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Coordinates: 13°00′40″N 80°14′08″E / 13.010979°N 80.235426°E / 13.010979; 80.235426

College of Engineering, Guindy
கிண்டி பொறியியல் கல்லூரி
CEG main logo.png
Seal of College of Engineering, Guindy
Motto Labor omnia vincit (Latin)
Motto in English
Work conquers all
Established 1794 (as a college in 1862)[1] (220 years, 9 months, 2 weeks and 1 day)
Type Public, Autonomous
Dean Dr. P. Narayanasamy
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Campus Urban, 223.27acres
Newspaper The Guindy Times
Colours      Brick Red
Nickname CEGians

Anna University (1978 – )

Madras University (1862 – 1978)
College of Engineering, Guindy logo

The College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG) in Chennai, India, is the main campus of Anna University. It's one of the best engineering colleges in south India and consistently ranks, along with IIT Chennai and NIT Tiruchirappali, in the top 15 colleges in India for engineering.


It was born as a survey school in May 1794. In 1794 the survey school was started with one student in a building near Fort St. George. Founded by Michael Topping,the school became the Civil Engineering School in 1858 and was then rechristened as College of Engineering in 1861 with the inclusion of the Mechanical Engineering course.


College of Engineering, Guindy offers undergraduate engineering degree in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Geoinformatics, Agricultural & Irrigation Engineering, Bio Medical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mining Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering and PrintingTechnology.

It offers postgraduate degrees such as MBA, MCA, M.E., M.Sc. M.Tech and Ph.D.[2]

Reputation and ranking[edit]

University Rankings
Engineering – India
Outlook India[3] 12
Government colleges:
Mint[4] 9

It was ranked 12th in the Outlook India Top Engineering Colleges of 2012.[3] In rankings of government colleges, it ranked #9 in the Mint Top 50 Government Engineering Colleges of 2009.[4] The international surveys were conducted by Professor Jude Sommerfeld of Georgia Tech, USA since 1964 for every five-year period as well as every year and also during the 5-year period during 2004-2009 which included all IITs and IISc. College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University is always ranked among the topmost in this survey. College of Engineering, Guindy is the only institute in India to produce a Turing Award winner as an alumnus.[5]

World Ranking of Chemical Engineering Schools (2007–11), (Prof. Jude Sommerfeld, USA, 22 Jan. 2012), India [6]
Name of Institute Location Publications 2010 Total 06-10 Rank 06-10 Publications 2011 Total 07-11 Rank 07-11 World Ranking
ICT, Mumbai (UDCT) Mumbai 185 960 1 198 1025 1 4
IIT Bombay Mumbai 72 368 2 75 393 2 NA
IIT Kanpur Kanpur 72 356 3 80 378 3 NA
IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur 68 301 4 59 305 4 NA
IIT Madras Chennai 60 263 5 55 281 5 NA
Anna University Chennai 39 257 6 56 261 6 NA

Student life[edit]


The college has many student-run clubs to accommodate, encourage and cultivate varied interests of the students. Prominent ones include Sruthilaya (The Official Music Club of the College), Twisters (Dance Club), Snap It (for Photography), TheatrOn (Dramatics Club), Robotics Club, CSAU (Computer Society of Anna University), Jugaad (Entrepreneurship Club), Literary club, The Guindy Times (Official Campus Magazine), Aakriti (for women empowerment), Siruthuligal (the college's charity club), Leo club, Rotract Club, Students' Quality Club (SQC), and Green Brigade (Enivironment Club) among dozens of others. There is a separate club orientation held by the seniors to educate the 1st years about the various club activities in CEG. Apart from these clubs, there are also NCC, NSS, NSO and YRC.


Most students at CEG reside in hostels. The hostels are named after flowers. The campus has 16 hostels (Blocks 1-11, Kurinji, Tulip, Lavender and other blocks), of which five are exclusively for women. Dining facilities are provided in Five large centralized halls. The hostels accommodate only undergraduate students. There is a separate hostel for NRIs and foreign nationals.

Cultural and technical symposia[edit]

From 2007, the CEG Tech Forum conducts an international techno-management festival, under the patronage of UNESCO, called Kurukshetra.[7] Students take part in events covering engineering, science, technology and management. The Kurukshetra Guest Lecture series is a star-studded affair, with the likes of Nobel Laureates, research scientists from NASA, ISRO etc., and CEOs of top organisations.

From 2012, the students of CEG Tech Forum started providing mentoring services to freshers, helping them make informed decisions on what technical projects to work on, going overseas for higher education and research.[8] Every year in February, CEG plays host to Techofes,[9] a four-day inter-collegiate cultural festival. In October, Agni, the intra-college cultural festival is conducted. During January, February and March each year, departments of the college conduct technical symposia. Notable among those are

  • Q Quest,[10] organised by the Student Quality Club[11] of CEG under AU-TVS Centre for Quality Management
  • Gateway, organised by the Department of Media Sciences
  • Pinnacle, [2], organised by the Society of Mechanical Engineers and Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Waves, organized by Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Quanta, organised by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Vision, organised by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Bio-Spectra, organised by Biomedical Engineering (under the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • Civilisation, by the Department of Civil Engineering
  • Ethos, organised by the Department of Management Studies
  • Xenia, organised by the Department of Management Studies - Hospitality Management
  • Greenics, organised by the Department of Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering
  • Surang, organized by the Department of Mining Engineering
  • Manusys, organised by the Department of Manufacturing Engineering
  • Indcon, organised by the Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Abacus, organised by the Department of Computer Science Engineering
  • ITrix, organised by the Department of Information Science and Technology
  • Geo Horizon, organised by the Department of Geo-Informatics Engineering
  • Niral, Division of MCA (under the Department of Information Science and Technology)
  • Imprint, organised by the Department of Printing Technology
  • Mathrix, organised by the Department of Mathematics
  • Colloquium. organised by the Department of Mathematics
  • Aspiring Geologist Extravaganza, organised by the Department of Geology
  • Sangarsh (Concert For A Cause).,[12] organised by Rotaract club of CEG

Teams from CEG have participated in national contests like University Challenge.

Notable alumni[edit]

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