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Scaccia (plural: scacce) or scacciata is a stuffed flat bread in Sicilian cuisine. Scaccia is made with a very thin rectangular layer of dough, folded on itself three or four times. It can be stuffed with different ingredients, the more common variations are ricotta cheese and onion, cheese and tomato, tomato and onion, or tomato and eggplant, depending on location, taste, or season. It is baked and can be eaten hot or cold. Scaccia can be found in Ragusa and Siracusa, as well as some Sicilian-American communities.[1][2][3][4][5]

Scacciata in Middletown, Connecticut[edit]

The scaccia found in Middletown, Connecticut, in the United States is known as scacciata. Scacciata was brought to Middletown by the Sicilians who immigrated there from Melilli, Sicily. (So many Sicilians from Melilli settled in Middletown that two thirds of Middletown's population was Sicilian at one point and Middletown and Melilli eventually became sister cities.) The word scacciata is pronounced "ska-CHA-tuh" and can also be referred to as "schiacciata" which is "a generic (Italian) term used for a variety of dishes made with dough or olive oil" and means "crushed" or "squashed" in English. Freshly made scacciata is still widely available at restaurants and markets in Middletown and can also be found at establishments in nearby surrounding towns. The most popular fillings in this area are potato, broccoli, spinach, or any combination of the three, and always with mozzarella cheese and a very small amount of tomato sauce for taste and color. A tiny amount of ground sausage is usually included in every scacciata despite certain varieties seeming to be vegetarian; for example, a pre-made scacciata containing spinach, broccoli, and sausage may just be called "Spinach and Broccoli" on the label even though it contains meat.[6][7][8]


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