List of freshman class members of the 112th United States Congress

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Freshman class of the House of Representatives, January 2011

The 112th United States Congress began January 3, 2011. There are 13 new senators (12R, 1D) and 94 new representatives (85R, 9D).[1] The freshmen are overwhelmingly Republican, resulting in an even larger prevalence of Republican freshmen than during the Republican Revolution of 1994, with approximately 23% of the 47 elected Republican senators and 33% of the 242 elected Republican representatives being first-timers.

New members of the 112th Congress[edit]


State Image Senator Party change? Prior political experience Birth year
Arkansas John Boozman, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Boozman, John (R) Yes
Defeated Blanche Lincoln
United States Representative for AR-3, Rogers Public School Board member 1950
Connecticut Richard Blumenthal Official Portrait.jpg Blumenthal, Richard (D) No
Open seat; Replaced Chris Dodd
State Attorney General, State Senator, State Representative, United States Attorney 1946
Florida Marco Rubio, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Rubio, Marco (R) No
Open seat; Replaced George LeMieux
Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, West Miami City Commissioner 1971
Indiana Dan Coats, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Coats, Dan (R) Yes
Open seat; Replaced Evan Bayh
United States Ambassador to Germany, United States Senator (1989–1999), United States Representative for IN-4 1943
Kansas Jerry Moran, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Moran, Jerry (R) No
Open seat; Replaced Sam Brownback
United States Representative for KS-1, State Senator 1954
Kentucky Rand Paul, official portrait, 112th Congress alternate.jpg Paul, Rand (R) No
Open seat; Replaced Jim Bunning
none 1963
Missouri Roy Blunt, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Blunt, Roy (R) No
Open seat; Replaced Kit Bond
U.S. Representative for MO-7, Missouri Secretary of State, Greene County Clerk 1950
New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte, Official Portrait, 112th Congress 2.jpg Ayotte, Kelly (R) No
Open seat; Replaced Judd Gregg
State Attorney General 1968
North Dakota John Hoeven, Official Senate Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Hoeven, John (R) Yes
Open seat; Replaced Byron Dorgan
Governor of North Dakota, President of the Bank of North Dakota 1957
Ohio Rob Portman, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Portman, Rob (R) No
Open seat; Replaced George Voinovich
United States Trade Representative, Director of Office of Management and Budget, U.S. Representative for OH-2 1955
Pennsylvania Pat Toomey, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Toomey, Pat (R) Yes
Open seat; Arlen Specter lost primary
United States Representative for PA-15, Allentown Government Study Commission 1961
Utah Mike Lee official portrait 112th Congress.jpg Lee, Mike (R) No
Open seat; Bob Bennett lost nomination
none 1971
Wisconsin Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Johnson, Ron (R) Yes
Defeated Russ Feingold
none 1955

House of Representatives[edit]

District Representative Party Change? Prior background Birth year
Alabama 2 Roby, MarthaMartha Roby (R) Yes Montgomery City Councilwoman 1976
Alabama 5 Brooks, MoMo Brooks (R) No Madison County Commissioner, District Attorney, State Representative 1954
Alabama 7 Sewell, TerriTerri Sewell (D) No Public finance attorney 1965
Arkansas 1 Crawford, RickRick Crawford (R) Yes Businessman, Radio broadcaster 1966
Arkansas 2 Griffin, TimTim Griffin (R) Yes U.S. Attorney for E.D. Ark. 1968
Arkansas 3 Womack, SteveSteve Womack (R) No Mayor of Rogers 1957
Arizona 1 Gosar, PaulPaul Gosar (R) Yes Dental surgeon 1958
Arizona 3 Quayle, BenBen Quayle (R) No Attorney, Businessman 1976
Arizona 5 Schweikert, DavidDavid Schweikert (R) Yes Maricopa County Treasurer, State Representative, Businessman 1962
California 19 Denham, JeffJeff Denham (R) No State Senator 1967
California 33 Bass, KarenKaren Bass (D) No State Assembly Speaker 1953
Colorado 3 Tipton, ScottScott Tipton (R) Yes State Representative 1950
Colorado 4 Gardner, CoryCory Gardner (R) Yes State Representative 1974
Delaware AL Carney, JohnJohn Carney (D) Yes Lieutenant Governor of Delaware 1956
Florida 2 Southerland, SteveSteve Southerland (R) Yes Businessman 1965
Florida 5 Nugent, RichRich Nugent (R) No Hernando County Sheriff 1951
Florida 8 Webster, DanielDaniel Webster (R) Yes State Senate Majority Leader, State House Speaker 1949
Florida 12 Ross, Dennis A.Dennis A. Ross (R) No State Representative 1959
Florida 17 Wilson, FredericaFrederica Wilson (D) No State Senator, State Representative, Miami-Dade County School Board Member, Skyway Elementary School Principal 1942
Florida 22 West, AllenAllen West (R) Yes Lt. Col. United States Army, (Ret.) 1961
Florida 24 Adams, SandySandy Adams (R) Yes State Representative 1956
Florida 25 Rivera, DavidDavid Rivera (R) No State Representative 1965
Georgia 7 Woodall, RobRob Woodall (R) No Congressional staffer 1970
Georgia 8 Scott, AustinAustin Scott (R) Yes State Representative 1969
Hawaii 1 Hanabusa, ColleenColleen Hanabusa (D) Yes State Senate President 1951
Idaho 1 Labrador, RaúlRaúl Labrador (R) Yes State Representative 1967
Illinois 8 Walsh, JoeJoe Walsh (R) Yes Professional fundraiser 1961
Illinois 10 Dold, RobertRobert Dold (R) No Businessman 1969
Illinois 11 Kinzinger, AdamAdam Kinzinger (R) Yes United States Air Force, McLean County Board Member 1978
Illinois 14 Hultgren, RandyRandy Hultgren (R) Yes State Senator, State Representative, DuPage County Board Member 1966
Illinois 17 Schilling, BobbyBobby Schilling (R) Yes Pizzeria owner 1964
Indiana 4 Rokita, ToddTodd Rokita (R) No State Secretary of State, Attorney 1970
Indiana 8 Bucshon, LarryLarry Bucshon (R) Yes Doctor of Cardiothoracic surgery 1962
Indiana 9 Young, ToddTodd Young (R) Yes United States Navy, Attorney 1972
Kansas 1 Huelskamp, TimTim Huelskamp (R) No State Senator, Farmer 1968
Kansas 3 Yoder, KevinKevin Yoder (R) Yes State Representative 1976
Kansas 4 Pompeo, MikeMike Pompeo (R) No Republican National Committeeman 1964
Louisiana 2 Richmond, CedricCedric Richmond (D) Yes State Representative 1973
Louisiana 3 Landry, JeffJeff Landry (R) Yes Attorney, Businessman 1970
Maryland 1 Harris, AndyAndy Harris (R) Yes State Senator, Doctor of Anesthesiology 1957
Massachusetts 10 Keating, BillBill Keating (D) No Norfolk County District Attorney, State Senator, State Representative 1952
Michigan 1 Benishek, DanDan Benishek (R) Yes Surgeon 1952
Michigan 2 Huizenga, BillBill Huizenga (R) No State Representative 1969
Michigan 3 Amash, JustinJustin Amash (R) No State Representative 1980
Michigan 7 Walberg, TimTim Walberg (R) Yes U.S. Representative for MI-7 (2007–2009), State Representative 1951
Michigan 13 Clarke, HansenHansen Clarke (D) No State Senator, State Representative 1957
Minnesota 8 Cravaack, ChipChip Cravaack (R) Yes Airline pilot 1959
Mississippi 1 Nunnelee, AlanAlan Nunnelee (R) Yes State Senator 1958
Mississippi 4 Palazzo, StevenSteven Palazzo (R) Yes State Representative 1970
Missouri 4 Hartzler, VickyVicky Hartzler (R) Yes State Representative 1960
Missouri 7 Long, BillyBilly Long (R) No Auctioneer 1955
Nevada 3 Heck, JoeJoe Heck (R) Yes State Senator, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 1961
New Hampshire 1 Guinta, FrankFrank Guinta (R) Yes Mayor of Manchester, State Representative 1970
New Hampshire 2 Bass, CharlesCharles Bass (R) Yes U.S. Representative for NH-2 (1995–2007), State Senator, State Representative 1952
New Jersey 3 Runyan, JonJon Runyan (R) Yes Football Player 1973
New Mexico 2 Pearce, SteveSteve Pearce (R) Yes U.S. Representative for NM-2 (2003–2009), State Representative 1947
New York 13 Grimm, MichaelMichael Grimm (R) Yes Businessman, FBI Agent 1970
New York 19 Hayworth, NanNan Hayworth (R) Yes Doctor of Ophthalmology 1959
New York 20 Gibson, ChrisChris Gibson (R) Yes Col. United States Army, (Ret.) 1964
New York 24 Hanna, RichardRichard Hanna (R) Yes Businessman 1951
New York 25 Buerkle, Ann MarieAnn Marie Buerkle (R) Yes Assistant State Attorney General, Syracuse Common Councilor, Nurse 1951
North Carolina 2 Ellmers, ReneeRenee Ellmers (R) Yes Nurse 1964
North Dakota AL Berg, RickRick Berg (R) Yes State House Majority Leader 1959
Ohio 1 Chabot, SteveSteve Chabot (R) Yes U.S. Representative for OH-1 (1995–2009), Hamilton County Commissioner, Cincinnati City Councilman 1953
Ohio 6 Johnson, BillBill Johnson (R) Yes Lt. Col. United States Air Force, (Ret.) 1954
Ohio 15 Stivers, SteveSteve Stivers (R) Yes State Senator 1965
Ohio 16 Renacci, JimJim Renacci (R) Yes Businessman, Mayor of Wadsworth 1958
Ohio 18 Gibbs, BobBob Gibbs (R) Yes State Senator, State Representative 1954
Oklahoma 5 Lankford, JamesJames Lankford (R) No Youth camp director 1968
Pennsylvania 3 Kelly, MikeMike Kelly (R) Yes Businessman, Butler City Councilman, Butler Area School Board Member 1948
Pennsylvania 7 Meehan, PatPat Meehan (R) Yes U.S. Attorney for the E.D. Pa., D.A. for Delaware County 1955
Pennsylvania 8 Fitzpatrick, MikeMike Fitzpatrick (R) Yes U.S. Representative for PA-8 (2005–2007), Bucks County Commissioner 1963
Pennsylvania 10 Marino, TomTom Marino (R) Yes U.S. Attorney for the M.D. Pa., D.A. for Lycoming County 1952
Pennsylvania 11 Barletta, LouLou Barletta (R) Yes Mayor of Hazleton, City Councilman, Businessman 1956
Rhode Island 1 Cicilline, DavidDavid Cicilline (D) No Mayor of Providence, State Representative 1961
South Carolina 1 Scott, TimTim Scott (R) No State Representative, Charleston County Council Chair 1965
South Carolina 3 Duncan, JeffJeff Duncan (R) No State Representative, Real estate broker 1966
South Carolina 4 Gowdy, TreyTrey Gowdy (R) No Solicitor of South Carolina's 7th Judicial Circuit 1964
South Carolina 5 Mulvaney, MickMick Mulvaney (R) Yes State Senator, State Representative 1967
South Dakota AL Noem, KristiKristi Noem (R) Yes State Representative, Rancher 1971
Tennessee 3 Fleischmann, ChuckChuck Fleischmann (R) No Attorney 1962
Tennessee 4 DesJarlais, ScottScott DesJarlais (R) Yes Physician 1964
Tennessee 6 Black, DianeDiane Black (R) Yes State Senator, State Representative, Nurse 1951
Tennessee 8 Fincher, StephenStephen Fincher (R) Yes Businessman, Farmer, Gospel singer 1973
Texas 17 Flores, BillBill Flores (R) Yes Texas Real Estate Commissioner, Oil & natural gas executive 1954
Texas 23 Canseco, QuicoQuico Canseco (R) Yes Banker 1949
Texas 27 Farenthold, BlakeBlake Farenthold (R) Yes Radio talk show host 1961
Virginia 2 Rigell, ScottScott Rigell (R) Yes Car dealership owner 1960
Virginia 5 Hurt, RobertRobert Hurt (R) Yes State Senator, State Delegate, Chatham Town Council 1969
Virginia 9 Griffith, MorganMorgan Griffith (R) Yes State House Majority Leader 1958
Washington 3 Herrera Beutler, JaimeJaime Herrera Beutler (R) Yes State Representative 1978
West Virginia 1 McKinley, DavidDavid McKinley (R) Yes State Delegate, State Republican Party Chair 1947
Wisconsin 7 Duffy, SeanSean Duffy (R) Yes Ashland County District Attorney, Reality TV star 1971
Wisconsin 8 Ribble, ReidReid Ribble (R) Yes Roofing contractor 1956


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