and Regiment Andries Pretorius. The April 1960 Government Gazette declared that Regiment Oos-Rand was activated on 1 January 1960 as a Citizen Force Unit.

Under the SADF[edit]

Just one week after it was activated, the regiment was mobilised for Operation Duiker and within 24 hours, 240 members were available. The regiments first Honorary Colonel was Senator C.C, Schabort on 9 August 1960. From 1976 to 1979, Regiment Oos-Rand called up members for the border war.

By September the unit received it regimental emblem. During 1962 the regiment was re-organised as a motorised infantry battalion and on 14 September 1963 it received its Colours.

Freedom of Benoni[edit]

The regiment received the Freedom of Benoni in 1967.

The regiment received its ceremonial sword on the 18 October 1969.


From 1983 onward, Regiment Oos-Rand was involved in internal stability and township control.

Motorised to Mechanised[edit]

In 1990 the regiment was converted to a mechanised infantry battalion.

Divisional Command[edit]

Regiment Oos-Rand was assigned to the command of 73 Brigade in this era.

Under the SANDF[edit]

Today Regiment Oos-Rand, is a typical reserve light infantry battalion. Regiment Oos-Rand is also involved with Operation Corona,[2] a continuous anti poaching operation in the Kruger National Park.[3][4]


From Honorary Colonel To
From Officer Commanding To
1989 Cmdt W.N. Louw c. nd
1990 Cmdt J.H. de Beer c. nd
From Regimental Sergeants Major To

Regimental Symbols[edit]


Previous Dress Insignia[edit]

SADF era Regiment Oos Rand insignia

Current Dress Insignia[edit]

SANDF era Infantry Formation insignia


Regiment East Rand specialised in 81 mm Mortar platoons, Medics, Signals and Drivers


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