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Adobe Photoshop Express
Developer(s) Adobe Systems
Operating system Cross-platform , Android, iOS and Windows 8
Type Image editing
Website Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free image editing mobile application from Adobe. It is a quick, easy and powerful application available on iOS and Android. [1] [2]

In November 2016 they have also introduced Collage creation under Adobe Photoshop Express on iOS.[3] They allow editing pictures in the smartphone or tablet rather than online. In addition, the Windows 8 version of the Adobe Photoshop Express was also introduced in May 2013.[4]

Terms of use[edit]

In the early days of the beta test, the product's terms of use raised controversy, in that it claimed to retain an irrevocable license to use certain works submitted by end users in perpetuity.[5][6] At that time, Adobe held users of Photoshop Express to's general Terms of Use, which had not been drafted in contemplation of the sort of user-created content utilized in Photoshop Express.

Following user concerns and negative press, Adobe issued new, more specialized Terms of Use for the Photoshop Express product that superseded sections of the General Terms, and clarified many of these issues. Changes included making the license expressly revocable and indicating that Adobe's rights to use the content are solely for the operation of Photoshop Express itself.[7]


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