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The Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) is a unique institution exclusively focused on Banking Technology. Established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1996, the Institution works at the intersection of Banking and Technology. It is located in Hyderabad, India.[1] Right from carrying out cutting-edge Development and Research, enabling creation of technology infrastructure to moulding the technology talent required for Banking Sector, the institution enables technology transformation of the Indian Banking and Financial Sector.

IDRBT's Vision[edit]

The Vision of IDRBT is - "To be the premier and preferred Research and Development Institution on Financial Sector Technology and its Management, working at the intersection of Banking and Technology for the Indian Banking.".[2]

Research and Development[edit]

The main focus of the Institute is on conducting Applied Research and Experimental Development in the area of Banking Technology. The Research at the Institute is directed primarily towards a specific practical objective that will serve the Banking and Financial Sector.

Accordingly, the Research and Development activities of the Institute aims at improving Banking Technology in India. While addressing the immediate concerns of the Banking Sector, the Research at the Institute also focuses on anticipating the future needs and requirements of the Banking Sector and developing technologies to address them.

Focal Areas of Research[edit]

Research Centres[edit]

The Institute has set up state-of-the-art Research Centres for aiding and enabling Applied Research. Presently, the Institute has the following six Research Centres for focused research and development:[3]

Research Conferences[edit]

The Institute organises a good International Conference, in an area of relevance to the Institute, every year to promote exchange of the latest knowledge, experiences, research findings and technical know-how so as to attain and sustain international standards of excellence in Banking Technology. The main idea is to bring to the country the latest research findings in various facets of Information Technology so that the relevant ideas can be explored further and considered for application in the Indian Banking and Financial Sector.[4]

During the last three years, the Institute organized the following three conferences:

  • Eighteenth International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking –ICDCN 2017 (January 04 – 07, 2017)[5]
  • Fifth International Conference on Fuzzy and Neural Computing 2015 (December 17 –19, 2015)[6]
  • Tenth International Conference on Information Systems Security – ICISS 2014 (December 18 – 20, 2014)[7]

Academic Programmes[edit]

IDRBT offers a range of Academic Programmes, designed specifically to meet both the existing and emerging human resources of the Indian Banking and Financial Sector. These include:[8]

  • IDRBT Post Doctoral Fellowship (IPDF)
  • IDRBT Ph. D. Programme
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Technology (PGDBT)
  • M. Tech. Programme
  • IDRBT Project Trainee Scheme (IPTS)

Executive Education[edit]

Training Programmes form an inherent part of IDRBT’s Initiatives in aiding technology absorption in the Indian Banking and Financial Sector and keeping it abreast with the developments taking place in technology.[9] The Institute’s programmes are structured in a way to prepare the top and middle-level managements of Banks and other Financial Institutions for the future in Technology Banking.

These Executive Development and Education Programmes mainly focusses on identifying the gaps in the skill requirements and then provides training in those areas. The IDRBT provides holistic Executive Education through these programmes that cover the entire spectrum of technology which is applied in Banking and Financial Sector. The Institute offers over 100 programmes that train over 2500 bankers every year.[10]


IDRBT has set up National Financial Switch in 2004.[11]

It was handling all the payment authentications until 2009, before transferring to National Payments Corporation of India. It has also developed common and interoperable standards for all banks in the country.[12]

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