Ayn Karim

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'Ayn Karim
Postcard from 'Ayn Karim, pre-1948
'Ayn Karim is located in Mandatory Palestine
'Ayn Karim
'Ayn Karim
Arabic عين كارم
Subdistrict Jerusalem
Coordinates 31°45′55″N 35°8′58″E / 31.76528°N 35.14944°E / 31.76528; 35.14944Coordinates: 31°45′55″N 35°8′58″E / 31.76528°N 35.14944°E / 31.76528; 35.14944
Palestine grid 165/130
Population 3,689 (1948[1])
Area 15,029[2] dunams
Date of depopulation 10 and 21 April 1948, 16 July 1948[3]
Cause(s) of depopulation Influence of nearby town's fall
Secondary cause Military assault by Yishuv forces
Current localities Ein Karem[4]

'Ayn Karim (Arabic: عين كارم‎) was a Palestinian Arab town in the Mandatory Palestine's Jerusalem Subdistrict.


The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine placed 'Ayn Karim in the Jerusalem enclave intended for international control.[5] In April 1948, most of the women and children in the village were evacuated. It was attacked by Israeli forces during the ten-day truce of July 1948. The remaining civilian inhabitants fled on 10-11 July. The Arab irregular forces who had camped in the village left on 14-16 July after Jewish forces captured two dominating hilltops, Khirbet Beit Mazmil and Khirbet al Hamama, and shelled the village. During its last days, 'Ayn Karim suffered from severe food shortages.[6] Israel incorporated the village into the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem as Ein Karem.[6]

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