List of dramatic television series with LGBT characters: 2010s

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This is a list of dramatic television series (including web television and miniseries) that premiered in the 2010s which feature lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters. The orientation can be portrayed on-screen, described in the dialogue or mentioned.

Asexual, graysexual, non-binary and pansexual characters are also included.



Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2010–2019 Luther BBC DS Emma Lane Rose Leslie Emma is lesbian and Luther's new partner (season four).[1]
2010–2017 Sherlock BBC One Irene Adler
Jim Moriarty
Eurus Holmes
Lara Pulver
Andrew Scott
Sian Brooke
Irene Adler is a dominatrix who sells her services to both men and women and appears to have a girlfriend in "A Scandal in Belegravia".
Jim Moriarty is Sherlock's arch enemy that was confirmed to be gay in the last episode of season 4 by Moriarty explaining which assistants of his are good with "stamina" and "aftercare".
Eurus Holmes is Sherlock's lost sister that has been locked up in an institution since a young age and in S4/ep3, when she tells Sherlock that she'd had sex with one of the nurses and he asked how, she replied: "Afraid I didn't notice in the heat of the moment. And afterwards, well, you couldn't really tell."[citation needed]
2010–2015 Rookie Blue Global Gail Peck
Holly Stewart
Frankie Anderson
Charlotte Sullivan
Aliyah O'Brien
Katharine Isabelle
Gail is lesbian. Although she has a history with men in the first three seasons, in season 4 she comes out to herself after she meets forensic pathologist Holly Stewart. In 5x06, when a suspect asks if he can get dressed before going to the police station, Peck tells him that he will be escorted by her fellow officer (Nick Collins) because "I don't do the boys anymore." In 5x09, she tells Nick that going to the Peck family dinner was supposed to be her first dinner with them as a lesbian, and had hoped it would be with Holly. The romantic relationship with Holly ends when Gail turns down moving to America with Holly because of her intent to adopt a daughter (5x11). In season 6, Gail meets detective Frankie Anderson and becomes involved with her.
(Showrunner Tassie Cameron, as well as Charlotte Sullivan, affirmed Gail's sexual orientation.[2][3][4] Co-exec producer/writer Sherry White, who was to become showrunner had the series been renewed for a seventh season, said Gail and Holly would have been reunited.[5])
Holly is lesbian. In 4x07, after Gail tells her that, just like a cat who climbs up a tree then doesn't know how to get down from it, she creates emergency situations to get out of relationships, Holly responds that it used to be the same for her, but it turned out to be due to her not liking men because she was a lesbian.[6]
Frankie is lesbian. In 6x09, she informs Gail that her brother (Steve Peck) once wanted to set them up because he thought they'd make a perfect match, then recounts her vexing experiences with women. In the series finale episode, Gail's roommates discover that she and Gail had spent the night together when Frankie comes out of Gail's bedroom to get a cup of coffee (6x11).[7]
2010–2015 Strike Back Sky1 (season 1–5)
Cinemax (season 2–5)
James Leatherby
Dougray Scott
Daniel Ben Zenou
Leatherby is a former SAS officer and an antagonist in season 4.[8]
Fahran is Leatherby's lover.[citation needed]
2010–2013 Dance Academy ABC1
Rhys O'Leary
Tom Green
Keiynan Lonsdale
Chris Foy
Richard Brancatisano
Jai asks Sammy for his number in Season 1.
Sammy dates Ollie in season 2.
Rhys is an actor and dates Ollie in Season 3.[citation needed]
2010–2015 Downton Abbey ITV
Thomas Barrow
Philip, Duke of Crowborough
Rob James-Collier
Charlie Cox
Thomas is a footman in the aristocratic Crawley household.
The Duke of Crowborough is Lady Mary's suitor and Thomas's lover.[citation needed]
2010–2015 Parenthood NBC Haddie Braverman
Sarah Ramos Haddie and Lauren are revealed to be dating at the end of the 5th season.[citation needed]
2010–2015 Lost Girl Showcase Bo
The Morrigan, Evony Fleurette Marquise
Anna Silk
Zoie Palmer
Emmanuelle Vaugier

Paul Amos
Athena Karkanis
Rachel Skarsten
Ali Liebert
Luke Bilyk
Olivia Scriven
Bo, a bisexual succubus, is a Fae that survives by feeding from life force and the energy created from sex with males or females. She is a superhuman who did not know she was a member of the supernatural Fae world until she was discovered by them. Season 1: Bo becomes romantically and sexually involved with Dyson (heterosexual), a Light Fae detective, and Lauren (lesbian), a human doctor. (The three became known as the "Love Triangle" of the series.[9]) Season 3: Bo and Lauren entered into a committed relationship, but Lauren broke it off because she thought she would always be asking more from Bo than Bo could give. Season 5: Bo and Lauren made love again when alone together during a blackout. Bo thereafter asked Lauren to give their relationship another chance and Lauren consented; however, Lauren then broke it off from fear of becoming a burden to Bo as she aged in human years. At the end, Lauren reconsidered her decision and told Bo that she wanted to spend her life with her, and the two are united again, this time for good. The relationship between Bo and Lauren became popularly referred to as "Doccubus".[10]
The Morrigan (aka Evony Fleurette Marquise), bisexual leader of the Dark Fae, was seduced by Lauren (Season 4).
Vex, always risqué with both sexes throughout the series, was revealed to be attracted to Mark (Season 5).
Nadia (lesbian), Lauren's girlfriend, awoke from a 5-year comatose state, was possessed by an evil entity, and Bo was forced to kill her (Season 2).
Tamsin (bisexual) initiated a 'friends with benefits' relationship with Bo, but Bo subsequently ended it when she realized it had become romantic for Tamsin. (Season 5)
Crystal (lesbian or bisexual). Lauren had a one-night stand with Crystal, a co-worker (Season 4).
Mark (bisexual) returned Vex's attraction and they become a couple (Season 5).
Dagny (lesbian or bisexual), Tamsin's daughter, is seen kissing another girl inside a car (Season 5).
[citation needed]
2010– The Walking Dead AMC Tara Chambler
Denise Cloyd
Paul "Jesus" Monroe
Alanna Masterson
Juliana Harkavy
Merritt Wever
Ross Marquand
Jordan Woods-Robinson
Tom Payne
Eleanor Matsuura
Nadia Hilker
Tara is lesbian.[11] She enters into a brief relationship with former Marine Alisha.
Alisha is lesbian and is killed in a firefight.
Denise is lesbian. She began a relationship with Tara in the sixth season and is later killed.[12][13]
Aaron is gay and one of the residents of the Alexandria safe-zone.[14] He is in a relationship with Eric.
Eric is _____.[15]
Paul is gay.[16]
Yumiko is lesbian.
Magna is lesbian.
Yumiko and Magna are a couple.[17]
2010–2017 Pretty Little Liars Freeform Emily Fields
Maya St. Germain
Paige McCullers
Samara Cook
Alison DiLaurentis
Shana Fring
Talia Sandoval
Jenna Marshall
Charlotte DiLaurentis
Shay Mitchell
Bianca Lawson
Lindsey Shaw
Claire Holt
Sasha Pieterse
Aeriél Miranda
Miranda Rae Mayo
Tammin Sursok
Vanessa Ray
Emily realizes that she is a lesbian in Season 1 when she begins a romance with Maya and comes out to her father.
She later has a rocky relationship with Paige, then dates Samara and has some short relationships.
Maya is bisexual.[18]
Shana and Jenna were dating, which makes Jenna bisexual.
Alison kisses Emily before her disappearance, claiming she was "practicing" for kissing men. When she returns, she says Emily's feelings for her weren't one-sided and they sleep together.
In season 7 Alison kisses Emily and she confesses her feelings for her and they start dating, finally accepting her bisexuality.
Emily and Talia get involved with each other while working at Ezra's coffee shop. Emily finds out that Talia is married to a man and realizes their relationship was too complicated.
Charlotte is Alison's transgender sister.[19]
At the end of the show, Alison and Emily are living together. Alison proposes and they get engaged.
[citation needed]
2010–2014 Boardwalk Empire HBO Angela Darmody
Mary Dittrich
Aleksa Palladino
Lisa Joyce
Angela is the fiancée of lead character Jimmy Darmody and uses his last name.
Mary and her husband run a photography studio.
Angela and Mary have a lesbian affair in Season 1.[citation needed]
2010–2012 Lip Service BBC Three Cat McKenzie
Frankie Alan
Tess Roberts
Detective Sgt Sam Murray
Sadie Anderson
Dr Lexy Price
Dr Declan Love
Laura Fraser
Ruta Gedmintas
Fiona Button
Heather Peace
Natasha O'Keeffe
Anna Skellern
Adam Sinclair
A series about a group of 20s to 30s lesbians and their friends, set in Glasgow, Scotland.
Frankie returns from working in New York, NY for her Aunt's funeral having run away from a serious relationship with Cat two years prior. Frankie wishes to resume where they left off, but instead has a string of meaningless flings with other women as she grieves the loss of her Aunt and attempts to solve the mystery of her real identity.
Tess is dumped by long-term girlfriend who had been cheating on her.
Sam and Cat start to develop a serious relationship after their first (blind) date goes badly.[citation needed]
2010–2013 Spartacus Starz Barca
Antonio Te Maioha
Eka Darville
Josef Brown
Daniel Feuerriegel
Pana Hema Taylor
Christian Antidormi
Ellen Hollman
Luna Rioumina
Aaron Jakubenko
Blessing Mokgohloa
Jaime Murray
Lucy Lawless
Viva Bianca
Barca is falsely accused of disobedience and executed.
Pietros, Barca's lover, commits suicide believing himself abandoned.
Auctus was Barca's lover in the prequal, Gods of the Arena.
Though Agron was initially one of those who raised voice that the former slave Nasir should be killed for attacking Spartacus, Agron and Nasir become lovers after Nasir proves his trustworthiness and skill as a fighter in the rebellion.[citation needed]
2010–2013 The Big C Showtime Lee Hugh Dancy Lee is introduced in season two as a fellow patient in Cathy's (Laura Linney) melanoma clinical trial.[citation needed]
2010–2012 Upstairs Downstairs BBC Dr Blanche Mottershead Alex Kingston Publication of a scandalous novel exposes Blanche's unconventional lifestyle and her former lover Lady Portia Alresford.[citation needed]
2010–2011 Gigantic TeenNick Ryan Katins
Charlie Maddock
Greg Ellis
Don O. Knowlton
Ryan is the adoptive father of lead characters Piper and Finn. An action movie superstar, his children find him in bed with his boyfriend Charlie in the episode "Carpe Diem".[citation needed]
2010–2011 Law & Order: LA NBC Lt. Arleen Gonzales Wanda De Jesus (pilot)
Rachel Ticotin
In the episode "El Sereno", Gonzales is accused of racial bigotry in a murder investigation. At trial she comes out as a lesbian, testifying that the bigotry she has faced for being gay has led her to overcome her own bigotry.[citation needed]
2010–2011 Hellcats The CW Darwin Jeremy Wong [citation needed]
2010 Thorne Sky1 HD Phil Hendricks Aidan Gillen [citation needed]
2010 Undercovers NBC Lance Jay Scully Lance is a chef at the catering company operated by the lead couple.[citation needed]
2010 Outlaw NBC Lucinda Pearl Carly Pope Lucinda is bisexual and a private investigator.[citation needed]
2010 Rubicon AMC Kale Ingram
Arliss Howard Kale is the supervisor of the series's lead character.
Walter is Kale's younger partner.[citation needed]
2010 The Whole Truth ABC Alejo Salazar Anthony Ruivivar Salazar is second-in-command at lead character Jimmy Brogan's (Rob Morrow) New York law firm. His husband is a lobbyist in Washington, DC.[citation needed]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2011– Black Mirror Netflix Yorkie
Mackenzie Davis / Annabel Davis
Gugu Mbatha-Raw / Denise Burse
In episode "San Junipero", Yorkie is a lesbian.
Kelly is bisexual and was once married to a man.
Yorkie and Kelly fall in love and choose to exist together permanently in San Junipero.[20][21]
2011–2016 Scott & Bailey ITV Helen Bartlett
Anna Ran
Nicola Walker
Jing Lusi
Helen Bartlett is ____. She appears in S3 only but is notable for her story and its impact.
Anna is _____. She joins series in S5.[citation needed]
2011–2016 Person of Interest CBS Sameen Shaw
Root (Samantha Groves)
Sarah Shahi
Amy Acker
Root joins the series at the end of Season 1 and upon meeting Shaw in Season 2 is instantly attracted to her, which Shaw later reciprocates. Root flirts with Shaw throughout the show and follows the bury your gays trope an episode after being reunited with her lover in Season 5. It is unclear whether Root identifies as a lesbian or a bisexual character, as we never see her interact romantically with male characthers, but she falls in love with Sameen.
Shaw is a bisexual character who is seen multiple times being responsive to male and female come-ons, but ends the series in love and mourning of Root, whom she slept with and died for just episodes earlier.[citation needed]
2011– American Horror Story FX Chad Warwick (season 1) Zachary Quinto In Murder House, Chad and his partner Patrick are the former owners of the haunted house around which the first season centers.
Peggy is described as Chad's "supportive lesbian friend".[22] Elizabeth Short is a ghost in the murder house who sees Moira O'Hara in her younger sensual form. Both of them had a brief hook up.
Patrick (season 1) Teddy Sears
Peggy (season 1) Kathleen Rose Perkins
Elizabeth Short (season 1) Mena Suvari
Lana Winters (season 2/6) Sarah Paulson In Asylum, Lana Winters is a closeted lesbian reporter seeking to break a story in Briarcliff Asylum.
Wendy, Lana's lover, is a grade school teacher who is manipulated into having Lana committed to the asylum.
Marion is Lana's current wife.
[citation needed]
Wendy Peyser (season 2) Clea DuVall
Marion (season 2) Joan Severance
Quentin Fleming (season 3) Leslie Jordan In Coven, Quentin Fleming is a gay Witches' Council member.
[citation needed]
Stanley (season 4) Denis O'Hare In Freak Show, Stanley is a con artist who is often seen in the company of male sex workers such as Thor.
Dell Toledo is the strongman of the freakshow, married to Desiree and is a closeted bisexual, he had an affair with a hustler named Andy.
Lucy had an affair with Alice and her husband, murdered her and her lover.
[citation needed]
Thor (season 4) Michael Murray
Dell Toledo (season 4) Michael Chiklis
Andy (season 4) Matt Bomer
Lucy Creb (season 4) Shauna Rappold
Alice (season 4) Angela Sarafyan
The Countess Elizabeth (season 5) Lady Gaga In Hotel, the Countess Elizabeth is a bisexual vampire who's had relationships with men and women.
Ramona Royale is one of Countess Elizabeth's many former lovers.
Natacha Rambova is bisexual and had a three-way relationship with the Countess and Rudolph Valentino, F.W. Murnau is a gay film director who turned Valentino into a vampire. (both of the characters are based on real life people).
Will Drake identified himself as gay, but after starting a relationship with the Countess he confessed to being bisexual.
Tristan claims to be straight but is possibly bisexual. He is the lover of Elizabeth and Liz Taylor, but it was also implied that he had an affair with Will, and many of his victims have been men.
Liz Taylor is a transgender woman who works as a bartender at the Hotel Cortez.

Sally is a Hotel Cortez resident who fell in love and had a ménage with two musicians, a man and a woman,
Aileen Wuornos is a bisexual serial killer (the character is based on the real life person).
[citation needed]

Ramona Royale (season 5) Angela Bassett
Natacha Rambova (season 5) Alexandra Daddario
F.W. Murnau (season 5) Henrik Rutgersson
Will Drake (season 5) Cheyenne Jackson
Tristan Duffy (season 5) Finn Wittrock
Liz Taylor (season 5) Denis O'Hare
Sally McKenna (season 5) Sarah Paulson
Aileen Wuornos (season 5) Lily Rabe
Cricket Marlowe (season 6) Leslie Jordan In Roanoke, Cricket Marlowe is a famous gay medium who finds missing children (in the AHS in-universe "My Roanoke Nightmare" documentary he is portrayed by actor Ashley Gilbert.)
Edward Philippe Mott is a wealthy aristocratic nobleman, he had a wife but left her with his child to live with his lover Guinness.
Trixie Mattel is a drag queen who, along with Edward Hansen, co-hosted an interview with the "My Roanoke Nightmare" cast.
[citation needed]
Ashley Gilbert (season 6) Leslie Jordan
Edward Philippe Mott (season 6) Evan Peters / Elliott Ehlers
Guinness (season 6) Henderson Wade
Trixie Mattel (season 6) Trixie Mattel
Edward Hansen (season 6) Edward Hansen
Ally Mayfair-Richards (season 7) Sarah Paulson In Cult, Ally is a woman suffering from the recent resurfacing of her multiple phobias, she is married to Ivy, who has an affair with Winter.
Harrison is a gay man married to a woman, Meadow, whom he refers to as a fag hag.
Detective Samuels is Harrison's lover.
Kai is the cult leader and had sexual intercourse with both Jack and Harrison.
Bob Thompson is a network news anchor, he has an affair with Serena but also kept a male gimp hostage in his attic.
Valerie Solanas is the lesbian cult leader of SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men), a murderous radical feminist cult (the character is based on the real life person).
Bebe Babbitt is Valerie's former lover.
Martha is a bisexual woman.
Maurice and Bruce are gay men and former members of SCUM.
Andy Warhol is a gay man (the character is based on the real life person).
Erika is Ally's new girlfriend.
[citation needed]
Ivy Mayfair-Richards (season 7) Allison Pill
Winter Anderson (season 7) Billie Lourd
Harrison Wilton (season 7) Billy Eichner
Jack Samuels (season 7) Colton Haynes
Kai Anderson (season 7) Evan Peters
Bob Thompson (season 7) Dermot Mulroney
Valerie Solanas (season 7) Lena Dunham
Bebe Babbitt (season 7) Frances Conroy / Lyla Porter-Follows
Martha (season 7) Shondalia White
Maurice (season 7) Ryan Alvarez
Bruce (season 7) Miguel Sagaz
Andy Warhol (season 7) Evan Peters
Erika (season 7) Annie Ilonzeh
Mr. Gallant (season 8) Evan Peters In Apocalypse, Mr. Gallant describes himself as gay in the second episode.[23][24] Walter, Morris and Mario are former gay friends of Mr. Gallant's grandmother and her role models of how a gay man should behave.
Andre Stevens and Stu are lovers and two of the survivors in the outpost.
Michael Langdon implied being physically attracted to Mr. Gallant, although he would never have sex with him.
Behold Chablis is ____ and a member of the Warlock Council.

Jeff and Mutt are robotic scientist who have sex periodically with Victoria's Secret models and Ryan Reynolds
[citation needed]

Andre Stevens (season 8) Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
Stu (season 8) Chad James Buchanan
Michael Langdon (season 1/8) Cody Fern
Walter (season 8) Jason Michael Snow
Morris (season 8) Navaris Darson
Mario Vestri (season 8) Chris Ferro
Behold Chablis (season 8) Billy Porter
Jeff (season 8) Evan Peters
Mutt (season 8) Billy Eichner
Montana Duke (season 9) Billie Lourd In 1984, Montana is bisexual, she is sexually attracted to men, while is also shown to have kissed her female friend, Brooke.
Chet is bisexual and is described as "swings both ways".
Midge and Helen are having a threesome with male counselor Eddie before being killed.
Courtney is Margaret Booth's gay personal assistant.
Limahl is the gay lead singer of the band Kajagoogoo (the character is based on the real life person).
[citation needed]
Chet Clancy (season 9) Gus Kenworthy
Midge (season 9) Emma Meisel
Helen (season 9) Kat Solko
Courtney (season 9) Leslie Jordan
Limahl (season 9) Misha Crosby
2011–2014 Being Human Syfy Emily Alison Louder Emily is ____ and lead character Josh's sister.[citation needed]
2011–2014 Borgia Canal+ Francesco Gaset
Giuliano della Rovere
Francesco Alidosi
Art Malik
Dejan Čukić
Matt Di Angelo
After being falsely accused of sodomy in the episode "Palm Sunday", Francesco admits to Pope Alexander VI that he does have the desires of a sodomite.
Giuliano is occasionally called a sodomite by the Pope and his fellow cardinals; his relationship with Alidosi is confirmed in the episode "The Seven Sorrows".[citation needed]
2011–2019 Game of Thrones HBO Renly Baratheon
Loras Tyrell
Oberyn Martell
Ellaria Sand
Master Torturer
Yara Greyjoy
Gethin Anthony
Finn Jones
Pedro Pascal
Indira Varma
Josephine Gillan
Michael Shelford
Will Tudor
Conleth Hill
Gemma Whelan
Renly is the gay brother of King Robert.
Loras is gay and the Knight of Flowers.
Prince Oberyn, known as the Red Viper, is a member of House Martell of Dorne. He is bisexual.
Ellaria is Prince Oberyn's paramour and also bisexual.
Marei is bisexual.
Olyvar is a gay male sex worker and spy working for Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish.
Varys stated that, before being castrated, he had no romantic or sexual feelings for men or women. Because of this, it's assumed that he is asexual and aromantic.
Yara is presumed to be a lesbian for she is seen being sexual with women.
2011–2015 Hart of Dixie CW Crickett Watts
Jaysene Charles
Brandi Burkhardt
Erica Piccininni
Crickett is a recurring character and the leader of the Bluebell Belles, a local women's group. She comes out as a lesbian in the season finale of Season 3. In Season 4, Crickett divorces her husband and begins a romance with Jaysene.
Jaysene is an open lesbian who is a volunteer firefighter.[citation needed]
2011–2016 Hell on Wheels AMC Louise Ellison Jennifer Ferrin Louise Ellison is a newspaper reporter sent by New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley to cover the building of the Union Pacific Railroad; she reveals that the assignment was a punishment for exhibiting attraction toward Greeley's daughter.[citation needed]
2011–2014 The Killing AMC (Seasons 1-3)
Netflix (Season 4)
Regi Darnell
Rachel "Bullet" Olmstead
Nicole Jackson
Roberta Drays
Annie Corley
Bex Taylor-Klaus
Claudia Ferri
Patti Kim
Darnell marries her female partner in the first episode of season 3.
Bullet is a homeless teenage lesbian. She helps the detectives in their search for the killer of young women (season 3).[32]
Nicole is lesbian and in a relationship with Roberta Drays. She's the head of the Kalimish tribe and manager of the Wapi Eagle Casino.[33]
Roberta is lesbian and the girlfriend of Nicole Jackson. She's the security chief at the Wapi Eagle Casino.[34]
[citation needed]
2011–2018 Once Upon a Time ABC Mulan
Ruby Lucas
Dorothy Gale
Jamie Chung
Meghan Ory
Teri Reeves
Rose Reynolds
Tiera Skovbye
Mulan is a female warrior who had feelings for Philip and Aurora. (Jamie Chung confirmed that she was a lesbian and in love with Aurora).[35]
Ruby Lucas is a werewolf who once had a boyfriend named Peter, and later has a relationship with Dorothy Gale.
Alice (under a curse as Tilly in Hyperion Heights) revealed that she had a girlfriend in her past. In Season 7 episode 10, "The Eighth Witch", Alice reveals her true love is Robin. They begin a romantic relationship.[36]
2011–2015 Revenge ABC Nolan Ross
Tyler Barrol
Marco Romero
Patrick Osbourne
Gabriel Mann
Ashton Holmes
E.J. Bonilla
Justin Hartley
Seychelle Gabriel
Nolan rates himself a "3" on the Kinsey scale.
Tyler is a "sexually ambiguous hustler" described in publicity material as a "Talented Mister Ripley type".
Marco is a past boyfriend and CEO of Nolan Ross. Marco appears in flashbacks and in present-day in Season 2.
Patrick is the illegitimate son of Victoria Greyson (Madeline Stowe). He and Nolan had feelings for each other in Season 3.[citation needed]
2011– Shameless Showtime Ian Gallagher
Mickey Milkovich
Monica Gallagher

Lloyd Lishman
Molly Milkovich
Svetlana Milkovich
Veronica Fisher
Jasmine Hollander
Alan Kopchek
Abraham Paige
Cameron Monaghan
Pej Vahdat
Noel Fisher
Missy Doty
Chloe Webb
Carlease Burke
Harry Hamlin
Madison Rothschild
Isidora Goreshter
Shanola Hampton
Dichen Lachman
Amy Smart
Jeff Pierre
Elliot Fletcher
Jonathan Schmock
Bill Brochtrup
Bradley Whitford
Jessica Szohr
Perry Mattfield
Ian is a gay teenager, who comes out in the first episode to his brother Lip. He is originally involved in a sexual relationship with Kash, his boss, who is married and a father.
Kash left his wife for a man (not Ian) and can be inferred to be bisexual. It was unclear at first if he identified as other than heterosexual, although he admitted to Ian that he did not like having sex with his wife (which can also be inferred that he is gay).
Mickey is a gay delinquent and the brother of Mandy, Ian's fake girlfriend. He and Ian begin a sexual relationship in season 1, although Mickey does not initially show any emotional attraction toward him. The two date privately with only a few people aware of it, until Mickey officially comes out in season 4. They date on and off again, for a while.
Jess is a ___ bartender at the neighborhood bar The Alibi Room.
Monica, the Gallagher clan mother, is ____ and in a relationship with Roberta which ends in season two.
Roberta is ____.
Lloyd is ____. He picks up Ian in a gay bar in season two (he is the father of Jimmy, the boyfriend of Fiona, Ian's sister).
Molly is androgynous. The cousin of Mickey and Mandy Milkovich, she is presented as a girl until it is discovered later that she is a boy. It is unclear in the episode whether Molly is transgender or the victim of her junkie mother's hatred of men.
Svetlana is bisexual, Mickey's wife, and former sex worker.
Veronica is ____.
Svetlana, Veronica, and Kev enter a polyamorous relationship in season 6.
Angela is a lesbian that frequents the diner Fiona works at, but later leaves town (season 5).
Jasmine is a bisexual friend of Fiona who is interested in her. After Fiona refuses to offer her financial help, Jasmine gets angry and leaves, never speaking to her again.
Caleb is bisexual and was Ian's boyfriend. He cheated on him with a woman.
Trevor is a transgender, bisexual male who became Ian's boyfriend.
Alan is _____.
Hal is Fiona's gay co-worker.
Abraham is _____.
Nessa is _____.
Mel is _____.
[citation needed]
2011–2017 Switched at Birth Freeform Matthew
Josh Padden
Natalie Pierce
Angelo Sorrentos
Daniel Durant
Alec Mapa
Austin Cauldwell
Stephanie Nogueras
Abby Walla
Matthew is revealed as gay and romantically interested in Emmett.
Josh Padden is Daphne's friend who has a crush on Daphne's boyfriend Mingo.
Natalie tells Bay in season two that she's gay, and she and her girlfriend Hillary are not allowed into prom because Hillary is wearing a suit.[citation needed]
2011–2017 Teen Wolf MTV Danny Mahealani
Mason Hewitt
Brett Talbot
Jackson Whittemore
Keahu Kahuanui
Charlie Carver
Zelda Williams
Lauren McKnight
Khylin Rhambo
Cody Saintgnue
Michael Johnston
Eddie Ramos
Colton Haynes
Danny is on the lacrosse team with the titular character.[38]
Ethan is an "alpha" werewolf who becomes romantically involved with Danny in season three.[39]
Caitlin is bisexual.
Emily, Caitlin's ex-girlfriend, was sacrificed by the darach.
Mason is an out and proud gay freshman athlete.
Brett is a bisexual werewolf playing on another lacrosse team.
Corey and Lucas were a couple, but Lucas was killed by the Doctors after becoming a chimera. Corey and Mason are now a couple.
In the final season, Jackson and Ethan are a committed romantic couple.[citation needed]
2011–2013 Necessary Roughness USA Rex Evans Travis Smith Evans is the quarterback for the New York Hawks. He comes out at the end of season 2, becoming the first openly gay active football player in the show's universe.[40]
2011–2013 The Borgias Showtime Micheletto Corella
Sean Harris
Darwin Shaw
Charlie Carrick
Micheletto is ____ and a condottiero in service to Cesare Borgia.
Augustino is ____.
Pascal is ____.[citation needed]
2011–2012 Bedlam Sky Living Ryan Will Young Ryan is ___.[citation needed]
2011–2012 Ringer The CW Olivia Charles
Catherine Martin
Jaime Murray
Andrea Roth
Olivia was the partner of Andrew Martin in an investment firm. Catherine is Andrew's ex-wife. Olivia and Catherine were in a secret relationship.[citation needed]
2011 Crownies ABC1 Janet King
Ashleigh Larsson
Marta Dusseldorp
Aimee Pedersen
Janet King is a lesbian who lives with her partner Ashleigh Larsson, and she becomes pregnant via IVF. (The characters continue in the Janet King spin-off.)[citation needed]
2011 The Playboy Club NBC Bunny Alice
Sean Beasley
Frances Dunhill
Leah Renee
Sean Maher
Cassidy Freeman
Alice is a Playboy Bunny and secretly lesbian.
Sean is gay.
Alice and Sean are in a sham marriage.[41][42]
Frances begins dating Nick Dalton to provide him with a politically acceptable public "girlfriend" and to make her appear heterosexual to her father.[citation needed]
2011–2015 Waterloo Road BBC One Martin Dunbar Matt Greenwood Martin is ____.[citation needed]
2011 Skins MTV Tea Marvelli Sofia Black D'Elia Tea, a cheerleader, replaced the popular gay character Maxxie from the UK original (sparking outrage among fans).[43]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2012–2015 Continuum Showcase Jasmine Garza Luvia Petersen Jasmine is bisexual.[44]
2012–2016 Last Tango in Halifax BBC One Caroline Dawson
Kate McKenzie
Sarah Lancashire
Nina Sosanya
Caroline is lesbian.
Kate is lesbian.
Caroline and Kate were married before Kate's untimely death.[45]
2012– Call the Midwife BBC One Patience "Patsy" Mount
Delia Bubsy
Emerald Fennell
Kate Lamb
Patience and Delia fall in love.
Delia is struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle and awakens with amnesia, not remembering who Patsy is to her. She recovers and they are reunited, but Patsy had to go to Hong Kong to care for her terminally ill father. After her father's death, Patsy returns to Delia.[46][47]
The characters exited the series when both actresses left the show.[48]
2012–2018 Nashville ABC Will Lexington
Brent McKinney
Kevin Bicks
Zach Welles
Chris Carmack
Derek Krantz
Kyle Dean Massey
Cameron Scoggins
Will is a closeted up-and-coming country singer.
Brent is an openly gay record executive.
Kevin is an openly gay songwriter, stationed in Nashville.[49]
[citation needed]
2012– Arrow The CW Sara Lance / White Canary
Nyssa al Ghul
Curtis Holt
Nick Anastas
Kate Kane / Batwoman
Caity Lotz
Katrina Law
Echo Kellum
Chenier Hundal
Evan Roderick
Ben Lewis
Ruby Rose
Nyssa and Sara begin a relationship when Sara joins the league of assassins.
Curtis is an openly gay employee of Felicity's at Palmer Tech and is married to Paul (introduced in season 4).
Curtis asks police officer Nick out for a drink or dinner and he agrees (ep "The Thanatos Guild"). They've been dating after that.
In a flash-forward, William mentions an ex-boyfriend (S7x02).[50]
Kate is lesbian. She is introduced in the season seven Arrowverse crossover episode "Elseworlds, Part 2".[51] (She was seen for the first time at the end of The Flash season five Arrowverse episode "Elseworlds, Part 1".[52])
[citation needed]
2012–2013 Bomb Girls Global Betty McRae
Ali Liebert
Rachel Wilson
Betty is a closeted lesbian with an unrequited love for her best friend Kate Andrews. After being rejected by Kate, Betty meets Teresa and they become romantically involved.
Teresa is lesbian and a Women's Army Corps sergeant.[53]
2012–2016 Ripper Street BBC One Fred Best David Dawson Fred is ____.[citation needed]
2012– Chicago Fire NBC Leslie Shay
Clarice Carthage
Emily Foster
Darren Ritter
Lauren German
Shiri Appleby
Vedette Lim
Annie Ilonzeh
Daniel Kyri
Leslie Shay is a paramedic on Ambulance 61.
Clarice is the pregnant ex-girlfriend of Leslie.
Leslie and Clarice reconcile their relationship and Clarice moves back in with Leslie, only for Clarice to break up with Leslie for a second time and move to New York with her ex-husband to gain split-custody of her child.
In season 2 Leslie briefly dates Devon, who robs her apartment and disappears.
Devon returns near the end of season 2, apologizing and promising to pay Leslie back the money she stole.
Emily said she's had sexual relationships with both males and females (Season 7, Episode 5).
[citation needed]
2012–2017 Girls HBO Elijah Krantz
Andrew Rannells
Billy Morrissette
Elijah is the ex-boyfriend of lead character Hannah and she finds out that Elijah is gay.
George is Elijah's boyfriend. In Season 2 they get into an argument leading to Elijah's questioning his sexuality and ends up sleeping with main character Marnie. Elijah then describes himself as bisexual.[citation needed]
2012–2015 The Returned Canal+ Julie
Céline Sallette
Alix Poisson
Julie is a nurse and Laure is a police lieutenant. They are former lovers but as of the series premiere had not seen each other for seven years.[citation needed]
2012–2017 Saving Hope CTV (Canada)
Shahir Hamza
Victor Reis
Maggie Lin
Sydney Katz
Huse Madhavji
Salvatore Antonio
Julia Taylor Ross
Stacey Farber
Shahir is gay and a neurosurgeon.
Victor is gay and an OR nurse. Shahir and Victor are in a long-term relationship.
Sydney is orthodox and a closeted lesbian. She is engaged to a man but develops romantic feelings for Maggie. In season 3 Sydney surprises Maggie by kissing her, which starts a complicated journey of self-discovery for Sydney.
Maggie realizes that she's bisexual. She and Sydney kiss again after Sydney admits to Maggie that she likes women.
At the end of the series, Maggie and Sydney enter into a relationship.[citation needed]
2012–2018 Major Crimes TNT Rusty Beck
Gustavo Wallace
Graham Patrick Martin
Rene Rosado
Rusty is a gay young man who witnesses a crime. (He was introduced in the series finale of The Closer.) Captain Shannon Raydor decides to assume custody of Rusty and later adopts him.
In season 4 Gustavo and Rusty started dating.[citation needed]
2012–2018 Scandal ABC Cyrus Beene
James Novak
Michael Ambruso
Fenton Glackland
Jeff Perry
Dan Bucatinsky
Matthew Del Negro
Dean Norris
Cyrus is the White House Chief of Staff. He is openly gay and in a long-term relationship with (though not yet legally married to) James.[citation needed]
2012–2013 Underemployed MTV Sophia Swanson Michelle Ang Sophia is ____.[citation needed]
2012–2013 Emily Owens, M.D. The CW Tyra Dupre Kelly McCreary Tyra, a first-year surgical intern and daughter of the chief resident, quickly befriends Emily. She is openly gay.[citation needed]
2012–2013 Smash NBC Tom Levitt
Sam Strickland
John Goodwin
Ellis Boyd
Kyle Bishop
Christian Borle
Phillip Spaeth
Wesley Taylor
Leslie Odom, Jr.
Neal Bledsoe
Jaime Cepero
Andy Mientus
Daniel Abeles
Tom is a Broadway composer.
Dennis, Bobby and Sam are ensemble members and Tom had a short-term relationship with Sam.
John is a lawyer. He and Tom dated briefly.
Ellis began as Tom's personal assistant before becoming assistant to Broadway producer Eileen Rand. He left the series after season one and an ex-girlfriend later outed him as gay.
Kyle Bishop is the book writer for the rival show Hit List.
Blake is the lighting director for Hit List and he and Kyle became involved.[citation needed]
2012 Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves SVT1 Rasmus
Adam Pålsson
Simon J. Berger
Adam Lundgren
Rasmus is ____.
Paul is ____.
Benjamin is ____.[54][citation needed]
2012 Political Animals USA T.J. Hammond
Diane Nash
Sean Reeves
Sebastian Stan
Vanessa Redgrave
David Monahan
T.J. is the son of former President "Bud" Hammond and Elaine Barrish, the first openly gay child of a sitting President of the United States.
Justice Diane Nash is the first openly gay Justice of the United States Supreme Court and a former mentor of Elaine's.
Reeves is a married, closeted Congressman with whom T.J. has had an affair.[citation needed]
2012 GCB ABC Blake Reilly Mark Deklin Blake is a closeted homosexual and in a marriage of convenience with Cricket, who is aware of his sexual orientation.[citation needed]
2012 The L.A. Complex CTV (Canada)
MuchMusic (Canada)
Kaldrick King
Tariq Muhammad
Christopher Taylor
Andra Fuller
Benjamin Charles Watson
Jarod Joseph
Kaldrick King is a closeted gay black rapper known for his violence, yet his personality and real self is significantly deeper than what he openly shows.
Tariq is ____ and an aspiring rapper working at the production company where Kaldrick records. The two start a secret relationship that ends in tears.
Christopher Taylor is Kaldrick's openly gay lover who works as a lawyer.[citation needed]
2012–2015 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries ABC Dr. Elizabeth 'Mac' MacMillan Tammy MacIntosh Mac is a lesbian. She doesn't conceal her orientation and sports menswear.[55]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2013–2018 The Tunnel Sky Atlantic
Elise Wassermann
Eryka Klein
Clémence Poésy
Laura De Boer
Elise (bisexual) has had sex with men out of practical necessity and has not experienced emotional involvement with any sex partner. Until she met Eryka Klein, Elise had never felt romantic attraction for someone. She falls in love with Eryka.
Eryka (lesbian) falls in love with Elise.[56][57]
2013–2017 Broadchurch ITV Maggie Radcliffe
Jocelyn Knight
Carolyn Pickles
Charlotte Rampling
Maggie is ____.
Jocelyn is ____.[citation needed]
2013–2019 Vikings History Ragnar Lothbrok
Charles of West Francia
Travis Fimmel
George Blagden
Lothaire Bluteau
Katheryn Winnick
Josefin Asplund
Huw Parmenter
Ragnar, on multiple occasions, has asked Athelstan to join him and Lagertha in bed, implying bisexuality. He also told Athelstan that he loved him.
Athelstan considered joining Ragnar and Lagertha in a threesome but decided against it due to his religious vows.
Charles is _____.
Lagertha is bisexual. In the season 4 time jump, she has been with Astrid for about 7 years.[58]
Astrid is bisexual. In season 5, she forces Lagertha to kill her.
The sex scene between Lagertha and Astrid in episode "The Outsider" (4x11) was edited for U.S. audiences and only showed them kissing.[59][60]
Roland is _____.[citation needed]
2013–2016 The Fall BBC Two Danielle Ferrington
DSI Stella Gibson
Niamh McGrady
Gillian Anderson
Dani is a lesbian.
Stella is bisexual.[citation needed]
2013– Peaky Blinders BBC Two James Josh O'Connor James is a gay writer who lives with Ada Shelby and her son, Karl.[citation needed]
2013– Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ABC Joey Gutierrez
Marcus Benson
Juan Pablo Raba
Barry Shabaka Henley
Joey is a gay Inhuman who can melt metals.
Benson is a professor recruited to help with S.H.I.E.L.D science team in season 6. He had a husband.[citation needed]
2013– Wentworth SoHo Franky Doyle
Erica Davidson
Kim Chang
Joan Ferguson
Maxine Conway
Bridget Westfall
Lucy Gambaro
Allie Novak
Bea Smith
Jodie Spiteri
Sean Brody
Jake Stewart
Nicole da Silva
Leeanna Walsman
Ra Chapman
Pamela Rabe
Socratis Otto
Libby Tanner
Sally-Anne Upton
Kate Jenkinson
Danielle Cormack
Pia Miranda
Rick Donald
Bernard Curry
Franky is lesbian.
Erica is bisexual.
Kim is ____.
Joan is ____.
Maxine is a transgender woman.
Bridget is lesbian.
Lucy is lesbian.
Allie is lesbian.
Bea is bisexual.
Jodie is ____.
Sean is gay and had a sexual relationship with Jake in the past.
Jake is revealed to be closeted gay or bisexual.
[citation needed]
2013–2015 Defiance Syfy Stahma Tarr
Kenya Rosewater
Doc Meh Yewll
Niles Pottinger
Sgt. Frei Poole
Jaime Murray
Mia Kirschner
Trenna Keating
Hannah Cheeseman
Rob Archer
Michael Dyson
James Murray
Douglas Nyback
Kenya is a bisexual sex worker.
Stahma begins seeing Kenya in 1x07 with ulterior political motives, but it is later clear that she developed genuine feelings for her.
In 2x05, Yewll is haunted by hallucinations of her late wife, Lev.
Ulysses and Skevur are minor henchmen of Datak Tarr's who are mentioned to be in a sexual relationship.
In 2x05, it is revealed Pottinger attended the same boarding school as Amanda's ex-fiancé Connor Lang, and had an unrequited crush on him.
Sex workers Tirra, Deirdre, and Gorath are mentioned to have both male and female clients.
There are several characters who have only been shown in heterosexual relationships, but there have been comments that seem to suggest that bisexuality is very common.[citation needed]
2013–2015 Hemlock Grove Netflix Brooke Bluebell
Mrs. Banks
Dr. Clementine Chasseur
Dr. Johann Pryce
Lorenza Izzo
Jennifer Gidson
Kandyse McClure
Joel de la Fuente
In the pilot episode, Brooke has an affair with her female science teacher Mrs. Banks.
Dr. Chasseur is a werewolf hunter, and is a lesbian.[citation needed]
2013–2018 Hit the Floor VH1 Jude Kinkade
Brent Antonello
Adam Senn
Jonathan Bennett
Kristian Kordula
Zero is a closeted bisexual basketball player and Jude is his agent.
Jude realises he is gay, and comes out to his father and stepmother.
Jude and Zero begin a 'friends with benefits' arrangement in season 2, but feelings get involved and Jude gives Zero an ultimatum. In season 3, Zero comes out by kissing Jude in public, and the two are now in a committed relationship.
Lucas had an affair with Jude.
Noah is Jude's boyfriend in season 4.[citation needed]
2013–2014 Betrayal ABC Jules Whitman
Valerie McAllister
Sofia Black D'Elia
Elizabeth McLaughlin
Jules is ____.
Valerie is ____. She begins dating her dad's new assistant Jules.[citation needed]
2013–2014 Dracula NBC Lord Laurent
Daniel Davenport
Lucy Westenra
Anthony Howell
Lewis Rainer
Katie McGrath
Laurent is a member of a secret society dedicated to opposing Dracula and Daniel is his lover.[61]
Lucy is a rich society girl who harbors secret romantic feelings for her best friend, Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw).[62]
2013–2017 East Los High Hulu Camila Barrios
Jocelyn Reyes
Vannessa Vasquez
Andrea Sixtos
Camila and Jocelyn have been best friends since high school and begin a romantic relationship.[citation needed]
2013 Dates Channel 4 Erica
Gemma Chan
Katie McGrath
Erica is closeted.
Kate is out and proud.
Erica goes on a blind date with Kate in one episode.[citation needed]
2013–2014 In the Flesh BBC Three Kieren Walker
Rick Macy
Simon Monroe
Luke Newberry
David Walmsley
Emmett J Scanlan
Kieren is a PDS sufferer (Partially Deceased Syndrome) who has come back to life. He committed suicide after his boyfriend Rick died in Afghanistan.
Rick is found and is also a PDS sufferer. He comes back home but is killed by his father before anything can happen between him and Kieren in their new life.
In the second season Simon is introduced and is thought to be straight since he is with Amy. He is believed to be one of the twelve disciples of the undead prophet and is a member of the Undead Liberation Army. He reveals himself to Kieren and they become a couple.[citation needed]
2013–2018 House of Cards Netflix Frank Underwood
Edward Meechum
Rachel Posner
Lisa Williams
Michael Corrigan
John Pasternak
Thomas Yates
Kevin Spacey
Nathan Darrow
Rachel Brosnahan
Kate Lyn Sheil
Christian Camargo
Todd Alan Crain
Paul Sparks
Frank has been shown to have sexual encounters with both men and women. The series creator claims that Frank ignores the label of being bisexual and is simply attracted to people regardless of their gender.[63]
Meechum has a threesome with Claire and Frank in Chapter 24.[citation needed]
2013–2016 Masters of Sex Showtime Betty DeMillo
Barton Scully
Jonathan Laurents
Annaleigh Ashford
Sarah Silverman
Beau Bridges
Finn Wittrock
Rob Benedict
Nick Clifford
Betty is a lesbian sex worker and an early research subject in Masters and Johnson's study.[64]
Helen is lesbian.
Betty and Helen are in a long-term relationship.
Barton is gay and the provost at the university where Masters initiates his study. Masters learns about his sexual orientation in episode "Standard Deviation".
Dale is gay and a hustler whom Scully patronizes. It is he who informs Masters of Barton's orientation.[65]
Jonathan is _____.
Guy is _____.
[citation needed]
2013–2018 The Originals The CW Josh Rosza
Tristan de Martel
Freya Mikaelson
Steven Krueger
Colin Woodell
Oliver Ackland
Keahu Kahuanui
Christina Moses
Riley Voelkel
Josh is a newly-turned vampire and openly gay.
Aiden is gay and a werewolf. In Season 2, he and Josh date.
Tristan is bisexual. (The writers were going to explore his sexual preference, but his current drive left little time for romance.)[citation needed]
Eddie is Josh's boyfriend in season 4.
Keelin is bisexual and a werewolf. She is the last of her clan, and becomes gradually involved with Freya.
Freya is bisexual and a witch.
[citation needed]
2013–2015 Hannibal NBC Hannibal Lecter
Will Graham
Margot Verger
Alana Bloom
Francis Dolarhyde
Jimmy Price
Mads Mikkelsen
Hugh Dancy
Katharine Isabelle
Caroline Dhavernas
Richard Armitage
Scott Thompson
Hannibal Lecter is omnisexual (according to series creator Bryan Fuller)[66] and is in love with Will Graham.
Will is heterosexual[66] but demonstrates the feelings are mutual, replying to Bedelia's question of whether he reciprocates or not in the last episode of season 3.
Since the inception of the show Fuller has repeatedly referred to the series as a love story between the two men; in addition to this he has confirmed that their relationship is one of mutual attraction.[67][68][69]
Margot Verger, introduced in season two, is a lesbian.[70]
Alana Bloom, who is bisexual, begins a relationship with Margot in season three, and they eventually marry and have a son, Morgan.[71]
Even though Francis Dolarhyde dates Reba McClane during the series, on his ledger he claims to be interested in establishing a romantic relationship with Hannibal by writing "I am so eager to please you to be your friend your lover perhaps".[72]
Jimmy Price is openly gay (as Bryan Fuller stated on Twitter).[73]
2013–2014 The Bridge FX Adriana Perez
Emily Rios
Alyssa Diaz
Adriana reveals to coworker Daniel Frye that she is a lesbian when he asks her how she avoided getting tied down with children like other female members of her family.
Lucy is Adriana's girlfriend, introduced in season 2.[citation needed]
2013– Ray Donovan Showtime Lena
Tommy Wheeler
Katherine Moennig
Austin Nichols
Lena is a personal assistant working for titular character Ray.
Tommy is a closeted gay actor.[citation needed]
2013–2018 A Place to Call Home Channel 7 James Bligh
Harry Polson
Dr. Henry Fox
Carolyn Bligh
Delia Craig
David Berry
Dominic Allburn
Tim Draxl
Sara Wiseman
Maya Stange
In season 3, James meets a new love interest, Dr. Fox.
In season 6, Carolyn is revealed to be bisexual when her friend and former lover, Delia, arrives in town.[79][citation needed]
2013–2016 Devious Maids Lifetime Alejandro Rubio Matt Cedeño Alejandro is a Latin music star and closeted homosexual.[citation needed]
2013–2019 Orange Is the New Black Netflix Piper Chapman
Alex Vause
Sophia Burset
Nicky Nichols
Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren
Carrie "Big Boo" Black
Tricia Miller
Poussey Washington
Lorna Morello
Brook Soso
Desi Piscatella
Dayanara "Daya" Diaz
Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
Taylor Schilling
Laura Prepon
Laverne Cox
Natasha Lyonne
Uzo Aduba
Lea DeLaria
Madeline Brewer
Samira Wiley
Yael Stone
Kimiko Glenn
Brad William Henke
Dasha Polanco
Vicci Martinez
Piper is bisexual and the protagonist of the series. She was in a relationship with Alex before breaking up with her and becoming engaged to Larry Bloom.
Alex is lesbian.
Since they've been in prison, Piper has rekindled her relationship with Alex.
Sophia is a transgender woman.
(Laverne Cox is transgender in real life. The Advocate suggested that Orange is the New Black is the first women-in-prison series that includes a real transgender woman playing the role of a transgender person.[80])
Nicky, Suzanne, Big Boo, Tricia and Poussey are lesbians.
Lorna is bisexual and has been involved with men and women.
Brook is pansexual. She revealed that she is attracted to people, not genders.
Desi is gay.
Dayanara is _____. She is dating Dominga.
Dominga identififes as non-binary (seasons 6 and 7).
[citation needed]
2013–2015 Atlantis BBC One Pythagoras
Robert Emms
Joseph Timms
Pythagoras and Icarus are romantically involved in the second series. [81]
2013–2015 Under the Dome CBS Carolyn Hill
Alice Calvert
Aisha Hinds
Samantha Mathis
Hill and Calvert are raising a daughter, Norrie Calvert-Hill, together.[82]
2013–2018 The Fosters Freeform Stef Adams-Foster
Lena Adams-Foster
Jude Adams-Foster
Connor Stevens
Noah Walker
Monte Porter
Aaron Baker
Ximena Sinfuego
Teri Polo
Sherri Saum
Hayden Byerly
Gavin MacIntosh
Tom Phelan
Kalama Epstein
Annika Marks
Elliot Fletcher
Lisseth Chavez
Stef and Lena are a married lesbian couple. Stef has a son from her previous marriage to police department colleague Mike Foster. Stef and Lena serve as adoptive and foster parents to additional children.
Jude is the youngest of their adopted children, who begins to question his sexuality after developing an attraction to his best friend Connor, who becomes his first boyfriend.[83]
Connor has feelings for Jude and has kissed him (Season 2).
Cole is a transitioning female-to-male transgender teen runaway who lives at a group foster home.
Noah is Jude's second boyfriend.
Monte is bisexual and becomes the school principal of Lena's charter school in Season 2.
Aaron is a trans man who becomes Callie's boyfriend.[84]
Ximena comes out as a lesbian to Callie in Season 5 episode "Sanctuary".
[citation needed]
2013–2014 The Carrie Diaries The CW Walt Reynolds
Bennet Wilcox
Larissa Loughlin
Samantha "Sam" Jones
Jill "Mouse" Chen
Dona LaDonna
Brendan Dooling
Jake Robinson
Freema Agyeman
Lindsey Gort
Ellen Wong
Chloe Bridges
Walt (season 1 and 2) was in a heterosexual relationship, but seemed to always have inner struggle with his sexuality. After meeting Bennet, a columnist at Interview, Walt begins to explore his inner feelings after seeing how open Bennet is about being gay. Taking place in New York City in the mid 1980s, the environment was very welcoming and Walt finally admitted to himself and others that he was gay.
Bennet (season 1 and 2) is openly gay and he protects LGBT rights, he and Walt are a couple later.
Larissa (season 1 and 2) is fluid, she doesn't have a problem having sex with women.
Sam (season 2) could be bicurious or fluid, she claimed to have once had sex with Larissa since they were going to engage in a threesome, but the man never arrived.
Mouse (season 1 and 2) may be bicurious.
Donna (season 1 and 2) could be bicurious too, she and Mouse slept together at a party when they were drunk.[citation needed]
2013–2017 Orphan Black Space (Canada)
BBC America (USA)
Cosima Niehaus
Felix Dawkins
Delphine Cormier
Tony Sawicki
Shay Davydov
Sarah Manning
Tatiana Maslany
Jordan Gavaris
Evelyne Brochu
Tatiana Maslany
Ksenia Solo
Tatiana Maslany
Cosima is lesbian and a graduate student in biology, and one of the clones.
Felix is gay and the foster brother and confidant of Sarah, the show's main protagonist.
Delphine and Cosima are in a relationship.
Tony (formerly Antoinette) is a transgender clone introduced in Season 2.
In 4x07 Sarah has a one-night stand with a woman, indicating that she is bisexual. (This was later confirmed as true by Tatiana Maslany at Comic Con 2016.[85])
[citation needed]
2013–2016 Please Like Me ABC (Australia) Josh
Josh Thomas
Wade Briggs
Charles Cottier
Keegan Joyce
Hannah Gadsby
Josh is the main character of the show and he has different love interests through the seasons.
Geoffrey is Josh's first love interest. Geoffrey and Josh were hanging out when they became tired, and Geoffrey suggested they sleep in the same bed. This led to Josh coming out of the closet.
Patrick is Josh's new roommate and they have a very short relationship.
Arnold is Josh's longest lasting love interest.
Hannah is lesbian and a friend of Josh's mom.[citation needed]
2013–2016 Banshee Cinemax Job Hoon Lee Job is a computer hacker and confidant to the series' protagonist, Lucas Hood. The character has been described variously as transgender, a transvestite and a drag queen. (Hoon Lee believes the character is "constantly evolving" and is not interested in "figuring out the label of who he is and every aspect of that".[86])
2013–2015 The Following Fox Paul Torres
Jacob Wells
Gina Mendez
Jana Murphy
Adan Canto
Nico Tortorella
Valerie Cruz
Leslie Bibb
Kristen Bush
Paul and Jacob are initially introduced in season 1 as "Bill" and "Willy", neighbors of season one antagonist Joe Carroll's only surviving victim, Sarah. This is soon revealed as a ruse engineered by Joe, who believed Sarah would perceive gay neighbors as non-threatening. Both before and after they broke cover the pair were sexually involved but both characters were killed before the full extent of their relationship was clarified.
Agent Mendez, introduced in season 2, is Ryan Hardy's boss.
Jana Murphy is Mendez's ex-wife, with whom she has children.
Jana turns out to be one of Joe's followers.
Dawn is Mendez's new wife as of the season 3 opener, during which their wedding took place.[87][citation needed]
2013–2015 Da Vinci's Demons Starz Leonardo da Vinci
Jacopo Saltarelli
Andrea del Verrocchio
Tom Riley
Christopher Elson
Allan Corduner
While historical scholarship generally regards Leonardo as homosexual, the series depicts him as sexually active with a woman (making him bisexual).
In the season one episode "The Tower", Leonardo declares that his involvement with Saltarelli was experimentation and that he refuses to label himself.[88]< br /> In 2x05 'The Sun and Moon' it is implied that Andrea has a sexual relationship with a young man who works in his workshop.[citation needed]
2013 Camp NBC Todd
Adam Garcia
Christopher Kirby
Todd and Raffi are an interracial couple raising two adopted children.[89]
2013–2015 My Mad Fat Diary E4 Archie Dan Cohen Rae Earl, the main character, discovers that Archie is gay when she catches him spying on the men's changing room in the leisure centre in which he works. However, in series 2 he has a relationship with Lois, a girl in Chloe's group, but she breaks up with him when Rae reveals his sexuality to Lois. He comes out subsequent to this.[citation needed]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2014–2016 Faking It MTV Amy Raudenfeld
Shane Harvey
Lauren Cooper
Rita Volk
Michael Willett
Bailey De Young
Yvette Monreal
Amy has feelings towards women and men, but prefers not to label her sexuality.
Shane is openly gay.
Lauren is intersex.
Reagan is Amy's girlfriend in season 2.[citation needed]
2014–2015 Heartless Kanal 5 Sofie
Julie Zangenberg
Julie Christiansen
Sofie is a succubus lesbian that feeds on the life force of humans. She falls in love with Emilie.
Emilie is lesbian and falls in love with Sofie.[90]
2014– Janet King ABC1 Janet King
Ashleigh Larsson
Bianca Grieve
Marta Dusseldorp
Aimee Pedersen
Anita Hegh
Janet and Ashleigh are a lesbian couple.
In Season 2, after Ashleigh's death, Janet is leading a Royal Commission and AFP Sergeant Grieve is brought in to work undercover and thereafter protect Janet. Mutual attraction develops and they become sexually involved.
In Season 3, Janet and Bianca enter into a relationship.[citation needed]
2014– NCIS: New Orleans CBS Tammy Gregorio Vanessa Ferlito She was married to a man, but later had a relationship with a woman.[citation needed]
2014–2018 The Last Ship TNT Lt. Alisha Granderson Christina Elmore In season 1 Alisha mentions have a girlfriend back home.[citation needed]
2014 Øyevitne NRK Philip
Axel Bøyum
Odin Waage
Philip and Henning develop feelings for each other over the course of the show after witnessing a crime together. Philip has accepted his feelings but Henning needs more convincing.[citation needed]
2014–2018 The Librarians TNT Cassandra Killian Lindy Booth Cassandra is bisexual.[citation needed]
2014–2016 From Dusk till Dawn El Rey Santanico Pandemonium
Eiza González
Natalie Martinez
Santanico is ____.
Amaru is ____.[citation needed]
2014– Outlander Starz Duke of Sandringham
Jonathan Randall (aka Black Jack)
Lord John Grey
Simon Callow
Tobias Menzies
David Berry
The Duke of Sandringham is _____.
Randall derives sexual pleasure from abusing males or females, which by virtue makes him bisexual. (Outlander author Diana Gabaldon stated that Black Jack Randall "is not a homosexual" but, rather, an "equal-opportunity" sexual sadist and the gender of his sexual victims does not matter.)[91]
Lord John Grey is gay and was/is in love with Jamie Fraser. Grey also speaks about a past male lover.[citation needed]
2014– Grantchester ITV Leonard Finch
Daniel Marlowe
Al Weaver
Oliver Dimsdale
Leonard is ____.
Daniel is ____.[citation needed]
2014–2015 Finding Carter MTV Bird
Vanessa Morgan
Molly Kunz
Bird and Madison are love interests.[citation needed]
2014 Glue E4 James Warwick
Caleb "Cal" Bray
Billy Howle
Tommy Lawrence Knight
James is ____.
Caleb is ____.[citation needed]
2014–2016 Carmilla Vervegirl Carmilla Karnstein
Laura Hollis
Danny Lawrence
S. LaFontaine
Natasha Negovanlis
Elise Bauman
Sharon Belle
Kaitlyn Alexander
Carmilla is a 100+ year old lesbian vampire.
Laura Hollis is a lesbian.
Carmilla and Laura are in a relationship.
Danny Lawrence is a lesbian.
LaFontaine is non-binary.
2014– The 100 The CW Commander Lexa
Clarke Griffin
Nathan Miller
Eric Jackson
Alycia Debnam-Carey
Eliza Taylor
Jessica Harmon
Jarod Joseph
Jonathan Whitesell
Sachin Sahel
Lexa revealed to Clarke that she was once in love with a girl named Costia. The writers revealed that Lexa is a lesbian.[citation needed]
In Season 1, Clarke has a relationship with Finn, and in Season 2 Clarke and Lexa kiss. It was confirmed that Clarke is bisexual.[citation needed] In Season 3, Clarke has sex with a woman named Niylah, and later with Lexa.
It is revealed in season 3 that Nathan has a boyfriend on Farm Station.
Bryan is Nathan's boyfriend in Seasons 3 & 4.
Eric and Nathan are together as of Season 5.[citation needed]
2014–2019 Jane the Virgin The CW Luisa Alver
Rose Solano
Wesley Masters
Adam Alvaro
Jane Ramos
Petra Andel
Yara Martinez
Bridget Regan
Brian Jordan Alvarez
Shelly Bhalla
Tyler Posey
Rosario Dawson
Yael Grobglas
Luisa and Rose had an affair while Rose was married to Luisa's father, making Rose her stepmother.
Wesley is an openly gay writer attending grad school with Jane. At the writers' retreat he mentions he had broken up with his boyfriend.
Adam is revealed as bisexual in 4x05.
Introduced in Season 4, Jane Ramos is a shady lawyer and is an open lesbian.
Petra realized she's bisexual when she felt an attraction towards Jane Ramos leading to the two of them kissing, sleeping together, and starting a romance.[citation needed]
2014–2019 Transparent Prime Video Maura Pfefferman
Sarah Pfefferman
Tammy Cashman
Syd Feldman
Ali Pfefferman
Jeffrey Tambor
Amy Landecker
Melora Hardin
Carrie Brownstein
Gaby Hoffmann
Alexandra Billings
Trace Lysette
Hari Nef
Cherry Jones
Anjelica Huston
Tig Notaro
Alia Shawkat
Bradley Whitford
Folake Olowofoyeku
Maura is ____.
Sarah is ____.
Tammy is ____.
Syd is ____.
Ali is ____.
Davina is ____.
Shea is ____.
Gittel is ____.
Leslie is ____.
Vicki is ____.
Barb is ____.
Lila is ____.
Marcy is ____.
Lyfe is ____.
[citation needed]
2014– Madam Secretary CBS Blake Moran
Kat Sandoval
Erich Bergen
Sara Ramirez
Blake comes out as bisexual at the end of season 3.[93]
Kat is bisexual and butch.[94][95]
2014–2016 The Mysteries of Laura NBC Max Carnegie Max Jenkins Max is ____.[citation needed]
2014– The Flash The CW Captain David Singh
Hartley Rathaway / Pied Piper
Nora West-Allen / XS
Kate Kane / Batwoman
Patrick Sabongui
Jeremy Schuetze
Andy Mientus
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Ruby Rose
David is openly gay and the Central City police commander. He is married to Rob.
Rob is gay.
Hartley is openly gay.
Nora is _____.
Kate is lesbian. She is seen for the first time at the end of the season five Arrowverse crossover episode "Elseworlds, Part 1".[52]
[citation needed]
2014–2015 Red Band Society Fox Sarah Souders
Kenji Gomez-Rejon
Andrea Parker
Wilson Cruz
Sarah is ____.
Kenji is ____.[citation needed]
2014–2019 Gotham Fox Renee Montoya
Barbara Kean
Tabitha Galavan
The Lady
Fish Mooney
Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
Victoria Cartagena
Erin Richards
Jessica Lucas
Michelle Gomez
Jada Pinkett Smith
Robin Lord Taylor
Barbara is bisexual.
Renee, similar to her comic book counterpart, is a lesbian, and is the ex-girlfriend of Barbara.
Barbara Kean is seen flirting openly with The Lady at a ladies' club. The Lady flirts back and she and Barbara form an alliance to torture Jim Gordon.
Fish is described to be "sexually fluid." She had feelings for Lazlo, but later on she would ask girls auditioning for a singing role, if they "liked girls or boys", then she'd tell them to seduce her. On one of these occasions, the girl kissed Fish.
The Penguin is in love with Edward Nygma/The Riddler.[citation needed]
2014–2017 Kingdom Audience Network Nate Kulina< br /> Will Nick Jonas
Jonathan Howard
Nate is ____.
Will is ____.[citation needed]
2014– How to Get Away with Murder ABC Annalise Keating
Eve Rothlo
Connor Walsh
Oliver Hampton
Bonnie Winterbottom
Aiden Walker
Simon Drake
Tegan Price
Viola Davis
Famke Janssen
Jack Falahee
Conrad Ricamora
Liza Weil
Elliot Knight
Behzad Dabu
Amirah Vann
D.W. Moffett
Jim Abele
Annalise and Eve were in a relationship while in law school; Annalise left her for Sam Keating, whom she married. Annalise was confirmed by Davis as being pansexual.[96]
Eve is lesbian.
Connor is a gay law student. He had many sexual partners in the past. Connor and Oliver begin to date on and off throughout the seasons, culminating in their marriage in season 5.
Oliver is gay and an I.T. specialist whom Connor first seduced to get information. Over time, the two develop feelings for each other. They marry in season 5, and remain happy.
Bonnie is _____. She confessed her love for Annalise in season 4 and the two shared a kiss.
Aiden is bisexual. He was engaged to Michaela Pratt, but also had a relationship with Connor.
Simon is _____.
Tegan is lesbian.
Jeff is _____.
Ted is _____.
[citation needed]
2014–2015 Chasing Life Freeform Brenna Carver
Greer Danville
Haley Ramm
Gracie Dzienny
Aurora Perrineau
Brenna is bisexual. She begins a relationship with out lesbian Greer, despite the fact that Brenna already had a boyfriend. Later she chooses Greer over her boyfriend and they begin a relationship.
Margo is an older girl who graduated from the school and said she would help Brenna edit a video to enter in a video contest. Margo and Brenna kissed and decided to date. Later Brenna finds out that the woman Margo used to date is a 40-year-old woman who still lives with her, so she breaks up with Margo.[citation needed]
2014–2017 Halt and Catch Fire AMC Joe MacMillan
Haley Clark
Lee Pace
August Emerson
Susanna Skaggs
Joe is bisexual and main character of the show.
Lev is openly gay.
Haley Clark is revealed to be lesbian in season 4.[citation needed]
2014–2017 The Strain FX Dutch Velders
Ruta Gedmintas
Nicola Correia-Damude
Dutch is ____.
Nikki is ____.[citation needed]
2014–2015 Dominion Syfy Ethan Mack
Jonathan Howard
Katrine De Candole
Shivani Ghai
Ethan is ____.
Uriel is ____.
Arika is ____.[citation needed]
2014–2016 Tyrant FX Sammy Al-Fayeed
Haitham El-Amin
Noah Silver
Mehdi Dehbi
Raphael Acloque
Sammy is the closeted son of Barry Al-Fayeed, who returns to his Middle Eastern home country where his unstable brother inherits their late father's throne.
Abdul is a closeted young man whose family has long served as security for the Al-Fayeed family.
Sammy and Abdul develop a connection, but when Abdul learns that Sammy's family has extended their visit, he discontinues their relationship, reminding Sammy that there are rules he has to follow.[citation needed]
2014–2017 The Night Shift NBC Drew Allister
Brendan Fehr
Luke Macfarlane
Drew is gay.
Rick is Drew's boyfriend, introduced in 1x06 when he and his platoon are involved in a bus accident.[citation needed]
2014–2016 Penny Dreadful Showtime Dorian Gray
Ethan Chandler
Ferdinand Lyle
Brona Croft/Lily Frankenstein
Reeve Carney
Josh Hartnett
Simon Russell Beale
Jonny Beauchamp
Billie Piper
Jessica Barden
Dorian, Ethan and Brona/Lily are bisexual or pansexual.
Ferdinand is a (closeted) homosexual.
Angelique is transgender.[citation needed]
2014–2017 Black Sails Starz James Flint
Eleanor Guthrie
Anne Bonny
Thomas Hamilton
Toby Stephens
Hannah New
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Clara Paget
Rupert Penry-Jones
Flint was in a past relationship with Thomas (revealed in season two). Their separation was the reason for Flint waging war against the British empire.[101]
Eleanor is bisexual. In season one, she is in a relationship with Max.[102]
Max is a lesbian. She is Eleanor's lover, then has a romantic relationship with Anne.[103]
Anne is bisexual. She starts a relationship with Max in season two.[104]
Thomas was Flint's lover.
2014–2015 Looking HBO Patrick
Jonathan Groff
Frankie J. Alvarez
Murray Bartlett
O. T. Fagbenle
Scott Bakula
Raúl Castillo
Russell Tovey
Most of the characters are gay men living in San Francisco.[citation needed]
2014 Star-Crossed The CW Sophia
Taylor Beecham
Brina Palencia
Natalie Hall
Sophia is pansexual and has a crush on Taylor. All Atrians are pansexual.
Although Taylor is in a serious relationship with Drake and while they are temporarily broken up she kisses Sophia.[citation needed]
2014– True Detective HBO Paul Woodrugh
Tom Purcell
Taylor Kitsch
Scoot McNairy
Paul is a closeted gay detective and war veteran (season 2). He had an intimate relationship with a squadmate. He's in relationship with a woman but has to take viagra to have sex with her.[108]
Tom is gay and closeted (3x06). He's the father of two missing children.[109]
2014–2019 The Affair Showtime Trevor Solloway Jadon Sand Trevor is a gay teen. He is the son of the main couple.[110]
2014– Love Sick The Series __?__ __?__ __?__ ?[citation needed]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2015– The Magicians Syfy Eliot Waugh
Quentin Coldwater
Idri / King of Loria
Margo Hanson
Marina Andrieski
Hale Appleman
Jason Ralph
Leonard Roberts
Summer Bishil
Kacey Rohl
Eliot is gay.[111]
Quentin is bisexual. He slept with Eliot and Margo in episode 1x11.[112] In 3x05, Quentin kissed Eliot and they spent their whole life growing old together having a family of their own in a separate timeline. In 4x05 it's revealed that Quentin asked Eliot to start a romantic relationship after their life together and, despite reciprocating his feelings, Eliot turned him down.
Idri is probably bisexual. He became sexually involved with Elliot.[113]
Margo is bisexual.[114]
Marina might be lesbian. She mentions she has a girlfriend in 4x06.
2015– Unforgotten ITV Eric Slater
Jimmy Sullivan
Colin Osborne
Simon Osborne
Tom Courtenay
Harley Alexander-Sule
Mark Bonnar
Charlie Condou
In series 1, Eric Slater is a bisexual man who has spent his life in a heterosexual marriage.
Jimmy Sullivan was Eric's gay lover (along with another man named Nicholas seen only in a photograph). They were both murdered by Eric's wife.[115]
In series 2, Colin Osborne is gay and a barrister.
Simon Osborne is gay and Colin's husband.[116]
[citation needed]
2015– The Expanse SyFy (Season 1–3)
Prime Video (Season 4– )
Anna Volovodov
Julie Mao
Elizabeth Mitchell
Florence Faivre
Anna is a lesbian and has a wife and daughter.
Julie stated in her dating profile that she is pansexual.[citation needed]
2015–2018 The Path Hulu Hawk Lane
Caleb Matthews
Mary Cox
Kyle Allen
Titus Makin Jr.
Emma Greenwell
Whitney Crowder
Hawk is the son of a family who are part of a cult-like movement called Meyerism. Although he has had girlfriends in the past, in the third season, he gets involved with a closeted gay Christian youth named Caleb.
Caleb is ____.
Mary joins the movement due to her infatuation with Cal, and is later involved with Cal as well as Sean, who eventually becomes her boyfriend. When Sean is briefly sent away, she seduces Betsy in order to steal drugs from the infirmary.
Betsy is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2017 Narcos Netflix Hélmer "Pacho" Herrera Alberto Ammann Hélmer is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2019 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend The CW 'White Josh' Wilson
Darryl Whitefeather
Valencia Perez
David Hull
Pete Gardner
Esther Povitsky
Gabrielle Ruiz
White Josh is gay.
Darryl is bisexual, and in a relationship with White Josh.[117]
Maya is bisexual.[118]
Valencia becomes aware that she is bisexual when she starts dating a woman named Beth (Emma Willmann) late in Season 3.[119]
2015–2017 Dark Matter Syfy Two / Portia Lin / Rebecca
Dr. Irena Shaw
Melissa O'Neil
Zoie Palmer
Two/Portia is revealed to be bisexual in 3x01 when she hallucinates about another woman and kisses her.
Irena Shaw is a lesbian.
In 3x10, Portia and Irena are seen as having been in love.[citation needed]
2015–2019 Into the Badlands AMC Tilda
Ally Ioannides
Maddison Jaizani
Tilda is ____.
Odessa is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2017 Skam NRK Eskild Tryggvasson
Isak Valtersen
Even Bech Næsheim
Carl Martin Eggesbø
Tarjei Sandvik Moe
Henrik Holm
Eskild is gay. He is Isak's 'guru' and helps him come to terms with his sexuality.
Isak is gay. He develops a crush on his best friend, Jonas, and sabotages his relationship with Eva. He tries dating girls while in denial of his sexuality, until he meets and falls for Even.
Even is pansexual. He has a long term girlfriend, but breaks up with her to be with Isak. They later move in together.[citation needed]
2015–2018 12 Monkeys Syfy Oliver Peters Ramon de Ocampo In season 1, Episode 10 Oliver makes reference to certain Jason who is later known to be his husband.[citation needed]
2015–2018 Humans Channel 4 Niska
Emily Berrington
Bella Dayne
In season 2 Niska, a synth (synthetic human), meets Astrid who is a human.
Niska learns how to love through Astrid.[citation needed]
2015–2018 È arrivata la felicità Rai 1 Valeria Camilli
Rita Nardelli
Giulia Bevilacqua
Federica De Cola
Valeria and Rita are lesbians.[citation needed]
2015– Westside TV3 Bjelke "Bilkey" van Heeder Todd Emerson Bjelke is ____.[citation needed]
2015– Supergirl The CW Alex Danvers
Maggie Sawyer
Nia Nal(Dreamer)
Kelly Olsen
Chyler Leigh
Floriana Lima
Nicole Maines
Azie Tesfai
Alex Danvers comes out as a lesbian. She is the adopted sister of Supergirl and works at the DEO.[120]
Maggie Sawyer is a lesbian and a police detective. She becomes involved with Alex. (Introduced in Season 2.)[121]
Nia is a transgender woman working at CatCO. (Introduced in Season 4.)[122]
Kelly is _____.
[citation needed]
2015–2019 Killjoys Space
Prima "Pree" Dezz
Delle Seyah Kendry
Aneela Kin Ritt
Thom Allison
Mayko Nguyen
Hannah John-Kamen
Pree is gay.
Delle flirts with Yalena "Dutch" Yardeen throughout the series and even kisses her (Dutch is heterosexual). During season 3, Delle becomes interested in Aneela and they have sex.
Aneela may be lesbian or bisexual. It's unclear since the only sexual interest she has displayed has been towards Delle.[citation needed]
2015–2017 Stitchers Freeform Camille Engelson
Amanda Weston
Allison Scagliotti
Anna Akana
Camille is bisexual.[123] Her only known relationship in the series was with boyfriend Linus. In season 2 episode 4, she says "Dirk and I only dated for about a week. I dated his sister a lot longer." In season 3, Camille falls in love with medical examiner Amanda Weston and in episode 4 says to Amanda, "My life makes sense with you in it."
Amanda's orientation appears to be lesbian.[citation needed]
2015–2018 Merlí TV3 Bruno
David Solans
Iñaki Mur
Carlos Cuevas
Manel Barceló
Bruno is gay and hasn't come out of the closet. He is in love with Pol, with whom he made out at a party. Bruno left in Season 2 to begin a new life in Rome.
Oliver is gay.
Pol's sexual preference has been questioned as he made out with Bruno at a party claiming that "You have to try everything". In the second season Bruno and Pol have sex. After Bruno leaves, Pol begins to cry, implying he has feelings for Bruno.
In the last episode's flashforward epilogue, Bruno and Pol are a couple and living together.[124]
Quima is a transwoman and new English teacher.[citation needed]
2015– Fear The Walking Dead AMC Studios Victor Strand
Thomas Abigail
Colman Domingo
Dougray Scott
Strand and Thomas were in a relationship.[citation needed]
2015– Cheetah In August (Series) Vimeo August Chandler Andre Myers August is a main character who struggles to understand his mental condition or sexual power.[citation needed]
2015–2016 This Life CBC Oliver Lawson Kristopher Turner Oliver is the brother of the main character, and his boyfriend is recently deceased.[citation needed]
2015 Deutschland 83 RTL Television
Alexander Edel
Tobias Tischbier
Felix von Schwerin
Ludwig Trepte
Alexander Beyer
Florian Bartholomäi
Alexander is the rebellious son of General Edel and has sex with Tobias.
Tobias is gay and works as a professor at the University of Bonn. He hosts anti-war rallies and is in a relationship with Felix, who's also gay. He makes advances towards Alex, who initially feels uncomfortable.
Alex sleeps with Tobias following a heated argument with his father, thus revealing himself as gay.
After Tobias learns that Felix is HIV positive he tells Alex (who thinks Tobias wants to rekindle their relationship) to get tested, in the sequel Deutschland 86, Alex tells Tobias his test was negative.[125][126][127]
2015–2018 Versailles Canal+ Philippe d'Orléans
Chevalier de Lorraine
Thomas Beaumont
Alexander Vlahos
Evan Williams
Mark Rendall
Philippe is ____.
Chevalier is ____.
Thomas is ____.[citation needed]
2015– Blindspot NBC Bethany Mayfair
Sofia Varma
Rich Dotcom
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Sarita Choudhury
Eisa Davis
Ennis Esmer
Josh Dean
Assistant Director Mayfair is dating Sofia until they have an argument and Sofia commits suicide. After quite a while, Mayfair meets Alexandra and they are interested in each other.
Rich is bisexual.[128]
Boston is gay.[citation needed]
2015 Home Fires ITV Teresa Fenchurch
Connie Ward
Leanne Best
Rachael Elizabeth
Teresa and Connie were lovers and taught at the same Liverpool school until the head master discovered their secret.[citation needed]
2015–2019 Jessica Jones Netflix Jeri Hogarth
Wendy Ross-Hogarth
Inez Green
Kith Lyonne
Det. Eddy Costa
Carrie-Anne Moss
Robin Weigert
Susie Abromeit
Leah Gibson
Sarita Choudhury
John Ventimiglia
Jeri is lesbian. In season 2, she finds out that she has ALS and deals with the diagnosis by having an orgy with female sex workers.[129][130]
(Jeri Hogarth is the first lesbian character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[131][132] In Marvel Comics her character was named Jeryn Hogarth and was male.)
Wendy is lesbian and Jeri's wife. They are divorcing.[133]
Pam is lesbian, and Jeri's assistant and mistress.[134]
Inez is bisexual and one of Jeri's former lovers.
Kith is bisexual. She and Jeri were in a relationship that ended when Jeri cheated on her with Wendy. As a result, Kith married a man one year later and they have an open marriage. Twenty-five years later, Jeri deliberately finds her and tries to rekindle their former romance (season 3).
Detective Costa is gay and in a same-sex marriage.
[citation needed]
2015 Flesh and Bones Starz Paul Grayson
Ben Daniels
Karell Williams
Anthony Lee Medina
Paul is ____.
Trey is ____.
Eduardo is ____.[citation needed]
2015 London Spy BBC Two Danny Holt
Ben Whishaw
Edward Holcroft
Jim Broadbent
Alex is ____.
Danny is ____.
Alex and Danny meet in episode one, but tragedy soon strikes, and Danny finds himself in the center of a conspiracy beyond belief.[citation needed]
2015–2017 Master of None Netflix Denise Lena Waithe Denise is the lesbian best friend of main character Dev.[citation needed]
2015 You, Me and the Apocalypse Sky 1 Scotty McNeil
Arnold Gaines
Kyle Soller
Paterson Joseph
Scotty is ____.
Arnold is ____.[citation needed]
2015 Cuffs BBC One Jake Vickers
Simon Reddington
Donna Prager
Alice Gove
Corey Draper
Jacob Ifan
Andrew Hawley
Eleanor Matsuura
Pippa Nixon
Jake is ____ and the main character of the series. He is a rookie police officer.
Simon is ____ and the station's defense solicitor.
Corey is ____ and the son of Jake's partner and Tutor Constable, Ryan.[citation needed]
2015–2018 Code Black CBS Malaya Pineda
Carla Niven
Noa Kean
Melanie Chandra
Shiri Appleby
Emily Tyra
Malaya is lesbian and a second year resident as of season 2.[135]
Carla is her former girlfriend.
Noa is a first-year resident who has stated she has dated both men and women in the past.[citation needed]
2015–2018 Quantico ABC Elias Harper
Hannah Wyland
Harry Doyle
Will Olsen
Sebastian Chen
Rick Cosnett
Eliza Coupe
Russell Tovey
Jay Armstrong Johnson
David Lim
Elias Harper is an openly gay intelligence analyst trainee at the FBI Academy.
Hannah Wyland is Ryan Booth's ex-wife. She left him because she had fallen in love with a woman.
Harry Doyle is an openly gay MI6 agent and CIA trainee at The Farm. He and Sebastian, another trainee, began having feelings for each other, despite Sebastian's attempt to suppress his feelings prior to leaving the training facility.
Harry slept with Will Olsen as part of a personal mission during his time at The Farm.[136][citation needed]
2015–2017 Rosewood FOX Pippy Rosewood
Gabrielle Dennis
Anna Konkle
Pippy is a lesbian. Her ex-girlfriend appears in several episodes.
Tara is bisexual. She's shown kissing a man and has an ex-boyfriend.
Pippy and Tara are engaged to be married in Season 1.[citation needed]
2015– Club de Cuervos Netflix Aitor Cardoné Alosian Vivancos Aitor is ____.[citation needed]
2015– Glitch ABC1 Charlie Thompson Sean Keenan Charlie is one of the characters who rises from the dead with no memory. Through a series of flashbacks he regains his memory and we learn that he was in love and in a relationship with one of his fellow soldiers.[citation needed]
2015–2019 Mr. Robot USA Network Gideon Goddard
Tyrell Wellick
Anwar Raziz
Dominique DiPierro
Darlene Alderson
Michel Gill
Martin Wallström
BD Wong
Randy Harrison
Mitchell Winter
Grace Gummer
Carly Chaikin
Gideon is gay and the main character's boss.
Tyrell does not self-identify with a sexual orientation but has had sex with men and women, though usually only to further his personal agenda. At the end of the second season Tyrell confesses that he is in love with Elliot.
Whiterose is a transgender woman.
Harry is Gideon's partner.
Anwar is gay.
Dominique is lesbian.
Darlene is bisexual and sleeps with Dominique.
[citation needed]
2015– Scream MTV
Audrey Jensen
Rachel Murray
Bex Taylor-Klaus
Sosie Bacon
Zena Grey
Giullian Yao Gioiello
Audrey and Rachel are a lesbian couple before Rachel is killed.[citation needed]
2015 Complications USA Network Gretchen Polk Jessica Szohr Gretchen is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2018 UnREAL Lifetime Jay
Alexi Petrov
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
Breeda Wool
Alex Sparrow
Jaime Callica
Tracie Thoms
Jay is a gay producer on Everlasting.
Faith is a lesbian contestant from Everlasting.
Alexi is ____.
Xavier is ____.
Fiona is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2018 Sense8 Netflix Capheus Onyango
Sun Bak
Nomi Marks
Kala Dandekar
Riley Blue
Wolfgang Bogdanow
Lito Rodriguez
Will Gorski
Rajan Rasal
Aml Ameen / Toby Onwumere
Doona Bae
Jamie Clayton
Tina Desai
Tuppence Middleton
Max Riemelt
Miguel Angel Silvestre
Brian J. Smith
Alfonso Herrera
Freema Agyeman
Erik Hayser
Mumbi Maina
Purab Kohli
Capheus is ____.
Sun is ____.
Nomi is a trans woman.
Kala is ____.
Riley is ____.
Wolfgang is ____.
Lito is ____.
Will is ____.
Hernando is Lito's boyfriend.
Amanita is bisexual and Nomi's girlfriend.
Raoul is Lito's first gay lover.
Zakia is Capheus' lover and she confess to have loved a woman in the past.
Rajan is Kala's husband and the two enter in a polyamorous relationship with Wolfgang.
[citation needed]
In 2015, actor Brian J. Smith stated that Lana Wachowski "thinks all the [sensates] characters are pan-sexual."[137]
2015–2016 Wayward Pines FOX Frank Armstrong Michael Garza Frank is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2016 Aquarius NBC Charles Manson
Ken Karn
Gethin Anthony
Brian F. O'Byrne
Charles is ____.
Ken is ____.[citation needed]
2015– Younger TV Land Maggie
Lauren Heller
Debi Mazar
Molly Bernard
Maggie is ____.
Lauren is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2018 The Royals E! Princess Eleanor Henstridge
Mandy/Samantha Cook
Alexandra Park
Sarah Dumont
Jake Maskall
Eleanor is bisexual, and formerly involved with her bodyguard, Jasper.
Mandy is bisexual and ex-girlfriend of Jasper, and his partner in a con to steal a diamond from Eleanor.[138]
Cyrus is ________.[citation needed]
2015 Dig USA Detective Golan Cohen
Ori Pfeffer
Tsahi Halevi
Golan is a detective and friend of Peter. They work together to solve the show's mystery. He lives with his son and with Udi.
Udi is Golan's boyfriend.[citation needed]
2015 The Returned A&E
Dr. Julie Han
Deputy Nikki Banks
Sandrine Holt
Agnes Bruckner
Julie is ____.
Nikki is ____.[citation needed]
2015–2017 American Crime ABC Network Eric Tanner
Taylor Blaine
Joey Pollari
Connor Jessup
Taylor John Smith
Eric is ____.
Taylor is ____. Luke is ____.[citation needed]
2015 Olympus Syfy Lykos
Wade Burns
Levi Meaden
Sophia Lauchlin Hirt
Kimon is Prince Lykos's manservent and lover.
Adriadne is bisexual.[citation needed]
2015 Banana E4 Freddie Baxter
Dean Monroe
Henry Best
Vivienne "Scotty" Scott
Vanessa Moore
Sian Moore
Freddie Fox
Fisayo Akinade
Vincent Franklin
Letitia Wright
Lynn Hunter
Georgia Henshaw
Hannah John-Kamen
Freddie is ____.
Dean is ____.
Henry is ____.
Vivienne is ____.
Vanessa is ____.
Sian is ____.
Violet is ____.[citation needed]
2015 Cucumber Channel 4 Henry Best
Lance Sullivan
Freddie Baxter
Dean Monroe
Cliff Costello
Vivienne "Scotty" Scott
Vincent Franklin
Cyril Nri
Freddie Fox
Fisayo Akinade
Con O'Neill
Letitia Wright
Henry is ____.
Lance is ____.
Freddie is ____.
Dean is ____.
Cliff is ____.
Vivienne is ____.[citation needed]
2015 Backstrom Fox Gregory Valentine Thomas Dekker Gregory is ____.[citation needed]
2015 Eye Candy MTV Connor
John Garet Stoker
Parker Pogue
Connor dates Oliver in Season 1.[citation needed]
2015– Empire Fox Jamal Lyon
Michael Sanchez
Tiana Brown
Ryan Morgan
Mimi Whiteman
Derek Major
Tory Ash
Jussie Smollett
Rafael de la Fuente
Serayah McNeill
Eka Darville
Marisa Tomei
Tobias Truvillion
Rumer Willis
Jamal Lyon is the middle son of the Lyon family, a talented, gay singer-songwriter.
Michael is Jamal's ex-boyfriend.
Tiana engages in a relationship with a woman early in the first season.
Australian videographer Ryan Morgan is another love interest for Jamal.[citation needed]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2016–2019 Preacher AMC Proinsias Cassidy
Joseph Gilgun
Adam Croasdell
Proinsias is bisexual.
Eccarius is bisexual.
Proinsias and Eccarious have shown attraction to men and women and are romantically involved with each another.[citation needed]
2016–2018 Luke Cage Netflix Hernan "Shades" Alvarez
Darius "Comanche" Jones
Theo Rossi
Thomas Q. Jones
Shades is bisexual.
Comanche is gay.
Shades and Comanche were lovers while in prison.[139][140]
2016–2018 Falling Water USA Network Alexis Simms
Sepideh Moafi
Parisa Fitz-Henley
Detective Alexis Simms is lesbian. She lives with Christine.
Christine is lesbian and the girlfriend of Alexis.[141]
2016– The Crown Netflix Antony Armstrong-Jones Matthew Goode Antony is ____.[citation needed]
2016– Victoria ITV Lord Alfred Paget
Edward Drummond
Jordan Waller
Leo Suter
Lord Alfred is a minor character in the first series. In the second series, his part is expanded and Drummond is introduced as a potential love interest. They kiss.[citation needed]
2016– This Is Us NBC William Hill
Tess Pearson
Ron Cephas Jones
Denis O'Hare
Eris Baker
William is bisexual and had a relationship with Jessie.
Jessie is _____.
Tess comes out as a lesbian in season 3.[citation needed]
2016–2017 Pure Genius CBS Jess Wallace
Ally (Ali)
Taylor Rose
Irene Choi
Jess is ____.
Ally is ____.[citation needed]
2016–2019 Star FOX Simone Davis
Cotton Brown
Miss Bruce
Brittany O'Grady
Amiyah Scott
Miss Lawrence
Simone kissed her troubled friend, Karen, in the fifth episode of season 2.
Cotton Brown is the transgender daughter of Carlota Brown .
Miss Bruce is transgender. She and Cotton both work in Carlota Brown's beauty shop.[citation needed]
2016–2018 Timeless NBC Denise Christopher Sakina Jaffrey Denise is a lesbian and a Special Agent. She's married to Michelle, with whom she has a son and daughter.[142]
2016–2018 Travelers Showcase
Joanne Yates
Samantha Burns
Amanda Myers
Kimberley Sustad
Karen Holness
Enid-Raye Adams
Yates is presumably lesbian. It's revealed that she's in a same-sex marriage when Yates asked Grant MacLaren if he was having wife problems and she said to him, "Same here" (season 3, ep 2). (Her wife does not appear in the series and her name is not spoken.)
Burns is presumably a lesbian and is in a relationship with her colleague Myers (season 3).
Myers appears in only one episode (season 3).[143]
2016– The OA Netflix Buck Vu
Alfonso "French" Sosa
Ian Alexander
Brandon Perea
Buck is transgender.[144]
Alfonso is gay.[citation needed]
2016 The Deleted Fullscreen Mason
Will Peltz
Todd Maurer
Madeline Brewer
Julia Kelly
Daniel Zovatto
Mason is ____.
Landon is ____.
Agatha is ____.
Sophie is ____.
Logan is ____.[citation needed]
2016–2017 Incorporated Syfy Theo
Eddie Ramos
Matt Landry
Theo is one of the main characters of Incorporated. In the second episode Ant is introduced as Theo's partner.[citation needed]
2016– El marginal Televisión Pública Argentina Juan Pablo "Diosito" Borges
Nicolás Furtado
Carlos Portaluppi
Guido Botto Fiora
Juan's sexual orientation has not been specified, but is likely bisexual.[145] He is in love with Miguel Palacios/Osvaldo Peña.
Morcilla is bisexual.
Fiorella is gay.[146] He is in a relationship with Morcilla.[citation needed]
2016 Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Netflix Michel Gerard
Yanic Truesdale
Sam Pancake
Michel is from the original Gilmore Girls series and is married to Frederick (David Greenman), though he is not seen.
Donald is a newer Stars Hollow resident introduced upon discussion of the first potential LGBT Pride festival for the town, where some more notable characters' sexualities are mentioned and/or danced around.[citation needed]
2016 The Young Pope HBO Cardinal Bernardo Gutierrez
Cardinal Andrew Dussolier
Cardinal Mario Assente
Ángelo Sanchez
Freddy Blakestone
Javier Cámara
Scott Shepherd
Maurizio Lombardi
Marcos Franz
Alex Esola
Bernardo comes out as gay in the first season's final episode.
Andrew is seen having sex with a man and a woman in episode 6 of season 1.
Mario confirms his homosexuality in private conversation with Pope Pius XIII in episode 2 of season 1.
Ángelo is accused of "sexual disturbances", which seems to be the euphemism for homosexual tendencies. He denies being gay and commits suicide in episode 6 of season 1. The truth about his sexuality remains unclear.
Freddy is a young gay man fascinated by Monsignor Gutierrez at some point.[citation needed]
2016–2017 No Tomorrow The CW Kareema
Sarayu Blue
Marta Milans
Kareema is pansexual; she has a sexual tryst with Sofia, an immigrant wanting to marry her brother for a green card.[citation needed]
2016– Van Helsing Syfy Susan
Vanessa Helsing
Hilary Jardine
Kelly Overton
Susan had a boyfriend before the vampire apocalypse. In episode 1.09 she kisses her friend Vanessa (Van) Helsing on the lips and attempts physical intimacy with her. Vanessa kisses Susan back.[citation needed]
2016 Notorious ABC Levi Ramon de Ocampo Levi had romantic feelings towards his childhood best friend Oscar Keating and cat-fished him.[citation needed]
2016– Goliath Prime Video Michelle McBride
Callie Senate
Maria Bello
Molly Parker
Michelle is ____.
Callie is ____.[citation needed]
2016 Class BBC Three Charlie Smith
Matteusz Andrzejewski
Greg Austin
Jordan Renzo
Charlie is an alien prince and is dating Matteusz, who comes from a very religious family that doesn't tolerate him having a boyfriend.[citation needed]
2016 Eyewitness USA Network Philip Shea
Lukas Waldenbeck
Tyler Young
James Paxton
Phillip and Lukas are secretly in a relationship. Lukas is violently closeted while Philip is comfortable with his sexuality. Lukas has a girlfriend.[citation needed]
2016 Conviction ABC Hayes Morrison
Jackson Morrison
Franklin "Frankie" Cruz
Rey Armas
Naomi Golden
Hayley Atwell
Daniel Franzese
Manny Montana
Ian Paola
Ilfenesh Hadera
Hayes is bisexual and her brother, Jackson, is gay.
Frankie and Rey had a romantic relationship while cellmates.
Naomi is bisexual and Hayes' ex-girlfriend.[citation needed]
2016–2017 The Exorcist FOX Katherine Rance
Father Marcus Keane
Peter Morrow
Brianne Howey
Ben Daniels
Brianna Hildebrand
Christopher Cousins
During a flashback, it is confirmed that Katherine is lesbian, and that she dated a friend from college before her death in a car accident that Katherine survived (another character references the girl as "the love of her life").
Marcus mentions that he has been "mostly" celibate after being excommunicated in season one, and he exchanges a flirtatious look with a man at a bar. A demon suggests that girls "aren't his type", indicating that he is gay. In season two, Marcus has a love interest in Peter Morrow, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife investigator, and the two men bond before sharing a kiss on Peter's boat.
Verity mentions that she is gay in a conversation about her distrust of religion due to the fact she was sent to a conversion camp when she was younger.[citation needed]
2016– Westworld HBO Logan
Clementine Pennyfeather
Elsie Hughes
Ben Barnes
Angela Sarafyan
Shannon Woodward
Logan is seen having sex with both a man and a woman in episode 2 of season 1, and is most likely bisexual.
Clementine is ____.
Elsie is ____.[citation needed]
2016– Bull CBS Chunk Palmer Chris Jackson Chunk is ____.[citation needed]
2016–2019 Easy Netflix Jo
Jacqueline Toboni
Kiersey Clemons
Jo and Chase meet, fall in love, and become a lesbian couple in season 1 episode 2, "Vegan Cinderella".[147]
2016– Berlin Station Epix Hector DeJean
Faisal Al-Fakeeh
Hans Richter
Rhys Ifans
Kerem Can
Bernhard Schütz
Hector is ____.
Faisal is ____.
Hans is ____.[citation needed]
2016 Quarry Cinemax Buddy Damon Herriman Buddy is assumed to be gay because some of his partners in crime call him "queer", and in the third episode he is seen spending his time in a gay bar.[citation needed]
2016– Better Things FX Rick
Diedrich Bader
Rebecca Merz
Rick is ____.
Tressa is ____.[citation needed]
2016 The Collection Prime Video
BBC Worldwide
Claude Sabine Tom Riley Claude is ____.[citation needed]
2016–2017 Too Close to Home TLC Dax
Nick Ballard
Charles Justo
Dax is ____.
Victor is ____.[citation needed]
2016 Barracuda ABC Danny Kelly
Martin Taylor
Elias Anton
Ben Kindon
Nicole Gulasekharam
Danny and Martin masturbate together and kiss. Danny is gay and Martin is bisexual.
Demet is _____.[citation needed]
2016–2017 The Get Down Netflix Marcus 'Dizzee' Kipling
Jaden Smith
Noah Le Gros
Dizzee and Thor are both popular graffiti artists who paint on trains. They end up at an exclusive underground LGBT club, and kiss.[citation needed]
2016 Dead of Summer Freeform Blair Ramos
Drew Reeves
Mark Indelicato
Zelda Williams
Blair is ____.
Drew is ____.[citation needed]
2016 American Gothic CBS Alison Hawthorne-Price
Naomi Flynn
Juliet Rylance
Maureen Sebastian
Alison is ____.
Naomi is ____.[citation needed]
2016– Animal Kingdom TNT Deran Cody
Adrian Dolan
Janine "Smurf" Cody
Mark Liston
Jake Weary
Spencer Treat Clark
Ellen Barkin
Andy Favreau
Damon Erik Williams
Deran is in the closet in the beginning of the series but comes out to his family later on.
Adrian is out. He and Deran are in a relationship.[citation needed]
2016– Wynonna Earp Syfy
CHCH-DT (Season 1)
Waverly Earp
Nicole Haught
Jeremy Chetri
Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Katherine Barrell
Varun Saranga
Justin Kelly
Waverly, the younger sister of Wynonna, had a boyfriend until she met Nicole Haught. She was caught off guard by her attraction towards her.
Nicole Haught, a lesbian, is a deputy sheriff and was immediately captivated by Waverly. The two build a friendship which eventually becomes romantic.
Waverly and Nicole Haught as a couple are known by the fan portmanteau "Wayhaught".[148]
Jeremy is gay.
Robin is gay and gets involved with Jeremy in Season 3.
[citation needed]
2016 Hunters Syfy Dylan Briggs Mark Coles Smith Briggs had a lover killed by the hunters.[citation needed]
2016–2019 The Durrells ITV Sven Ulric von der Esch Sven's feelings for Mrs. Durrell are being used to hide his homosexuality.[citation needed]
2016 Damien A&E James Shay
David Meunier
Michael Therriault
James and Patrick appear to be in a long-term committed relationship. They have a son, Jacob.[citation needed]
2016– Marcella ITV Matthew Neil
Yann Hall
Cara Thomas
Alex Dier
Sascha Kyte
Jojo Baines
Ben Cura
Tobias Santelmann
Florence Pugh
Charlie Covell
Victoria Broom
Tamzin Malleson
Matthew is ____.
Yann is ____.
Cara is ____.
Alex is an androgynous woman. Her demeanor suggests she's lesbian, although her sexual preference has not been mentioned in the series.[149]
Sascha is a lesbian.
Jojo is lesbian and the partner of Sascha Kyte.[150]
[citation needed]
2016–2018 Hap and Leonard SundanceTV Leonard Pine
Michael K. Williams
Enrique Murciano
Leonard is gay.
Raoul is _____.[citation needed]
2016–2017 The Catch ABC Margot Bishop
Rhys Bishop
Sonya Walger
Shivani Ghai
Caleb Smith
John Simm
Nick Hounslow
Margot (bisexual) and Felicity (bisexual) have an affair.[citation needed]
2016– The Girlfriend Experience Starz Christine Reade
Avery Suhr
Riley Keough
Kate Lyn Sheil
In a scene in an early episode of the series, Christine and Avery spend one night together while temporary flatmates.[citation needed]
2016 Heartbeat NBC Max Eliott Joshua Leonard Max is ____.[citation needed]
2016– Slasher Super Channel (season 1)
Robin Turner
Justin Faysal
Glenn Morgan/Benny Ironside
Christopher Jacot
Mark Ghanimé
Christopher Jacot
Joanne Vannicola
Ty Olsson
Robin is ____.
Justin is ____.
Antoine is ____.
Renée is ____.
Glenn/Benny is ____.[citation needed]
2016 The Family ABC Willa Warren
Bridey Cruz
Alison Pill
Floriana Lima
Willa is ____.
Bridey is ____.[citation needed]
2016– The A Word BBC One
Tom Clarke Matt Greenwood Tom is ____.[citation needed]
2016–2018 The Night Manager BBC One Major Lance "Corky" Corkoran Tom Hollander Lance is ____.[citation needed]
2016 Recovery Road Freeform Vern Testaverde Daniel Franzese Vern is ____.[citation needed]
2016–2017 The Shannara Chronicles MTV (season 1)
Princess Lyria
Ivana Baquero
Vanessa Morgan
Eretria is bisexual. She may have romantic feelings for Amberle in season 1.
Princess Lyria was in a relationship with Eretria in season 2.[151][152]
2016 Crashing Channel 4 Fred
Amit Shah
Jonathan Bailey
Lachie Chapman
Fred is ____.
Sam is ____.
Will is ____.[citation needed]
2016– Lucifer Fox (seasons 1–3)
Netflix (seasons 4–5)
Lucifer Morningstar
Tom Ellis
Lesley-Ann Brandt
Inbar Lavi
Lucifer is bisexual.[153]
Maze is pansexual.[154]
Eve may be bisexual. She is a widow (her husband was Adam) and is focused on Lucifer, but she's also open to playing around with females.[citation needed]
2016– Legends of Tomorrow CW Sara Lance/White Canary
Todd Rice/Obsidian
Lindsay Carlisle
Anne (Queen of France)
Alex Danvers
Citizen Cold
Ray Terrill
John Constantine
Ava Sharpe
Gary Green
Caity Lotz
Lance Henriksen
Ali Liebert
Rebecca Eady
Elyse Levesque
Chyler Leigh
Wentworth Miller
Russell Tovey
Matt Ryan
Jes Macallan
Adam Tsekhman
Sara is bisexual.
Todd Rice is homosexual.
Lindsay Carlisle is a nurse featured in episode "Night of the Hawk", who upon meeting Sara realizes that she has feelings towards women, and they kiss.
In episode "Out of Time", Sara sleeps with Anne, who later consummates her marriage to the King of France.
Guinevere is an English queen featured in episode "Camelot/3000" who develops a crush on Sara and they kiss.
In the crossover episode "Crisis on Earth-X, Part Four", Alex Danvers from Supergirl (TV series) has a one-night stand with Sara.
Leonard Snart's doppelgänger, Citizen Cold, from Earth-X (another Earth) is gay and appears to be in a relationship with superhero Ray Terrill.
Ray Terrill is gay.
John Constantine is bisexual.[155]
Ava enters into a relationship with Sara Lance. In episode "Beebo the God of War", Ava says she's 'not the husband type', suggesting that she is a lesbian.
Gary appears to be bisexual, evidenced by his interest in both Ava and Constantine.[citation needed]
2016– Billions Showtime Tara Mohr
Donnie Caan
Taylor Mason
Annapurna Sriram
David Cromer
Asia Kate Dillon
Matthew Humphreys
Tara Mohr is a lesbian. After a cocaine-snorting lesbian sex tryst that was secretly videotaped, she was blackmailed into spying on her employer. She was not seen again in the series after being caught snooping by a coworker.
Donnie Caan was closeted until he met Walter. They are married.
Taylor Mason is the first gender neutral character on mainstream American television.
Walter is the husband of Donnie Caan.[citation needed]
2016–2018 Shades of Blue NBC Lieutenant Matt Wozniak
Donnie Pomp
Nate Wozniak
Ray Liotta
Michael Esper
Cameron Scoggins
Wozniak is bisexual and the corrupt commander of the 64th Precinct, and the main target in an FBI anti-corruption investigation. He engages in random hook-ups with men that he meets in bars. He has a wife and hides his bisexuality from everyone. He also secretly dated Internal Affairs Lieutenant Donnie Pomp.
Wozniak's son Nate is introduced in season 2. He has a boyfriend named Jay.[citation needed]
2016–2019 Shadowhunters Freeform Alec Lightwood
Magnus Bane
Raphael Santiago
Olivia (Ollie) Wilson
Aline Penhallow
Helen Blackthorn
Lorenzo Rey
Matthew Daddario
Harry Shum, Jr.
David Castro
Jade Hassouné
Alexandra Ordolis
Tara Joshi
Eileen Li (S2, 3a) / Jacky Lai (S3b)
Sydney Meyer
Steve Byers
Javier Muñoz
Alec is gay. During season 1 he struggles with his attraction to men, especially after he meets Magnus, but eventually comes out as gay by kissing Magnus in front of his family. The two enter a serious relationship.
Magnus is openly bisexual and a High Warlock. He has been in relationships with both men and women in the past. He is now in a committed relationship with Alec.
Raphael is asexual and a Vampire. Though he is romantically attracted to Isabelle Lightwood, he told her that sex is not something he is interested in.
Meliorn is bisexual, as Seelies are generally bisexual.
Olivia is an out lesbian and Luke Garroway's new detective partner at the precinct. She is in a relationship with Samantha.
Samantha is Ollie's girlfriend.
Aline is a closeted lesbian and a Shadowhunter. She becomes involved with Helen Blackthorn.
Helen is bisexual and a half-Shadowhunter/half-Seelie. She starts a relationship with Aline.
Underhill is gay and a Shadowhunter. He comes out to Alec and said Alec's coming out and openness about his relationship with Magnus inspired him.
In the series finale, it is hinted that Lorenzo may not be straight.
[citation needed]
2016– Degrassi: Next Class Family Channel Miles Hollingsworth III
Zoe Rivas
Tristan Milligan
Vijay Maraji
Yael Baron
Rasha Zuabi
Esme Song
Francesca "Frankie" Hollingsworth
Eric Osborne
Ana Golja
Lyle Lettau
Dante Scott
Jamie Bloch
Dalia Yegavian
Chelsea Clark
Sara Waisglass
Miles is bisexual.
Zoe is a lesbian.
Tristan is gay.
Vijay is gay.
Yael is non-binary/genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns.
Rasha is a lesbian.
Esme and Frankie enter a polyamorous relationship with Zig.[citation needed]
2016– Stranger Things Netflix Robin Maya Hawke Robin is lesbian. Steve Harrington thought Robin was into him when they were in high school, but she came out when she revealed that the reason she hung around him was another girl, Tammy Thompson. She had wanted Tammy to gaze at her the way she stared at Steve. (Set in the 1980s, the word lesbian or gay is not mentioned in the episode's dialog).[160][161]
Robin, introduced in season 3, is the first non-straight character to be included in the series.[162]
2016–2019 Designated Survivor ABC Dontae Evans
Sasha Booker
Ben Watson
Jamie Clayton
Dontae is gay.
Sasha is a trans woman.[163]
2016 Bad Romance: The Series __?__ __?__ __?__ ?[citation needed]
2016–2017 2Moons: The Series __?__ __?__ __?__ ?[citation needed]
2016–2017 SOTUS: The Series __?__ __?__ __?__ ?[citation needed]
2016–2017 My Bromance: The Series __?__ __?__ __?__ ?[citation needed]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2017– The End of the F***ing World Channel 4
Eunice Noon
Teri Darego
Gemma Whelan
Wunmi Mosaku
DC Noon is a lesbian.
DC Darego is a lesbian.
Noon and Darego are police force partners.[164]
2017– Creeped Out CBBC
Family Channel
Mrs. Tuthill
Mrs. Tuthill
Andrea Grant
In episode "Kindlesticks" (1x09), Esme promises to babysit twins Sissy and Missy while their same-sex parents go out that night.[citation needed]
2017– The Sinner USA Network Heather Novack Natalie Paul Detective Novack is an out lesbian.[165]
2017– Dark Netflix Peter Doppler
Agnes Nielsen
Doris Tiedemann
Bernadette Wöller
Stephan Kampwirth
Antje Traue
Luise Heyer
Anton Rubtsov
Peter is gay and closeted.[166][167]
In 1953, Agnes and Doris were secret lovers.[168]
Bernadette is a trans woman.[169][170]
2017–2018 Prison Playbook tvN Yoo Han Yang ("Looney")
Song Ji Won
Lee Kyu Hyung
Kim Joon Han
Han Yang is gay.
Ji Won is gay and Han Yang's boyfriend.[citation needed]
2017– Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) Antena 3
Darko Peric
Rodrigo de la Serna
Helsinki is ____.
Palermo is ____.[citation needed]
2017 Borderliner Netflix Nikolai Andreassen
Kristoffer Lund
Tobias Santelmann
Morten Svartveit
Nikolai, the lead character, is closeted and has a secret boyfriend, Kristoffer.[171]
2017–2019 She's Gotta Have It Netflix Nola Darling
Opal Gilstrap
DeWanda Wise
Ilfenesh Hadera
Nola describes herself as a pansexual.[172]
Opal is a lesbian in a relationship with Nola.[173]
2017 The Frozen Dead M6 Irène Ziegler
Julia Piaton
Sophie Guillemin
Ziegler is openly lesbian and the captain of the St. Martin detective squad.[174]
Greta is Ziegler's partner and owner of a local inn where they reside together.[175]
2017– S.W.A.T CBS Christina "Chris" Alonso Lina Esco Officer III Alonso comes out as bisexual in episode "Homecoming" (1.07) when she says: "I love men. And I also love women. Why does a girl have to choose?"[176]
She enters into a polyamorous relationship with _____ and _____ in season 2 (episode 6).[citation needed]
2017– Gone NBC James Andy Mientus James was kicked out of his home after his father found out that he was gay and later got kidnapped because of it.[177]
2017 Godless Netflix Marie Agnes MacNue
Callie Dunne
Merritt Weaver
Tess Frazer
Mary Agnes is bisexual. The widow of the town's mayor, she wears her husband's clothes and is in a same-sex relationship with the town's schoolteacher, Callie Dunne.[178]
Callie is a lesbian and the town's teacher. She was a prostitute in La Belle's brothel before it was turned into a school.[179]
2017– Runaways Hulu Karolina Dean
Nico Minoru
Virginia Gardner
Lyrica Okano
Karolina is a lesbian and an alien descendant with superpowers.[180]
Nico Minoru is bisexual. Formerly in a relationship with Alex Wilder, now reciprocates Karolina's attraction for her.[181]
2017–2019 The Punisher Netflix David Schuhltz
Quentin Glass
Todd Alan Crain
Will Patton
David is a U.S. senator and closeted homosexual.
Quentin is _____ and the right hand man of Howards Saint.[citation needed]
2017–2019 Andi Mack Disney Channel Cyrus Goodman
TJ Kippen
Joshua Rush
Luke Mullen
Cyrus first comes out when he tells Buffy Driscoll that he had a crush on Jonah Beck. Later he tells Andi that she's not the only one who likes Jonah because he likes him, too. Eventually his feelings for Jonah subside and he comes out to him when he says he's gay.
TJ's gay orientation is confirmed in the final episode of the series, when he and Cyrus become a couple.[182][183][184]
Andi Mack is the first Disney Channel series with a character that comes out as gay.[185][186]
2017– Mindhunter Netflix Wendy Carr
Annaliese Stilman
Kay Manz
Anna Torv
Lena Olin
Lauren Glazier
Dr. Wendy Carr, a psychologist at a Boston university, is a lesbian in a relationship with Dr. Stilman, the head of Wendy's university department. She goes into the closet in order to work as a behavioral science consultant for the FBI, and ends her relationship with Annaliese. She later meets Kay, a bartender in a local bar near Quantico, and falls in love with her.[187]
Annaliese is more open about who she and Wendy are to each other.[188]
Kay is lesbian and works as a bartender because, as she tells Wendy, she doesn't "have to hide who I am" (S2, ep 4). She married because it was what her parents expected and had a child because it was what her husband wanted. She divorced and left custody of her son to her ex-husband because she didn't want to continue suppressing her identity.
Wendy told Kay that their lovemaking was the best sex of her life (S2, ep 5) and she later asked Kay to move in with her, but she breaks up with Kay after Kay forgot that a custodial exchange weekend had been changed and when Wendy overheard Kay tell her ex-husband that she was going to introduce their son to a "friend" and he asked if it was someone important, she said no. Kay lied to her ex-husband about her sexual orientation because she didn't want to risk losing access to her son if he found out about it (S2, ep 8).[189]
2017– Suburra: Blood on Rome Netflix Alberto "Spadino" Anacleti Giacomo Ferrara Spadino is a gay man whose traditional family forces him into accepting a sham straight marriage.[190]
2017–2018 Ghost Wars Syfy Val McGrath-Dufresne
Marilyn McGrath-Dufresne
Luvia Petersen
Kristin Lehman
Val (the mayor of Port Moore) and Marilyn (the town doctor) are lesbians and married to each other.[191]
2017–2018 Valor The CW Thea
Zoe Cho
Melissa Roxburgh
Chelle Ramos
Thea is a closeted bisexual CIA agent. She has two short-term relationships with a female soldier named SSG Zoe Cho in Episode #3, and male pilot CPT Leland Gallo in Episode #7.[192]
2017– Dynasty The CW
Steven Carrington
Sam "Sammy Jo" Jones
James Mackay
Rafael de la Fuente
Steven has a one-night stand with Sam in the pilot episode.
Sam is the nephew of Cristal Flores (in the original series the character was female). He is "a cute schemer" and helps himself to some of the cash in Steven's pocket during their one-night stand.
Later, Steven and Sam realize that Cristal is Steven's new stepmother.
This series is the remake of the 1980s series of the same name.[citation needed]
2017– Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access
Paul Stamets
Hugh Culber
Anthony Rapp
Wilson Cruz
Paul and Hugh are gay men and in a loving relationship.[193][194][195]
2017–2019 The Deuce HBO Paul Chris Coy Paul is gay and a bartender at Vincent Martino's bar, the Hi-Hat.[196]
2017– The Orville Fox Bortus
Peter Macon
Chad L. Coleman
Bortus and Klyden are mates and members of an alien race, the Moclans, where homosexuality is the norm among their species.[197]
2017 Man in an Orange Shirt BBC Two Thomas March
Michael Berryman
Adam Berryman
James McArdle
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Julian Morris
David Gyasi
The story of two gay relationships set in different eras: Thomas and Michael during the 1940s, and Adam and Steve in the present.[198]
2017– Mr. Mercedes Audience Lou Linklatter Breeda Wool Lou is a butch lesbian subjected to overt homophobia.[199]
2017–2018 Midnight, Texas NBC Joe Strong
Chuy Strong
Walker Chisum
Jason Lewis
Bernardo Saracino
Josh Kelly
Joe is gay and a fallen angel.
Chuy is half-demon and Joe's husband.
Walker is gay.[citation needed]
2017– Ozark Netflix Roy Petty
Russ Langmore
Jason Butler Harner
Marc Menchaca
Roy is ____.
Russ is ____.[citation needed]
2017– The Bold Type Freeform Adena El-Amin
Kat Edison
Tia Clayton
Nikohl Boosheri
Aisha Dee
Katerina Tannembaum
Alexis Floyd
Adena is a lesbian Muslim feminist and professional photographer who begins a romance with Kat.[200]
Kat realizes she's bisexual when she falls in love with Adena.[201]
Leila is Adena's ex.
Tia is ___?___.
[citation needed]
2017 Will TNT Christopher Marlowe
Thomas Walsingham
Jamie Campbell Bower
Edward Hayter
Christopher is ____.
Thomas is ____.[citation needed]
2017 Gypsy Netflix Jean Holloway
Sidney Pierce
Dolly Holloway
Naomi Watts
Sophie Cookson
Maren Heary
Jean is bisexual, married to a man, and becomes obsessed with Sidney.[202]
Sidney is bisexual and the former girlfriend of one of Jean's male patients.[203]
Dolly is Jean's daughter and may be lesbian or transgender.[204]
2017 Blood Drive SyFy The Scholar
The Gentleman
Darren Kent
Andrew James Hall
The Scholar is ____.
The Gentleman is ____.[citation needed]
2017 The Mist Spike Adrian Garf
Tyler Denton
Russell Posner
Christopher Gray
Adrian is pansexual.
Tyler is deeply in the closet.
Adrian and Tyler have a brief relationship before things drive them apart.[citation needed]
2017– Las chicas del cable (Cable Girls) Netflix Carlota Rodríguez de Senillosa
Sara Millán/Oscar Ruiz
Ana Fernández
Ana Polvorosa
Carlota is bisexual.
Sara/Oscar is a bisexual trans man who falls in love with Carlota.[205]
Carlota and Sara have a polyamorous relationship together with Carlota's husband, Miguel.[206]
2017– Ackley Bridge Channel 4 Nasreen Paracha
Lila Shariff
Naveed Haider
Sam Murgatroyd
Cory Wilson
Amy-Leigh Hickman
Anneika Rose
Gurjeet Singh
Megan Parkinson
Sam Retford
Nasreen comes out to her mother as a lesbian and tells her she's in love with another woman (series 1, episode 5).
Lila is a lesbian and Nasreen's science teacher.
Nasreen and Lila become involved in a relationship for a short while.
Naveed is gay. He and Nasreen were engaged as part of a sham marriage to hide their homosexuality.
Sam is lesbian and Nasreen's girlfriend.
Cory is Naveed's best friend and is questioning his orientation. In series 2, episode 5, he and Naveed kissed and slept together. Afterwards he said he was lucky to have Naveed in his life (series 2, episode 10).[citation needed]
2017– Claws TNT Quiet Ann
Uncle Daddy
Judy Reyes
Dean Norris
Evan Daigle
Quiet Ann is ____.
Uncle Daddy is ____.
Toby is ____.[citation needed]
2017 Daytime Divas VH1 Kibby Ainsley Chloe Bridges Kibby is bisexual.[citation needed]
2017– American Gods Starz Bilquis
Samantha ("Sam") Black Crow
Yetide Badaki
Mousa Kraish
Omid Abtahi
Devery Jacobs
Bilquis is pansexual and a goddess.
Jinn is gay.
Salim is gay. Jinn and Salim become romantically involved.
Sam is lesbian.[207][208]
2017– Dear White People Netflix Lionel Higgins
Silvio Romo
Neika Hobbs
Kelsey Phillips
Wesley Alvarez
P. Ninny
DeRon Horton
D.J. Blickenstaff
Nia Long
Zee James
Luke O'Sullivan
Nia Jervier
Rudy Martinez
Lena Waithe
Lionel is a gay main character.
Silvio is gay and Lionel's love interest.
Neika and Monique are a lesbian couple.
Conner is a conflicted gay man.
In season 2, episode 4, Kelsey tells Coco that she's a "gold star" lesbian.[209]
Wesley is gay and Lionel's love interest.
P. Ninny is a butch lesbian character in a show within the show who at first denies her sexual orientation but later admits that she is.[209]
[citation needed]
2017– The Handmaid's Tale Hulu Moira
Samira Wiley
Alexis Bledel
Clea DuVall
Ben Lewis
John Carroll Lynch
Rebecca Rittenhouse
Moira had a girlfriend "before".[210]
Emily and Sylvia were married and had a kid "before".[citation needed]
2017 APB Fox Tasha Goss Tamberla Perry Tasha is ____.[citation needed]
2017– Prison Break: Resurrection Fox Sid
Kunal Sharma
Marina Benedict
Sid is ____.
A&W is ____.[citation needed]
2017–2018 Famous in Love Freeform Alexis Glenn
Rachel Davis
Niki Koss
Katelyn Tarver
Alexis is bisexual and has an affair with Rachel.[citation needed]
2017– Feud FX Victor Buono Dominic Burgess Victor is ____.[citation needed]
2017– Charité Netflix Sister Therese
Otto Marquardt
Martin Schelling
Klara Deutschmann
Jannik Schümann
Jacob Matschenz
Therese is lesbian.
Otto is gay.[211]
Martin is gay.[212]
[citation needed]
2017– 13 Reasons Why Netflix Courtney Crimsen
Todd Crimsen
Steve Crimsen
Ryan Shaver
Tony Padilla
Montgomery "Monty" de la Cruz
Winston Williams
Michele Selene Ang
Robert Gant
Alex Quijano
Tommy Dorfman
Christian Navarro
Henry Zaga
R.J. Brown
Clarke Hollingsworth
Timothy Granaderos
Deaken Bluman
Courtney is a lesbian. She was closeted until the finale episode of season 2 ("Bye"), when she came out to her adoptive gay parents.[213]
Todd and Steve are gay and Courtney's parents.
Ryan told Hannah he was gay in season 1, episode 8.
Tony used to date Ryan and now he's dating Brad (episode 8).
Brad is gay.
Caleb is _____.
Tamika is Courtney's girlfriend.[213]
Monty is gay. He has sex with Winston.
Winston is _____.[citation needed]
2017 When We Rise ABC Cleve Jones
(young) Cleve Jones
Roma Guy
(young) Roma Guy
(young) Diane
Ken Jones
(young) Ken Jones
Pat Norman
Del Martin
Phyllis Lyon
Cecilia Chung
José Sarria
Bobbi Jean Baker
Anne Kronenberg
Sally Gearhart
Guy Pearce
Austin P. McKenzie
Mary-Louise Parker
Emily Skeggs
Rachel Griffiths
Fiona Dourif
Michael K. Williams
Jonathan Majors
Tyler Young
Charlie Carver
Whoopi Goldberg
Rosie O'Donnell
Maddie Corman
Caitlin Gerard
Ivory Aquino
Nick Eversman
Michael DeLorenzo
Britt Irvin
Carrie Preston
Cleve Jones is gay and an AIDS activist.
Roma Guy is a feminist lesbian and social justice activist.
Ken Jones is a gay activist.
Pat Norman is a lesbian activist, founder of the Lesbian Mothers Union and first openly gay employee of the San Francisco Health Department.
Del Martin is a feminist lesbian and activist, and co-founder of Daughters of Bilitis.
Phyllis Lyon is a feminist lesbian and activist, and co-founder of Daughters of Bilitis.
Cecilia Chung is a trans woman and political activist.
José Sarria is a gay political activist and founder of the Imperial Court System.
Bobbi Jean Baker is a transgender activist.
Anne Kronenberg is the campaign manager for Harvey Milk and his aide on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.
Sally Gearhart is a feminist lesbian and political activist.
The miniseries is about the growth of the LGBT civil rights movement in San Francisco, and America, from the 1970s until the 2010s, with characters based on actual persons.
2017– Legion FX Lenny Busker
Aubrey Plaza
Hamish Linklater
Lenny is ____.
Clark has a husband and a child.[citation needed]
2017– The Good Fight CBS All Access Maia Rindell
Amy Breslin
Rose Leslie
Heléne Yorke
Maia is lesbian.
Amy is lesbian and Maia's girlfriend.[221][222]
2017 24 Legacy Fox Andy Shalowitz
Thomas Locke
Dan Bucatinsky
Bailey Chase
Andy Shalowitz is openly gay. He is a communication analyst at CTU.
Thomas Locke is closeted and implied to be gay or bisexual. He is a CTU agent and the head of field operations. Andy and Thomas had a short tryst (off-camera) some time prior to the series which Thomas abruptly ended out of fear of his sexual orientation being discovered.[citation needed]
2017– Mary Kills People Global Jess
Abigail Winter
Katie Douglas
Jess is ____.
Naomi is ____.[citation needed]
2017– Taboo FX Godfrey Edward Hogg Godfrey is secretary at the East India Company and lives in a London Molly House.[citation needed]
2017 The Halcyon ITV Toby Hamilton
Adil Joshi
Edward Bluemel
Akshay Kumar
Toby is the younger son of the family who owns the titular hotel.
Adil and Toby have feelings for each other.[citation needed]
2017– Riverdale The CW Kevin Keller
Moose Mason
Joaquin DeSantos
Toni Topaz
Cheryl Blossom
Fangs Fogarty
Charles Smith
Peaches 'N Cream
Casey Cott
Cody Kearsley
Rob Raco
Vanessa Morgan
Madelaine Petsch
Drew Ray Tanner
Hart Denton
Wyatt Nash
Bernadette Beck
Kevin is openly gay and had relationships with Moose and Joaquin; he also hooked up with a jogger (Chris Carson) while cruising.[223]
Moose is bisexual. In S4, ep. 3, "Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon", he says "I like guys and girls".[224] He was in a relationship with Kevin and dated Midge.[223][225]
Joaquin has been described as gay. He becomes romantically involved with Kevin.[223][226]
Toni is bisexual and in a relationship with Cheryl. She kissed Jughead, but later stated she preferred girls. She almost had a threesome with Sweet Pea and Peaches.[227][228]
Cheryl a lesbian and in a relationship with Toni. She has described herself as "openly lesbian" in the series. (Although fans, and actress Madelaine Petsch, had previously thought Cheryl might be bisexual, in part due to showing attraction for Archie in season 1, Petsch later described Cheryl as "definitely a lesbian".)[229][230]
Fangs is either gay or bisexual. He and Kevin kissed and participated in what appeared to be a marriage-like ceremony on The Farm.[231][232] Fangs and Kevin went to the prom together.[233]
Chic may be pansexual. Hart stated that "Chic loves anything and everything, he's all about everybody".[234][223]
Charles is ____. He's in a relationship with Chic.[235]
Peaches has been described as "queer". She almost participated in a threesome with Toni and Sweet Pea.[236]
2017– Harlots ITV Encore
Margaret Wells
Charlotte Wells
Nancy Birch
Violet Cross
Amelia Scanwell
Prince Rasselas
Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam
Samantha Morton
Jessica Brown Findlay
Kate Fleetwood
Rosalind Eleazar
Jordon Stevens
Josef Altin
Liv Tyler
Margaret is bisexual. She and William North are common law wife and husband, and she reciprocates Nancy Birch's interest in her.
Charlotte is bisexual, and she has both male and female love interests in the first two seasons.
Nancy is a lesbian. She kisses Margaret in season two, and it is revealed that she considers Margaret her true love.
Violet and Amelia are in a romantic relationship.[237]
Prince Rasselas is a "molly boy" and lives with his male partner.
Lady Isabella is Charlotte's love interest in season two.
[citation needed]
2017 Emerald City NBC The Witch of the West Ana Ularu The Witch is ____.[citation needed]
2017–2019 A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Charles
Jerome Squalor
Rhys Darby
Don Johnson
Tony Hale
Kerri Kenney
Charles is gay and in a relationship with Sir.
Sir is gay and partner of Charles in both business and marriage.
Jerome is bisexual.
Babs is lesbian. She said she found a new lover but "she's in prison".
[citation needed]
2017– One Day at a Time Netflix (S1–3)
Pop (S4)
Elena Alvarez
Isabella Gomez
Judy Reyes
Sheridan Pierce
Elena is lesbian and the teenage daughter in the family, she comes out during the series first season.[239]
Ramona is lesbian.
Syd is non-binary. Syd is befriended by Elena and they eventually date.[240][citation needed]
2017– Atypical Netflix Casey
Brigette Lundy-Paine
Fivel Stewart
Casey is bisexual. Casey dates Evan during seasons 1, 2, and 3.
Izzie is bisexual. She's dating Nate, but breaks up with him later in season 2.
In season 2, Casey is introduced to Izzie. They almost kiss but are interrupted by Casey's mom. At the end of the season, they hold hands in a car, saying that "sometimes a thing feels so right". In Season 3, Izzie expresses to Casey that she has feelings for her. Things then become awkward between the two as Casey starts to avoid Izzie. When Izzie confronts Casey, saying that she would have never told her how she feels if she had know that it would get in the way of their friendship, Casey kisses Izzie.
Casey and Evan break up after Casey tells him that she kissed Izzie and may have feelings for her. Casey and Izzie begin dating.[citation needed]
2017–2019 Anne with an E CBC
Josephine Barry
Cole Mackenzie
Deborah Grover
Cory Grüter-Andrew
Aunt Josephine is a lesbian. She had a long-term partner, Gertrude, now deceased.
It's implied that Cole is gay.[241]
2017 Water Boyy: The Series __?__ __?__ __?__ ?[citation needed]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2018– A Discovery of Witches Sky One Sarah Bishop
Emily Mather
Alex Kingston
Valarie Pettiford
Sarah and Emily are a lesbian couple.[242]
2018 The Innocents Netflix Lil
Sabrina Bartlett
Abigail Hardingham
Lise Risom Olsen
Lil kisses June. (She may be lesbian or bisexual.)
Kam has a boyfriend, but is also involved with women. (She appears to be bisexual.)
Sigrid has feelings for a woman back home. (She may be lesbian or bisexual.)
[243][citation needed]
2018– Insatiable Netflix Bob Barnard
Bob Armstrong
Nonnie Thompson
Deborah "Dee" Marshall
Christopher Gorham
Dallas Roberts
Kimmy Shields
Ashley D. Kelley
Bob Barnard claims to enjoy sex with women but self-identifies as gay. He has been in love with Bob Armstrong since they were teenagers.
Bob Armstrong self-identifies as bisexual. He loves his wife Coralee, but realises that he also loves Bob Barnard.
Nonnie is a closeted lesbian. She was in love with best friend Patricia "Patty" Bladell (series main character), but eventually starts dating Dee.
Dee is a lesbian.[citation needed]
2018– Vida Starz Emma Hernandez
Eddy Martínez
Mishel Prada
Ser Anzoategui
Maria-Elena Laas
Michelle Badillo
Emma is bisexual (she has sex with both women and men).
Eddy is a butch lesbian and Vida's widow.[244]
Cruz is lesbian.
Sam is non-binary.[245]  [citation needed]
2018– Condor Audience Sarah Tan
Sharla Shepard
Ellen Wong
Christina Moses
Sarah is ____.
Sharla is ____.[citation needed]
2018– The House of Flowers Netflix Julián de la Mora
María José
Paulina de la Mora
Darío Yazbek Bernal
Juan Pablo Medina
Paco León
Cecilia Suárez
Julián is bisexual. He was in a relationship with a woman while secretly dating Diego.
Diego is gay.[246]
María José (formerly José María) is a transgender woman who was previously married to Paulina and had a son with her.
Although years have passed since their divorce, Paulina seems to still have feelings for María José, regardless of her gender.
[citation needed]
2018– Pose FX Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista
Angel Evangelista
Elektra Abundance
Pray Tell
Damon Richards-Evangelista
Ricky Evangelista
Candy Abundance
Lulu Abundance
Martinez 'Lil Papi' Evangelista
Mj Rodriguez
Indya Moore
Dominique Jackson
Billy Porter
Ryan Jamaal Swain
Dyllón Burnside
Angelica Ross
Hailie Sahar
Angel Bismark Curiel
Blanca is a transgender woman.[247]
Angel is a transgender woman.[247]
Elektra is a transgender woman.[248]
Pray is gay.[249]
Damon is gay.[247]
Ricky is gay and Damon's boyfriend.[249]
Candy is a transgender woman.[250]
Lulu is a transgender woman.[250]
Lil Papi described himself as an "equal opportunity lover".[251][non-primary source needed]
2018 Picnic at Hanging Rock Showcase (AU) Michael Fitzhubert
Irma Leopold
Miranda Reid
Greta McGraw
Marion Quade
Harrison Gilbertson
Samara Weaving
Lily Sullivan
Anna McGahan
Madeleine Madden
Michael is in love with Albert Crundall.
Irma kisses Miranda Reid.
Greta is a geography teacher whose father exiled her from home for being a lesbian.
Marion is lesbian.
Greta and Marion are in a relationship.[252][citation needed]
2018– SKAM Austin Facebook Watch Shay Dixon
Tyler Nunez
La'Keisha Slade
Giovanni Niubo
Shay is lesbian. She develops a crush on Megan, the girlfriend of her best friend (Marlon).
Tyler is gay and Shay's best friend. He has a boyfriend in season 2.[citation needed]
2018– Safe Canal 8
Pete Mayfield Marc Warren Pete is gay.[253]
2018– Sweetbitter Starz Ariel ("Ari")
Eden Epstein
Ariel is a lesbian and a womanizer.[254]
Sasha is a gay Russian immigrant who befriends Tess.[255]
2018– Killing Eve BBC America Villanelle
Bill Pargrave
Jodie Comer
David Haig
Villanelle is a bisexual assassin.[256]
Bill is bisexual, but was predominantly involved with men in the past. He chose to enter into a heterosexual marriage by arrangement because he wanted to father a child, and occasionally has sex with his wife who knows about his history with men.[citation needed]
2018– For the People ABC Kate Littlejohn
Anya Ooms
Susannah Flood
Caitlin Stasey
Kate is lesbian and a prosecutor.
Anya is lesbian and an ATF agent.
Kate and Anya are involved romantically.[257]
2018– Krypton SyFy Adam Strange
Shaun Sipos
Wallis Day
Adam is human and might be gay or bisexual. In season 1 episode "House of Zod", a passing moment between him and another man suggested he may not be heterosexual.[258]
Nyssa is bisexual and was in a same-sex relationship in the past.[259]
2018– Step Up: High Water YouTube Red Tal Baker
Johnny One
Petrice Jones
Al Calderon
Tal is ____ and a super talented dancer. He is a current student of High Water.
Johnny One is ____ and a social media genius, benefiting from his computer programming skills.[citation needed]
2018– The Terror AMC Cornelius Hickey
William Gibson
Adam Nagaitis
Edward Ashley
Cornelius is ____ and has a secret relationship with William. Although they break up in episode 3 they remain close and still seem to have feelings for each other.
Williams is ____.[260][citation needed]
2018– Station 19 ABC Travis Montgomery
Maya Bishop
Jay Hayden
Danielle Savre
Travis is the “heart” of the Fire Station, who acknowledged his husband during the pilot episode, and in episode 2 we find out his husband was a firefighter who died on the job.[citation needed]
Maya is revealed as bisexual in "Contain the Flame" (s1/e3) when she, Andy Herrera, and Victoria Hughes are kicking back on Andy's porch and when asked what she does for self-care, Maya responds that for her it's "lots of sex" with "a series of ladies and gents".[261]
2018– DRUCK funk Matteo Florenzi
David Schreibner
Hans Brecht
Mia Winter
Michelangelo Fortuzzi
Lukas Alexander von Horbatschewsky
Florian Appelius
Milena Tscharntke
Matteo is gay.
David is a transgender boy and Matteo's boyfriend.
Hans is gay.
Mia is bisexual. She has dated a girl in the past.[citation needed]
2018– Harrow ABC Simon Van Reyk Remy Hii Simon is Dr.Harrow's assistant and he has a boyfriend named David.[citation needed]
2018– Instinct CBS Dylan Reinhart
Andy Wilson
Alan Cumming
Daniel Ings
Dylan is gay. A former CIA operative-turned-university professor and best-selling author now helping the New York Police Department.
Andy is gay.
Dylan and Andy are married.
Dylan Reinhart is the first openly Gay lead character in an American prime time television drama.[262] (HeartBeat is the first American prime time drama series to include a main character that was openly Lesbian, and also in a lesbian relationship.)
2018 Collateral BBC Two
Jane Oliver
Linh Xuan Huy
Nicola Walker
Kae Alexander
Jane is a vicar in a lesbian relationship with an illegal immigrant, Linh Xuan Huy.
Linh is Jane's lover.[263]
2018 Life Sentence The CW Ida Abbott
Gillian Vigman
Claudia Rocafort
Ida is bisexual. She leaves her husband to be with her friend, Poppy.[264]
Poppy is Ida's girlfriend and Stella's godmother.
Poppy is ____.[citation needed]
2018 Rise NBC Simon Saunders
Michael Hallowell
Ted Sutherland
Ellie Desautels
Sean Grandillo
Simon is a closeted gay student raised by a very conservative religious family.
Jeremy is Simon’s co-star in the play, and potential love interest.
Michael is transgender.[265][266]
[citation needed]
2018– Burden of Truth CBC Molly Ross
Luna Spence
Sara Thompson
Star Slade
Molly is lesbian.
Luna is lesbian and a First Nation native.
Molly and Luna are in a relationship and attend the same high school. In season 1 episode "Witch Hunt" they go to the prom as a couple, holding hands as they enter and afterwards dance together.[citation needed]
2018 Seven Seconds Netflix Kadeuce Porter
Brenton Butler
Corey Champagne
Daykwon Gaines

Kadeuce is ____.
Brenton is ____.[citation needed]

2018– This Close SundanceNow Michael
Josh Feldman
Colt Prattes
Michael is a graphic novelist, and Ryan is a real estate agent. The series starts after their engagement to be married is broken.[citation needed]
2018 Everything Sucks! Netflix Kate Messner
Emaline Addario
Peyton Kennedy
Sydney Sweeney
Kate spends the season struggling with her sexual identity, before coming to terms that she's a lesbian.
Emaline might be bisexual. She is seen dating a male classmate, but then she and Kate reveal their attraction towards one another and later share a kiss.[267]
2018 The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story FX Gianni Versace
Andrew Cunanan
Antonio D'Amico
Lee Miglin
Jeffrey Trail
David Madson
Édgar Ramírez
Darren Criss
Ricky Martin
Mike Farrell
Finn Wittrock
Cody Fern
Gianni Versace was gay.
Andrew Cunanan was a gay serial/spree killer and he murdered Versace.[268]
Antonio D'Amico is gay and Versace's partner at the time of his death.
Lee Miglin was bisexual and married to the same woman for 38 years before he was murdered by Cunanan, his former escort.[269]
Jeffrey Trail was gay and murdered by Cunanan.
David Madson was gay, witnessed the murder of Jeffrey Trail, and is thereafter also killed by Cunanan.[270]
2018 The Alienist TNT
Willem Van Burgen Josef Altin Willem is ____.[citation needed]
2018 Here and Now HBO Ramon Bayer-Boatwright
Navid Shokrani
Daniel Zovatto
Andy Bean
Marwan Salama
Ramon and Henry are a gay couple.[271]
Navid is gender fluid.[272]
2018–2019 Counterpart Starz Nadia Fierro/Baldwin
Claude Lambert
Sara Serraiocco
Nazanin Boniadi
Liv Lisa Fries
Guy Burnet
Nadia/Baldwin is ____.
Clare is ____.
Greta is ____.
Claude is ____.[citation needed]
2018– Altered Carbon Netflix Isaac Bancroft
Sergei Brevlov
Antonio Marziale
Chris McNally
Isaac is ____.
Sergei is ____.[citation needed]
2018– Black Lightning The CW Anissa Pierce / Thunder
Grace Choi
Nafessa Williams
Chantal Thuy
Shein Mompremier
Anissa is a lesbian superhero.[273][274]
Grace Choi is bisexual and Anissa's love interest.[275]
Chenoa is a lesbian and was Anissa's girlfriend. They were together for one year before Anissa became involved with Grace.[276]
2018– 9-1-1 FOX Michael Grant
Henrietta "Hen" Wilson
Karen Wilson
Eva Mathis
Rockmond Dunbar
Aisha Hinds
Tracie Thoms
Abby Brammell
Michael is gay.[277]
Henrietta is lesbian and married to Karen.[278]
Karen is lesbian. She and Henrietta are raising the son (Denny) of Hen's ex-girlfriend.
Eva is Hen's ex and an incarcerated criminal.[citation needed]
2018– The Purge USA Jenna
Hannah Anderson
Lili Simmons
Jenna is married to Rick, they have a threesome with Lila. Jenna and Lila might have developed feelings for each other. Their sexual orientation is not confirmed.[citation needed]
2018– Élite Netflix Ander Muñoz
Omar Shanaa
Christian Varela Expósito
Arón Piper
Omar Ayuso
Álvaro Rico
Miguel Herrán
Ander is gay and in a relationship with Omar.
Omar is gay but has to hide his sexuality from his parents due to their Muslim faith.[279]
Polo realizes he is bisexual after he and his girlfriend, Carla, initiate a sexual relationship with Christian. He and Ander share a sexual moment together, claiming it to be two friends jerking off together (season 2).
Christian's sexuality is undefined, although he hooked up with Polo without Carla being involved.[citation needed]
2018– The Haunting of Hill House Netflix Theodora "Theo" Crain
Trish Park
Kate Siegel
Levy Tran
Theodora (the middle child of the Crain family) and Trish are a lesbian couple.[280][281]
2018– Light as a Feather Hulu Alex Portnoy
Brianne Tju
Adriyan Rae
Alex is lesbian.[282]
Peri is lesbian.[283]
2018– You Lifetime
Netflix (Season 2–)
Peach Salinger
Shay Mitchell
Marielle Scott
Melanie Field
Peach has been interpreted to be either a lesbian[284] or bisexual.[285]
(In the novel the series is based on she is lesbian.[286][287])
Lucy is lesbian and a literary agent in L.A. married to Sunrise.[288]
Sunrise, wife of Lucy, is lesbian and a stay at home lifestyle blogger.[289]
2018 Deutschland 86 SundanceTV Tim Avery
Rose Seithathi
Lenora Rauch
Alex Edel
Tobias Tischbier
Chris Veres
Florence Kasumba
Maria Schrader
Ludwig Trepte
Alexander Beyer
Tim is a closeted gay American G.I.[290]
Rose is lesbian and in a relationship with Lenora.
Lenora is openly bisexual, having been seen kissing a man in the previous season.
Alex is gay. He slept with Tobias in the previous season.[291]
Tobias is gay. He tries to make a move on Alex in the first season, and later becomes sexually involved with him even though he was in a relationship with a man named Felix.[126]
[citation needed]
2018– Manifest NBC Bethany Collins
Eva Kaminsky
Sheldon Best
Bethany is lesbian and a flight attendant on Flight 828.
Georgia is lesbian and married to Bethany.
Thomas is gay and smuggled on Flight 828 to escape homophobic persecution in Jamaica.[citation needed]
2018– New Amsterdam NBC Iggy Frome
Martin McIntyre
Tyler Labine
Mike Doyle
Iggy and Martin are married and have adopted three children from Bangladesh (season 1 episodes 5 & 6).[citation needed]
2018– Charmed The CW Melanie "Mel" Vera
Nico Hamada
Jada Shields
Melonie Diaz
Ellen Tamaki
Aleyse Shannon
Mel is a lesbian witch. She's a Women's Studies graduate student.
Niko Hamada is lesbian and a police detective.
Mel and Nico are in a relationship.[292][293]
Jada is ?____.[citation needed]
2018– Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix Theo Putnam
Ambrose Spellman
Luke Chalfant
Nicholas Scratch
Carl Tapper
Zelda Spellman
Mambo Marie
Lachlan Watson
Chance Perdomo
Darren Mann
Gavin Leatherwood
Peter Bundic
Miranda Otto
Skye Marshall
Theo, one of Sabrina's friends, is a trans man in season 2. In season 1, Theo was known as Susie Putnam and was described as non-binary.[294][295][296][297]
Ambrose, a warlock, is described as pansexual by Chance Perdomo, but he has only been shown being involved with females and males.[298][299]
Luke is a bisexual warlock and told Ambrose he was in love with him. He was included in the orgy scene with Ambrose, Nick, Prudence, and the witch sisters (1x07).
Nicholas is bisexual. He is included in the orgy scene, and in 2x04 is referred to as "an equal opportunity flirt" for flirting with men and women.
Carl is either closeted gay or bisexual.[300]
Zelda may be bisexual. She and Mambo Marie shared a kiss at the end of the third season.[301]
Mambo Marie may be lesbian.[302]
2018 A Very English Scandal BBC One Jeremy Thorpe
Norman Scott
Hugh Grant
Ben Whishaw
Thorpe, leader of the Liberal Party for nine years, was a closeted homosexual who had affairs with men and was in a secret relationship with Norman.
Norman was Thorpe's lover.[303]
2018 Origin YouTube Premium Agnes "Lee" Lebachi
Evelyn Rey
Baum Arndt
Adelayo Adedayo
Nora Arnezeder
Philipp Christopher
Lee has a relationship with a female AI.[304][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
Rey mentioned that she once had a relationship with a woman.[305][better source needed][non-primary source needed] She has also had a relationship with a man.[306][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
Baum had a relationship with a man and a woman.[305][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
2018 Nightflyers SyFy Melantha Jhirl
Jodie Turner-Smith
Maya Eshet
Melantha and Lommie begin a casual lesbian relationship but they end it a few episodes later.[citation needed]
2018– Legacies The CW Josie Saltzman
Penelope Park
Hope Mikaelson
Kaylee Bryant
Lulu Antariksa
Danielle Rose Russell
Josie is pansexual.
Penelope defines herself as pansexual after kissing a guy in one scene. She is the ex-girlfriend of Josie.
Hope is _____. In 2x06 she admits that she had a crush on Josie when they were fourteen.[citation needed]
2018– Baby Netflix Fabio Fedeli
Brando De Santis
Brando Pacitto
Mirko Trovato
Fabio is gay and comes out to his father near the end of the first season.
Fabio and Brando are attracted to each other in season two, but Brando is reluctant to admit his sexuality and his feelings.[307]
2018– Dogs of Berlin Netflix Erol Birkan
Guido Mack
Fahri Yardim
Sebastian Achilles
Erol is gay.
Guido is gay and Erol's partner.[308][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
2018– Siren Freeform Ryn
Maddie Bishop
Eline Powell
Fola Evans-Akingbola
Ryn is a bisexual mermaid. She is attracted to both Maddie and her boyfriend Ben.
Maddie is revealed to be bisexual, as she is receptive to Ryn's attraction for her.[309]
2018– The Rookie ABC Jackson West
Gino Brown
Titus Makin
Cameron J. Armstrong
Jackson is gay. He's a rookie police officer and the son of a high-ranking police official. In s1/ep12, "Heartbreak", he flirts with Gino Brown, a hospital nurse.
Gino is gay.
In s1/ep17, "The Shake Up", it's revealed that Jackson and Gino are in a serious relationship.[citation needed]
2018– McMafia BBC One
Semiyon Kleiman David Strathairn Semiyon is gay. He had a younger male lover.[citation needed]
2018– A Million Little Things ABC Daniel Dixon Chance Hurstfield Daniel is gay. He came out to his mother and sister in season 1.[310]
2018– All American The CW Tamia "Coop" Cooper Bre-Z Tamia is lesbian. She is the cousin of main character, Spencer.[311]
2018– Playing for Keeps Network Ten Rusty O'Reilly
Jack Davies
Tahlia Woods
Shane Manrara
Hayley Fawkner
Ethan Panizza
James Mason
Olympia Valance
Alex Williams
Alexandra Adornetto
Rusty is gay. He and Jack were having an affair before Jack's death.
Jack was ____.
Tahlia is ____. She hooks up with a woman in 2x01 and mentions having relationships with women in the past.
Shane is ____. He starts dating Rusty in season 2.
Hayley is ____. Her partner is a woman who wants to join the Southern Jets.[citation needed]
2018– After Forever Prime Video Brian
David Taylor
Kevin Spirtas
Mitchell Anderson
Mike McGowan
Erin Cherry
Brian is gay.
Jason is gay.
Brian and Jason were in a relationship until Jason's death.
David is gay and Brian's boyfriend.
Brenda is lesbian.[312][313][314][315]


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
2019– Good Trouble Freeform Alice Kwan
Elijah Adrieux
Sherry Cola
Tommy Martinez
Michael Galante
Denim Richards
Alice is lesbian.
Gael is bisexual.[316]
Bryan is gay. He and Gael date.
Elijah is Gael's ex-boyfriend.[citation needed]
2019– Sex Education Netflix Eric Effiong
Adam Groff
Sofia Marchetti
Roz Marchetti
Ola Nyman
Lily Iglehart
Ncuti Gatwa
Chaneil Kular
Connor Swindells
Lily Newmark
Alice Hewkin
Hannah Waddingham
Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Sami Outalbali
Mirren Mack
Patricia Allison
Tanya Reynolds
Eric is openly gay.[317]
Anwar is gay.
Adam is bisexual. He's in a relationship with Aimee at the start of season 1 but later kisses and pursues Eric.[318]
Ruthie is lesbian.
Tanya's sexuality is undefined, but she is Ruthie's girlfriend.
Sofia and Roz Marchetti are Jackson's lesbian mothers.
Rahim is gay. He is introduced in season 2 and is in a relationship with Eric.[319]
Florence is asexual.[320]
Ola thinks she might be pansexual.[321] She was in a relationship with Otis, but later begins a relationship with Lily.[320]
Lily's sexuality is not defined. She mostly shows an interest in men, but reciprocates Ola's attraction.
[citation needed]
2019– Roswell, New Mexico The CW Michael Guerin
Alex Manes
Michael Vlamis
Tyler Blackburn
Michael is a bisexual alien.
Alex is a gay human soldier.[322][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
2019– Weird City YouTube Premium Stu
Dylan O'Brien
Ed O'Neill
Laverne Cox
Sara Gilbert
Stu and Burt are in a sexual and romantic relationship.[323][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
Liquia and Jathryn are in a committed romantic and sexual relationship.[324][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
2019– The Umbrella Academy Netflix Klaus Hargreeves / The Séance / Number Four
Robert Sheehan
Cody Ray Thompson
Klaus is pansexual.[325] In episode 2, he tells Number 5 that his longest relationship was for three weeks with a guy.
Dave and Klaus were together during the Vietnam War when Klaus travels back in time.[326][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
2019– Doom Patrol DC Universe Larry Trainor / Negative Man
John Bowers
Danny the Street
Matt Bomer
Kyle Clements
Larry is gay.
John is gay.
Larry and John were in a relationship before Larry's accident.[327][better source needed][non-primary source needed]
Danny is a sentient genderqueer street.[citation needed]
2019– Coroner CBC Ross Khalighi
Ehren Kassam
Graeme Jokic
Ross is ?___.
Matteo is ?___. Ross and Matteo are dating.[citation needed]
2019 Proven Innocent Fox Madeline Scott
Rachelle Lefevre
Candice Coke
Madeline is bisexual.[328] She was with Wren during her time in prison (season 1, episode 4).
Wren is _____.[citation needed]
2019– Osmosis Netflix Lucas Apert
Billie Tual
Stéphane Pitti
Yuming Hey
Lucas is an openly gay man. He is one of the beta testers of the Osmosis program.
Billie is agender.[citation needed]
2019– Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Freeform Alison DiLaurentis
Dylan Walker
Andrew Villareal
Nolan Hotchkiss
Sasha Pieterse
Eli Brown
Evan Bittencourt
Chris Mason
Alison is bisexual. She was in a relationship with Emily Fields in the first series.[329]
Dylan is gay. He was in a relationship with Andrew in the beginning of season one.
Andrew is ____.
Nolan is bisexual. He had a one night stand with Dylan, but is (was) in a long term relationship with Ava.
[citation needed]
2019– In the Dark The CW Jess Damon
Brooke Markham
Humberly Gonzalez
Jess is a lesbian veterinarian. She's the roommate and best friend of Murphy Mason.[330]
Vanessa is either lesbian, or bisexual (she has been with males in the past).[331]
Jess and Vanessa are in a romantic relationship. In s1e2, they admit that they love each other.
2019– Special Netflix Ryan Hayes
Ryan O'Connell
Augustus Prew
Ryan is an openly gay man with mild cerebral palsy.
Carey is gay and befriends Ryan.[citation needed]
2019– Bonding Netflix Pete Brendan Scannell Pete is an openly gay man who becomes an assistant to his dominatrix friend, Tiff.[citation needed]
2019 Now Apocalypse Starz Ulysses Zane
Avan Jogia
Tyler Posey
Jacob Artist
Ulysses is pansexual.
Gabriel is an openly gay man.
Isaac is gay.
[citation needed]
2019 The Red Line CBS Harrison Brennan
Daniel Calder
Liam Bhatt
Riley Hooper
Corey Reynolds
Noah Wyle
Vinny Chhibber
J.J. Hawkins
Harrison and Daniel are married.
Liam is a gay teacher who works with Daniel.
Riley is a non-binary high school student.[citation needed]
2019– Gentleman Jack BBC One Anne Lister
Ann Walker
Suranne Jones
Sophie Rundle
Anne and Ann are a couple. In s01e03 Ann admits that she loves Anne.[citation needed]
2019– The Society Netflix Sam
Sean Berdy
Jack Mulhern
Sam is gay.
Grizz is gay.
They are romantically interested in each other.[citation needed]
2019– Euphoria HBO Rue
Cal Jacobs
Hunter Schafer
Eric Dane
Rue has a crush on Jules and might be pansexual.
Jules is transgender.[332]
Cal is married but has a secret Grindr profile, indicating he may be closeted gay or bisexual.[333]
[citation needed]
2019– What/If Netflix Marcos
Juan Castano
John Clarence Stewart
Derek Smith
Marcos (public defender) and Lionel (real estate agent) are a couple.
Kevin (go go dancer) was a one time hook-up for the couple, but became a good friend.[citation needed]
2019– Years and Years BBC One Daniel Lyons
Ralph Cousins
Viktor Goraya
Edith Lyons
Fran Baxter
Russell Tovey
Dino Fetscher
Maxim Baldry
Jessica Hynes
Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Daniel is gay. He was married to Ralph and is in a relationship with Viktor.
Ralph is gay. He is Daniel's ex-husband.
Viktor is gay. He is in a relationship with Daniel.
Edith is _____. She and Fran are in a relationship.
Fran is _____.
[citation needed]
2019– The InBetween NBC Tom Hackett
Brian Currie
Paul Blackthorne
Michael B. Silver
Tom is a gay detective in the Seattle police department and married to Brian, a gay therapist.[citation needed]
2019 Tales of the City Netflix Shawna Hawkins
Michael 'Mouse' Tolliver
Ben Marshall
Anna Madrigal
Jake Rodriguez
Margot Park
Samuel Garland
DeDe Halcyon Day
Claire Duncan
Ida Best
Flaco Ramirez
Inka Gisladottior
Eli Heller
Ellen Page
Murray Bartlett
Charlie Barnett
Olympia Dukakis / Jen Richards
May Hong
Victor Garber
Barbara Garrick
Zosia Mamet
Caldwell Tidicue
Matthew Risch
Juan Castano
Dickie Hearts
Samantha Soule
Benjamin Thys
Shawna is bisexual.
Michael is gay.
Ben is Michael's boyfriend.
Anna is a transsexual woman.[334]
Jake is a transgender male.
Margot is lesbian.
Samuel is gay.
DeDe is lesbian.
Claire is Shawna's love interest.
Ida is gay and a drag queen.
Harrison is gay.
Flaco is gay.
Mateo is gay and deaf.
Inka is bisexual.
Eli is bisexual.
Ysela is a transgender woman.[334]
(N/A) is lesbian.
[citation needed]
Miniseries is the sequel to 1993's Tales of the City, set 20 years later.
2019– Trinkets Netflix Elodie Davis Brianna Hildebrand Elodie is lesbian and a kleptomaniac.[335]
2019 Swamp Thing DC Universe Liz Tremayne
Harlan Edwards
Maria Sten
Leonardo Nam
Kelly Walker
Liz is a lesbian bartender and newspaper reporter.
Harlan is a gay CDC specialist.
Margaux is Liz's girlfriend.[citation needed]
2019– Grand Hotel ABC Yolanda ("Yoli") Renna
Sky Garibaldi
Justina Adorno
Arielle Kebbel
Sabrina Texidor
Yolanda comes out to Alicia when she tells her that she's in a relationship with Marisa, although she hasn't yet figured out if she's lesbian or bisexual (season 1, ep 5). She was in a relationship with Sky before Marisa.[336] In ep. 7 she tells her mother that she is queer, answering the question from episode 5 of her orientation.[337]
Sky is ____.
Marisa is _____.[citation needed]
2019– Made In Heaven Prime Video Karan Mehra Arjun Mathur Karan is a gay wedding planner in Delhi.[citation needed]
2019– Five Bedrooms Network Ten Harry
Pete Portelli
Roy Joseph
Adam Fiorentino
Harry is a gay surgeon and one of the homeowners.
Pete is a gay cop in the neighborhood.[citation needed]
2019– The Boys Prime Video Ezekiel
Queen Maeve
Shaun Benson
Dominique McElligott
Nicola Correia-Damude
Ezekiel is an elastic superhero and closeted homosexual.
Queen Maeve is bisexual. She had romances with Elena and Homelander.
Elena is Maeve's lesbian ex-girlfriend.[citation needed]
2019– Another Life Netflix Bernie
A.J. Rivera
JayR Tinaco
Greg Hovanessian
Bernie is ____.
Zayne is ____.
Beauchamp is ____.[citation needed]
2019– David Makes Man OWN Mx. Elijah
Star Child
Travis Coles
Trace Lysette
Logan Rozos
Mx. Elijah is gender nonconforming.
Femi is a trans woman.
Star is a trans man.[338]
2019– Carnival Row Prime Video Vignette Stonemoss
Tourmaline Larou
Costin Finch
Dr. Morange
Cara Delevingne
Karla Crome
Gregory Gudgeon
John Malafronte
Vignette is bisexual and a Fae.[339]
Tourmaline is either bisexual or lesbian, and a Fae.
Vignette and Tourmaline were once lovers and are now close friends.[340]
Costin was a closeted gay and the Headmaster of an orphanage.
Morange was a closeted gay and the coroner for the Constabulary.
Costin and Morange were longtime lovers and would meet in secret at the Fae brothel, using the establishment as a "straight" cover. (S1, episode 5).
2019– El juego de las llaves Prime Video Valentín
Horacio Pancheri
Manuel Vega
Ela Velden
Valentín is ____.
Daniel is ____.
Siena is ____.[citation needed]
2019– Pandora The CW Jacqueline "Jax" Zhou / Pandora
Cordelia Fried
Priscilla Quintana
Isabelle Bonfrer
Jax is bisexual. She dated Cordelia in the past. In episode #1.8; Under the Red Sun, she is forced to rekindle her former relationship with Cordelia as part of a covert mission.
Cordelia is _____.[citation needed]
2019– The I-Land Netflix Blair Sibylla Deen Blair was married to a woman.[citation needed]
2019– The Politician Netflix Payton Hobart
River Barkley
Astrid Sloan
Georgina Hobart
McAfee Westbrook
Skye Leighton
Ben Platt
David Corenswet
Lucy Boynton
Gwyneth Paltrow
Martina Navratilova
Laura Dreyfuss
Rahne Jones
Payton is gay and closeted.
River is bisexual. He's dating Astrid but also hooks up with Payton.
Astrid describes herself as "sorta fluid".
Georgina is Payton's bisexual mother. She had a love affair with Brigitte.
Brigitte is lesbian.
McAfee is lesbian. She and Skye dated.
Skye is a gender non-conforming lesbian.[citation needed]
2019– Batwoman The CW Katherine "Kate" Kane / Batwoman
Sophie Moore
Ruby Rose
Meagan Tandy
Kate is the lesbian cousin of Bruce Wayne / Batman. She is the first lesbian superhero to forefront a prime time series.[341][342]
Sophie is bisexual and Kate's former girlfriend.[342]
2019– All Rise CBS Judge Lisa Benner Marg Helgenberger Lisa is lesbian and mentor of Judge Lola Carmichael. She waited until same-sex marriage became legal to implement Wedding Day at the courthouse. Lisa had been in a four-year relationship when her girlfriend left her on that special day. ("Devotees in the Courthouse of Love", S1/ep. 5).[citation needed]
2019– Limetown Facebook Watch Lia Haddock
(Lia's girlfriend)
Jessica Biel
Kandyse McClure
Lia is a lesbian journalist investigating the disappearance of the population of a small Appalachian town.[343]
Lia's girlfriend is lesbian.
2019– Daybreak Netflix Wesley Fists
Turbo Pokaski
Austin Crute
Cody Kearsley
Wesley is gay.
Turbo might be gay or bi. He was in a secret relationship with Wesley.[344]
2019– Stumptown ABC Dexadrine “Dex” Parios Cobie Smulders Dex is bisexual. She was in a serious relationship with Ben Blackbird, who was killed in Afghanistan; she has a history with Grey McConnell, and has dated Miles Hoffman. In ep. 1.06 ("Dex, Drugs and Rock & Roll"), she is reunited with her ex-girlfriend, Fiona, who's now a rock star, when Fiona's concert tour played in Portland. In 1.13 ("The Dex Factor"), she meets Violet, an Army veteran; they are attracted to each other, make love, and exchange phone numbers.[345][346]
2019– Bluff City Law NBC Della Bedford Jayne Atkinson Della is lesbian. She comes out after ending her 15-year marriage.[347]
2019– Nancy Drew The CW Bess Marvin
Maddison Jaizani
Katie Findlay
Bess is strongly implied to be a lesbian. She develops a romantic interest in Lisbeth.
Lisbeth is lesbian.
Bess and Lisbeth meet in episode #1.02. They go on a lunch date in episode #1.06 that is cut short when Lisbeth has to leave. Later, they see each other at the masquerade and Lisbeth tells Bess that she really likes her; they both admit they keep a lot of secrets and agree to keep each other in check. Bess and Lisbeth then kiss for the first time.[citation needed]
2019– Watchmen HBO Will Reeves / Hooded Justice
Nelson Gardner / Captain Metropolis
Louis Gossett Jr. / Danny Boyd Jr. / Jovan Adepo
Jake McDorman
Will is gay or bisexual, and had an affair with Nelson Gardner.[348]
Nelson is _____.
Both characters also appear in the in-universe TV show American Hero Story (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson and Chris Whitley, respectively).[citation needed]
2019– The L Word: Generation Q Showtime Bette Porter
Shane McCutcheon
Alice Pieszecki
Jennifer Beals
Katherine Moennig
Leisha Hailey
Bette is lesbian.
Shane is lesbian.
Alice is bisexual.
Beals, Moennig, and Hailey reprise their roles from the The L Word.[349][350]
2019– El Club Netflix Santiago Caballero
Alejandro Puente
Martin Saracho
Santiago is gay.
Max is gay.
Santiago and Max are dating.[citation needed]
2019– Merlí: Sapere Aude Movistar+ Pol Rubio
Bruno Bergeron
Otilia "Oti"
Amy O'Connor
Carlos Cuevas
David Solans
Clàudia Vega
Lesley Grant
Pol comes out as bisexual.[351][352]
Bruno is gay.[353]
Pol and Bruno have a complicated romance, extended from the previous TV series, Merlí.
Otilia is ____.
Amy is ____.
Oti and Amy hook up at a party.[citation needed]

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