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Coordinates: 31°17′45″N 121°10′40″E / 31.29583°N 121.17778°E / 31.29583; 121.17778 (Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive (SVW))

SAIC Volkswagen
Joint venture
Industry Automotive
Founded 1985; 33 years ago (1985)
Headquarters Anting, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
Area served
Key people
Chen Xianzhang (president)
Chen Hong (chairman)
Products Automobiles, engines
Parent 50%: SAIC Motor,
40%: Volkswagen AG,
10%: Volkswagen (China) Invest
Website Shanghai Volkswagen (in Chinese)
SAIC Volkswagen
Simplified Chinese 上汽大众
Traditional Chinese 上汽大眾
Literal meaning SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.

SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. or Shanghai Volkswagen, is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Anting, China and a joint venture between Volkswagen Group and SAIC Motor. It was founded in 1985 and produces cars under the Volkswagen and Škoda marques.[1]

The joint venture is made up of equity from (as of 2008) - Volkswagen AG (40%), Volkswagen (China) Invest (10%), SAIC (50%), with a fixed-term venture for 45 years. It will run until 2030.[2]

SAIC Volkswagen sold a total of 1.16 million vehicles in 2011.


SAIC Volkswagen was formed in March 1985, as a joint venture between Volkswagen and SAIC. This was a 25-year contract to make passenger cars in Shanghai with a limit of 50 per cent foreign ownership.[3]

SAIC Volkswagen's Shanghai plant was by the far the winner among all new JVs, as it produced cars that could function as taxis, vehicles for government officials and transport for the newly emerging business elite. SAIC Volkswagen began automobile production in 1985. As car imports fell to some 34,000 in 1990, SAIC Volkswagen's production of its Santana models reached nearly 19,000 vehicles that year. By 1993 SAIC Volkswagen’s output had reached 100,000 vehicles. Volkswagen was aided by some Shanghai municipal efforts. Various restrictions on engine size, as well as incentives to city taxi companies, helped ensure a safe market in the company’s relatively wealthy home arena. Volkswagen also encouraged its foreign parts suppliers to create joint ventures in China, and their resulting product helped SAIC Volkswagen achieve an 85 per cent local content rate by 1993.[3]


1980 1990 2000 2010
4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5

Škoda Auto
superminis Škoda Fabia II BiColor.jpg
Fabia Jingrui
Fabia Jingrui
compact cars Skoda Rapid China 2013-03-03.jpg
Škoda Octavia II.JPG
Skoda Octavia II facelift 01 China 2012-04-15.JPG
Octavia Mingrui
Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI Green tec Elegance (III) – Frontansicht, 14. April 2013, Düsseldorf.jpg
New Octavia Mingrui
executive cars Skoda Superb front 20080524.jpg
Skoda Superb II China 2012-06-16.JPG
Superb Haorui/Superb
Compact SUV Skoda-Yeti-exterior-front.jpg

superminis Volkswagen Polo IV China 2012-04-15.JPG
Polo Jingqing
Volkswagen Polo IV facelift China 2012-04-22.JPG
Polo Sporty
Volkswagen Polo V China 2012-04-22.JPG
Polo Sporty
Volkswagen Gol II facelift 01 China 2012-04-08.jpg
Polo GTI
supermini SUVs Volkswagen CrossPolo China 2012-04-28.JPG
VW CrossPolo.JPG
compact cars Volkswagen lavida pg0 front 2009.JPG
Lavida / Lavida Sport
Volkswagen Lavida II China 2013-03-03.jpg
Volkswagen Gran Lavida China 2014-04-18.jpg
Gran Lavida
Volkswagen Polo Jinqu China 2012-04-15.jpg
Polo Jingqu
Volkswagen Polo Jinqu facelift China 2012-04-15.jpg
Polo Jingqu
Volkswagen Lamando 01 China 2015-04-13.jpg
family cars Volkswagen Santana China 2012-04-22.JPG
Volkswagen Santana II 01 China 2013-03-03.jpg
Volkswagen Santana Wagon China 2012-04-08.JPG
Santana Variant
SVW Santana 2000.jpg
Santana 2000
Volkswagen Santana 3000 China 2012-04-14.jpg
Santana 3000
Volkswagen Santana Vista 01 China 2012-04-14.JPG
Santana Vista
Volkswagen Gran Santana 2 China 2016-04-13.jpg
Gran Santana
98-01 Passat Sedan.jpg
Passat / Passat V6
Volkswagen Passat Lingyu China 2012-04-04.jpg
Passat Lingyu
Passat Variant
Volkswagen Passat NMS China 2012-05-06.JPG
Passat / Passat V6
compact MPVs VW Touran red.JPG
Volkswagen Touran facelift China 2012-04-22.JPG
Volkswagen Touran facelift II China 2012-04-15.jpg
Touran / Touran 2013
sport utility vehicles Volkswagen Tiguan China 2012-04-15.JPG


Calendar year Total sales
2000 220,000a[4]
2001 242,000a[4]
2002 301,000a[4]
2003 396,000a[4][5]
2004 355,000a[4][6]
2005 287,000a[4]
2006 352,000b[7]
2008 501,018b[8]
2009 708,100b[9]
2010 1.0 millionb[10]
2011 1.16 millionb[11]
2012 1.28 million[12]
2013 1.53 million[13]
2014 1.73 million[14]


aSales to dealers
bDeliveries to customers


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