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The Target Poverty campaign was launched by ActionAid, the international development charity, in July 2006.

The campaign is focused on engaging campaigners in the UK to maintain the pressure on the British government, international institutions and multinational corporations. Its ultimate aim is to break the structural cycle of poverty.

Target Poverty draws together the main themes on which ActionAid campaigns on in the UK. These include making AIDS treatments available to all, changing unjust trade rules, ending corporate abuse, improving the quality of international aid, and promoting women’s rights.

It’s central argument is that these factors – or our current failings on them – represent an unjust global system, which threatens the lives of over half of the world’s population and prevents them from finding their own way out of poverty.

ActionAid states, moreover, that the power to change the system is there, and rests with governments and big business. ActionAid is calling for a coordinated response from the international community to meet its exciting commitments on international development, and to go much further in the fight against extreme poverty.

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