Mission Studios

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Mission Studios
Industry Interactive entertainment
Fate Dissolved
Defunct 2001
Headquarters Schaumburg, Illinois
Products Jetfighter
Owner Take-Two Interactive

Mission Studios was a development studio located on the outskirts of Chicago in Schaumburg, IL, known for the JetFighter series.

It was created when Velocity Development Corporation, the publisher of Interceptor, JetFighter and JetFighter II, split into two studios. From there, Mission Studios was created and immediately began working on the JetFighter series, more precisely, on JetFighter III.

In 1996, the studio was acquired by Take-Two Interactive Software.[1] With the acquisition, the team launched, in the same year, the acclaimed JetFighter III. JetFighter III stood out due to the top-of-the-line graphics, intense action and huge immersion.

While developing JetFighter III, the studio began developing products for the United States Army. Experts in 3D graphics and simulation, Mission Studios have developed software for the F-14 LANTIRN training system, used by the United States Navy.

When Take-Two Interactive Software entered the stock market, the studio released the sequel to the acclaimed JetFighter III, JetFighter IV: Fortress America.[2][3]

In 2001, Mission Studios was dissolved.[4]

List of video games[edit]

Year Title System
1994 Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess DOS
1996 JetFighter III DOS
1997 JetFighter III: Enhanced Campaign CD DOS
1998 JetFighter: Full Burn DOS
1999 JetFighter III: Classic DOS
Microsoft Windows
2000 JetFighter IV: Fortress America Microsoft Windows
2001 JetFighter Palm


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