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This is a list of foreign players in the Bundesliga, which commenced play in 1963. The following players must meet both of the following two criteria:

  1. Have played at least one Bundesliga game. Players who were signed by Bundesliga clubs, but only played in lower league, cup and/or European games, or did not play in any competitive games at all, are not included. Players of 2. Bundesliga clubs are also not included.
  2. Are considered foreign, i.e., outside Germany determined by the following:
A player is considered foreign if he is not eligible to play for the national team of Germany.

More specifically,

  • If a player has been capped on international level, the national team is used; if he has been capped by more than one country, the highest level (or the most recent) team is used. These include German players with dual citizenship.
  • If a player has not been capped on international level, his country of birth is used, except those who were born abroad from German parents or moved to Germany at a young age, and those who clearly indicated to have switched his nationality to another nation.

Clubs listed are those for which the player has played at least one Bundesliga game—and seasons are those in which the player has played at least one Bundesliga game. Note that seasons, not calendar years, are used. For example, "1992–95" indicates that the player has played in every season from 1992–93 to 1994–95, but not necessarily every calendar year from 1992 to 1995. Therefore, a player should always have a listing under at least two years — for instance, a player making his debut in 2014, during the 2013–14 season, will have '2013–14' after his name. This follows general practice in expressing sporting seasons.

Also please consider, that season specifications shall only be divided into more than one element, if a player has at least one season played no game in the Bundesliga. For example, a player plays in 2012–13 at club "A" and in 2013–14 at club "B", the correct season specification is "2012–14". This approach is used to keep the list more clear and readable.

In bold: players who have played at least one Bundesliga game in the current season (2014–15), and are still at the clubs for which they have played. This does not include current players of a Bundesliga club who have not played a Bundesliga game in the current season.


Naturalized Players [a][edit]


Albania Albania[edit]

Armenia Armenia[edit]

Austria Austria[edit]

Belarus Belarus[edit]

Belgium Belgium [b][edit]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Bulgaria Bulgaria[edit]

Croatia Croatia[edit]

Cyprus Cyprus[edit]

Czech Republic Czech Republic[edit]

Denmark Denmark[edit]

England England[edit]

Estonia Estonia[edit]

Finland Finland[edit]

France France[edit]

Georgia Georgia (country)[edit]

Greece Greece[edit]

Hungary Hungary[edit]

Iceland Iceland[edit]

Ireland Republic of Ireland[edit]

Israel Israel[edit]

Italy Italy[edit]

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan[edit]

Kosovo Kosovo[c][edit]

Latvia Latvia[edit]

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein[edit]

Lithuania Lithuania[edit]

Luxembourg Luxembourg[edit]

Macedonia Republic of Macedonia[edit]

Malta Malta[edit]

Moldova Moldova[edit]

Montenegro Montenegro[edit]

Netherlands Netherlands [d][edit]

Norway Norway[edit]

Poland Poland[edit]

Portugal Portugal[edit]

Romania Romania[edit]

Russia Russia[edit]

Scotland Scotland[edit]

Serbia Serbia[edit]

Slovakia Slovakia[edit]

Slovenia Slovenia[edit]

Spain Spain[edit]

Sweden Sweden[edit]

Switzerland Switzerland[edit]

Turkey Turkey[edit]

Ukraine Ukraine[edit]

Wales Wales[edit]


Argentina Argentina[edit]

Bolivia Bolivia[edit]

Brazil Brazil[edit]

Chile Chile[edit]

Colombia Colombia[edit]

Ecuador Ecuador[edit]

Paraguay Paraguay[edit]

Peru Peru[edit]

Uruguay Uruguay[edit]

Venezuela Venezuela[edit]


Algeria Algeria[edit]

Angola Angola[edit]

Benin Benin[edit]

Burkina Faso Burkina Faso[edit]

Cameroon Cameroon[edit]

Congo Republic of the Congo[edit]

Democratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

Egypt Egypt[edit]

Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea[edit]

Gabon Gabon[edit]

Gambia The Gambia[edit]

Ghana Ghana[edit]

Guinea Guinea[edit]

Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau[edit]

Ivory Coast Ivory Coast[edit]

Mali Mali[edit]

Morocco Morocco[edit]

Namibia Namibia[edit]

Nigeria Nigeria[edit]

Senegal Senegal[edit]

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone[edit]

South Africa South Africa[edit]

Togo Togo[edit]

Tunisia Tunisia[edit]

Zambia Zambia[edit]

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe[edit]


Australia Australia[edit]

Cambodia Cambodia[edit]

China China[edit]

Iran Iran[edit]

Japan Japan[edit]

Korea DPR North Korea[edit]

Korea Republic South Korea[edit]

Lebanon Lebanon[edit]

Philippines Philippines[edit]

Thailand Thailand[edit]


Canada Canada[edit]

Costa Rica Costa Rica[edit]

Jamaica Jamaica[edit]

Mexico Mexico[edit]

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

United States United States[edit]


New Zealand New Zealand[edit]

Notes and references[edit]


  1. ^ Players that have been born abroad, moved to Germany later than the age of twelve, acquired German citizenship and waived the opportunity to play for the national teams of their native countries in order to be eligible to play for Germany
  2. ^ Alphabetical ordering follows Belgian customs
  3. ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo. The latter declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. Kosovo's independence has been recognised by 108 out of 193 United Nations member states.
  4. ^ Alphabetical ordering follows Dutch customs
  1. ^ Kosovar Albanian. Born in Kosovo (then part of SFR Yugoslavia)
  2. ^ Born in Germany (then part of West Germany)
  3. ^ Born in Serbia (then part of SFR Yugoslavia)
  4. ^ Transylvanian Saxon. Born in Romania (then part of Hungary)
  5. ^ Born in Pakistan
  6. ^ Born in Croatia (then part of SFR Yugoslavia)
  7. ^ Born in Brazil
  8. ^ Born in Spain
  9. ^ Capped for the Germany national under-18 football team
  10. ^ Born in Germany
  11. ^ Capped for the Germany national under-20 football team
  12. ^ Capped for the Serbia and Montenegro national under-21 football team
  13. ^ Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (then part of Yugoslavia)
  14. ^ Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (then part of SFR Yugoslavia)
  15. ^ Capped for the Bosnia and Herzegovina national under-17 football team
  16. ^ Born in Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia)
  17. ^ Capped for the Switzerland national under-21 football team
  18. ^ Born in Switzerland
  19. ^ Born in Kosovo (then part of SFR Yugoslavia)
  20. ^ Born in Australia
  21. ^ Born in Austria
  22. ^ Born in Greenland (autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark)
  23. ^ Born in Canada
  24. ^ Capped for the Wales national under-21 football team
  25. ^ Born in Macedonia (then part of SFR Yugoslavia)
  26. ^ Born in Romania
  27. ^ Born in Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia)
  28. ^ Born in Argentina
  29. ^ Born in Kyrgyzstan (then part of the Soviet Union)
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  31. ^ Born in Suriname
  32. ^ Born in Germany (then part of the German Empire)
  33. ^ Born in Liberia
  34. ^ Born in Suriname (then part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  35. ^ Born in Germany (then part of Allied-occupied Germany)
  36. ^ Born in Belgium
  37. ^ Born in Indonesia
  38. ^ Born in Latvia (then part of the Soviet Union)
  39. ^ Born in Morocco
  40. ^ Capped for the Germany national under-16 football team
  41. ^ Capped for the Germany national under-21 football team
  42. ^ Born in France
  43. ^ Capped for the France national under-21 football team
  44. ^ Capped for the Canada men's national under-20 soccer team
  45. ^ Born in Mozambique (then part of Portuguese Mozambique)
  46. ^ Born in Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union)
  47. ^ Born in Belarus (then part of the Soviet Union)
  48. ^ Born in Tajikistan (then part of the Soviet Union)
  49. ^ Capped for the Tajikistan national football team
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  53. ^ Born in Denmark
  54. ^ Born in Italy
  55. ^ Born in Azerbaijan (then part of the Soviet Union)
  56. ^ Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  57. ^ Born in the Netherlands
  58. ^ Born in Lebanon
  59. ^ Capped for the Kosovo national football team
  60. ^ Born in Côte d'Ivoire
  61. ^ Born in Cape Verde
  62. ^ Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaïre)
  63. ^ Born in England
  64. ^ Capped for the France national under-18 football team
  65. ^ Born in Norway
  66. ^ Capped for the Norway national under-19 football team
  67. ^ Born in Nigeria
  68. ^ Capped for the Portugal national football B team
  69. ^ Capped for the France national under-19 football team
  70. ^ Born in Scotland
  71. ^ Born in the United States
  72. ^ Born in Japan
  73. ^ Born in Sierra Leone
  74. ^ Capped for the Denmark national under-21 football team
  75. ^ Born in Jamaica
  76. ^ Capped for the Germany national football team
  77. ^ Born in Hungary
  78. ^ Born in Martinique (Overseas department of the French Republic)
  79. ^ Capped for the Germany national under-15 football team
  80. ^ Capped for the Switzerland national football team
  81. ^ Born in Sweden
  82. ^ Capped for the Sweden national under-21 football team