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The Kosli language movement has been campaigning for recognition for the Kosli language. This movement is going on from last five decades in the districts of Western Odisha or Kosal. Persons like Prayag Dutta Joshi, Nilamadhab Panigrahi and others have started this movement.[citation needed]

According to some persons Kosli language is considered as a dialect of Oriya language. In the Census of India- 2001, Kosli language is shown as a mother tongue grouped under Oriya language. There are several Radio and T.V. programmes in Kosli language.

The main objective of this movement is to include the Kosli language in the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution.[1][2]

Kosal Discussion and Development Forum (KDDF), an organization working for the development of Kosli speaking region has submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.[3] The memorandum stated that recently the Union government passed the 93rd Constitutional Amendment that enabled the inclusion of four languages viz. Bodo, Dogri, Santhali, and Maithili in the 8th Schedule. "We the people of Western Odisha were hoping that Kosli be included as well because our situation is identical to that of Maithili".[4]


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