Nashville Fire Department

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Nashville Fire Department
Agency overview
Established 1807
Annual calls 113,000+
Employees 1,183
Fire chief Ricky White
EMS level ALS & BLS
Facilities and equipment
Battalions 6
Stations 38
Engines 39
Trucks 12
Rescues 4
Ambulances 22 ALS
Fireboats 5

The Nashville Fire Department (NFD) provides fire and emergency medical service to Nashville-Davidson County, Tennessee.[1]


The fire department started in May 1807 as a volunteer fire service and became a paid organization on July 24, 1860 with John S. Dashiell as the first chief. Nashville's first motorized fire engine was put into service in 1912. The department currently has thirty-nine stations. In 1974, the Emergency Medical Services Division was added. Until that time, the fire department put out fires and ambulances were provided by funeral homes. All firefighters are now cross trained as EMT's and Paramedics.

In 2012, the Nashville Fire Department responded to more than 113,000 emergencies throughout Davidson County. This total number includes fires, rescues, and medical emergencies, in which more than 68,000 people were transported to local hospitals.

Mission Statement[edit]

The mission of the Nashville Fire Department is to provide emergency medical care, fire protection and fire/hazard mitigation products to the citizens and visitors of our community so they can live in a community where quality patient care is provided and the potential for loss of life or property damage due to fire and/or other hazards is minimized.