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Mission Statement[edit]


I began editing Wikipedia articles in 2004, and it rapidly became a persistent hobby of mine. As of late 2012, I have created 3,700+ articles in the English Wikipedia. Out of these, 381 have been featured in the "Did you know?" spot on the Wikipedia main page. I used to have as a target that at least 0.1% of all articles would be creations of mine, but in later stages I have shifted to a more qualitative line of work.

Sometimes friends and family ask me why I put time and energy into writing texts for which I'm not paid. The answer is quite simple: because I enjoy it. My focus lies in article creation. Researching sources and references is a bit of detective work, the key facts are often well hidden and difficult to access and decrypt. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Plus, it provides me with tons of anecdotal knowledge. Learning more about the history of the world helps one to understand the present better.


Almost all of my article creations seeks to counter systematic bias. Thus my mission at Wikipedia is a political and social act. But the goal is not to preach, but rather to display complexity. I try to highlight aspects of world history that are obscured in mainstream narratives. In doing so I hope to I contribute to a better understanding and explaining the current state of the world.

The newspaper Aththa did once redefine Sinhala-language journalism, but before 2012 Wikipedia provided no information at all about it. The protest song Fano tesemara was once the battle cry of a generation of Ethiopian students, and those who sung it are now at the helm of the country. The FNLPA was once the most important trade union in Somalia and it took part in shaping the country in the early period of independence. Today there are very few traces online of its existence and the organized Somali labour movement as a whole has ceased to function long time ago.

By creating articles like these, tiny pieces of the giant puzzle of the history of peoples are recovered.


A typical article of mine usually starts like this. I enter Google Books (or sometimes another search engine) and type a few sort of random words. I then begin to glance through various hits. Sometimes I come up with nothing. Sometimes I encounter a text that provides me with names of organizations, movements, people and features that lack articles of their own at Wikipedia. I then begin the process of cross-checking the information with other sources. Usually I will try not to create an article based on a single source. Generally I try to concentrate on articles that have a scope to reach the length required for a WP:DYK feature. Sometimes an article takes just a few minutes to complete, sometimes I work on a single article over several days (one example I'm quite proud of is the 1976 Conference of Communist and Workers Parties of Europe).

I look for what is obscure, but still notable. Features that were important in past epochs but forgotten in mainstream historical narratives or that lie beyond the reach for English-speaking readers.

A good example of an excellent source is Geschichte der sozialistischen arbeiter-internationale: 1923 – 1940 by Werner Kowalski. A quite dry book from the GDR, it systematically (in a very German way...) goes through the facts and data related to the labour parties in the years between the two great wars. Some of the material was already covered in existing Wikipedia articles, but it turned out to be a gold mine of information on the political parties and movements that ceased to exist as the Second World War evolved. In some cases the constituencies that these parties sought to govern had ceased to exist as well, such as in the cases of the Soc.-Dem Workers Party of Subcarpathian Rus' or the Hungarian-German Soc.-Dem. Party. Based on Kowalski's book roughly 55 Wikipedia articles were created. In the process I learned a lot about the history of labour movements, in particular in regards to the national question.

A more recent example is Nomenclature des journaux & revues en langue française du monde entier. It is an ambitious work from 1937, that tries to compile information on all French-language publications across the world. In the years before the World Wide Web such an endeavor would have been quite an undertaking. From this book I managed to pluck data that enabled the creation of 46 articles, such as la Verité (whose spicy reporting shook the corrupted elites in interbellum Shanghai), le Cuir (who knew there was a daily publication dedicated to leather?), l'Alba (a vulgar Italian fascist mouthpiece in Tunisia), la Presse Porto-Novienne (anti-colonial press in present-day Benin), l'Écho taurin (a pro-bullfighting advocacy organ) and Vozrojdénie (anti-Bolshevik Russian daily from Paris). Particularly interesting was the case of es-Sabah. Once a major publication but today the language it carried has died out. And the once vivid social and political current that it represented, Zionism in the heart of the Arab-Muslim world, is long gone.

Beyond fiction?[edit]

I prefer researching history over reading fiction. The latter is a form of escapism, and in fact reality is often more challenging, emotional and brutal than our own imagination. In the process of research there is often a suspense, of not knowing what one will finally uncover. True tales of heroism, treachery, intrigues, despair and hope are unearthed.

In working on articles related to the 1965/1966 massacres in Indonesia horrific facts were revealed to me, some which I wished I had never learned. The account of how a random girl had been arrested and tortured to confess a fable that she was a subversive leader in Jakarta, the fate of Samikidin whose mutilated body was denied a funeral, how the children of Sarbuksi unionists continued to suffer discrimination for decades or how the currently tourist-populated beaches of Bali were scenes of mass executions are just some of the details of these events. In the end I chose not to mention every detail I encountered in the articles, my intention is not sensationalism but encouraging others to seek information by themselves.

Another case is Bauer und Arbeiter, a German-language newspaper in Soviet Azerbaijan. The publication experimented with novel forms of journalism and became increasingly popular in the German community in the Caucasus. But after a very short existence it was shut down, probably on political orders. I do not know what happened to its editors and workers during the subsequent purges, but adding one and one brings chilling assumptions. In writing the article, I felt somehow that it provided a fragment of a voice to those silenced in the grotesque machinery of human history.

Biographies of those who found themselves in the midst of history provide a special fascination. Ermenegildo Gasperoni went from being a political commissar in the Spanish Civil War to combining the duties of a government minister and auto mechanic. In contrast, Silvestre Savitski was not a particularly prominent figure in the October Revolution nor in the civil war that followed. In fact, he was but one individual in a mass of millions. The short article about him displays one of the many paradoxes of human condition, as bizarre circumstances brought him across the globe. There, the young man would become one of the pioneers of the socialist movement in Colombia. Likewise, the biography of Daniel Solod provides many question-marks. One does wonder what he discussed in meetings with Gamal Abdul Nasser in the midst of the Suez Crisis, as the future of the Middle East was debated and redefined. The evening in a moist Conakry, when armed men dragged the ambassador out from a cocktail reception to an uncertain fate could have fitted in a Hollywood script.

Or why has the life and adventures of Alejo Calatayud never been made into a movie or at least an HBO special? (maybe like a Bolivian Braveheart?) And what about the chilling morning of January 1, 1918 as the self-appointed People's Commissar Paul Wittich set foot to meet the Italian troops at the Pressburg railway station?

Not all serious?[edit]

Once in a while, even a serious Wikipedian needs to lighten up and explore the more anecdotal sides of life. It is a minor part of my labour on the encyclopedia, but I also enjoy authoring articles on topics like failed 1950s pilot shows about robots, X-factor in South Sudan and weird Scandinavian jelly.

Lastly, I hope this mission statement is not perceived as boasting or bragging. Or at least not too much of it. Apart from writing in solitude I also enjoy the company of other Wikipedians, whose knowledge and insights teaches me a lot and corrects me when I've gone astray. Forums like the Humanities desk often provides fascinating lectures. And the end, the ever-expanding encyclopedia is a product of collective efforts out of which my contributions are but a minor fragment.

Did You Know?[edit]

Here are listed my contributions to the Did You Know? feature on the Wikipedia Main Page. Flagicons are assigned somewhat arbitrarily, and the flags used are those of modern-day entities (with the exception of Russian Empire, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Free City of Danzig, Free Territory of Trieste, Saar and Yugoslavia).

# Date Country Article Hook Image
1 12 April, 2006
Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union ... that the Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union, an Indian farm labourers movement, claims a membership of over 2.5 million? Bbsrbkmu.JPG
2 18 August, 2006
Ruplal Bishvakarma ... that the Nepalese communist leader Ruplal Bishvakarma, who introduced the current Maoist leader Prachandra to militant politics in the 1970s, opposed Prachandra's plans for an armed uprising in 1994?
3 5 January, 2007
Radha Krishna Mainali ... that Nepalese politician Radha Krishna Mainali, once a communist revolutionary and a political prisoner for 16 years, was appointed Minister of Education & Sports by King Gyanendra after the king's seizure of power in February 2005?
4 14 April, 2007
North Korea
Workers Party of North Korea ... that when the Workers Party of North Korea was founded in 1946, Kim Il-sung was given the position of Vice Chairman of the party?
5 29 April, 2007
Saudi Arabia
Arab Socialist Action Party – Arabian Peninsula ... that the Arab Socialist Action Party, the main secular opposition group in Saudi Arabia at the time, faced a massive crackdown in the spring of 1982?
6 21 September, 2007
1979 Nepalese student protests ... that at the peak of the 1979 student protests in Nepal, radicals tried to humiliate moderate student leaders by painting their faces black, garlanding them with shoes, and parading them on a push-cart through the streets of Kathmandu?
7 13 October, 2007
Burma Workers and Peasants Party ... that the government of Burmese Prime Minister U Nu was saved from a parliamentary no confidence vote in June 1957 by the communist Burma Workers and Peasants Party?
8 21 November, 2007
United Issarak Front ... that the United Issarak Front leader Son Ngoc Minh declared Cambodian independence on June 19 1950? PRKFlag1979-1989.png
9 10 January, 2008
Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan ... that the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan organised India's first May Day celebrations in 1923?
10 11 January, 2008
Workers and Peasants Party ... that the Workers and Peasants Party leader K.N. Joglekar successfully moved a resolution that the Indian National Congress should demand full independence for India?
11 14 January, 2008
Newa Rastriya Mukti Morcha, Nepal ... that the Nepalese Maoist Newar National Liberation Front sponsored the 'Miss Newa' beauty pageant despite having previously demonstrated against it? Newapolitics.jpg
12 16 January, 2008
Abani Mukherji ... that Abani Mukherji, co-founder of the Communist Party of India, was executed by the Soviet Union as part of the Great Purge?
13 27 May, 2008
Naye Prese ... that Paris-based Naye Prese was the sole Yiddish-language communist daily newspaper in Europe during the interbellum period?
14 31 May, 2008
Martinican Communist Party ... that the Martinican Communist Party became the largest political party in the French département d'outre-mer of Martinique in the 1960s?
15 5 July, 2008
Gottfried Lessing ... that senior GDR diplomat Gottfried Lessing had taken part in the founding and been a leading member of the illegal clandestine Communist Party in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) during the 1940s?
16 11 July, 2008
Keshar Jung Rayamajhi ... that the former general secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal, Keshar Jung Rayamajhi, turned royalist and became chairman of Nepal's Royal Privy Council?
17 12 July, 2008
Nara Bahadur Karmacharya ... that Nara Bahadur Karmacharya is the sole surviving founding member of the Communist Party of Nepal?
18 12 July, 2008
Proletarian Revolutionary Organisation, Nepal ... that the Proletarian Revolutionary Organisation of Nepal proposed a synthesis of Buddhism and Maoism in 1977?
19 28 July, 2008
Nepalese Rastriya Panchayat election, 1981 ... that in the 1981 Nepalese national election, one candidate was elected with just 3,137 votes, less than ten percent of what the top candidate received?
20 11 August, 2008
Phospho-Energon ... that the sales of the "miracle drug" Energon, consisting of calf brain, sugar and milk, were able to establish Pharmacia as a major pharmaceutical company in Sweden in the early 1900s? Energonadvert.png
21 1 October, 2008
Palestinian territories
Socialist Workers Party (Palestine) ... that the followers of the Socialist Workers Party in Palestine, the precursor of the Communist Party of Israel, were known as mopsim?
22 3 October, 2008
Morgnshtern ... that by 1937, the Warsaw branch of the Bundist Morgnshtern was the largest sporting organisation in Poland?
23 4 October, 2008
Socialist Workers' Sport International ... that the 1931 Workers Olympiad held in Vienna, organized by the Socialist Workers' Sport International, was larger than the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics both in number of participants and spectators?
24 11 October, 2008
Russian Empire
Zionist Socialist Workers Party ... that the Zionist Socialist Workers Party broke with the World Zionist Organization after the 1905 WZO congress had rejected the proposal to resettle Jews in East Africa?
25 15 October, 2008
Russian Empire
Jewish Socialist Workers Party ... that the Jewish Socialist Workers Party in the Russian Empire mobilized 3,000 of its cadres in self-defense militias during 1906? Serp manif1917.jpg
26 18 October, 2008
Russian Empire
Folksgrupe ... that the liberal Jewish Folksgrupe played an important role in the 1917 Russian Provisional Government, but only obtained around 1% of the Jewish votes the same year?
27 23 October, 2008
Vanuatu Labour Party ... that the Vanuatu Labour Party first gained parliamentary representation in 2005, as the Minister for Ni-Vanuatu Business Joshua Kalsakau joined the party?
28 3 November, 2008
International Secretariat of National Trade Union Centres ... that Jens Jensen initiated the establishment in 1901 of the International Secretariat of National Trade Union Centres?
29 3 November, 2008
Workers Committee for National Liberation ... that the Workers Committee for National Liberation, a communist labour group, was broken up by the Egyptian government in January 1946?
30 8 November, 2008
Egyptian Communist Organisation ... that the Egyptian Communist Organisation was nicknamed "Mishmish", meaning apricot in Arabic?
31 29 November, 2008
Marxist Left in Slovakia and the Transcarpathian Ukraine ... that the 1921 congress of the Marxist Left in Slovakia and the Transcarpathian Ukraine endorsed all 21 conditions of Comintern, except the one demanding use of the name "Communist Party"?
32 6 December, 2008
Gewerkschaftsbund ... that the Central Commission of German Trade Unions organized 75 percent of unionized German workers in Czechoslovakia in 1921?
33 10 December, 2008
Miners' Union in the Czechoslovak Republic ... that approximately 10,000 communist miners left the Czechoslovak Miners' Union in 1923, after the union had accepted 9–13 percent cuts in salaries?
34 14 December, 2008
Odborové sdružení československé ... that the leftist Czechoslovak Chemical Workers' Union was expelled from the OSČ trade union centre in 1922?
35 14 December, 2008
Chemical Workers' Union (Czechoslovakia) ibid
36 16 December, 2008
K. Ramani ... that communist politician K. Ramani became the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Indian state Tamil Nadu in 1989?
37 19 December, 2008
Confédération générale du travail de Guadeloupe ... that in 2002, a Trotskyist became the general secretary of the trade union centre C.G.T.G in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe?
38 23 December, 2008
Józef Biniszkiewicz ... that Silesian socialist politician Józef Biniszkiewicz died at Buchenwald concentration camp during World War II?
39 26 December, 2008
German Socialist Labour Party in Poland - Left ... that prior to the 1930 election the Polish government declared the candidacy of Heinrich Scheibler, the leader of the German Socialist Labour Party in Poland - Left, to be invalid?
40 27 December, 2008
German Social Democratic Party of Poland ... that the German Social Democratic Party in Poland was formed in 1922 by the merger of Silesian branches of the German SPD, USPD and the Austrian SDAP?
41 29 December, 2008
Autonomous Agrarian Union ... that a 1930 proposal in the Czechoslovak parliament for greater autonomy for Transcarpathia, presented by the Autonomous Agrarian Union, gained support from the German National Socialists?
42 31 December, 2008
South Africa
Kate Molale ... that South African ANC activist Kate Molale organised a pioneer movement in the struggle against the 1953 Bantu Education Act? Bundesarchiv Bild 183-K0122-0028-001, Frankfurt-Oder, DFD-Frauen, Solidarität mit Vietnam.jpg
43 31 December, 2008
Erich Mückenberger ... that East German politician Erich Mückenberger led four district organizations of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany during his political career? Bundesarchiv Bild 183-20628-0096, Erfurt, SED-Parteiaktivtagung, Erich Mückenberger.jpg
44 2 January, 2009
Kattowitzer Volkswille ... that the German-language socialist newspaper Volkswille in Katowice, Poland, went from daily to weekly publication after the 1933 Nazi takeover stopped the newspaper's financial subsidies from Germany?
45 January, 2009
Albert Norden ... that in 1965, East German politician Albert Norden accused 1,900 politicians and other prominent personalities in West Germany of having worked for the Nazi regime? Bundesarchiv Bild 183-B0318-0011-001, Albert Norden.jpg
46 January 5, 2009
Paul Verner ... that Paul Verner fled Germany's nationalists and fought as a volunteer in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War? Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1982-1014-102, Dresden, 15. CDU-Parteitag.jpg
47 January 6, 2009
Iraqi Partisan movement, 1979-1988 ... that in a May 1983 attack on communist partisans, forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan killed 150 communist cadres in northern Iraq? Ansar4.jpg
48 January 11, 2009
Rayat ash-Shaghilah ... that in the 1950s, the Iraqi Communist Party accused the dissident communist group Rayat ash-Shaghilah of being "royalists", "deviationists", and police agents?
49 February 15, 2009
Palestinian territories
Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party of Palestine ... that the Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party was the sole Zionist party in Mandate Palestine to advocate national rights for Palestinian Arabs?
50 February 17, 2009
United States
Illinois Staats-Zeitung ... that the German newspaper Illinois Staats-Zeitung, published in Chicago, played an important role in building the Republican Party in Illinois in the 1850s?
51 February 21, 2009
Democratic Movement for National Liberation ... that the Democratic Movement for National Liberation was the sole communist faction in Egypt that supported the 1952 Revolution?
52 March 3, 2009
Siegmund Glücksmann ... that German socialist politician Siegmund Glücksmann initiated the first socialist protests against the Piłsudski government in Poland?
53 April 12, 2009
German Socialist Labour Party of Poland ... that in 1933, the German Socialist Labour Party of Poland supported the Bundist call for boycott of goods produced in Germany, in protest of the Hitler regime?
54 April 15, 2009
Bismarckjugend ... that in 1935, the uniform of the national-conservative Bismarckjugend was banned in Germany? Bundesarchiv Bild 102-12264, Heer O. Sieveking mit Bismarckjugend.jpg
55 April 19, 2009
Jewish Anti-Zionist League ... that when Zionists and the Jewish Anti-Zionist League clashed in Cairo in 1947, Egyptian police sided with the Zionists?
56 June 1, 2009
Bangshi Badan Barman ... that in the 2009 Indian parliamentary election, Bangshi Badan Barman of the Greater Cooch Behar Democratic Party became the first undertrial prisoner to file candidate nomination papers in West Bengal?
57 June 1, 2009
Greater Cooch Behar Democratic Party ibid
58 June 24, 2009
J. Hemachandran ... that Indian labour leader J. Hemachandran called for a ban on sales of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the state of Tamil Nadu?
59 June 27, 2009
Georgia (country)
Georgian Socialist-Federalist Revolutionary Party ... that in 1906, Georgian Socialist-Federalists managed to seize 315,000 rubles during an attack on a Russian treasury in Dusheti?
60 June 28, 2009
Moturu Udayam ... that Indian women's activist Moturu Udayam is said to have been the first woman to ride a bicycle in the state of Andhra Pradesh?
61 June 29, 2009
Pakistan Socialist Party ... that while the Pakistan Socialist Party won several seats in 1954 in East Pakistan due to reservations for religious minorities, the party opposed such reservations in principle?
62 June 30, 2009
Asian Socialist Conference ... that the 1953 Asian Socialist Conference held in Rangoon, was an important precursor to the 1955 Bandung Conference?
63 July 21, 2009
Thevar Jayanthi ... that in 2007 the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M. Karunanidhi, took part in Thevar Jayanthi celebrations, after shunning the event for two decades? Thevar Jayanthi in Madurai, 2007.jpg
64 July 23, 2009
Problems of Peace and Socialism ... that in the wake of the Sino-Soviet split, Albanian, Chinese and Korean editions of the journal Problems of Peace and Socialism (commemorating stamp pictured) were cancelled during 1962–1963? Soviet Union stamp 1988 CPA 5985.jpg
65 July 28, 2009
People's Party (Cuba) ... that the Cuban People's Party was barred from contesting the 1901 elections, as the government demanded the party produce a register of thousands of members in just two hours?
66 July 29, 2009
Federal Republican Party of Las Villas ... that due to a violent intimidation campaign of the Federal Republican Party, no other political groups dared to contest the 1900 municipal elections in Las Villas, Cuba?
67 July 29, 2009
Cuban National Party ... that in 1901, two former political adversaries in Cuba, the Cuban National Party and the Republican Party of Havana, united behind the presidential candidature of Tomás Estrada Palma?
68 July 29, 2009
Republican Party of Havana ibid
69 July 30, 2009
Cuban local elections, 1900 ... that mayors elected in the 1900 Cuban local elections had to swear an oath of allegiance to the U.S. Military Government before taking office?
70 July 30, 2009
Ethiopian general election, 1973 ... that the 1973 parliamentary election was the last to be held under imperial rule in Ethiopia?
71 August 1, 2009
Hyde Park Movement Party ... that a 1955 "Speaker's Corner" experiment in Bangkok inspired the launching of a Thai Hyde Park Movement Party?
72 August 1, 2009
Sukhe Bator Mongolian Pioneers Organization ... that in the late 1980s, the Mongolian pioneer movement, the Sukhe Bator Mongolian Pioneers Organization, had a membership of 360,000?
73 August 2, 2009
Ethiopia–Israel relations ... that in the 1960s, Israel trained Ethiopian forces for counterinsurgency operations against the Eritrean Liberation Front? Ethiopia Israel Locator.png
74 August 2, 2009
National Day of Hatred ... that in 1984, the National Day of Hatred was instituted in Kampuchea, to condemn the Khmer Rouge and their allies?
75 August 3, 2009
Soviet Union
Daniel Solod ... that in 1961, the Soviet ambassador to Guinea Daniel Solod was accused of being involved in an anti-government plot, and was expelled from Guinea? Soloddaniel1944syria.png
76 August 5, 2009
Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (Colombia) ... that in 1955, pressure from the Catholic Church and Conservatives forced the Colombian military government of Rojas Pinilla to close down the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo trade union centre?
77 August 5, 2009
National Union of Algerian Farmers ... that the National Union of Algerian Farmers, one of the six main mass organizations of the FLN period, enjoyed less political autonomy than the other mass organizations in Algeria at the time?
78 August 5, 2009
Soviet Union
Côte d'Ivoire – Soviet relations ... that in 1969, Côte d'Ivoire severed its relations with the Soviet Union, following accusations that the Soviet ambassador had supported Ivorian student protests? Côte d'Ivoire Soviet Union Locator.PNG
79 August 5, 2009
Moslem League of the Western Province ... that in 1953, the Eritrean Moslem League of the Western Province proposed the creation of an independent Beja state out of parts of Eritrea and Sudan, but failed to secure British support for the idea?
80 August 6, 2009
Soviet Union
Laos–Soviet relations ... that in the final phase of its existence, the Soviet Union deprioritized relations with Laos for the sake of achieving a settlement in the Cambodian Civil War? Laos Soviet Union Locator.png
81 August 7, 2009
Independent Moslem League ... that the Eritrean Independent Moslem League was persuaded to support a union between Ethiopia and Eritrea, after receiving Ethiopian assurances on Arabic schooling and respect for Islamic traditions?
82 August 18, 2009
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Flag (Unnichekkan) ... that in the 2009 Indian parliamentary election the Communist Party of India (M-L) Red Flag decided to support the Left Democratic Front, claiming that its opponents were pro-Israeli?
83 August 23, 2009
K.P. Prabhakaran ... that Indian communist politician K.P. Prabhakaran was in the forefront of a trade union of toddy tappers in Kerala for 55 years?
84 August 24, 2009
Socialist Party of Indonesia (Parsi) ... that the founders of the Socialist Party of Indonesia (Parsi) included a group of Indonesians who had participated in the anti-fascist resistance in the Netherlands during World War II?
85 August 25, 2009
Labour Party of Indonesia ...that in August of 1948 the Labour Party of Indonesia merged with the Communist Party?
86 August 31, 2009
Ibnu Parna ... that Indonesian politician Ibnu Parna, leader and the sole MP of the communist Acoma Party, was killed in the 1965 massacres?
87 August 31, 2009
Acoma Party ibid
88 September 1, 2009|
Permai ... that the Indonesian political party Permai was also a mystical religious movement?
89 September 6, 2009
Communist Party of Indonesia (Red) ... that in 1947 a group broke away from the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) and founded the rival Red Communist Party, in protest of the PKI leadership's willingness to negotiate with the Dutch?
90 September 8, 2009
Burkina Faso
Burkinabé parliamentary election, 1992 ... that 94% of the Members of Parliament elected in the 1992 election in Burkina Faso were male?
91 September 8, 2009
Dayak Unity Party ... that the Indonesian Dayak Unity Party was dissolved in 1959 when President Sukarno issued a ban on ethnic political parties?
92 September 9, 2009
Proletarian Women's Union ... that the Indonesian Murba Women's Union ran programmes to help women start batik and weaving household industries?
93 September 10, 2009
National People's Party (Indonesia) ... that in the 1950 confidence vote for the Indonesian Natsir cabinet, the National People's Party was the sole party without ministers of its own to support the government?
94 September 10, 2009
Burkina Faso
Confédération générale du travail du Burkina ... that the F.N.B.P.B. bakery workers' union, founded in 1960, is the oldest member of the Confédération générale du travail du Burkina trade union centre in Burkina Faso?
95 September 12, 2009
Murba Party ... that in the midst of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, the Indonesian Murba Party pledged to send volunteers to Cuba?
96 September 13, 2009
Burkina Faso
Valère Somé ... that Burkinabè politician and revolutionary ideologue Valère Somé was forced into exile to Congo-Brazzaville after the overthrow of Thomas Sankara?
97 September 18, 2009
Socialist Democracy of Guinea ... that the French colonial administration in Guinea opposed the founding of the political party Socialist Democracy in 1954, as they feared it would split the anti-Sékou Touré vote?
98 September 19, 2009
Senegalese Territorial Assembly election, 1957 ... that unlike most other elections held in other parts of French West Africa on the same day, the 31 March 1957 assembly election in Senegal was not dominated by the African Democratic Rally (RDA)?
99 September 21, 2009
National Democratic Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf ... that two foiled attacks by N.D.F.L.O.A.G. guerrillas in June 1970 sparked a conspiracy to overthrow the Sultan of Oman?
100 September 23, 2009
French legislative by-election in Guinea, 1954‎ ... that although the 1954 Guinean by-poll was marred with irregularities, only the communists and the African Democratic Rally voted against validating the results in the French National Assembly?
101 September 29, 2009
Marcel Oopa ... that Marcel Oopa, French National Assembly member from Tahiti and the Polynesian autonomist R.D.P.T, died on Bastille Day 1961?
102 September 29, 2009
Democratic Rally of the Tahitian People ibid
103 September 30, 2009
Black African Students Federation in France ... that the Black African Students Federation in France (F.E.A.N.F.) opposed the French 1965 Loi Cadre, which it considered as a move to Balkanize Africa?
104 October 13, 2009
Bund (Bukovina) ... that in order to register themselves as a political association according to Austro-Hungarian regulations, the Jewish socialist Bund of Bukovina had to limit its membership to male Austrian citizens?
105 October 15, 2009
General Jewish Labour Bund in Romania ... that the socialist Romanian General Jewish Labour Bund had a strong presence in kehilla elections in Chişinău during the interbellum but largely lacked representation outside Bessarabia?
106 October 28, 2009
Satyashodhak Communist Party ... that the Satyashodhak Communist Party was founded in Maharastra, India, in 1978, seeking to combine the philosophies of Karl Marx, B.R. Ambedkar and Jyotirao Phule?
107 November 2, 2009
Russian Empire
Independent Jewish Workers Party ... that in 1901, the head of the Russian secret police Sergei Zubatov helped found the Independent Jewish Workers Party in a bid to counter the influence of the General Jewish Labour Bund?
108 November 7, 2009
Der arbeyter ... that Leon Wasilewski of the Polish Socialist Party learned Yiddish in order to be able to edit the party's Yiddish-language newspaper Der arbeyter? Der-arbeyter-letterhead-1905.png
109 November 8, 2009
United Kingdom
Hebrew Socialist Union in London ... that HaEmes, the organ of the 1876 Hebrew Socialist Union in London, was the first Jewish socialist periodical?
110 November 12, 2009
Soviet Union
Socialist League of the New East ... that the Socialist League of the New East, founded by émigré Socialist-Revolutionaries in Czechoslovakia in 1927, called for splitting up the Soviet Union into separate national states?
111 November 14, 2009
Russian Empire
5th Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party ... that the 5th Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party was held in a church in London in 1907? Brotherhood Church Southgate Road.jpg
112 November 15, 2009
Enlightened People's Communist Party ... that in late 1921 a series of arrests of its activists led to the break-up of the Japanese Enlightened People's Communist Party?
113 December 11, 2009
Union générale des syndicats algériens ... that the Algerian communist trade union centre UGSA disbanded itself in 1957, after the rival nationalist UGTA had participated in the Leipzig congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions?
114 December 15, 2009
Republic of the Congo
Congolese Youth Union ... that the radical Congolese Youth Union, which took part in the overthrow of the Congolese President Fulbert Youlou in 1963, began as an offshoot of the youth wing of the French Communist Party?
115 December 15, 2009
Republic of the Congo
Trois Glorieuses (1963) ibid
116 December 20, 2009
Republic of the Congo
LICOPA affair ... that in seeking to overcome the low in CongoZaire relations in the early 1970s due to the LICOPA affair, Congolese authorities sentenced a Zairean opposition member to three years' imprisonment?
117 December 24, 2009
Republic of the Congo
Société Amicale des Originaires de l'A.E.F. ... that the matswaniste movement in French Equatorial Africa, l'Amicale des Originaires, developed from a self-help group into a political movement and later into a messianic religious community?
118 December 26, 2009
Republic of the Congo
Congolese Progressive Party ... that in the run-up to the 1946 French legislative and 1947 Congolese territorial elections, Congolese Progressive Party leader Jean-Félix Tchicaya condemned the system of separate electoral colleges?
119 December 26, 2009
Republic of the Congo
Moyen-Congo Representative Council election, 1947 ibid
120 December 26, 2009
French legislative election in French Equatorial Africa, November 1946 ibid
121 December 27, 2009
Republic of the Congo
National Movement of the Revolution ... that on July 20, 1964, the National Movement of the Revolution was declared the sole legal political party by law in the Republic of the Congo?
122 December 30, 2009
Zodi Ikhia ... that Zodi Ikhia, the first Education Minister of the Republic of Niger, took part in a failed coup d'etat in 1963?
123 December 31, 2009
Amar Ouzegane ... that Amar Ouzegane, first secretary of the Algerian Communist Party until 1947, later renounced communism, arguing for a fusion of Islam and socialism?
124 January 1, 2010
Michel Zunino ... that the French resistance activist Michel Zunino was the sole former socialist Popular Front parliamentarian who was later re-elected as a communist?
125 January 1, 2010
Pierre Abelin ... that the French Minister of Cooperation Pierre Abelin initiated the process that culminated with the signing of the Lomé Convention in 1975?
126 January 3, 2010
Labour Party (Argentina) ... that the Argentinian Labour Party, which played a major role in ensuring Juan Perón's 1946 election victory, was modelled after the British Labour Party?
127 January 4, 2010
Democratic Association of Victoria ... that the Democratic Association of Victoria, the first Australian socialist organisation founded in 1872, lasted only ten months?
128 January 5, 2010
Deiva Zivarattinam ... that in the 1946 French legislative election the incumbent parliamentarian from French India, Deiva Zivarattinam, received only 18 votes?
129 January 5, 2010
Tefik Mborja ... that during the Italian occupation Tefik Mborja was, as General Secretary of the Albanian Fascist Party, included in the Albanian cabinet as an ex-officio member?
130 January 5, 2010
Federación Obrera de la Industria de la Carne ... that a massive general strike organized by the Argentinian F.O.I.C. meat-packers union secured the release of its jailed leadership in September 1943?
131 January 10, 2010
Comité de liaison de patronat de l'A.E.F. ... that the employers' organization in French Equatorial Africa, COLPAEF, was significantly weaker than its West African counterparts, as employers in Equatorial Africa were highly individualistic?
132 January 11, 2010
Republic of the Congo
M 22 ... that Ange Diawara, the leader of the Congolese rebel group M 22, sought inspiration from Che Guevara and the Cameroonian UPC?
133 January 11, 2010
Ardeshir Ovanessian ... that the Armenian Iranian communist leader Ardeshir Ovanessian spent eleven years in Qasr prison?
134 January 10, 2010
Ettehadiyeh-ye Sendika-ye Kargaran-e Iran ... that on December 14, 1947, a rival government-supported Iranian union, ESKI, carried out an attack on a club building of the Central Union of Workers and Peasants of Iran?
135 January 13, 2010
Central Union of Workers and Peasants of Iran ibid
136 January 13, 2010
Emanuel Chobot ... that Emanuel Chobot, chairman of the Polish Socialist Workers Party in interbellum Czechoslovakia, was active in the cooperative movement?
137 January 13, 2010
Central Council of Trade Unions ... that May Day was first celebrated in Persia in 1922, and during the 1920s thousands of people participated in the May Day rallies of the Central Council of Trade Unions in Tehran?
138 January 14, 2010
Central Council of United Trade Unions ... that although formally banned, the Iranian communist Central Council of United Trade Unions was able to revive its activities under the rule of Mohammad Mosaddegh in the early 1950s?
139 January 14, 2010
Rahbar (newspaper) ... that workers employed at the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company were banned from reading the communist newspaper Rahbar, and could be fired if they did?
140 January 15, 2010
Karol Śliwka ... that the most prominent leader of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia within the Polish minority, Karol Śliwka, died in the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in 1943?
141 January 15, 2010
Albanian Lictor Youth ... that soon after the annexation of Albania in 1939 Italian fascists set up the Albanian Lictor Youth, a branch of the Italian fascist youth movement?
142 January 15, 2010
Soviet Union
Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee ... that until 1974, all visits of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the Soviet Union were hosted by the Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee rather than government representatives?
143 January 17, 2010
Arab Lictor Youth ... that in 1935, the Italian Governor-General in Libya, Italo Balbo, founded the Arab Lictor Youth, a fascist youth movement that trained Arab youth for military service? GAL-Arab Lictor Youth in uniforms.PNG
144 January 19, 2010
Labour and Socialist International ... that in 1925 the Labour and Socialist International urged the League of Nations to accept the Rif Republic as a member?
145 January 19, 2010
Hungarian-German Social Democratic Party ... that in 1919 Hungarian and German social democrats in Slovakia formed a party of their own, as they differed with the Slovak social democrats on the Hungarian Soviet Republic?
146 January 24, 2010
Czechoslovak Social Democratic Workers Party in the Republic of Austria ... that there was a Czech section of the Austrian Republikanischer Schutzbund, associated with the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Workers Party in Austria?
147 January 24, 2010
Free City of Danzig
Social Democratic Party of the Free City of Danzig ... that in response to the growing National Socialist influence, the Social Democratic Party of the Free City of Danzig formed a 4,500-man strong paramilitary force?
148 January 24, 2010
Free City of Danzig
Julius Gehl ... that Julius Gehl, the vice president of the Senate of the Free City of Danzig, was a mason by profession? Gehl Julius.jpg
149 January 27, 2010
Old Social Democratic Party of Germany ... that National Bolshevik Ernst Niekisch played an important role in formulating the ideological line of the Old Social Democratic Party of Germany?
150 January 28, 2010
Világosság Socialist Emigrant Group ... that in 1920 Hungarian socialists such as Sándor Garbai, Zsigmond Kunfi and Vilmos Böhm, exiled after the crushing of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, founded the Világosság emigré group?
151 January 28, 2010
Portuguese Socialist Party ... that the Portuguese Socialist Party was the sole political party tolerated by the military regime after the 28 May 1926 coup d'état?
152 January 30, 2010
Socialist-Communist Union ... that the mayors of six Parisian suburbs took part in founding the Socialist-Communist Union in 1923?
153 January 30, 2010
Guyana Labour Union ... that Guyanese president Forbes Burnham was president of the Guyana Labour Union twice, from 1952 to 1956 and again from 1963 to 1965?
154 February 10, 2010
Guinea-Bissau–Sweden relations ... that Sweden established official diplomatic relations with Guinea-Bissau before Guinea-Bissau formally gained independence from Portugal in 1974?
155 February 10, 2010
Cape Verde
Onésimo Silveira ... that the Cape Verdean poet Onésimo Silveira was the representative of African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde in Sweden in the early 1970s?
156 February 12, 2010
United Kingdom
ILP Guild of Youth ... that the founding of the Independent Labour Party's Guild of Youth in Britain provoked the Labour Party to found a youth wing of its own?
157 February 21, 2010
Independent Socialist Labour Party ... that the Polish Independent Socialist Labour Party of Joseph Kruk merged into the Labour Zionist Poalei Zion in 1937?
158 February 21, 2010
Joseph Kruk ibid
159 March 8, 2010
Lore Agnes ... that the German socialist women's activist Lore Agnes was jailed in 1914 for having called on women to oppose the war during a March 8 rally? Lore Agnes.png
160 March 19, 2010
Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party (Broad Socialists) ... that despite its name, the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party (Broad Socialists) had only 35% workers among its members?
161 March 22, 2010
Yanko Sakazov ... that Yanko Sakazov was one of the two first socialist parliamentarians in Bulgaria, elected to the National Assembly in 1894?
162 March 24, 2010
Konstantin Bozveliev ... that Konstantin Bozveliev became the first socialist to be elected mayor in Bulgaria in 1908?
163 March 27, 2010
L'Affranchissement ... that the association l'Affranchissement, founded in 1854, was the first rationalist organization in Belgium?
164 March 28, 2010
Republican Socialist Party ... that an 1889 trial against cadres of the Belgian Republican Socialist Party revealed that most leaders of the party were agents provocateurs paid by the government?
165 March 30, 2010
El Tiempo (Istanbul) ... that around 50% of adult Jews in Constantinople were subscribers of the Ladino language newspaper El Tiempo at the time of the First World War?
166 March 31, 2010
Hamevasser ... that the 1910–1911 Zionist newspaper Hamevasser called on Jews to join the Ottoman army, in an effort to improve Jewish-Turkish relations?
167 April 5, 2010
United States
Kawkab America ... that Kawkab America was the first Arabic-language newspaper published in North America?
168 April 10, 2010
Communist Party of Andalusia ... that the Communist Party of Andalusia won 57.4% of the votes in the 1983 municipal election in Córdoba, Spain?
169 April 14, 2010
United States
Dos Abend Blatt ... that Dos Abend Blatt was first Yiddish-language socialist newspaper in New York?
170 April 14, 2010
Robert Danneberg ... that Austrian socialist leader Robert Danneberg, one of the architects of 'Red Vienna', was killed in the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942?
171 April 16, 2010
Russian Empire
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (Mensheviks) ... that Sotsialisticheskii vestnik, the organ of the exiled Russian Menshevik Party, was published from New York until 1965?
172 April 17, 2010
Dino Rondani ... that the Italian socialist leader Dino Rondani represented Argentina in the Executive of the Labour and Socialist International?
173 April 17, 2010
Lumber Workers Industrial Union of Canada ... that Finnish communists founded the Lumber Workers Industrial Union of Canada in 1924?
174 April 19, 2010
Russian Empire
Ha-Yom ... that Ha-Yom, founded in 1886, was the first daily newspaper in Hebrew?
175 April 23, 2010
Mine Workers' Union of Canada ... that in 1931 three people were killed in Estevan, Canada, when police opened fire on a Mine Workers' Union of Canada rally?
176 April 30, 2010
Óscar Salas Moya ... that the miners' union leader Óscar Salas Moya was a candidate for vice-president of Bolivia in 1985?
177 May 9, 2010
1958 Paraguayan general strike‎ ... that over 200 Paraguayan trade union leaders were arrested by the Stroessner government in connection with a 1958 general strike?
178 May 11, 2010
Roger Pinto Molina ... that Bolivian right-wing senator Roger Pinto Molina owns 3,269 hectares of land in Porvenir?
179 May 11, 2010
Sendero ... that in 1973 the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference was able to revive a newspaper of its own, Sendero, after having shut its previous press organ in 1969 due to government harassment?
180 May 17, 2010
Jenaro Flores Santos ... that Jenaro Flores Santos was the first peasant organizer to lead the Bolivian national trade union centre COB?
181 May 22, 2010
Gonzalo Aguirre Villafán ... that Gonzalo Aguirre Villafán, former president of the parliamentary Defense Committee of Bolivia, was educated in Israel?
182 May 26, 2010
Román Loayza Caero ... that when Bolivian veteran trade unionist Román Loayza Caero announced his presidential aspirations in 2009, the Unique Confederation of Rural Laborers of Bolivia (CSUTCB), which he had led for nine years, publicly denounced his candidature?
183 June 17, 2010
Jorge Cruickshank García ... that in 1976 socialist Jorge Cruickshank García became the first opposition senator of Mexico since the emergence of the Institutional Revolutionary Party as the ruling party?
184 June 17, 2010
Socialist Union of Central-Eastern Europe ... that in 1949 the Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Yugoslav and Czechoslovak socialist parties founded the Socialist Union of Central-Eastern Europe as a common centre for work in exile?
185 June 19, 2010
Soviet Union
French Communist Group ... that the small French Communist Group in Russia was able to play a role in fomenting mutinies amongst French interventionist troops during the Russian Civil War?
186 June 20, 2010
Mexican People's Party ... that whilst the Mexican People's Party was unable to obtain national registration as a political party, it was recognized in Baja California Sur and won a seat in the state legislature?
187 June 20, 2010
Trade Union Propaganda League ... that through the Trade Union Propaganda League Swedish leftwing socialists sought to win the Swedish Trade Union Confederation over to a revolutionary line?
188 June 25, 2010
Sind legislative assembly election, 1937 ... that, although the Sind United Party emerged as the largest party in the 1937 Sind assembly election, it failed to get its main leaders elected?
189 June 27, 2010
Tanka movement ... that in response to the Hajong communist peasants' uprising, Pakistani authorities forced the majority of the Hajong people into exile in India?
190 June 27, 2010
Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council election, 2010 ... that the communist-led Left Front won all seats elected in the 2010 Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council election?
191 June 27, 2010
National Youth Organization ... that in the mass literacy campaign during Grenada's New Jewel Movement revolution, 65% of volunteer teachers were mobilized from the National Youth Organization?
192 July 5, 2010
Under röd flagg ... that Hinke Bergegren's Under röd flagg (cover pictured) was the first periodical to introduce detailed accounts of anarchist thought in Sweden? Under röd flagg omslag 1891.jpg
193 July 6, 2010
Volksfront (Alsace) ... that the Bloody Sunday events of 1926 in Alsace were the starting point of cooperation between communists and clerical autonomists, which led to the expulsion of the Neue Welt group of Charles Hueber and Jean-Pierre Mourer from the French Communist Party and the formation of the Alsatian Opposition Communist Party?
194 July 6, 2010
Jean-Pierre Mourer ibid Jean-Pierre Mourer.jpg
195 July 6, 2010
Charles Hueber ibid
196 July 6, 2010
Alsatian Workers and Peasants Party ibid
197 July 6, 2010
Bloody Sunday (1926) ibid
198 July 6, 2010
Die Neue Welt ibid
199 July 8, 2010
Singapore Federation of Trade Unions ... that in 1947, 72 out of 126 trade unions in Singapore were affiliated to the communist-led Singapore Federation of Trade Unions?
200 July 9, 2010
Independent Regional Party for Alsace-Lorraine ... that the Landespartei, which represented the most radical wing of the Alsatian autonomist movement, moved closer to fascist positions during the 1930s?
201 July 11, 2010
Alsace-Lorraine Regional Party ... that the Alsace-Lorraine Regional Party, founded in 1903, was the first Catholic political organization in the German province of Alsace-Lorraine?
202 July 12, 2010
Ny Dag ... that in neutral Sweden during World War II, the communist newspapers Ny Dag and Sydsvenska Kuriren were banned from being carried on trains and public buses?
203 July 12, 2010
Sydsvenska Kuriren ibid
204 July 16, 2010
Poul Johansen Geleff ... that when Danish socialist pioneer and former prisoner Poul Johansen Geleff (pictured) emigrated to the United States, Danish police helped pay for his travel costs? Paul Geleff.jpg
205 July 17, 2010
Ture Königson ... that Ture Königson of the People's Party in Sweden decided the outcome of the crucial 1959 vote on pension reform by abstaining?
206 July 18, 2010
Bidya Debbarma ... that Indian communist politician and six-time Tripura Legislative Assembly member Bidya Debbarma never lost any election he contested?
207 July 19, 2010
United NLF Groups ... that during the Vietnam War the Swedish FNL movement used to attack U.S. diplomats with eggs, tomatoes and, occasionally, surströmming? FNL Flag.svg
208 July 19, 2010
Conference of Youth and Students of Southeast Asia Fighting for Freedom and Independence ... that it has often been claimed that the 1948 Southeast Asian Youth Conference, held in Calcutta, marked the starting point for various armed communist insurgencies in different Asian countries?
209 July 19, 2010
H. N. Goshal ... that Burmese communist leader H. N. Goshal was executed in an inner-party purge in 1967, after having been denounced as "Burma's Liu Shaoqi"?
210 July 20, 2010
All Burma Trade Union Congress ... that the All Burma Trade Union Congress was banned in the wake of the March 1948 crackdown on the Communist Party of Burma?
211 July 21, 2010
Communist Party (Burma) ... that in 1946 the Red Flag Communist Party initiated a guerrilla insurgency against British rule in Burma?
212 July 23, 2010
International Federation of Trade Unions ... that in spite of hesitations due to the growing influence of Nazism in Germany, the International Federation of Trade Unions moved its headquarters to Berlin in 1931?
213 July 27, 2010
Narayan Man Bijukchhe ... that Nepalese communist politician Narayan Man Bijukchhe has won a parliamentary seat in every national election since the 1990 Jana Andolan? Narayanman bijukchhe comrade rohit.png
214 July 28, 2010
All Saints' massacre ... that more than a hundred people were killed by the military junta of Natusch Busch during its 16-day reign in Bolivia in 1979?
215 July 28, 2010
Bienvenido Zacu Mborobainchi ... that indigenous Bolivian politician Bienvenido Zacu Mborobainchi led a 2002 protest march, which resulted in an accord with the government enabling the formation of the Constituent Assembly?
216 July 29, 2010
Neri Javier Colmenares ... that Neri Colmenares, today a member of the Congress of the Philippines, was one of the youngest political prisoners during the rule of Ferdinand Marcos?
217 August 2, 2010
Guillermo Capadocia ... that the Filipino communist guerrilla commander Guillermo Capadocia had worked as a chef and a waiter during his youth?
218 August 3, 2010
Revolutionary Left Front ... that the Revolutionary Left Front had the highest percentage of female candidates in the 1991 municipal elections in the major cities of Bolivia?
219 August 3, 2010
Óscar Zamora Medinaceli ... that Óscar Zamora Medinaceli, a communist student activist and leader of a Maoist insurgency in the 1970s, would become a senator, mayor, ambassador, prefect and minister of Bolivia?
220 August 4, 2010
Kampforbundet for Rød Sportsenhet ... that the merger between the Norwegian Labour Party-led Workers' Sport Federation and the Communist-led 'Red Sports' has been described as an early example of the popular front line?
221 August 4, 2010
Arbeidernes Idrettsforbund ibid
222 August 4, 2010
Collective Labor Movement ... that the leftist Collective Labor Movement was the largest trade union centre in the Philippines in the years just before World War II?
223 August 5, 2010
Benjamín Miguel Harb ... that after the death of Bolivian Christian Democratic politician Benjamín Miguel Harb in 2008, the Senate of Bolivia decided unanimously to grant him its highest decoration, the Banner of Gold?
224 August 5, 2010
Union Obrera Democratica Filipina ... that the Union Obrera Democratica Filipina held a mass anti-imperialist rally on May 1, 1903, the first May Day rally in the Philippines, in spite of being denied permits by the United States' Taft administration?
225 August 6, 2010
Socialist Republican Party (Bolivia) ... that the Bolivian Socialist Republican Party supported the military governments that ruled the country in 1935–1937, 1939–1940 and 1940–1943?
226 August 7, 2010
Bolivian municipal election, 1999 ... that in a survey study of the officials elected in the 1999 municipal election in Bolivia, the Communist Party had the highest percentage of indigenous councilors?
227 August 9, 2010
Japan Labour-Farmer Party ... that unlike other proletarian parties at the time, such as the Japan Labour-Farmer Party, the Labour-Farmer Party and the Social Democratic Party, the Japan Farmers Party based itself solely amongst the peasantry instead of a worker–peasant class alliance?
228 August 9, 2010
Japan Farmers Party ibid
229 August 9, 2010
Labour-Farmer Party ibid
230 August 9, 2010
Social Democratic Party (Japan, 1926) ibid
231 August 9, 2010
Proletarian parties in Japan, 1925-1932 ibid
232 August 14, 2010
Hyōgikai ... that 196 activists of the Japanese Hyōgikai trade union movement were jailed in 1926 for organizing strikes?
233 August 14, 2010
Ritsuta Noda ... that Japanese trade union leader Ritsuta Noda was a pioneer in the underground birth control movement in Osaka?
234 August 16, 2010
Farmer-Labour Party ... that the Japanese Farmer-Labour Party was banned just a few hours after its foundation in 1925?
235 August 19, 2010
Russian Empire
Agrarian Socialist League ... that the Agrarian Socialist League, a Russian revolutionary émigré organization, was founded at the funeral of Pyotr Lavrov in 1900?
236 August 19, 2010
Katarismo ... that the katarista movement leader Víctor Hugo Cárdenas was elected Vice President of Bolivia in 1993?
237 August 27, 2010
Assembly for the Sovereignty of the Peoples ... that the current President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, was one of four Assembly for the Sovereignty of the Peoples politicians elected to parliament in 1997?
238 September 7, 2010
United Kingdom
Yorkshire Factory Times ... that the socialist-oriented newspaper Yorkshire Factory Times began as an off-shoot of a conservative publication in 1899?
239 September 8, 2010
United Kingdom
Labour Elector ... that publication of British newspaper Labour Elector was discontinued in 1890 as its editor H. H. Champion travelled to Australia?
240 September 9, 2010
Al-Mabda' ... that under the 1960 Iraqi Associations Law, Daud as-Sayegh's tiny faction (which published al-Mabda') was accorded recognition as the "Iraqi Communist Party", while the main communist group (which published Ittihad ash-Sha'ab) was denied legal status?
241 September 8, 2010
Iraqi Communist Party (1960) ibid
242 September 8, 2010
Daud as-Sayegh ibid
243 September 8, 2010
Ittihad ash-Sha'ab ibid
244 September 8, 2010
Associations Law ibid
245 November 12, 2010
Free Territory of Trieste
Anti-Fascist Youth Union of the Free Territory of Trieste ... that, in addition to mobilizing labor brigades for the post-war reconstruction of Yugoslavia, the Anti-Fascist Youth Union of the Free Territory of Trieste planned sporting and cultural events?
246 November 13, 2010
Free Territory of Trieste
Slavic-Italian Anti-Fascist Union ... that in the 1949 municipal election in the Free Territory of Trieste, the communist-led Slavic-Italian Anti-Fascist Union won 97% of the votes in Monrupino?
247 November 13, 2010
Free Territory of Trieste
Free Territory of Trieste municipal election, 1949 ibid
248 November 21, 2010
Socialist Workers Movement (Bolivia) ... that the Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations Pablo Solón was the main leader of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party in the 1980s?
249 November 23, 2010
Vinod Mishra ... that Indian communist leader Vinod Mishra announced an "eye for an eye" policy of vengeance after right-wing paramilitaries Ranvir Sena killed 21 Dalits in 1996?
250 November 24, 2010
Popular Socialist Youth ... that the 1960 congress of the Popular Socialist Youth was the first occasion at which the Cuban motto "Fatherland or Death" was displayed in print?
251 November 24, 2010
Indian People's Front ... that in March 1994, the communist-led Indian People's Front rallied tens of thousands of barefoot, starving workers, some of whom walked more than 100 kilometres (62 mi) to reach the venue?
252 November 25, 2010
Le Phare de Guinée ... that the Democratic Party of Guinea organ Le Phare de Guinée was closed down in 1949, as no printing press in Guinea dared to print it due to government pressure?
253 November 26, 2010
Barry III ... that Guinean socialist politician Barry III was nicknamed "Little Elephant", due to the similarities of his political programme with that of Sékou Touré, whose nickname was "Elephant"?
254 November 30, 2010
Sarbupri ... that a 1953 strike organized by the plantation workers trade union Sarbupri forced the Indonesian government to raise wages of estate labourers by 30%?
255 November 30, 2010
United Left (Bolivia) ... that current President of Bolivia Evo Morales was elected to parliament in 1997 on an United Left ticket?
256 December 2, 2010
Baba Bujha Singh ... that Punjabi revolutionary Baba Bujha Singh predicted the disintegration of the Soviet Union?
257 December 2, 2010
Chaturanan Mishra ... that in 1996 Chaturanan Mishra became one of the two first communist cabinet members in India?
258 December 3, 2010
Sentral Organisasi Buruh Republik Indonesia ... that the Indonesian trade union centre SOBRI decided to join the World Federation of Trade Unions following the death of Stalin in 1953?
259 December 3, 2010
Sarbuksi ... that by 1962 the communist-led Indonesian forest workers union Sarbuksi claimed to have a quarter of a million members?
260 December 8, 2010
Prijono ... that Indonesian Minister of Education Prijono received the Stalin Peace Prize in 1954? Prijono.jpg
261 December 9, 2010
Sarbufis ... that in 1955 the Indonesian film workers union Sarbufis launched a campaign to ban American newsreel film?
262 December 10, 2010
Harihar Narayan Prabhakar ... that Indian politician Harihar Narayan Prabhakar began his political career in the Communist Party of India, but later represented the Bharatiya Janata Party in the legislative assembly of Bihar?
263 December 12, 2010
Kalvdans ... that Swedish emigrants brought kalvdans, a dessert made out of colostrum milk, to North America?
264 December 12, 2010
Moni Guha ... that the communist Moni Guha was amongst the first in India to criticize the 1956 line of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?
265 December 19, 2010
Salawati Daud ... that communist politician Salawati Daud was the first female mayor in Indonesia?
266 December 24, 2010
Sentral Organisasi Buruh Seluruh Indonesia ... that the communist-led federation SOBSI was the largest trade union movement in Indonesia prior to the Suharto era? Sobsi-rally.jpg
267 December 28, 2010
Serbuni ... that, according to Fieldhouse, militant agitation by the Indonesian communist trade union Serbuni during the 1963/1964 confrontation sought to prevent nationalization of Unilever factories?
268 December 30, 2010
Consentrasi Gerakan Mahasiswa Indonesia ... that the communist student organization CGMI ran campaigns against hazing at Indonesian universities?
269 December 31, 2010
Kiranmoy Nanda ... that socialist politician Kiranmoy Nanda has been the Fisheries Minister of the Indian state of West Bengal since 1982?
270 December 31, 2010
SITRANDE ... that the power plant workers union SITRANDE was the first public sector trade union founded in Paraguay after the fall of Stroessner?
271 January 2, 2011
Sanbetsu ... that the membership of the Japanese trade union centre Sanbetsu dropped from 1.5 million in 1946 to 13,000 in 1953? Sanbetsu kaigi banner.png
272 January 5, 2011
Fadjar Harapan ... that the Indonesian pioneer movement Fadjar Harapan was merged into the national scouting organization on a presidential order in 1961?
273 January 6, 2011
Pauls Dauge ... that the dentist Pauls Dauge translated several works of Friedrich Engels into Latvian?
274 January 7, 2011
Al-Insaniyyah ... that al-Insaniyyah, founded in 1925, was the first official Arabic communist newspaper?
275 January 9, 2011
Agragami Adivasi Samiti ... that Indian Maoist guerrillas killed seven prominent local members of Agragami Adivasi Samiti in Purulia District in December 2010?
276 January 10, 2011
La Lutte (newspaper) ... that in the 1930s, the Indochinese Communist Party and the Vietnamese Trotskyists collaborated on the joint publication La Lutte?
277 January 13, 2011
Zénon Bernard ... that 20 years after scoring a goal in Luxembourg's first-ever football victory over France, Zénon Bernard became the first communist elected to the Luxembourgian parliament?
278 January 14, 2011
Rameshwar Prasad ... that Rameshwar Prasad became the first Naxalite member of Parliament elected from the Indian state of Bihar in 1989?
279 January 18, 2011
Farm Workers Union of Uppland ... that the 1925 harvest strike in Uppland is portrayed in novels by Swedish authors Ivar Lo-Johansson and Jan Fridegård?
280 January 19, 2011
Farm Workers Union of Central Sweden ... that, as a result of the agitations carried out prior to the founding of the Farm Workers Union of Central Sweden in 1906, the annual wages of statare increased by approximately 40 SEK?
281 January 20, 2011
Farm Workers Union of Småland ... that 1919 agitations by left-wing socialists in Småland resulted in the formation of a separate Farm Workers Union?
282 January 21, 2011
Forest and Farm Workers Union of Sweden ... that the Forest and Farm Workers Union of Sweden advocated an agrarian reform modelled on the Soviet one?
283 January 25, 2011
Women's Trade Union ... that, as women in Sweden were not allowed to join the Swedish Tailoring Workers Union, they founded a separate Women's Trade Union in 1902?
284 February 3, 2011
Democratic Farmers League of Sweden ... that the Democratic Farmers League of Sweden promoted a modernized form of copyhold, whereby peasants would be relieved from debts?
285 February 15, 2011
Ernest Lafont ... that the French socialist parliamentarian Ernest Lafont was expelled from Soviet Russia on the orders of Leon Trotsky?
286 February 20, 2011
Paul Wittich (politician) ... that the Westungarische Volksstimme editor Paul Wittich was the first social democrat elected to the town council of Pressburg (today known as Bratislava)?
287 February 20, 2011
Westungarische Volksstimme ibid
288 April 16, 2011
Central Organising Committee, Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Party Unity ... that in the Indian state of Bihar, pressure from communist Party Unity guerrillas forced the upper-caste paramilitary Bhoomi Sena to surrender to the peasant organisation MKSS?
289 April 16, 2011
Mazdoor Kisan Sangram Samiti ibid
290 April 19, 2011
Ash-sha'ab yurid isqat an-nizam ... that Ash-sha'ab yurid isqat an-nizam (The people want the fall of the regime) was the most common slogan in graffiti during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution?
291 May 10, 2011
Arvid Olsson ... that socialist politician Arvid Olsson was among the first Swedes to receive political training in Soviet Russia? Arvidolsson1938.jpg
292 May 12, 2011
Viktor Herou ... that Viktor Herou, a member of the first Swedish communist parliamentary group, later became a Centre Party municipal politician? Viktorherou1922.jpg
293 May 13, 2011
Puducherry legislative assembly election, 2011 ... that the counting of the votes from the 2011 Puducherry legislative assembly election begins on May 13, 2011, exactly one month after the election was held? Puducherry-Assembly-Constituencies-1-30-assembly-election-2011.png
294 May 14, 2011
Karl Toman ... that the Austrian former communist leader Karl Toman was appointed mayor of Eichgraben by German authorities in 1938?
295 May 15, 2011
United States
Here Comes Tobor ... that in the credits of the unaired pilot episode of Here Comes Tobor, the robot Tobor is credited as playing himself?
296 May 15, 2011
United States
Tobor ibid
297 June 22, 2011
Libyan National Democratic Front ... that Mahmoud Shammam, the Head of Information of the Libyan National Transitional Council, was one of the leaders of the Marxist Libyan National Democratic Front in the 1980s?
298 June 23, 2011
Libyan National Movement ... that with support from the Iraqi government, magazines and audio cassettes produced by the exiled Libyan National Movement were smuggled into Libya during the 1980s?
299 June 26, 2011
South Africa
South African Youth Revolutionary Council ... that in June 1981 South African authorities arrested eight members of the South African Youth Revolutionary Council, charged with preparing an armed uprising against the Apartheid regime?
300 June 29, 2011
French India Students Congress ... that in August 1947 French authorities banned a pro-independence mass rally of the French India Students Congress, but were forced to withdraw the ban after spontaneous protests?
301 June 29, 2011
Baddam Yella Reddy ... that in 1952 the communist candidate Baddam Yella Reddy defeated P. V. Narasimha Rao (later the Prime Minister of India) in a parliamentary election?
302 June 29, 2011
V. Subbiah ... that Indian communist leader V. Subbiah was elected to the Senate of France in 1947?
303 June 30, 2011
National Democratic Front (French India) ... that in the French India municipal election, 1946, the National Democratic Front won control over all 22 municipalities?
304 July 1, 2011
Slovak Social Democratic Party of the Kingdom of Hungary ... that the Slovak Social Democrats founded their own party in 1905, but merged back into the Hungarian Social Democratic Party after a few months due to economic problems?
305 July 1, 2011
Union (Hungarian-German trade union council) ... that Union, a German-Hungarian trade union council, had substantial following amongst agricultural labourers in southwestern Slovakia after the First World War?
306 July 4, 2011
Mohammad Khalil Naik ... that in the 2002 Jammu & Kashmir Assembly election, communist candidate Mohammad Khalil Naik won the Wachi seat by only 80 votes?
307 July 7, 2011
Communist Party of French India ... that in 1954 The New York Times warned that the Communist Party of French India was likely to seize power in the colony?
308 July 8, 2011
French India Socialist Party ... that in the 1948 municipal polls in Pondicherry, largely assumed to have been rigged, the French India Socialist Party won all 102 seats?
309 July 9, 2011
All Hyderabad Trade Union Congress ... that Makhdoom Mohiuddin, the president of the All Hyderabad Trade Union Congress, was arrested at the founding meeting of the organization in 1946?
310 July 20, 2011
Soviet Union
Communist Party of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic ... that for many years, the Russian Soviet Republic did not have its Communist Party?
311 July 25, 2011
Saint Helena
Saint Helena Labour Party ... that in the mid-1970s the Saint Helena Labour Party tried to boost links between Saint Helena and South Africa?
312 August 23, 2011
Singareni Karmika Samakya ... that the Indian miners' union Sikasa was banned in 1992, accused of being a front organisation of the People's War Group?
313 August 28, 2011
Basque-Vicuña war ... that in 1622 a civil war broke out in present-day Bolivia between Basques and Vicuñas?
314 August 28, 2011
Alejo Calatayud ... that in 1730, rebels under the command of a silversmith named Alejo Calatayud seized control of Cochabamba, Bolivia?
315 October 17, 2011
Republic of the Congo
Daniel Abibi ... that Daniel Abibi, Congolese permanent representative to the U.N. during the 1990s, was amongst the first Central Africans to obtain a doctorate in mathematics?
316 October 18, 2011
Confédération africaine des syndicats libres ... that the African Confederation of Free Trade Unions was founded in 1958 on the basis of the French Charter of Amiens?
317 October 25, 2011
Oblicze Dnia (newspaper) ... that the plans for a popular front between communists and socialists in Poland collapsed after the launching of the newspaper Oblicze Dnia in 1936?
318 October 26, 2011
Republic of the Congo
Sékou Touré presidential visit to the Republic of the Congo ... that during a 1963 presidential visit to Brazzaville, the Guinean president Sékou Touré called for the overthrow of the Congolese government?
319 October 26, 2011
Keneder yiddische vochenblat ... that when the Communist Party of Canada relaunched its Yiddish newspaper in 1940, they chose the neutral name Canadian Jewish Weekly in order to avoid a government ban?
320 October 29, 2011
Der yidisher arbeyter (Paris) ... that 1911 journal Der yidisher arbeyter (The Jewish Worker) (pictured) was the first Yiddish labour journal published in France? Yidisherarbeytercover.png
321 November 3, 2011
Arab Revolutionary Labour Party ... that the Syrian opposition group the Arab Revolutionary Labour Party was founded in 1966 as a Marxist splinter-group of the Ba'ath Party?
322 November 28, 2011
National Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Yemen Region ... that Ba'athists in Yemen carried out clandestine political activity until 1990?
323 November 29, 2011
Progressive Youth Organisation of Guyana ... that the Pioneer Youth League of British Guiana was banned by the British colonial authorities in December 1953?
324 December 27, 2011
Relief Society of Tigray ... that during the 1984–1985 famine in Ethiopia, the Relief Society of Tigray organized a mass exodus of Tigrayan villagers to camps in Sudan?
325 January 23, 2012
Democracia ... that at one point in the 1970s, the Ethiopian underground publication Democracia had a larger readership than the official government press?
326 January 29, 2012
Provisional Office for Mass Organizational Affairs ... that during the Red Terror in Ethiopia, the Provisional Office for Mass Organizational Affairs supervised urban militia squads?
327 January 31, 2012
Union of Ethiopian Marxist-Leninist Organizations ... that the Derg military junta supported the formation of the Union of Ethiopian Marxist-Leninist Organizations, but eventually crushed or disbanded its member organizations (Meison, Seded, Echat, Waz and Malerid)?
328 January 31, 2012
Echat ibid
329 January 31, 2012
Waz League ibid
330 January 31, 2012
Abyotawit Seded ibid
331 January 31, 2012
Ethiopian Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Organization ibid
332 February 3, 2012
Yäsäffiw hezb dems ... that in the early phase of the Ethiopian revolution, the underground publication Yäsäffiw hezb dems was widely distributed in spite of military censorship?
333 February 4, 2012
Gambela People's Liberation Movement ... that in 1992 the leader of the Gambela People's Liberation Movement, Agwa Alemu, was killed by his own troops?
334 February 7, 2012
Commission for Organizing the Party of the Working People of Ethiopia ... that the Central Committee of the Commission for Organizing the Party of the Working People of Ethiopia included only one woman?
335 February 28, 2012
Alemu Abebe ... that Alemu Abebe was sworn in as mayor of Addis Ababa in 1977 after the mayor-elect had been assassinated?
336 February 28, 2012
Oromay ... it is widely suggested that the publication of the novel Oromay, depicting the Eritrean War, led to the disappearance of its author, Baalu Girma?
337 March 18, 2012
Sindicato Obrero Canario ... that in 1979 the trade union Sindicato Obrero Canario labelled Spanish rule of the Canary Islands "colonial" in an appeal to the OUA?
338 March 22, 2012
Asociación Obrera Asambleista ... that in 1977 AOA, a trade union linked to the Spanish urban guerilla movement FRAP, was founded?
339 March 26, 2012
Confederación de Sindicatos Unitarios de Trabajadores ... that whilst the Spanish trade union CSUT criticized other unions for links with political parties, it was itself heavily influenced by the Party of Labour of Spain?
340 March 31, 2012
Confederación Xeral de Traballadores Galegos-Intersindical Nacional ... that in 1985 differences of opinion on the tactics of general strikes led to a split in the Galician nationalist trade union movement and the founding of CXTG?
341 April 2, 2012
Spanish trade union representative elections, 1978 ... that in 1978 the Maoist Sindicato Unitario won the union election at the conservative newspaper ABC in Madrid?
342 April 2, 2012
Sindicato Unitario ibid
343 April 4, 2012
Eusko Langillen Alkartasuna (Askatuta) - Solidaridad de Trabajadores Vascos (Independiente) ... that when the Basque trade union movement ELA-STV suffered a split in the 1970s, the dissident ELA-STV (Askatuta) was accused of being bankrolled by Opus Dei?
344 April 4, 2012
Swiss Socialist Federation ... that in the spring of 1941 the Swiss Socialist Federation was banned and its four national deputies (including Le Travail editor Léon Nicole and Jacques Dicker) were expelled from parliament?
345 April 4, 2012
Le Travail-Le Droit du Peuple ibid
346 April 4, 2012
Jacques Dicker ibid
347 April 5, 2012
San Marino
Umberto Barulli ... that the Communist Party leader Umberto Barulli was appointed head of state in San Marino in 1988?
348 April 5, 2012
Swiss-South African Association ... that the Swiss-South African Association tried to lobby the Swiss government to recognize the Bantustan state Transkei?
349 April 12, 2012
Gabonese Socialist Union ... that the Gabonese Socialist Union, initially an opposition party founded by formerly exiled student activists, aligned itself with the then incumbent president Omar Bongo?
350 April 12, 2012
Birchandra Manu massacre ... that TTAADC member Sridam Pal was one of the 13 victims killed in the 1988 Birchandramanu massacre in South Tripura?
351 April 13, 2012
Maoist Youth Union ... that the Maoist Youth Union demanded that a "Youth Charter" be included in the new Spanish constitution?
352 April 14, 2012
Unión General de Trabajadores (sector histórico) ... that following the 1973 Toulouse congress of PSOE a group of veteran Spanish socialists organized the "Historical" UGT, claiming to represent the original UGT trade union?
353 April 15, 2012
Kampuchean Federation of Trade Unions ... that Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia Men Sam An served as chairwoman of the Kampuchean Federation of Trade Unions?
354 April 19, 2012
Socialist Republican Party (Sudan) ... that the Sudanese Socialist Republican Party was nicknamed 'Mr. Hawkesworth's Party', in reference to a rumour that a British colonial officer by that name had engineered it?
355 April 20, 2012
Youth Council of the French Union ... that Léopold Sédar Senghor chaired the 1955 congress of the Youth Council of the French Union in Madagascar?
356 April 23, 2012
San Marino
Ermenegildo Gasperoni ... that the Sammarinese Communist Party leader Ermenegildo Gasperoni worked as both a car mechanic and as Minister of Transport at the same time?
357 April 24, 2012
Erich Ziegler ... that the Socialist Unity Party of West Berlin leader Erich Ziegler had been imprisoned during World War II for his role in the Heinz Kapelle resistance group?
358 April 25, 2012
Knud Jespersen ... that a Soviet merchant vessel was named after Danish communist leader Knud Jespersen? Knud Jespersen.jpg
359 April 27, 2012
Khmer-Chinese Friendship Association ... that the main leaders of the Khmer–Chinese Friendship Association were purged and executed in 1977?
360 May 1, 2012
Anti-Imperialist Front ... that although the Sudanese Anti-Imperialist Front had opposed a union with Egypt, it sent volunteers to help the Egyptian side in the 1956 Suez Crisis?
361 May 2, 2012
Martin Gunnar Knutsen ... that radio newsreader Martin Gunnar Knutsen was the first to present the news of the death of Joseph Stalin to a Norwegian audience?
362 May 2, 2012
Soviet Union
Bauer und Arbeiter ... that although the newspaper Bauer und Arbeiter rapidly gained popularity amongst German colonists in Azerbaijan, it was closed down after only a few months of existence?
363 May 5, 2012
Jakob Lechleiter ... that the stepfather of Swiss politician Jakob Lechleiter was a German communist leader who was executed in 1942?
364 May 5, 2012
Soviet Union
Nachrichten ... that in 1931 the publication of the Volga German newspaper Nachrichten was reduced to 18 times per month, due to paper shortages?
365 May 6, 2012
1976 Conference of Communist and Workers Parties of Europe ... that the debates from the 1976 European Communist Conference (commemorative stamp pictured) were censored by Pravda, but not by Neues Deutschland? Stamps of Germany (DDR) 1976, MiNr 2146.jpg
366 May 10, 2012
Larbi Bouhali ... that the Algerian communist leader Larbi Bouhali went into exile after the 1965 coup d'état?
367 May 12, 2012
Sukumar Barman ... that Scheduled Castes leader Sukumar Barman served as Tripura state minister for transport and fisheries?
368 May 22, 2012
South Sudan
Relief Association of Southern Sudan ... that the Relief Association of Southern Sudan was one of the Sudanese partner organizations of Operation Lifeline Sudan?
369 August 3, 2012
Black Native Party ... that Afro-Uruguayan intellectuals founded the Black Native Party in 1936, the third Black political party in Latin America?
370 August 10, 2012
General Union of Negro African Workers ... that the General Union of Negro African Workers was one of the main forces behind the 1958 vote for independence in Guinea?
371 August 18, 2012
Liga Geral dos Trabalhadores de Angola ... that Liga Geral dos Trabalhadores de Angola, an exiled Angolan trade union linked to FNLA, received funding from the AFL–CIO during the 1960s?
372 August 21, 2012
National Convention of New Sudan ... that the 1994 National Convention of New Sudan outlined a civil political administration for the areas held by SPLA guerrillas?
373 August 25, 2012
União Geral dos Trabalhadores de Angola ... that in 1971 Mauricio Luvualu, leader of the exiled Angolan trade union UGTA, was handed over to the Portuguese by the government of Congo-Kinshasa?
374 August 26, 2012
Confédération africaine des travailleurs croyants de l'A.E.F ... that the pro-Catholic trade union C.A.T.C-A.E.F held the Brazzaville P.O. Box 666?
375 August 27, 2012
Somali Confederation of Labour ... that the Somali Confederation of Labour was banned following Siad Barre's coup d'état in 1969?
376 September 12, 2012
Confédération africaine des travailleurs croyants (French West Africa and Togo) ... that in a move to accommodate Muslims, the West African Catholic trade union CATC replaced the word "Christians" in its name with "Believers"?
377 September 29, 2012
Mohamed Refaat El-Saeed ... that in 1995, the Egyptian left-wing leader Mohamed Refaat El-Saeed was nominated to the Upper House of Parliament by Hosni Mubarak?
378 October 4, 2012
MELS Movement Botswana ... that the electoral support of the Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin Movement of Botswana increased by more than ten times between 1999 and 2009?
379 October 14, 2012
Sri Lanka
Aththa ... that the Communist Party daily Aththa was the only Sinhala-language newspaper to cover the burning of Jaffna library?
380 November 9, 2012
Russian Empire
Di Tsayt (Saint Petersburg) ... that whilst the Yiddish newspaper Di Tsayt was published in Saint Petersburg, its editorial team was based in Vienna?
381 November 9, 2012
Le Peuple (Brussels) ... that in 1997 the Belgian socialist daily Le Peuple, founded in 1885, was acquired by the Rossel media group?
382 November 23, 2012
Fish Keitseng ... that the Motswana ANC activist Fish Keitseng helped anti-Apartheid leaders including Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki to move through Bechuanaland?
383 November 27, 2012
Satyanarayan Singh ... that Indian communist politician Satyanarayan Singh led a campaign of annihilation of class enemies in rural Bihar in the late 1960s?
384 December 16, 2012
Lebanese general election, 1968 in Tripoli City ... that in spite of challenges from the left, all incumbent parliamentarians from Tripoli City were re-elected in 1968?
385 December 19, 2012
Lebanese general election, 1968 in Chouf District ... that the Chouf District had the highest number of voters in the 1968 Lebanese parliamentary election?
386 December 22, 2012
Lebanese general election, 1968 in Beirut III ... that the 1968 election in the Beirut III constituency saw Sunni former rivals Abdallah al-Yafi and Saeb Salam unite around a joint candidature?
387 December 22, 2012
Lebanese general election, 1968 in Beirut I ... that all Armenian parliamentarians elected from the Beirut I constituency in 1968 ran unopposed?
388 December 23, 2012
Lebanese general election, 1968 in Zgharta District ... that a 27-year-old law student was the sole challenger against the candidature of Maronite strongman Suleiman Frangieh in the 1968 election in the Zgharta constituency?
389 December 27, 2012
Chouf parliamentary by-election, 1971 ... that the 1971 Chouf parliamentary by-poll was described at the time as the "most fiery" by-election ever in Lebanon?
390 December 30, 2012
Lebanese general election, 1968 in Beirut II ... that Jamil Mihhu, contesting the Beirut II constituency in the 1968 election, was the first Kurd to run for office in Lebanon?
391 January 1, 2013
Lebanese general election, 1968 in Marjeyoun-Hasbaya ... that voting in Marjeyoun-Hasbaya in the 1968 Lebanese general election was marred by heavy rains?
392 February 12, 2013
Isle of Man
Walter C. Craine ... that Labour politician Walter C. Craine was successful in getting the Manx Divorce Act approved in Tynwald in 1938?
393 March 18, 2013
U.C. Raman ... that U.C. Raman was the first Scheduled Caste candidate nominated by the Indian Union Muslim League for an unreserved constituency?
394 April 10, 2013
Plantation Workers International Federation ... that the Plantation Workers International Federation was founded in Tunis in July 1957?
395 April 12, 2013
Palestinian territories
Revolutionary Palestinian Communist Party ... that in 1987 the Revolutionary Palestinian Communist Party and the Palestinian Communist Party switched places as members of the PLO?
396 April 13, 2013
National Alliance for the Liberation of Syria ... that following the crushing of the 1982 Hama revolt, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood formed a broad alliance with Arab nationalist factions?
397 April 14, 2013
Sixto Agudo ... that Spanish communist resistance member Sixto Agudo was sentenced to death, but released from jail in 1961?
398 April 27, 2013
Búfalos ... that the para-military squads of the Peruvian APRA Party used to be nick-named "Buffaloes"?
399 May 4, 2013
René Malbrant ... that the veterinarian René Malbrant was a member of all legislatures of the Fourth Republic, representing French citizens in French Equatorial Africa?
400 May 11, 2013
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Nova borba ... that the Prague-based Nova borba was the first Yugoslav Cominformist émigré mouthpiece?
401 May 12, 2013
United States
Fashist ... that the émigré Russian publication Fashist falsely claimed to have a vast network of "fascist correspondents" inside the Soviet Union?
402 May 12, 2013
CITYPEG ... that the workers' association CITYPEG has criticised both the Gibraltarian and Spanish governments for their policies affecting Spanish workers in Gibraltar?
403 May 18, 2013
1985 Nepal bombings ... that Ram Raja Prasad Singh was sentenced to death in absentia following the Nepal bombings in 1985?
404 June 12, 2013
Mahila Atma Raksha Samiti ... that during the famine of 1943, the Women's Self-Defense Association organised hunger marches across Bengal?
405 June 14, 2013
Phani Bora ... that in his late twenties, Phani Bora was appointed secretary of the Communist Party of India in Assam?
406 June 17, 2013
El Pueblo (Nicaraguan newspaper) ... that the printing presses of the daily newspaper El Pueblo were confiscated by the Sandinista People's Army in January 1980?
407 July 8, 2013
Jagjit Singh Lyallpuri ... that longtime Indian communist leader Jagjit Singh Lyallpuri remained on hunger strike for nine weeks while in jail?
408 July 23, 2013
Centre Party (Sweden, 1924) ... that the Civilization Party contested the 1924 Swedish general election using a Social Democratic ballot?
409 July 27, 2013
Swedish National Socialist Party ... that Swedish National Socialist Party (meeting pictured) leader Birger Furugård sought to invite Adolf Hitler as a guest speaker in 1931, but police authorities refused to issue a permit? Furugård party meeting 1935.jpg
410 August 2, 2013
Spanish Democratic Socialist Party ... that ahead of the 1977 election, the leader of the Spanish Democratic Socialist Party traveled to Brussels to secure support from the European socialist movement?
411 August 6, 2013
Helmer Molander ... that Helmer Molander was the sole member of Zeth Höglund's Communist Party in the Second Chamber? Helmer molander.jpg
412 August 9, 2013
Knut Olsson ... that Ny Dag publisher Knut Olsson was sentenced to eight months of hard labour for articles published regarding the 1931 Ådalen riots? Knut Olsson.jpg
413 August 20, 2013
Juan Pablo Wainwright ... that before he was ordered to be executed, jailed communist leader Juan Pablo Wainwright is said to have spat in the face of Guatemalan dictator Jorge Ubico?
414 August 17, 2013
Skinnar Per Andersson ... that Dalecarlian rebel leader Skinnar Per Andersson was sentenced to death by Svea Hovrätt in 1744?
415 September 19, 2013
Young Communist League of Poland ... that from 1930 through 1933, Jews constituted a majority of the membership of the Young Communist League of Poland?
416 September 22, 2013
Chilekommittén ... that in 1975 the Swedish Chile Committee mobilized thousands of protestors against a Davis Cup tennis match between Sweden and Chile?
417 September 24, 2013
Folks-Ligue ... that prior to his death in 1945, Soviet diplomat Konstantin Umansky held his last speech at the inauguration of the office of the Jewish People's League at Paseo de la Reforma?
418 October 1, 2013
Vorwärts (Cernăuți) ... that Jakob Pistiner served as editor of the newspaper Vorwärts, in Cernăuți (present-day Chernivtsi)?
419 October 7, 2013
Singai Nesan ... that the first issue of the Singapore Tamil weekly Singai Nesan commemorated the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria? Singainesan.jpg
420 October 9, 2013
Sri Lanka
Alamat Langkapuri ... that the Colombo fortnightly Alamat Langkapuri was the world's first Malay language newspaper in Jawi script? Alamat lankapuri cover.png
421 October 10, 2013
Sri Lanka
Muslim Nesan ... that the Colombo Arwi weekly Muslim Nesan (1884 issue cover pictured) interviewed exiled Egyptian nationalist leader Ahmed Orabi soon after his arrival in Ceylon? Muslim Nesan.jpg
422 October 12, 2013
Christian Workers Union of Sweden (1899) ... that many of the workers that joined the 1899 Christian Workers Union of Sweden did so in response to hikes in membership fees in other unions?
423 October 14, 2013
Swedish Workers Union ... that when the Swedish Workers Union was dissolved in 1919, its chairman burned all of its central archives?
424 October 16, 2013
Costa Rica
Trabajo ... that the Venezuelan president Rómulo Betancourt had been the director of the Costa Rican communist newspaper Trabajo in the 1930s?
425 October 21, 2013
GDR Union of Journalists ... that in 1988 around 90% of East German journalists were members of the GDR Union of Journalists?
426 October 21, 2013
Sector Kanda ... that on April 1, 1986, Nepalese communist rebels attacked police stations, trying to start a popular uprising?
427 October 21, 2013
Euskadi Roja ... that the Basque Communist publication Euzkadi Roja was banned by French authorities in 1950?
428 October 23, 2013
Satyapriya Banerjee ... that in 1953, Satyapriya Banerjee, the sole national parliamentarian of the All India Forward Bloc, was expelled from his party?
429 October 27, 2013
Arbeiter-Zeitung (Timişoara) ... that whilst there were no Romanian-language socialist dailies in Romania in the late 1920s, the Banat Socialist Party published a German-language daily?
430 October 27, 2013
Banat Socialist Party ibid
431 November 1, 2013
Free Socialist Party/Marxist-Leninists ... that the leader of the Free Socialist Party/Marxist-Leninists was a refugee from East Germany?
432 November 2, 2013
Lal Communist Party Hind Union ... that after the dissolution of the Lal Communist Party, some of its former members became sadhus?
433 November 4, 2013
Labour Gathering Party ... that followers of the Communist Party of the Argentine Region would describe followers of the official Communist Party as "radishes"?
434 November 5, 2013
Y. Radhakrishnamurthy ... that Y. Radhakrishnamurthy filed his nomination for the 1977 parliamentary election in India whilst being jailed?
435 November 7, 2013
Nyari Welly ... that Nyari Welly was the first woman elected to the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly?
436 November 8, 2013
Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly election, 1978 ... that no women were elected in the 1978 Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly election?
437 November 9, 2013
Nanasaheb Purohit ... that in 1948, the socialist leader Nanasaheb Purohit organized a people's army to capture the Janjira state and proclaimed himself Prime Minister?
438 November 10, 2013
Krausirpi ... that Moravian missionaries reached the remote village of Krausirpi in 1967?
439 November 11, 2013
Uttar Pradesh Revolutionary Socialist Party ... that in 1951 the Revolutionary Socialist Party expelled its entire Uttar Pradesh branch?
440 November 12, 2013
Long Live the Victory of Mao Zedong Thought (Shenyang) ... that the Shenyang Chairman Mao statue (pictured) is one of the largest remaining Cultural Revolution-era monuments in China? Mao Zedong Statue in North China.jpg
441 November 12, 2013
Sozialistische Arbeiter-Zeitung ... that the young Willy Brandt wrote for Sozialistische Arbeiter-Zeitung?
442 November 14, 2013
Das Volksrecht (Offenbach am Main) ... that the Indian revolutionary M.N. Roy wrote under a pseudonym for the German newspaper Das Volksrecht?
443 November 15, 2013
Bakin Pertin ... that Bakin Pertin was the first Lok Sabha member elected from Arunachal East?
444 November 17, 2013
Schlesische Arbeiter-Zeitung ... that Bernhard Schottländer, the editor of the Schlesische Arbeiter-Zeitung, was killed during the 1920 Kapp Putsch?
445 November 17, 2013
Bernhard Schottländer ibid
446 November 18, 2013
PEPSU Legislative Assembly ... that the President of India dissolved the PEPSU Legislative Assembly in 1953?
447 November 19, 2013
Young Communist League of Germany (Opposition) ... that the Young Communist League (Opposition) organized underground resistance activities in Nazi Germany?
448 November 20, 2013
League of West German Communists ... that the League of West German Communists was the first West German left-wing group to dissolve itself and join the Party of Democratic Socialism?
449 November 22, 2013
Coorg Legislative Assembly election, 1952 ... that following the 1952 Coorg Legislative Assembly election, the victorious C.M. Poonacha formed a two-member cabinet?
450 November 24, 2013
Bandera Roja (La Paz) ... that in 1926, the Bolivian government arrested two editors of Bandera Roja, following an article about a massacre of mine workers?
451 November 26, 2013
Ranbir (newspaper) ... that Ranbir was the first daily newspaper in Jammu and Kashmir?
452 November 26, 2013
The Vigilant ... that the Sudanese newspaper Vigilant was banned for six months in 1965–66 for reporting on massacres in Juba and Wau?
453 December 1, 2013
Pondicherry legislative assembly election, 1964 ... that the 1964 Pondicherry legislative assembly election marked the end of the hegemony of Edouard Goubert in the political life of the Union Territory?
454 December 2, 2013
Deutsche Volkszeitung (1945) ... that in the summer of 1945, Deutsche Volkszeitung accused Siemens of having produced and installed the gas chambers at Auschwitz?
455 December 4, 2013
Saar (protectorate)
Sozialistischer Schutzbund (Saar) ... that Heinz Kühn (Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia) had led a socialist paramilitary youth group in the Saar territory in the 1930s?
456 December 6, 2013
Das Volk (1945) ... that by January 1946 Das Volk, the second working class newspaper to be published in Berlin after World War II, had a circulation of a quarter million?
457 December 6, 2013
The North Queensland Guardian ... that unlike other Communist Party of Australia publications, The North Queensland Guardian carried commercial advertisements?
458 December 7, 2013
South Sudan
Abdallah Deng Nhial ... that Abdallah Deng Nhial has served as cabinet minister in both Sudan and South Sudan?
459 December 12, 2013
Soviet Union
Sholaye-e Inquilab ... that Sholaye-e Inquilab ("Flame of the Revolution") was the first Tajik Persian newspaper founded in Soviet Turkestan?
460 December 14, 2013
Russian Empire
Al-Tilmiz ... that in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution of 1905, the Arabic weekly al-Tilmiz was the most important journal for North Caucasian intellectuals?
461 December 18, 2013
Hyderabad Legislative Assembly election, 1952 ... that in the 1952 Hyderabad State Assembly election, the communist People's Democratic Front won all seats from the Nalgonda district?
462 December 20, 2013
United States
Di Tsayt (New York) ... that Golda Meir sold shares for the New York newspaper Di Tsayt?
463 December 22, 2013
Shanta Vasisht ... that the Indian parliamentarian Shanta Vasisht had been a Kappa Alpha Theta scholarship recipient?
464 December 22, 2013
Freies Volk ... that after the ban on the Communist Party of Germany in 1956, its main organ Freies Volk continued to be published illegally?
465 December 22, 2013
Bowen state by-election, 1936 ... that the Communist Party of Australia candidate Fred Paterson won almost 25% of the votes in the 1936 by-election in Bowen, Queensland?
466 January 5, 2014
Sri Lanka
V. Ponnambalam ... that the Tamil Communist Party leader V. Ponnambalam later regretted having contested the 1975 Kankesanthurai by-election?
467 January 5, 2014
Sri Lanka
Kankesanthurai Electoral District by-election, 1975 ibid.
468 January 9, 2014
Dr. Nath (Yebaw Tun Maung) ... that the principal of the Communist Party of Burma Medical School, Yebaw Tun Maung, was killed in an army attack in 1968?
469 January 10, 2014
Socialist Party of Honduras ... that the bulk of the founders of the Socialist Party of Honduras had been members of the Christian Democratic Party?
470 January 12, 2014
United States
Fur Workers Industrial Union ... that in 1927 the Ben Gold-led Fur Workers Industrial Union was founded by New York locals expelled from the AFL-affiliated union?
471 January 27, 2014
Havaner lebn ... that Havaner lebn was the first lasting commercial Jewish newspaper in Cuba?
472 January 27, 2014
Aníbal Delgado Fiallos ... that while political analyst Aníbal Delgado Fiallos had been a staunch critic of Honduran president Manuel Zelaya's constitutional reform, he took part in the protests against Zelaya's ouster?
473 January 29, 2014
Verdad (1950) ... that in 1951 the director of the Uruguayan communist daily Verdad was demoted by the party leadership?
474 January 31, 2014
Enrique Bernales Ballesteros ... that in 1987 the Peruvian senator Enrique Bernales Ballesteros was appointed as the first United Nations special rapporteur on mercenaries?
475 February 1, 2014
Honduran Patriotic Front ... that the Honduran Patriotic Front, an alliance formed ahead of the 1980s elections, called for an electoral boycott in protest against perceived fraud?
475 February 2, 2014
Óscar Felipe Ventura ... that Peruvian teachers' union leader and former Member of Parliament Óscar Felipe Ventura is a noted saxophone player?
476 February 2, 2014
Jorge del Prado ... that Peruvian politician Jorge del Prado was awarded orders and medals of Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany and the Soviet Union?
477 February 3, 2014
Radio Mil Diez ... that at an early stage in her singing career Celia Cruz was part of the orchestra of the communist Radio Mil Diez?
478 February 5, 2014
Per Catalunya! ... that Catalan refugees in Cuba founded the publication Per Catalunya! in 1942?
479 February 13, 2014
Eriberto Arroyo Mío ... that Peruvian leftist parliamentarian Eriberto Arroyo Mío was assassinated whilst driving his son to school?
480 February 17, 2014
Khan Shakir Ali Khan ... that communist legislator Khan Shakir Ali Khan warned of the risks of the Union Carbide plant, years before the 1984 Bhopal disaster?
481 February 17, 2014
Burevestnik (Petrograd, 1917) ... that the anarchist newspaper Burevestnik, published in Petrograd in 1917–8, encouraged the homeless and poor to appropriate homes for themselves?
482 February 17, 2014
Burevestnik (1906) ... that the name of the anarchist newspaper Burevestnik, published in Paris in 1906, was inspired by Maxim Gorky's poem Song of the Stormy Petrel?
483 February 17, 2014
Jorge Torres Vallejo ... that Peruvian politician Jorge Torres Vallejo was awarded the San Martín Order by the government of Argentina?
484 February 19, 2014
Javier Silva Ruete ... that when Javier Silva Ruete was appointed Minister of Agriculture in the First Presidency of Fernando Belaúnde, he was the youngest person having occupied that post?
485 February 23, 2014
Gunnar Öhman ... that in the 1929 split in the Swedish Communist Party, the brothers Oscar and Gunnar Öhman found themselves on opposite sides?
486 February 23, 2014
Keshab Prasad Badal ... that former Minister of Industries Keshab Prasad Badal was a leader of the Proletarian Revolutionary Organisation, Nepal in the 1970s?
487 February 27, 2014
Axel Jansson (1916) ... that parliamentarian Axel Jansson was removed from the Swedish Communist Party executive at the 1967 party congress?
488 March 10, 2014
Unity for Socialism ... that Northern Irish ex-MP Bernadette Devlin and Peruvian MP Hugo Blanco took part in the 1980 election campaign of the Catalan Unity for Socialism?
489 March 12, 2014
Seydou Cissokho ... that Senegalese communist leader Seydou Cissokho died in Moscow while visiting the 1986 congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?
490 March 13, 2014
Kamgar Kisan Paksha ... that when the Kamgar Kisan Paksha was split on the issue of its relationship to the Communist Party of India, its two elected representatives led opposite factions?
491 March 13, 2014
S.K. Limaye ... that in 1942, S.K. Limaye was expelled from the Communist Party of India for having refused to support the British war effort?
492 March 18, 2014
Al-Malayin ... that al-Malayin was the first Egyptian communist newspaper that dedicated space for sports and culture?
493 March 21, 2014
All People's Party (Assam) ... that the founding conference of the All People's Party in Assam unanimously elected the Muslim League leader Muhammed Saadulah as the chairman of their party?
494 April 10, 2014
Nurul Huda (CPI(M) politician) ... that communist leader Nurul Huda entered the parliament of India following a 1974 by-election?
495 April 13, 2014
Uttar Pradesh Praja Party ... that whilst the 1951 founding conference of the Uttar Pradesh Praja Party targeted getting 2.5 million members, it won just two seats in that year's Legislative Assembly election?
496 April 20, 2014
Meghraj Tawar ... that Meghraj Tawar has contested every Lok Sabha election for the past three decades?
497 April 20, 2014
Saurashtra Khedut Sangh ... that whilst the Khedut Sangh was the second-largest political force in the 1951 elections in Saurashtra State, it lacked prominent leaders?

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Articles created, some listed chronologically, some alphabetically...[edit]

  1. Muslim League (Opposition)
  2. ‎Deokinandan Singh (CPI politician)
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  4. ‎Mahesh Dutta Mishra (Gird politician)
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  7. ‎Shahdun Nisha
  8. Gum Tayeng
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  12. A free homeland and a happy people
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  19. Waqt ki Awaz (newspaper)
  20. ‎Aparajita Goppi
  21. Uttar Pradesh Praja Party
  22. Käfär-Wedem
  23. Nurul Huda (CPI(M) politician)
  24. Meghraj Tawar
  25. Drupad Borgohain
  26. Ramdeo Verma
  27. Saurashtra Khedut Sangh
  28. Travancore Cochin Republican Praja Party
  29. ‎Tamil Nadu People Front
  30. Cochin Party
  31. Tamil Nadu Communist Party
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  324. ‎Lebanese general election, 1968 in Bsharri District
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  327. Lebanese general election, 1968 in Beirut II
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  330. ‎Satyanarayan Singh
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  334. Scottish Democratic Fascist Party
  335. Italian Anti-Bolshevik Front
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  417. Botswana Workers Front
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  430. Labour Relations Law, 1962
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  459. Relief Association of Southern Sudan
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  495. ‎Anti-Imperialist Front
  496. SPLM Youth League
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  517. Unified Communist Party of Spain
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  522. ‎Confederación Xeral de Traballadores Galegos-Intersindical Nacional
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  538. Waz League
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  540. Seded
  541. Union of Ethiopian Marxist-Leninist Organizations
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  543. Malerid
  544. Democracia
  545. Fano tesemara
  546. John Both Puok
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  548. ‎Mecha and Tuluma Self-Help Association
  549. Woyane rebellion
  550. ‎Relief Society of Tigray
  551. South Sudan Communist Party
  552. Joseph Wol Modesto
  553. 1582 Ancuancu earthquake
  554. Socialist Arab Lebanon Vanguard Party
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  564. Communist Party (Free City of Danzig)
  565. ‎People's Local Government Act
  566. Unregistered Lands Act
  567. Mohammedan Law Courts Ordinance
  568. ‎Native Courts Ordinance
  569. ‎Chiefs Courts Ordinance
  570. Abyei Liberation Front
  571. Arab Revolutionary Labour Party
  572. ‎Pema Khandu
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  574. Nasz Przegląd
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  577. ‎Pod Prąd
  578. Vital Balla
  579. ‎Rémi Bakou
  580. Alice Badiangaba
  581. ‎Hilaire Babassana
  582. Charles Assemekang
  583. Confédération Africaine des Syndicats Libres
  584. Léon Angor
  585. ‎Daniel Abibi
  586. Gustave Aba Gandzion
  587. March 24 strike
  588. ‎February 14, 1964 triple assassination in the Republic of the Congo
  589. ‎Sekou Touré presidential visit to the Republic of the Congo
  590. ‎André Kerherve
  591. Albert Fourvelle
  592. Moyen-Congo municipal election, 1956
  593. ‎Abel Thauley-Ganga
  594. Saint Helena Labour Party
  595. Saint Helena Progressive Party
  596. Avenida Monseñor Rivero
  597. Communist Party of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
  598. Basque-Vicuña war
  599. ‎Alejo Calatayud
  600. Pampa de la Isla
  601. Santosh Rana (CPI)
  602. Bojja Bixamaiah
  603. ‎Singareni Collieries Employees Union
  604. ‎Singareni Karmika Samakya
  605. Godavari Loya Boggagani Karmika Sangham
  606. ‎Terai Sangrami Cha Sramik Union
  607. ‎Dooars Cha Bagan Workers’ Union
  608. All West Bengal Tea Garden Labourers Union
  609. Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha
  610. Jayant Prabhakar Patil
  611. ‎Der shtral
  612. Klainer SS
  613. Confédération syndicale belge
  614. ‎Yedo Fiúza
  615. Institut Maurice Thorez
  616. ‎Republican Nationalist Federal Union
  617. Liberation Party (Argentina)
  618. Slovak Executive Committee of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party
  619. All Hyderabad Trade Union Congress
  620. Communist Party of the RSFSR
  621. Agricultural Labourers Union of Southwestern Slovakia
  622. Union (Hungarian-German trade union in Slovakia)
  623. ‎Stavitel'ský robotník
  624. ‎Mohammad Khalil Naik
  625. Baddam Yella Reddy
  626. Bankim Mukherjee
  627. French India municipal election, 1946
  628. ‎National Democratic Front (French India)
  629. Saraswathi Subbiah
  630. ‎V. Subbiah
  631. Congress Karma Parishad
  632. ‎All French Indian Congress
  633. French India Students Congress
  634. Students' Federation (French India)
  635. Communist Party of French India
  636. ‎French India Socialist Party
  637. Progressive Congolese Students
  638. ‎Mohamed Messaoud Chebbi
  639. ‎South Africa Youth Revolutionary Council
  640. ‎La Montaña
  641. With Hindenburg for a national Prussia (United Patriotic Leagues and Associations)
  642. ‎Mahe Socialist Party
  643. French India Representative Assembly election, 1946
  644. Joy Krishna Halder
  645. Socialist Federation of Algeria
  646. Libyan National Democratic Front
  647. ‎Libyan National Movement
  648. Sudanese Movement of Revolutionary Committees
  649. ‎Sudanese People's Socialist Front
  650. Robert Hogg (New Zealand politician)
  651. Mellon (newspaper)
  652. Platon Drakoulis
  653. Anglo-German Friendship Committee
  654. ‎African Youth Brigade
  655. Shayah Charnam
  656. ‎National Youth Union of Mali
  657. Young Communist League of Czechoslovakia
  658. R. Annadurai
  659. Jharkhand Anushilan Party
  660. J. P. Dahlén
  661. ‎Edoff Andersson
  662. ‎Puducherry legislative assembly election, 2011
  663. Here Comes Tobor
  664. Karl Toman
  665. Viktor Herou
  666. Arvid Olsson
  667. Suznanie
  668. Swiss Communist Organization
  669. United Egyptian Communist Party
  670. Progressive Liberation Front
  671. Unified Egyptian Communist Party
  672. Maurice Salibi
  673. Religious Front
  674. Israeli Agricultural Labour Union election, 1968
  675. 1965 Histadrut election
  676. Lormesh Bundhoo
  677. Ash-sha'ab yurid isqat an-nizam
  678. ‎Mazdoor Kisan Sangram Samiti
  679. Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Party Unity
  680. Iraj Eskandari
  681. Syrian Communist Party (Unified)
  682. G. Janardhana Kurup
  683. Ali Ahmad Nasser al-Dhahab
  684. ‎Frente Único de Lucha Campesina
  685. Frente Unido de Reforma Agraria
  686. ‎Corriere del Lunedì
  687. ‎Ostrauer Volksblatt
  688. ‎Slovenské robotnícke noviny
  689. Westungarische Volkstimme
  690. ‎Paul Wittich (politician)
  691. ‎Ernest Lafont
  692. ‎Swedish Garden Workers Union
  693. Democratic Farmers League of Sweden
  694. ‎Julieta Mabel Monje
  695. Confederación General del Trabajo (Cuba)
  696. ‎Forest and Farm Workers Union of Sweden
  697. ‎Farm Workers Union of Småland
  698. ‎Swedish Sailors and Coalers Union
  699. ‎Swedish Cooperage Union
  700. ‎Swedish Saw Mill Industry Workers Union
  701. Farm Workers Union of Uppland
  702. ‎Farm Workers Union of Central Sweden
  703. Kvinnornas fackförbund
  704. Rameshwar Prasad
  705. Pancyprian Organization of Independent Trade Unions
  706. Tia Sang (1938)
  707. L'Avenir (Tonkin)
  708. ‎La Lutte (newspaper)
  709. People's Vanguard Party (South Yemen)
  710. Pauls Dauge
  711. Al-Insaniyyah
  712. Jo Ghoforty Tsyyn
  713. Zénon Bernard
  714. Sanbetsu
  715. Kiranmoy Nanda
  717. Agragami Adivasi Samiti
  718. Fadjar Harapan
  719. Consentrasi Gerakan Mahasiswa Indonesia
  720. Serbuni
  721. Salawati Daud
  722. ‎Bakri Wahab
  723. SOBSI
  724. ‎Times of Indonesia
  725. Persatuan Buruh Kerata Api
  726. ‎Kalvdans
  727. Fédération des cheminots de l'A.O.F
  728. Serbaud
  729. Gerakan Nelajan Marhaenis
  730. Sarbufis
  731. Sarbuksi
  732. Sarekat Buruh Kehutanan Islam
  733. Sarbupri
  734. ‎Prijono
  735. ‎SOBRI
  736. Harihar Narayan Prabhakar
  737. Randhir Prasad
  738. Chaturanan Mishra
  739. ‎Moni Guha
  740. Wahikar Union
  741. ‎Baba Bujha Singh
  742. ‎Desh Bhagat Sahayak Sabha
  743. Popular Socialist Youth
  744. United Left (Bolivia)
  745. Franco-Guinean Union
  746. ‎Socialist Party of Guinea
  747. ‎Le Phare de Guinée
  748. ‎Adolf Stand
  749. Barry III
  750. ‎Policarpio Castañeta Yujra
  751. ‎L'Espérance
  752. ‎Le Lynx
  753. Vinod Mishra
  754. United Left (Bolivia, 1985)
  755. ‎Socialist Workers Party (Bolivia)
  756. ‎FULKA
  757. ‎Revolutionary Nationalist Leftwing Movement - 1
  758. ‎Revolutionary Nationalist Leftwing Movement - 20th Century
  759. ‎Bolivian Union Party
  760. ‎Rote Hand
  761. ‎Der Kämpfer
  762. ‎Berliner Abendpost
  763. ‎Verband der Fabrikarbeiter Deutschlands
  764. ‎Jewish Communist Workers Youth Union (Iugend Poalei Zion)
  765. Confederazione dei Sindacati Unici Classisti del Territorio libero di Trieste
  766. ‎Italian Communist Party of the Julian March
  767. United Trade Unions of the Free Territory of Trieste
  768. ‎Free Territory of Trieste municipal election, 1949
  769. Slavic-Italian Anti-Fascist Union
  770. ‎State Administrative and Judicial Institutions Employees Union
  771. ‎Economic-Administrative and Technical Institutions Employees Union
  772. ‎Zveza uslužbencev pravosodnih in upravnih ustanov Jugoslavije
  773. ‎Socialist Party of Slovenia
  774. ‎Anti-Fascist Youth Union of the Free Territory of Trieste
  775. ‎Za socijalističku Jugoslaviju
  776. ‎Bulgarian Workers Union
  777. ‎Julieta Campusano
  778. El Bien del Obrero
  779. National Liberation (Ecuador)
  780. Unión General de Trabajadores de Ecuador
  781. Francisco Vicente de la Espriella
  782. Panama – Uruguay relations
  783. South American Railway Congress
  784. 1948 Pan-American Students Conference
  785. Revolutionary Left Wing
  786. All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Sixth) (RJM group)
  787. Daud as-Sayegh
  788. Hasan Qraytim
  789. Iraqi Communist Party (1960)
  790. Associations Law
  791. Ittihad ash-Sha'ab
  792. Unified Socialist League
  793. ‎Communist Youth League (Japan)
  794. ‎1960 political clashes in the Iraqi Cigarette Workers Union
  795. ‎Awni Yusuf
  796. Al-'Amal (1957)
  797. Republican Women's Organization
  798. ‎Arab Struggle Party
  799. Revolutionary Ba'ath Party
  800. ‎Al-Mabda'
  801. Ash-Shabibah
  802. Al-Mukafih
  803. The Labour Pioneer
  804. ‎Yorkshire Factory Times
  805. Labour Elector
  806. Theodore Bekele
  807. ‎Thakin Tin Mya
  808. Hari Bahadur Rai
  809. ‎Assembly for the Sovereignty of the Peoples
  810. ‎Workers' Party for the Political Liberation of Russia
  811. Agrarian Socialist League
  812. Eje Comunero
  813. Communist Party of Nepal Marxist-Leninist (Samajbadi)
  814. ‎Farmud Nadaf
  815. Katarismo
  816. ‎Conscience of Fatherland - Patriotic Movement
  817. Persons Disabled in War against the Nazis Law
  818. ‎Farmer-Labour Party
  819. ‎Noda Ritsuta
  820. ‎Young Communist League of Japan
  821. ‎Hyōgikai
  822. National Free Federation of Trade Unions
  823. Proletarian parties in Japan, 1925-1932
  824. ‎Labour-Farmer Masses Party
  825. ‎National Democratic Party (Japan, 1929)
  826. ‎Social Democratic Party (Japan, 1926)
  827. ‎Japan Farmers Party
  828. Proletarian Masses Party
  829. Confederation of Free Trade Unions of India
  830. Labour-Farmer Party
  831. Skulptur
  832. ‎Japan Labour Union League
  833. ‎General Federation of Japanese Peasant Unions
  834. ‎Japan Labour-Farmer Party
  835. ‎Shinkigen
  836. ‎Bolivian municipal election, 1999
  837. Bolivian municipal election, 1991
  838. ‎Red Sports Federation
  839. ‎Fédération sportive et gymnastique du Travail d'Alsace et de Lorraine
  840. ‎Socialist Republican Party (Bolivia)
  841. ‎Arbeidernes Idrettsforbund
  842. ‎Black Brothers
  843. ‎Mambesak
  844. ‎Union del Trabajo de Filipinas
  845. Union Obrera Democratica
  846. ‎Collective Labor Movement
  847. ‎Manuel Suárez Avila
  848. ‎Francisco Vaca Gutiérrez
  849. ‎Revolutionary Left Front
  850. ‎Oscar Zamora Medinaceli
  851. ‎Kampforbundet for Rød Sportsenhet
  852. Banner of Gold
  853. ‎Benjamín Miguel Harb
  854. ‎Fourth national congress of the Communist Party of the Philippines
  855. ‎Anti-Communist Labor Union of the Philippines
  856. ‎Guillermo Capadocia
  857. ‎Neri Colmenares
  858. ‎Iosif Baratov
  859. ‎Bienvenido Zacu Mborobainchi
  860. ‎Gualberto Vega
  861. ‎All Saints' massacre
  862. ‎1989 Santa Elmira massacre
  863. ‎People's Front (Argentina)
  864. ‎Movimiento de Agrupaciones Obreras
  865. ‎Narayan Man Bijukchhe
  866. ‎Communist Party (Burma)
  867. ‎United NLF Groups
  868. ‎All Burma Trade Union Congress
  869. ‎Red Flag Cultivators Unions
  870. ‎Red Flag Labour Unions
  871. ‎H. N. Goshal
  872. Battle of Kunlong
  873. ‎Southeast Asian Youth Conference
  874. Kommyunit Nezin
  875. ‎Ganatantra
  876. ‎Nasserist Socialist Vanguard Party
  877. ‎Bidya Debbarma
  878. ‎Ture Königson
  879. ‎Kaj Björk
  880. ‎Poul Johansen Geleff
  881. Fritjof Lager
  882. ‎Skånes köpmannablad
  883. Svenska Utlandstidningen
  884. ‎Haparanda Nyheter
  885. Haaparannan sanomat
  886. ‎Spöknippet
  887. ‎Sydsvenskan Kuriren
  888. ‎Ny Dag
  889. Armand Bouat
  890. ‎Le Populaire (1920)
  891. ‎Le Travailleur alpin
  892. Pochoden
  893. ‎Neue Volkszeitung
  894. ‎Mülhauser Volksblatt
  895. ‎Alsace-Lorraine Regional Party
  896. Singapore Federation of Trade Unions
  897. ‎Independent Regional Party for Alsace-Lorraine
  898. ‎Confederación Campesina del Perú
  899. Under röd flagg
  900. Strasbourg municipal election, 1929
  901. ‎Volksfront (Alsace)
  902. ‎Jean-Pierre Mourer
  903. ‎Charles Hueber
  904. Der Elsässer Bote
  905. Freie Presse
  906. ‎Die Neue Welt
  907. ‎Bloody Sunday (1926)
  908. ‎Alsatian Workers and Peasants Party
  909. Tanka movement
  910. ‎Naya Dunia
  911. ‎Krishak Banuva Panchayat
  912. Shillong Observer
  913. ‎V.G. Deshpande
  914. ‎Mangat Ram Pasla
  915. ‎National People's Party (India)
  916. Ram Narayan Goswami
  917. ‎Jharna Das
  918. ‎Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council election, 2010
  919. Sind Azad Party
  920. ‎Bhojsing Gurdinomal Pahalajani
  921. ‎Mukhi Gobindram Pritamdas
  922. ‎Sind legislative assembly election, 1937
  923. ‎Sind United Party
  924. ‎National Youth Organization
  925. ‎Mexican People's Party
  926. Svobodni Narod
  927. ‎Unser Stimme
  928. ‎Foroys
  929. ‎Unser Gedank
  930. ‎Matthew Stachiw
  931. ‎Narodna Volya
  932. ‎Krushak
  933. ‎Sikap
  934. ‎Il-Helsien
  935. ‎Socialist Union of Central-Eastern Europe
  936. Trade Union Propaganda League
  937. ‎British Communist Group
  938. ‎Die Freiheit (1918)
  939. French Communist Group
  940. ‎Yugoslav Communist Group
  941. ‎Demokratische Zeitung
  942. ‎Demokraten (1873)
  943. ‎Socialist Party of the Czechoslovakian Working People
  944. ‎German-Baltic Reform Party
  945. ‎Vaba Maa
  946. ‎Constitutional People's Party (Finland)
  947. Labour Party (Greenland)
  948. Marcos Leonel Posadas
  949. ‎Sabino Hernández
  950. Santiago Fierro Fierro
  951. ‎Jorge Cruickshank García
  952. Amado Tame Shear
  953. Naye tsayt
  954. Jaromír Nečas
  955. ‎Confederación Revolucionaria de Trabajadores
  956. Facundo Hurtado Castellón
  957. Juan Huanca Colque
  958. ‎Jorge Torres Obleas
  959. ‎Workers Party (Reconstituted) of Bangladesh
  960. Workers Party of Bangladesh (reconstituted)
  961. Augusto Valda Vargas
  962. Raúl Angelo Porcel Gonzáles
  963. Gonzalo Aguirre Villafán
  964. Jenaro Flores Santos
  965. Román Loayza Caero
  966. Néstor Guzmán Villarroel
  967. Jaalil Melgar Mustafá
  968. ‎Saúl Guillermo Klinsky Callaú
  969. ‎Emigdio Flores Calpiñeiro
  970. El Defensor del Obrero
  971. ‎Damodar Chaudhary
  972. ‎1958 Paraguayan general strike
  973. Sendero
  974. ‎Luis Jorge Mayser Ardaya
  975. ‎Roger Pinto Molina
  976. ‎Fernando Untoja Choque
  977. ‎Juan Carlos Riss Cecin
  978. ‎Oscar Salas Moya
  979. ‎Nay Eretra Sämunawi Gazét'a
  980. ‎New Eritrea Party
  981. ‎Ha-Yom
  982. ‎Mine Workers' Union of Canada
  983. ‎Lumber Workers Industrial Union of Canada
  984. ‎Eteenpäin
  985. ‎Shlomo Kaplansky
  986. Siegfried Taub
  987. ‎Robert Danneberg
  988. ‎Dino Rondani
  989. ‎Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (Mensheviks)
  990. Kawkab America
  991. ‎Jaridat ar-rabita al-wataniya as-suriya
  992. Abu al-hawl
  993. ‎Dos Abend Blatt
  994. Socialist Workers' Party (Netherlands, 1959)
  995. Napu Runas
  996. Hamevasser
  997. El Gugeton
  998. El Tiempo (Istanbul)
  999. ‎Általános Munkás Újság
  1000. Republican Socialist Party
  1001. ‎Flemish Socialist Workers Party
  1002. ‎L'Affranchissement
  1003. Democratic Leftwing Republican Party
  1004. Konstantin Bozveliev
  1005. ‎Yanko Sakazov
  1006. ‎Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party (Broad Socialists)
  1007. L'A. O. F.
  1008. Forojs
  1009. Nowe Zycie
  1010. Piotrkower Weker
  1011. Wloclawker Weker
  1012. Lubliner Sztyme
  1013. Grodner Sztyme
  1014. Lodzer Naje Folkscajtung
  1015. Hromadskyj Holos
  1016. In Kampf
  1017. ‎Das Vort
  1018. Folkswort
  1019. ‎Oran socialiste
  1020. ‎Naujoji Banga
  1021. ‎Arthur Brill
  1022. ‎Živko Topalović
  1023. ‎Joseph Kruk
  1024. ‎Independent Socialist Labour Party
  1025. ‎Red Aid (POUM)
  1026. ‎Independent Socialist Party (Turkey)
  1027. ‎Independent Radical Social Democratic Party
  1028. ‎Socialista
  1029. Socialist Association
  1030. ‎Chile Democrático
  1031. ‎Arbeiter-Zeitung (Luxembourg)
  1032. ‎Sociāldemokrats
  1033. ‎Socialist Workers and Peasants Party of Latvia
  1034. ‎ILP Guild of Youth
  1035. ‎Free Trade Unions (Bulgaria)
  1036. ‎Danziger Echo
  1037. ‎Elbinger Volksstimme
  1038. ‎Czechoslovak Social Democratic Youth
  1039. ‎Germinal (Uruguayan newspaper)
  1040. ‎Socialist Youth Union
  1041. ‎Epoha
  1042. ‎Narod (Bulgarian newspaper)
  1043. Socialist Party of Yugoslavia
  1044. Portuguese Socialist Party
  1045. ‎Onésimo Silveira
  1046. ‎Guinea-Bissau–Sweden relations
  1047. ‎Socialist Youth League of Yugoslavia
  1048. Socialist Workers Party of Hungary
  1049. ‎Világosság Socialist Emigrant Group
  1050. Bund für Arbeiterbildung
  1051. ‎Socialist-Communist Union
  1052. Old Social Democratic Party of Germany
  1053. Socialist League (Germany)
  1054. ‎Lore Agnes
  1055. ‎Hungarian-German Social Democratic Party
  1056. ‎Julius Gehl
  1057. ‎Social Democratic Party of the Free City of Danzig
  1058. ‎Kárpát
  1059. ‎Görög Katolikus Szemle (1899-1918)
  1060. ‎Social Democratic Workers Party in Subcarpathian Rus
  1061. ‎Průkopník svobody
  1062. ‎Barák Workers Association
  1063. ‎Czechoslovak Social Democratic Workers Party in the Republic of Austria
  1064. ‎General Jewish Labour Party
  1065. ‎Social Democratic Party of China
  1066. ‎Social Democratic Labour Youth Union
  1067. ‎Working Women's Union
  1068. ‎Ethiopian Lictor Youth
  1069. ‎Arab Lictor Youth
  1070. ‎Albanian Lictor Youth
  1071. ‎Jan Kranti Party
  1072. ‎Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee
  1073. ‎Central Council of Trade Unions
  1074. ‎Khavar-e no
  1075. ‎Rahbar (newspaper)
  1076. ‎Union of Toilers of Iran
  1077. ‎Karol Śliwka
  1078. ‎Emanuel Chobot
  1079. ‎Central United Council of the Trade Unions of Workers and Toilers of Iran
  1080. ‎Ardeshir Ovanessian
  1081. ‎Central Union of Workers and Peasants of Iran
  1082. Ettehadiyeh-ye Sendika-ye Kargaran-e Iran
  1083. People's Democratic Front (Iran)
  1084. Femmes-Caïmans
  1085. ‎Dhanpat Rai Nahar
  1086. ‎Simon Gokana
  1087. ‎Lévy Makani
  1088. ‎Pierre Vouama
  1089. ‎Céline Yandza
  1090. ‎Syndicat professionnel des commerçants et transporteurs africains du Congo
  1091. ‎Comité de Liaison de Patronat de l'A.E.F.
  1092. ‎M 24
  1093. ‎M 22
  1094. ‎Tefik Mborja
  1095. ‎Neue Linke - Nuova Sinistra
  1096. ‎Craftsman-Farmer Alliance
  1097. ‎Revolutionary Labour Bloc
  1098. ‎Labour Party (Argentina)
  1099. ‎Federación de Obreros y Empleados Ferroviarios
  1100. ‎Federación de Sindicatos Ferroviarios
  1101. ‎Federación Obrera de la Industria de la Carne
  1102. ‎Democratic Association of Victoria
  1103. Polish-Lithuanian Social Revolutionary Party
  1104. Rally for France (Niger)
  1105. ‎Nigerien Democratic Front
  1106. ‎Deiva Zivarattinam
  1107. ‎Zodi Ikhia
  1108. ‎Amar Ouzegane
  1109. ‎Union for Social Progress
  1110. ‎Michel Zunino
  1111. ‎Bachir Ben Mohamed Abddelouahab
  1112. ‎Pierre Abelin
  1113. ‎National Movement of the Revolution
  1114. ‎French legislative election in French Equatorial Africa, November 1946
  1115. ‎Economic Liberation Movement
  1116. ‎Moyen-Congo Representative Council election, 1947
  1117. ‎Congolese Progressive Party
  1118. ‎Congolese Democratic Front
  1119. ‎Amicale des Originaires de l'A.E.F.
  1120. ‎LICOPA affair
  1121. ‎Trois Glorieuses (1963)
  1122. ‎African Women's Union of Congo
  1123. ‎Union générale des syndicats algériens
  1124. ‎Congolese Youth Union
  1125. ‎Georges Yhambot
  1126. ‎Younous Madzengue
  1127. ‎Louis Zatonga
  1128. ‎Bernard Zoniaba
  1129. ‎National League of Patriotic Youth
  1130. 1917 Central Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (Menshevik)
  1131. ‎Enlightened People's Communist Party
  1132. ‎Jewish Workers Bund in Poland
  1133. ‎5th Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party
  1134. ‎Socialist League of the New East
  1135. ‎Klain Bund
  1136. ‎International Jewish Labor Bund
  1137. Di royte fon
  1138. ‎Der yiddisher arbeyter
  1139. Der arbeyter
  1140. ‎Lodzer veker
  1141. Komtsukunft
  1142. Communist Bund (Russia)
  1143. Social Democratic Bund
  1144. Communist Bund (Ukraine)
  1145. Hebrew Socialist Union in London
  1146. ‎Independent Jewish Workers Party
  1147. ‎Satyashodhak Communist Party
  1148. ‎Bund (Bukovina)
  1149. ‎General Jewish Labour Bund in Romania
  1150. ‎Communist Bund (Poland)
  1151. ‎Jewish Social Democratic Workers Association "Zukunft"
  1152. ‎Noah Meisel
  1153. F.E.A.N.F.
  1154. ‎Marcel Oopa
  1155. ‎French legislative by-election in French Oceania, 1949
  1156. ‎Democratic Rally of the Tahitian People
  1157. ‎Revolutionary Socialist Action Organization
  1158. ‎National Democratic Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arab Gulf
  1159. ‎Confederation generale des travailleurs africains
  1160. ‎Albert Liurette
  1161. ‎French legislative by-election in Guinea, 1954
  1162. ‎Socialist Democracy of Guinea
  1163. ‎Swedish municipal elections, 1991
  1164. ‎Guinean People's Union
  1165. ‎Wanita Indonesia
  1166. ‎Senegalese Territorial Assembly election, 1957
  1167. Murba Party
  1168. ‎Ecological Party for Progress
  1169. ‎Valère Somé
  1170. ‎Burkinabé parliamentary election, 1992
  1171. ‎Fédération nationale des boulangers et pâtissiers du Burkina
  1172. ‎Confédération générale du travail du Burkina
  1173. ‎Dayak Unity Party
  1174. Murba Women's Union
  1175. ‎National People's Party (Indonesia)
  1176. ‎Development Fraction
  1177. ‎Fraction of Upholders of the Proclamation
  1178. ‎National Progressive Fraction
  1179. Permai
  1180. ‎Indonesian Peasants Party
  1181. ‎Consultative Body of Political Parties
  1182. ‎Islamic Tharikah Unity Party
  1183. ‎Islamic Victory Force
  1184. ‎Village People's Party
  1185. ‎Party of the People of Free Indonesia
  1186. ‎Labour Party (Indonesia)
  1187. ‎Ibnu Parna
  1188. Partai Comunis Indonesia
  1189. ‎Acoma Party
  1190. ‎Labour Party of Indonesia
  1191. ‎Working Women's Front
  1192. ‎Socialist Party (Indonesia)
  1193. ‎Socialist People's Party (Indonesia)
  1194. ‎Socialist Party of Indonesia (Parsi)
  1195. ‎K.P. Prabhakaran
  1196. ‎Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Unity Initiative
  1197. P.C. Unnichekkan
  1198. ‎Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Flag (Unnichekkan)
  1199. Land og Folk Festival
  1200. Moslem League of the Western Province
  1201. ‎Independent Moslem League
  1202. ‎Daniel Solod
  1203. Côte d'Ivoire – Soviet relations
  1204. ‎Union Nationale des Paysans Algériens
  1205. Laos–Soviet relations
  1206. ‎Day of Hatred
  1207. ‎Sukhe Bator Mongolian Pioneers Organization
  1208. Confederación Nacional del Trabajo
  1209. Unión de Trabajadores Colombianos
  1210. ‎Viet Nam Democratic Socialist Party
  1211. Hyde Park Movement Party
  1212. ‎Socialist Front (Thailand)
  1213. Social Democratic Party (Thailand)
  1214. ‎Mahachon
  1215. Ethiopian general election, 1973
  1216. ‎Cuban local elections, 1900
  1217. Thai general election, 1957
  1218. ‎Punjab Socialist Party
  1219. ‎National United Front
  1220. ‎Democratic Union Party (Cuba)
  1221. ‎Cuban National Party
  1222. ‎Independent Republican Party
  1223. Federal Republican Party of Las Villas
  1224. ‎Republican Party of Havana
  1225. Saguan Democratic Party
  1226. Socialist Party of Manzanillo
  1227. ‎Socialist Party of the Island of Cuba
  1228. ‎International Socialist Group (Cuba)
  1229. ‎Young Communist League (Cuba, 1929)
  1230. People's Labour Party (Cuba)
  1231. People's Party (Cuba)
  1232. Socialist Workers Party (Cuba)
  1233. ‎Cuban Socialist Party
  1234. Cuban National League
  1235. Democratic Federal Republican Party of Santiago de Cuba
  1236. Thevar Jayanthi
  1237. World Marxist Review
  1238. Dilip Barua
  1239. ‎Socialist Workers' Party of China
  1240. PRTC (El Salvdor)
  1241. Socialist Workers Youth of Saarland
  1242. ‎Narodoviec
  1243. ‎Naujienos
  1244. ‎Die Woch
  1245. ‎Socialist Youth of Northern Rhodesia
  1246. ‎Pedoman
  1247. Aurora (newspaper)
  1248. ‎Greek Socialist League
  1249. ‎Independent Socialist Party (Greece)
  1250. ‎Socialist Party of Greece
  1251. ‎César Ham
  1252. ‎Burma Trade Union Congress
  1253. ‎Trade Union Congress (Burma)
  1254. ‎Selangor Labour Party
  1255. ‎Isteri-Sedar
  1256. ‎Gerakan Wanita Sosialis
  1257. ‎Gerakan Tani Indonesia
  1258. ‎Kongres Buruh Seluruh Indonesia
  1259. ‎Pakistan Socialist Party
  1260. ‎People's Freedom (Socialist) Party
  1261. ‎Thakin Lwin
  1262. ‎Revolutionary Republican Party of Iran
  1263. ‎Social Democratic Party (Persia)
  1264. ‎Arabic Toilers' Movement
  1265. ‎Social-Federalist Party of Georgia
  1266. ‎Madhukar Katre
  1267. ‎Moturu Udayam
  1268. ‎J. Hemachandran
  1269. ‎Gilberto Viera
  1270. ‎Teófilo Forero Castro
  1271. ‎Literary League Association
  1272. ‎Bangshibadan Barman
  1273. ‎Greater Cooch Behar Democratic Party
  1274. Kamtapur Progressive Party
  1275. ‎Arbeiterverband für Südwestafrika
  1276. ‎Gewerkschaftsbund des Memelgebietes
  1277. ‎Allgemeiner Arbeiterverband der Freien Stadt Danzig
  1278. ‎Rebel Unity Centre
  1279. Movement of God-Worshipping Socialists
  1280. Tamil Eelam Liberation Army
  1281. Party of the Guatemalan Revolution
  1282. People's Party (Guatemala)
  1283. National League of German Democratic Youth Clubs
  1284. Bismarckjugend
  1285. German Socialist Labour Party of Poland
  1286. All India Federation of Democratic Women
  1287. ‎Majida Al-Masri
  1288. ‎Arab Unity Party
  1289. ‎Samurdha Odisha
  1290. ‎Students Liberation Bloc
  1291. Prabhakar Sanzgiri
  1292. Johann Kowoll
  1293. Siegmund Glücksmann
  1294. Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon
  1295. Palestinian Struggle Youth Union
  1296. Democratic Movement for National Liberation
  1297. ‎Illinois Staats-Zeitung
  1298. ‎Dagbladet (Chicago)
  1299. ‎Arbeitets Ridder
  1300. ‎Fremad
  1301. United Lanka Congress
  1302. ‎Palestinian Revolutionary Left League
  1303. Palestinian National Alliance
  1304. Palestinian Popular Committees
  1305. ‎Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party
  1306. Socialist League of Palestine
  1307. Wahdat an-Nidal
  1308. Shursh
  1309. Tribal Criminal and Civil Disputes Regulation
  1310. Ila al-Aman
  1311. Unified Popular Front
  1312. Al-Asas
  1313. Rayat ash-Shaghilah
  1314. Fahd's Revolutionary Organization
  1315. Communist Action Organization in Iraq
  1316. Iraqi Partisan movement, 1979-1988
  1317. Democratic July 14 Movement
  1318. Babik al-Kharrami
  1319. Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal-JSD
  1320. Bangladesh Islami Front
  1321. Islamic Front Bangladesh
  1322. Jotindra Lal Tripura
  1323. Erich Mückenberger
  1324. Kate Molale
  1325. Paul Verner
  1326. Bernd Reichelt
  1327. Albert Norden
  1328. Polish Socialist Workers Party
  1329. Polish People's Party (Czechoslovakia)
  1330. Convention People's Party of Nigeria and the Cameroons
  1331. Munkás
  1332. Autonomous Agrarian Union
  1333. Russian National Autonomous Party
  1334. Carpatho-Russian Labour Party of Small Peasants and Landless
  1335. Ruthenian Peasants Party
  1336. German Christian Social People's Party
  1337. Landjugend
  1338. Farmers' League
  1339. Kattowitzer Volkswille
  1340. Bielsko municipal election, 1936
  1341. German Social Democratic Party of Poland
  1342. Kurdistan Women's League
  1343. Józef Biniszkiewicz
  1344. Silesian Socialist Party
  1345. ‎National Bahujan Congress
  1346. ‎Aikya Kerala Congress
  1347. ‎German Socialist Workers Party in Poland - Left
  1348. ‎Confédération générale du travail de Guadeloupe
  1349. ‎Progressive Constitutionalist Party
  1350. ‎Revolutionary Party of National Unification
  1351. ‎Free Union of Poland
  1352. ‎K. Ramani
  1353. ‎C.R. Aslam
  1354. ‎Karbi Longri N.C. Hills Liberation Front
  1355. ‎Chemical Workers' Union (Czechoslovakia)
  1356. ‎Alexander Abusch
  1357. ‎Wilfried Maaß
  1358. Franz Macoun
  1359. ‎Svaz horníků v Československé republice
  1360. ‎Syndikalistiska Arbetarefederationen
  1361. Sozialistische Volkszeitung
  1362. ‎Vorwärts (Czechoslovak newspaper)
  1363. ‎Volkswille
  1364. ‎Thüringer Volkszeitung
  1365. ‎Kalantar
  1366. ‎Die Arbeider en arm boer
  1367. ‎Pest Megyei Hírlap
  1368. ‎Esti Budapest
  1369. ‎Neues Budapester Abendblatt
  1370. ‎Szabad szó
  1371. ‎Szabad ifjúság
  1372. ‎Dolgozó Ifjúság Szövetsége
  1373. ‎Gangadhar Appa Burande
  1374. ‎National Labour Party (Jamaica)
  1375. ‎Communist Party of Jamaica
  1376. ‎Marxist Workers Party
  1377. Revolutionary Party of the Workers of Bolivia
  1378. ‎Ecuadorian Popular Revolutionary Union
  1379. ‎Communist Left (Chile)
  1380. ‎Gewerkschaftsbund
  1381. ‎Indo-GDR Friendship Association
  1382. ‎Soviet-Albanian Friendship Society
  1383. ‎India-Albania Friendship Association
  1384. Spain-Albania Friendship Association
  1385. ‎Social Democratic Union 'Proletarian'
  1386. ‎Deşteptarea
  1387. ‎Tipograful Român
  1388. ‎Der Wecker
  1389. ‎Independent Socialist Party (Hungary)
  1390. ‎Hungarian Reorganized Social Democratic Party
  1391. ‎Non-Voters Party
  1392. ‎Hungarian Labour Party
  1393. ‎Independent Social Democratic Party (Czech Lands)
  1394. ‎Proletař
  1395. ‎Viennese Imperial Trade Union Commission
  1396. ‎Odborové sdružení československé
  1397. ‎China-Albania Friendship Association
  1398. ‎Kim Young-Il
  1399. ‎Malaysian Solidarity Consolidation Committee
  1400. ‎Central National Revolutionary Committee
  1401. Soviet-Czechoslovak relations
  1402. ‎Left Front (Czechoslovakia)
  1403. ‎Independent Socialist Workers Party
  1404. ‎Marxist Left in Slovakia and the Transcarpathian Ukraine
  1405. ‎Czechoslovak Communist Party in Russia
  1406. ‎Brno Noppeisen
  1407. ‎Napred
  1408. ‎Oul
  1409. ‎General Federation of Labour Unions in the Kingdom of Egypt
  1410. Walka
  1411. ‎Popular Arab Bloc
  1412. ‎Trade Union Committee for Popular Resistance
  1413. ‎Egyptian Communist Organisation
  1414. ‎Ash-Shams (Egyptian newspaper)
  1415. ‎Jewish Anti-Zionist League
  1416. ‎Shudi Atiya ash-Shafi
  1417. ‎Iskra (Egyptian communist organization)
  1418. ‎Iraqi Revolutionary Communists
  1419. Iraqi Communist Party (Central Command) (Widhat al-Qa'idah)
  1420. ‎Iraqi Communist Vanguard Organisation
  1421. ‎League of Iraqi Communists
  1422. ‎Voice of the Iraqi People
  1423. ‎Leninist Group in the Iraqi Communist Movement
  1424. ‎Jens Jensen (trade unionist)
  1425. ‎Workers Committee for National Liberation - Political Organisation for the Working Class
  1426. Mari National Rebirth Party "Ushem"
  1427. Jewish Socialist Party
  1428. Catalan Left Union
  1429. Office of Nepal Trust
  1430. Sawaba
  1431. Youlou United Liberation Movement
  1432. Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar
  1433. Muga Lal Mahato
  1434. Sadrul Miya Haq
  1435. Baban Singh
  1436. Purna Prasad Rajbansi
  1437. Gauri Shankar Khadka
  1438. Bishwodip Lingden Limbu
  1439. Dipak Karki
  1440. Keshav Kumar Budhathoki
  1441. Dharma Sila Chapagain
  1442. Dharma Prasad Ghimire
  1443. Kul Bahadur Gurung
  1444. Damber Singh Sambahamphe
  1445. Purna Kumar Sharma Limbu
  1446. Damber Dhoj Tumbahamphe
  1447. Sebaki Devi Das Tatma
  1448. Buddha Sayami
  1449. Vishwendraman Pashwan
  1450. Hasina Miya
  1451. Ek Nath Dhakal
  1452. Keshav Prasad Mainali
  1453. Unified European Left Group
  1454. Naye Prese‎
  1455. Young Communist League of Western Ukraine‎
  1456. Young Communist League of Lithuania (1989)‎
  1457. Revolutionary Party of Young Annam‎
  1458. Peasants and Workers Party‎
  1459. Inner Mongolian Revolutionary People's Party‎
  1460. Republican Party of American Samoa‎
  1461. People's Front of Liberation Tigers
  1462. Ukrainian Social Democratic Party (1899)
  1463. Polish Social Democratic Party of Galicia
  1464. Jewish Communist Labour Party (Poalei Zion)
  1465. Hungarian General Labour Party
  1466. Dominican Communist Party
  1467. Moroccan Communist Party
  1468. Martinique Communist Party
  1469. Sbornik Sotsial-Demokrata
  1470. Dienas Lapa
  1471. Kommunist (Dagestani newspaper)
  1472. Lenina Bayrah
  1473. Dro (Georgian newspaper)
  1474. Proletariatis Brdzola
  1475. Nina (Baku)
  1476. People's Revolutionary Party (Vietnam)
  1477. Malabar Singh Thapa
  1478. Narayan Kaji Shrestha
  1479. Nazi Boni
  1480. Unified Party of Haitian Communists
  1481. Civil Democratic Party
  1482. Ilya Tsivtsivadze
  1483. Siberian Social-Democratic Union - RSDLP Committee
  1484. Janak Kumari Chalise
  1485. Nilam K.C. (Khadka)
  1486. Phulmati Devi Chaudhari
  1487. Arjun Rai
  1488. Young Communist League of Greece
  1489. Félix Erviti Barcelona
  1490. Popular Liberation Front (Spain)
  1491. Amami Communist Party‎
  1492. Okinawa Socialist Masses Party‎
  1493. Swedish People's League in the Baltic Sea Provinces‎
  1494. Tibetan Communist Party
  1495. Memellandic Agricultural Party
  1496. Free City of Danzig Constituent Assembly election, 1920‎
  1497. Uttar Bango Tapsili Jati O Adibasi Sangathan‎
  1498. Akhil Bharatiya Kamgar Sena‎
  1499. New Trade Union Initiative‎
  1500. Gottfried Lessing‎
  1501. Southern Rhodesia Communist Party
  1502. Communist Party of the Memel Territory
  1503. Marxist Communist Party of India (United)
  1504. M.S. Patrudu‎
  1505. Freedom Fighters and Rehabilitation Division
  1506. All India Centre for Trade Unions‎
  1507. All India Centre of Trade Unions
  1508. Free Conservatives
  1509. Prajatantrik Lok Dal
  1510. Qaumi Inqilabi Party‎
  1511. People's Democratic United Front
  1512. Proletarian Revolutionary Organisation, Nepal‎
  1513. Arbind Rimal‎
  1514. Nepal Red Communist Party‎
  1515. Padma Jyoti
  1516. Chandra Lal Meche
  1517. Hari Roka
  1518. Keshar Jung Rayamajhi
  1519. Kathmandu municipal election, 1953‎
  1520. Mana Party
  1521. United Women Front‎
  1522. Bahujana Communist Party
  1523. Telangana Labour Party
  1524. All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Sixth)‎
  1525. Rishi Devkota‎
  1526. Communist Party of Pakistan (Thaheem)‎
  1527. Nagarchal language
  1528. Nara Bahadur Karmacharya
  1529. Mohan Chandra Adhikari
  1530. Nepal Rastriya Dalit Mukti Sangathan
  1531. Nepal Dalit Sangh (Prajatantrik)
  1532. Nepal Dalit Utthan Manch‎
  1533. Jatiya Samata Samaj‎
  1534. Nepal Udpidit Jatiya Mukti Samaj‎
  1535. Nepal Dalit Sangh
  1536. All Nepal Democratic Youth Association (RJM group)‎
  1537. All Nepal Democratic Youth Association
  1538. Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Students‎
  1539. Labour Party (Slovakia)
  1540. Farmers' Party (Denmark)‎
  1541. Yugoslav Social-Democratic Party‎
  1542. Yugoslav Moslem People's Organization
  1543. Yugoslav Moslem Organization
  1544. Vice President of Nepal‎
  1545. Ram Baran Yadav‎
  1546. Parmanand Jha
  1547. Gorkha Parishad
  1548. United Democratic Party (Nepal)
  1549. Ram Raja Prasad Singh‎
  1550. Harse Chhina Mogha Morcha‎
  1551. Nepali Jan Congress‎
  1552. Bedanand Jha‎
  1553. Nepal Terai Congress
  1554. Rastriya Praja Party‎
  1555. Kaji Manik Lal Rajbhandari‎
  1556. Naradmuni Thulung‎
  1557. Yagya Bahadur Basnyat‎
  1558. Arjun Narasingha K.C.‎
  1559. Nepalese Rastriya Panchayat election, 1981‎
  1560. Jana Hit Sangh‎
  1561. Nepalese Rastriya Panchayat election, 1971‎
  1562. Jog Meher Shrestha‎
  1563. Adhikari cabinet, 1994‎
  1564. Hari Bahadur Basnet‎
  1565. Surya Prasad Upadhyaya‎
  1566. Nepali Congress (Subarna)‎
  1567. ‎League of Workers Association Youth
  1568. ‎Madhesi Youth Forum
  1569. ‎Kaisu-Mirjami Rydberg
  1570. ‎Young Communist League of Finland
  1571. ‎Naisten demokraattinen toimintakeskus
  1572. ‎People's Party (Finland, 1932)
  1573. ‎Small Farmers Party
  1574. Russian Social Democratic Party of Estonia
  1575. ‎Estonian Social Democratic Independence Party
  1576. ‎Estonian Democratic Workers Party (1989)
  1577. ‎National Development Party (India)
  1578. ‎Jorge Kolle Cueto
  1579. ‎Nepa Rastriya Party
  1580. ‎Al-Houriya
  1581. ‎Phospho-Energon
  1582. ‎Republican Brotherhood
  1583. ‎Social Democrats of Uganda
  1584. ‎Gunnar Nilsson (trade unionist)
  1585. ‎Arne Geijer
  1586. ‎Axel Strand
  1587. ‎Gunnar Andersson (trade unionist)
  1588. August Lindberg
  1589. Union of Toiling Peasants
  1590. ‎Albert Forslund
  1591. Edvard Johansson
  1592. ‎Arvid Thorberg
  1593. ‎Yéro Boly
  1594. ‎Laurent Sedego
  1595. Zakalia Kote
  1596. ‎Alain Bedouma Yoda
  1597. Salif Diallo
  1598. Nepali Janata Dal
  1599. Yulduz
  1600. ‎Revolutionary Toilers Society of Afghanistan
  1601. ‎Movement for the Democracy of Angola
  1602. ‎Raghav Lal Baidya
  1603. ‎Jewish Communist Party of Austria
  1604. ‎Rookmangud Katawal
  1605. National Union for Democracy
  1606. ‎Angolan Union for Peace, Democracy and Development
  1607. ‎Liberal Socialist Party (Angola)
  1608. ‎Independent Social Party of Angola
  1609. ‎Independent National Alliance of Angola
  1610. ‎New Democracy Electoral Union
  1611. Kirat Janabadi Workers Party
  1612. ‎Nanda Kishor Pun
  1613. Popular Socialist Party (Cuba)
  1614. Independent Socialist Party of Chad
  1615. ‎African National Party
  1616. ‎Progressive Sudanese Party
  1617. ‎Republican Union (French Somaliland)
  1618. ‎Greater Somalia League
  1619. ‎Somali African National Union
  1620. ‎Hem Bahadur Gurung
  1621. ‎People's Liberation Army (Nepal)
  1622. ‎Gershon Dua-Bogen
  1623. ‎Moshe Levin
  1624. ‎1920 Histadrut election
  1625. ‎Socialist Workers Party (Palestine)
  1626. ‎Left Bloc (Palestine)
  1627. ‎Grouping of Rural and Independent Chadians
  1628. ‎Independent Socialist Party of Chad (1955)
  1629. ‎Social Democratic Party of Madagascar and the Comoros
  1630. ‎Bundelkhand Janshakti Kranti Andolan
  1631. ‎Crvena Hrvatska
  1632. ‎Federación Deportiva Obrera
  1633. ‎Palestine Olympic Committee
  1634. ‎Socialist Workers' Sport International
  1635. ‎Morgnstern
  1636. ‎Polish Workers' Sport Federation
  1637. ‎Skala (sports organization)
  1638. ‎Jewish Social Democratic Labour Party in Palestine (Poale Zion)
  1639. ‎Asefat ha-Nivharim
  1640. ‎Volksgruppe
  1641. ‎Jewish Socialist Workers Party
  1642. ‎Zionist Socialist Workers Party
  1643. ‎Komunistishe fon
  1644. ‎Der shtern
  1645. Di varhayt
  1646. ‎Fareynikte
  1647. ‎Sztandar Socjalizmu
  1648. ‎Central Jewish Bureau, Communist Party of Poland
  1649. Kollam Municipal Corporation election, 2005
  1650. ‎N. Padmalochanan
  1651. ‎C. Jayan Babu
  1652. ‎Committee for the Defence of National Interests
  1653. Joshua Kalsakau
  1654. ‎Vanuatu Labour Party
  1655. ‎M. Bhaskaran
  1656. ‎National Union of Students of Saudi Arabia
  1657. ‎Vanuatu National Union of Students
  1658. ‎Revoluční odborové hnutí
  1659. ‎Mezinárodní všeodborový svaz
  1660. ‎Freie Lëtzebuerger Arbechterverband
  1661. ‎Rudolf Tayerlé
  1662. ‎Ramón Gonzáles Peña
  1663. ‎International Secretariat of National Trade Union Centres
  1664. ‎Union des Travailleurs des Comores
  1665. ‎Confederation of Free Trade Unions
  1666. ‎Frantz Vitko
  1667. ‎Leonid Kozik
  1668. ‎Industrial Relations Act (Mauritius)
  1669. ‎Kududula Nagesh
  1670. ‎Social Democratic Party of Saarland
  1671. ‎Fédération sportive du Travail d'Alsace et de Lorraine
  1672. "Communist Revolution" Committee for the Formation of the Marxist-Leninist Party
  1673. ¡A Luchar!
  1674. 10 September (political group)
  1675. 14th Lok Sabha
  1676. 16 June Movement
  1677. ‎1960 International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties
  1678. 1969 International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties
  1679. 1973 World Congress of Peace Forces
  1680. 1979 student protests in Nepal
  1681. 1980 international Maoist conference
  1682. 1980 referendum in Nepal
  1683. 1st Conference of the Communist Parties of Latin America
  1684. 2½ International
  1685. A. D. Tsyurupa
  1686. A. N. Engelhardt
  1687. A. S. Yermolov
  1688. A.K. Gopalan
  1689. A.P. Mica Mine Workers Union
  1690. Abani Mukherji
  1691. Abdus Sattar (West Bengal politician)
  1692. Abhisek Pratap Shah
  1693. Abida Sultan
  1694. ‎Academic Centre
  1695. Action Christian National
  1696. Active Pensionists
  1697. Ad Dawah
  1698. Adelante (Argentinian newspaper)
  1699. Adibathla Kailasam
  1700. Advancement for the Islands (m-l)
  1701. ‎Advisory Commission of National and Democratic Parties
  1702. Afghanistan Liberation Organization
  1703. ‎Afghanistan Mujahedin Freedom Fighters Front
  1704. African Autonomist Movement
  1705. African Convention
  1706. African Independence Party (Burkina Faso)
  1707. African Independence Party
  1708. African Independence Party-Renewal
  1709. African Nationalist Movement
  1710. African Party for the Independence of the Masses
  1711. African Peoples Union
  1712. African Popular Movement
  1713. African Regroupment Party (Upper Volta)
  1714. African Regroupment Party
  1715. African Regroupment Party-Renewal
  1716. African Regroupment Party-Senegal
  1717. African Socialist Movement
  1718. African Trade Union Congress
  1719. African Youth Amilcar Cabral
  1720. Agostinho Neto Pioneer Organization
  1721. Agrarian National Party
  1722. Agrarian Politics Union Party
  1723. Agrarian Trade Union Federation
  1724. Agrupación de Trabajadores Latinoamericanos Sindicalistas
  1725. Ahd Bloc
  1726. ‎Ahd Party
  1727. Ajaya Pratap Shah
  1728. Akhand Hindustan Morcha
  1729. Akhand Jharkhand People's Front
  1730. Akhbarul Hind
  1731. Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League
  1732. Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha
  1733. Akhil Bharatiya Jan Sangh
  1734. Akhil Bharatiya Sena
  1735. Al Akhbar (India)
  1736. Al-Anbar governorate council election, 2005
  1737. Albanian Affairs Party
  1738. Albanian Business Party
  1739. Albanian Democratic Monarchist Movement Party
  1740. Albanian Democratic Union Party
  1741. Albanian Homeland Party
  1742. Albanian National Alliance Party
  1743. Albanian National League (1997)
  1744. Albanian National Reconciliation Party
  1745. Albanian National Security Party
  1746. Albanian Party of Democratic Reforms
  1747. Albanian Path of Truth Party
  1748. Albanian Republican United Party
  1749. Albanian Socialist Alliance Party
  1750. Albanian Workers Movement Party
  1751. Albert De Coninck
  1752. Alberto Moreno
  1753. ‎Alexandra Kim
  1754. Algerian Communist Party
  1755. Algerian Franco-Muslim Rally
  1756. Ali Yata
  1757. All Bengal Teachers Association
  1758. All Ceylon Islamic United Front
  1759. All Ceylon Tamil Congress
  1760. All India Central Council of Trade Unions
  1761. All India Communist Party
  1762. All India Coordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries
  1763. All India Defence Employees Federation
  1764. All India Democratic Womens Association
  1765. All India Democratic Youth Organization
  1766. All India Educated Unemployed Youth Party
  1767. All India Ezhai Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam
  1768. All India Federation of Democratic Youth
  1769. All India Federation of Trade Unions
  1770. All India Forward Bloc (Ramayan Singh)
  1771. All India Forward Bloc (Subhasist)
  1772. All India Janata Dal
  1773. All India Jharkhand Party
  1774. All India Jute Textile Workers' Federation
  1775. All India Kisan Sabha (Ashoka Road)
  1776. All India Kisan Sabha
  1777. All India Krishak Khet Majdoor Sangathan
  1778. All India Latchiya Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
  1779. All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimen
  1780. All India Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam
  1781. All India Mazdoor Ekta Party
  1782. All India Minorities Front
  1783. All India Moovendar Munnani Kazhagam
  1784. All India Muslim Forum
  1785. All India Muslim League (2002)
  1786. All India Muslim Majlis (Dr. Faridi)
  1787. All India Netaji Revolutionary Party
  1788. All India Progressive Janata Dal
  1789. All India Socialist Youth Council
  1790. All India Tribes and Minorities Front
  1791. All India Trinamool Congress
  1792. All India Youth Federation
  1793. All India Youth League
  1794. All Jammu & Kashmir Patriotic Peoples Front
  1795. All Jharkhand Students Union
  1796. All Kerala M.G.R. Dravida Munnetra Party
  1797. All Nepal Communist Revolutionary Coordination Committee (Marxist-Leninist)
  1798. All Nepal National Free Students Union (United)
  1799. All Nepal Trade Union Federation (Revolutionary)
  1800. All-African Trade Union Federation
  1801. ‎Alliance for Female Equality
  1802. Alliance for Social Democracy
  1803. Alliance for Social-Liberal Progress
  1804. Alliance for Welfare and Solidarity
  1805. ‎Alliance of Peace and Progress Fighters of Afghanistan
  1806. Alliance Party (Sweden)
  1807. All-Russian Committee for Defence of Kuriles
  1808. All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks)
  1809. All-Union Young Guard Bolsheviks
  1810. Alternative (Sweden)
  1811. Alternative Socialist Alliance - Independents
  1812. Alternative Social-Liberal Party
  1813. Alvesta Alternative
  1814. Amath Dansokho
  1815. Ambaddi
  1816. Ambedkar Makkal Iyakkam
  1817. Ambedkar Makkal Katchi
  1818. Ambedkar National Congress
  1819. Ambedkar Samaj Party
  1820. Amra Bangalee
  1821. Amsterdamese Police and Firefighting Party
  1822. Anarchist Communist Youth Association of Narva
  1823. Andalucista Youth
  1824. Andhra Pradesh Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union
  1825. Andhra Pradesh Auto and Trolley Drivers Union
  1826. Andhra Pradesh Auto Rickshaw Drivers and Workers Federation
  1827. Andhra Pradesh Committee of Communist Revolutionaries (Chandra Pulla Reddy)
  1828. Andhra Pradesh Committee of Communist Revolutionaries
  1829. Andhra Pradesh Federation of Trade Unions
  1830. And-Jëf / Revolutionary Movement for New Democracy
  1831. Andorran parliamentary election, 2001
  1832. Angolan Communist Party
  1833. Angolan League
  1834. Anna Telugu Desam Party
  1835. Ant (newspaper)
  1836. Antigua and Barbuda legislative election, 1999
  1837. Antigua Caribbean Liberation Movement
  1838. Antigua Freedom Party
  1839. Antiimperialist Action Front-Suxxali Reew Mi
  1840. Anti-Jewish Action League of Sweden
  1841. Apna Dal
  1842. APRA Rebelde
  1843. April 1992 general strike in Nepal
  1844. Arab Communist Party
  1845. Arab Islamic Front of Azawad
  1846. Arab Liberation Front
  1847. Arab Nationalist Movement
  1848. ‎Arab Palestine Organization
  1849. Arab Popular Socialist Movement
  1850. Arab Socialist Action Party (Saudi Arabia)
  1851. ‎Arab Socialist Action Party
  1852. ‎Arbeiterpolitik
  1853. Arbeiterstimme
  1854. Arbetarkommun
  1855. Arbetar-Tidningen
  1856. Archipelago Tomorrow
  1857. Argentine Socialist Vanguard Party
  1858. Armenian Marxist Party
  1859. Armenian Workers Communist Party
  1860. Armenian Workers Union
  1861. Arunachal Congress (Mithi)
  1862. Arunachal Congress
  1863. Ashim Chatterjee
  1864. Asociación Continental Americana de Trabajadores
  1865. Asociación de Nuevos Emigrados Revolucionarios Cubanos
  1866. Asom Bharatiya Janata Party
  1867. Asom Gana Parishad
  1868. Asom Gana Sangram Parishad
  1869. Asom Jatiya Sanmilan
  1870. Asom Yuva Parishad
  1871. Assembly Election Results of Chhattisgarh
  1872. Assembly Election Results of Mizoram
  1873. Assembly Election Results of Orissa
  1874. Assembly Election Results of Sikkim
  1875. Assembly of the Guarani People - North Charagua
  1876. Association of Moroccan Workers and Students
  1877. Athos Fava
  1878. Authentic Falange
  1879. Autonomous State Demand Committee
  1880. Awami Front
  1881. Avante! Festival
  1882. Axel Ingmar's List - Avesta Party
  1883. Azanian National Youth Unity
  1884. Aziz Democratic Workers Congress
  1885. B.T. Ranadive
  1886. Backward Castes United Front
  1887. Baghdad of Peace
  1888. Bahadur Singh Dhakad
  1889. Bahamas Hotel, Catering and Allied Workers Union
  1890. Bahamas Taxi Cab Union
  1891. Bahujan Kisan Dal
  1892. Bahujan Samaj Party (Ambedkar)
  1893. Bahujan Samaj Party (Kainth)
  1894. Bahujan Samaj Party (Nepal)
  1895. Bahujan Vikas Aghadi
  1896. Bahujana Nidahas Peramuna
  1897. Bal Krishna Khand
  1898. Balearic People's Union
  1899. Bangla Bachao Front
  1900. Bangla Congress
  1901. Bangla Jatiya Dal
  1902. Bangladesh Communist Party (Leninist)
  1903. Bangladesh Gano Azadi League (Samad)
  1904. Bangladesh Khilafat Andolan
  1905. Bangladesher Samyabadi Dal (Marksbadi-Leninbadi) (Barua)
  1906. Bangladesher Samyabadi Dal (Marksbadi-Leninbadi) (Dutta)
  1907. Bangladesher Samyabadi Dal (Marksbadi-Leninbadi) (Umar)
  1908. Bangladesher Samyabadi Dal (Marksbadi-Leninbadi)
  1909. Barbuda Independence Movement
  1910. Barbuda People's Movement for Change
  1911. Barre Sangarsh Samuha
  1912. Basque Nationalist Republican Party
  1913. ‎Bathurst Trade Union
  1914. Batuk Vora
  1915. Beer Unity Party
  1916. ‎Belorussian Communist Organisation
  1917. Bengal Chatkal Mazdoor Federation
  1918. Bengal Chatkal Mazdoor Union
  1919. Bengal Hawkers Association
  1920. Bengal Jute Mill Workers' Union
  1921. Bengal Provincial Chatkal Mazdoor Union
  1922. Berg Party
  1923. Bergas Bästa - partipolitiskt obunden lista
  1924. Bernardo Alvarado Monzón
  1925. ‎Bethlehem Fraternity and Development
  1926. Bhagat Bahadur Baduwal
  1927. Bhakra Management Board Karamchari Sangh
  1928. Bhakta Bahadur Shah
  1929. Bhanu Bhakta Joshi
  1930. Bharatiya Forward Bloc
  1931. Bharatiya Gorkha Janashakti
  1932. Bharatiya Jan Congress
  1933. Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha
  1934. Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union
  1935. Bharatiya Kranti Dal
  1936. Bharatiya Lok Dal
  1937. Bharatiya Manavata Vikas Party
  1938. Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh
  1939. Bharatiya Minorities Suraksha Mahasangh
  1940. Bharatiya Navshakti Party
  1941. Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh
  1942. Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangha
  1943. Bharti Lok Lehar Party
  1944. Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee
  1945. ‎Bhupesh Baghel
  1946. Bihar People's Party
  1947. Bihar Vikas Party
  1948. ‎Bijoy Koijam
  1949. Biju Sena
  1950. Binod Kumar Shah
  1951. Biplobi Bangla Congress
  1952. Bir Man Chaudhari
  1953. Birger Furugård
  1954. Birsa Seva Dal
  1955. Bishnu Prasad Chaudhari Tharu
  1956. Bishnu Prasad Paudel
  1957. ‎‎Blekinge Folkblad
  1958. Blue Party of Progressive Rightwing
  1959. Bolshevik Communist Party
  1960. Bolshevik Nuclei
  1961. Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India, Ceylon and Burma
  1962. Bombay Provincial Working Class Party
  1963. Bopartiet
  1964. Borba (Paris)
  1965. Borotbist
  1966. Bourgeois Alternative
  1967. Brajagopal Roy
  1968. Brest Charter
  1969. Breton Communist Party
  1970. Brijesh Kumar Gupta
  1971. British Honduras Trade Union
  1972. Broad Left Front
  1973. Brynjólfur Bjarnason‎
  1974. BTR-EMS-AKG Janakeeya Vedi
  1975. Bulgarian Communist Party (Marxist)
  1976. Bulgarian Democratic Party
  1977. Bulgarian Democratic-Constitutional Party
  1978. Bulgarian Euroright
  1979. Bulgarian United Communist Party
  1980. Bundelkhand Mukti Morcha
  1981. Bunkar Mahasabha
  1982. Burkinabè Communist Group
  1983. Burkinabè Socialist Bloc
  1984. Burma Socialist Programme Party
  1985. Burma Workers Party
  1986. Cachar Congress
  1987. Calcutta Hawkers' Men Union
  1988. Calcutta Tramways Workers' and Employees' Union
  1989. Cambodian parliamentary election, 1955
  1990. Candidature of Najeran Independents
  1991. Caprivi Alliance Party
  1992. Carlos Quinteros
  1993. Cartago Agrarian Union Party
  1994. Casamancian Autonomous Movement
  1995. Catalan Communist Party
  1996. Catalan Liberation Front
  1997. Catalan State-Proletarian Party
  1998. Catalan Workers Bloc
  1999. Catalan Workers Left
  2000. Cayman Vanguard Party
  2001. Central African Democratic Union
  2002. Central African National Liberation Movement
  2003. ‎Central de Acción y Unificación Sindical
  2004. Central Democratic Labour Party
  2005. Central Reorganisation Committee, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)
  2006. Centre of Communist Revolutionaries of India
  2007. Centre of Indian Communists
  2008. Centre of Indian Trade Unions
  2009. Centre Party Youth League
  2010. Centro de Estudios Carlos Marx
  2011. ‎Centrosibir
  2012. Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)
  2013. Ceylon Democratic Unity Alliance
  2014. CGTT
  2015. Chand cabinet, 2002
  2016. Chandra Bahadur Gurung
  2017. Chandra Bahadur Thapa)
  2018. Change Charagua
  2019. Charu Majumdar
  2020. Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha
  2021. Chhattisgarh Vikas Party
  2022. Chhotanagpur Front
  2023. Chhotanagpur Plateau Praja Parishad
  2024. Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)
  2025. Chin Peng
  2026. Chinak Kurmi
  2027. Chitra Bahadur KC
  2028. Christian Democrat Party (Peru)
  2029. Christian Democratic Action for Social Justice
  2030. Christian Democratic Party (Bolivia)
  2031. Christian Democratic Party (Namibia)
  2032. Christian Democratic Team of the Spanish State
  2033. Christian Democratic Union (Namibia)
  2034. Christian Democratic Youth League
  2035. Christian Democratic Youth
  2036. Christian Electoral Community
  2037. Christian Organisation of Self-employed Persons
  2038. Christian People's Party (Peru)
  2039. Christian Social Party (Peru)
  2040. Christian Social Party of Peru
  2041. Christian Social People's Service
  2042. Christian Unity Party
  2043. Churevabar Rastriya Ekta Party Nepal
  2044. Citizens Action of Premià de Dalt
  2045. Citizens Common Front
  2046. Citizens Convergence of the South-East
  2047. Citizens Party: School - Health Care - Care
  2048. Civic Solidarity Union
  2049. Civic Union Party
  2050. Civil Party
  2051. Clandestine Colombian Communist Party
  2052. Clement Payne Movement
  2053. Clerical People's Party
  2054. Cochin City Motor Thozhilali Union
  2055. Codjo François Azodogbehou
  2056. Coimbatore District Textile Workers Union
  2057. Colvin R. de Silva
  2058. Combat pour le socialisme
  2059. Comité de Propaganda Gremial
  2060. Committee against the Finnish White Terror
  2061. Committee for Support to the Reconstruction of the Party (Marxist-Leninist)
  2062. Committee for the Initiative for Permanent Revolutionary Action
  2063. Committee in Defense of Peace and the Geneva Agreements
  2064. Committee to Defeat Revisionism, for Communist Unity
  2065. Committee to Defend His Majesty's Neutrality Policy
  2066. Commonwealth of the Bahamas Trade Union Congress
  2067. Communist Association of Norrköping
  2068. Communist Circle of Breda (marxist-leninist)
  2069. Communist Circle of Rijnmond (marxist-leninist)
  2070. Communist Committee of Cabinda
  2071. Communist Consolidation
  2072. Communist Electoral Front (marxist-leninist)
  2073. Communist Labour League of Sweden
  2074. Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist
  2075. Communist Labour Party of Turkey
  2076. Communist League - politics
  2077. Communist League (Austria)
  2078. Communist League (Denmark)
  2079. Communist League Marxist-Leninists (Sweden)
  2080. Communist League of India (Marxist-Leninist)
  2081. Communist League of Luxemburg
  2082. Communist Left Youth
  2083. Communist Marxist Party
  2084. Communist Movement of Euskadi
  2085. Communist Movement
  2086. Communist Organisation of India (Marxist-Leninist)
  2087. Communist Party - Red Star
  2088. ‎Communist Party (bolsheviks) of Lithuania and Belorussia
  2089. Communist Party (Denmark)
  2090. Communist Party (Flanders)
  2091. Communist Party (French Section of the Communist International) of the Region of Madagascar
  2092. Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama
  2093. Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)
  2094. Communist Party (Reconstructed)
  2095. Communist Party (Sweden)
  2096. Communist Party (Wallonia)
  2097. Communist Party in Denmark
  2098. Communist Party in Saudi Arabia
  2099. Communist Party in Sweden
  2100. Communist Party of Abkhazia
  2101. Communist Party of Albania (1991)
  2102. Communist Party of Albania 8 November
  2103. Communist Party of Andalusia
  2104. Communist Party of Angola
  2105. Communist Party of Annam
  2106. Communist Party of Aragon (1980)
  2107. Communist Party of Aragon
  2108. Communist Party of Argentina (Extraordinary Congress)
  2109. Communist Party of Asturias
  2110. Communist Party of Belgium - Marxist-Leninist
  2111. Communist Party of Belgium
  2112. Communist Party of Benin
  2113. Communist Party of Bolivia (Marxist-Leninist)
  2114. Communist Party of Bolivia
  2115. ‎Communist Party of Bukhara
  2116. Communist Party of Cantabria
  2117. Communist Party of Castile-La Mancha
  2118. Communist Party of Castile-Leon
  2119. Communist Party of Catalonia
  2120. Communist Party of Colombia (marxist-leninist)
  2121. Communist Party of Denmark
  2122. Communist Party of Ecuador
  2123. Communist Party of El Salvador
  2124. Communist Party of Estonia (1990)
  2125. Communist Party of Euskadi
  2126. Communist Party of Extremadura
  2127. Communist Party of Galicia
  2128. Communist Party of Georgia
  2129. Communist Party of Germany (1990)
  2130. Communist Party of Germany (disambiguation)
  2131. Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)
  2132. Communist Party of Holland-Central Committee
  2133. Communist Party of Honduras
  2134. Communist Party of Iceland (marxist-leninist)
  2135. Communist Party of India (Maoist)
  2136. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Kanu Sanyal)
  2137. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Mahadev Mukherjee)
  2138. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Bolshevik
  2139. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Central Team
  2140. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Janashakti
  2141. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation
  2142. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari
  2143. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy
  2144. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Initiative
  2145. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) People's War
  2146. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Flag
  2147. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Second Central Committee
  2148. Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)
  2149. Communist Party of Indian Union (Marxist-Leninist)
  2150. Communist Party of Indonesia
  2151. Communist Party of Iraq
  2152. Communist Party of Jersey
  2153. ‎Communist Party of Khorezm
  2154. ‎Communist Party of Korea
  2155. Communist Party of Kurdistan
  2156. Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan
  2157. Communist Party of La Rioja
  2158. Communist Party of Labour
  2159. Communist Party of Madrid
  2160. Communist Party of Malaya/Marxist-Leninist
  2161. Communist Party of Malaya/Revolutionary Faction
  2162. Communist Party of Malta
  2163. Communist Party of Mozambique
  2164. Communist Party of Namibia
  2165. Communist Party of National Liberation
  2166. Communist Party of Nepal (2006)
  2167. Communist Party of Nepal (Amatya)
  2168. Communist Party of Nepal (Burma)
  2169. Communist Party of Nepal (Democratic)
  2170. Communist Party of Nepal (Fourth Convention)
  2171. Communist Party of Nepal (Janamukhi)
  2172. Communist Party of Nepal (Manandhar)
  2173. Communist Party of Nepal (Manmohan)
  2174. Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist) (1991)
  2175. Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist) (2006)
  2176. Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist)
  2177. Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist) (1998)
  2178. Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist) (2002)
  2179. Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist)
  2180. Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
  2181. Communist Party of Nepal (Masal) (1999)
  2182. ‎Communist Party of Nepal (Masal) (2006)
  2183. Communist Party of Nepal (Masal)
  2184. Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal)
  2185. Communist Party of Nepal (Pushpa Lal)
  2186. Communist Party of Nepal (Rayamjhi)
  2187. Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
  2188. Communist Party of Nepal (Unified)
  2189. Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist)
  2190. Communist Party of Nepal (United) (2007)
  2191. Communist Party of Nepal (United)
  2192. Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Centre)
  2193. Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Centre-Masal)
  2194. Communist Party of Nicaragua
  2195. ‎Communist Party of Nigeria and the Cameroons
  2196. Communist Party of Nigeria
  2197. Communist Party of Pakistan
  2198. Communist Party of Palestine
  2199. Communist Party of Peru (Marxist-Leninist)
  2200. Communist Party of Peru (Red Fatherland)
  2201. Communist Party of Portugal (in Construction)
  2202. Communist Party of Portugal (Marxist-Leninist) (1974)
  2203. Communist Party of Portugal (Marxist-Leninist)
  2204. Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists
  2205. Communist Party of San Marino
  2206. Communist Party of Slovakia - 91
  2207. ‎Communist Party of Slovakia (1939)
  2208. Communist Party of South Wales and the West of England
  2209. Communist Party of Spain (8th and 9th Congresses)
  2210. Communist Party of Spain (international)
  2211. Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) (2006)
  2212. Communist Party of Spain (marxist-leninist)
  2213. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  2214. Communist Party of Sweden (1924)
  2215. Communist Party of Sweden (1995)
  2216. Communist Party of Sweden
  2217. ‎Communist Party of Switzerland/Marxist-Leninists
  2218. Communist Party of Thailand
  2219. Communist Party of the Balearic Islands
  2220. Communist Party of the Canaries
  2221. Communist Party of the Free Territory of Trieste
  2222. ‎Communist Party of the Karelo-Finnish SSR
  2223. Communist Party of the Menadores
  2224. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  2225. Communist Party of the Philippines
  2226. Communist Party of the Region of Murcia
  2227. Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1992)
  2228. Communist Party of the Valencian Country - Revolutionary Marxist
  2229. Communist Party of the Valencian Country
  2230. Communist Party of the Valencians
  2231. Communist Party of Togo
  2232. Communist Party of Trinidad and Tobago
  2233. ‎Communist Party of Turkestan
  2234. Communist Party of Turkey (2001)
  2235. Communist Party of Turkey (Official)
  2236. Communist Party of Turkey (Workers Voice)
  2237. Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist - Hareketi
  2238. Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (New Build-Up Organization)
  2239. Communist Party of Turkey-Revolutionary Wing
  2240. Communist Party of United States of India
  2241. Communist Party of Venezuela
  2242. Communist Party of Western Ukraine
  2243. ‎Communist Party Opposition (Switzerland)
  2244. Communist Reconstruction Party
  2245. Communist Renewal
  2246. Communist Revolution Movement/Leninist
  2247. Communist Revolutionary League of India
  2248. Communist Revolutionary Party
  2249. Communist Struggle (Marxist-Leninist)
  2250. Communist Struggle Union
  2251. Communist Students League of Sweden (marxist-leninists)
  2252. Communist Study Groups
  2253. Communist Unification of Spain
  2254. Communist Unification Party
  2255. Communist Unification
  2256. Communist Union for the Reconstruction of the Party (marxist-leninist)
  2257. Communist Union
  2258. Communist Unity (marxist-leninists)
  2259. Communist Unity Groups (Sweden)
  2260. Communist Unity Movement of the Netherlands (marxist-leninist)
  2261. Communist Workers Bloc of Andalusia
  2262. Communist Workers League (Senegal)
  2263. Communist Workers League (Spain)
  2264. Communist Workers' League of Sweden
  2265. Communist Workers League
  2266. Communist Workers Organisation (marxist-leninist)
  2267. Communist Workers Organisation
  2268. Communist Workers Party (India)
  2269. Communist Workers Party (Japan)
  2270. Communist Workers Party of Bulgaria
  2271. Communist Workers Party of Catalonia
  2272. Communist Workers' Party of Sweden
  2273. Communist Workers Party of the Netherlands
  2274. Communist Workers Party of Turkey
  2275. Communist Workers Party
  2276. Communist Workers Party
  2277. Communist Workers Union of Germany
  2278. Communist Working Groups
  2279. Communist Youth Federation of San Marino
  2280. Communist Youth Federation of Spain
  2281. Communist Youth International
  2282. ‎Communist Youth League of Kampuchea
  2283. Communist Youth Marxist-Leninists
  2284. Communist Youth of Catalonia
  2285. Communist Youth of Côte d'Ivoire
  2286. Communist Youth of Denmark
  2287. Communist Youth of Spain (marxist-leninist)
  2288. Comunitarian Party Option Seven
  2289. Confederación General del Trabajo (independiente)
  2290. Confederación General del Trabajo del Uruguay
  2291. Confederación Interamericana de Trabajadores
  2292. Confederación Nacional de Trabajadores (1952)
  2293. Confederación Nacional Obrera de Cuba
  2294. Confederación Obrera Ibero Americana
  2295. Conferência das Organizações Nacionalistas das Colónias Portuguesas
  2296. Congress (Dolo)
  2297. Congress (Jagjivan)
  2298. Congress Jananayaka Peravai
  2299. Congress Mukti Sena
  2300. Conservative Youth
  2301. Constitutional Party (Peru)
  2302. Constitutional Renewal Party of Peru
  2303. Cooperation in Mullsjö
  2304. Coordinadora Revolucionaria de Masas
  2305. Coorg National Council
  2306. ‎Corriente de Integración Sindical
  2307. County Lists for Environment and Solidarity
  2308. Cusano Milanino
  2309. ‎D. I. Kursky
  2310. Dabalorivhuwa Patriotic Front
  2311. Dahomey legislative election, 1959
  2312. Dakar Dem Dikk Workers Democratic Union
  2313. Dal Bahadur Rana)
  2314. Dalit Janajati Party
  2315. Dalit Kisan Dal
  2316. Dalit Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam
  2317. Dalit Mazdoor Kisan Party
  2318. Dama Kumari Sharma
  2319. Damara Christian Democratic Party
  2320. Dan Bahadur Chaudhary
  2321. Dan Bahadur Kurmi
  2322. Danderyd municipal election, 2002
  2323. Darjeeling District Newspaper Sellers' Union
  2324. Darjeeling Jela Dokan Sramik Union
  2325. Dasarath Deb
  2326. Decentralist Party of the South
  2327. Decentralist Party
  2328. Deep Kumar Upadhaya (Lamichhane)
  2329. Democrat Party (Peru) (Nicolini)
  2330. Democrat Party (Peru)
  2331. Democratic Action for Namas
  2332. Democratic Alliance (Palestine)
  2333. Democratic Alternative (Finland)
  2334. Democratic and Social Centre
  2335. Democratic Arucasian Union
  2336. Democratic Bahujan Samaj Morcha
  2337. Democratic Bharatiya Samaj Party
  2338. Democratic Bloc of Diambour
  2339. Democratic Confederation of Nepalese Trade Unions
  2340. Democratic Co-operative Party
  2341. Democratic Evolution Movement of Central Africa
  2342. Democratic Forward Bloc
  2343. Democratic Front (India)
  2344. Democratic Front (Peru)
  2345. Democratic Front for the Liberation of Angola
  2346. Democratic Front for the Liberation of Togo
  2347. Democratic Front of National Unity
  2348. Democratic Front
  2349. Democratic Janata Dal (Jammu and Kashmir)
  2350. Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania
  2351. Democratic Left Movement
  2352. Democratic Left Youth
  2353. Democratic National Conference
  2354. Democratic National Front Party
  2355. Democratic National Party
  2356. Democratic National Salvation Front
  2357. ‎Democratic Party (Gambia)
  2358. Democratic Party for the Development of Carchuna
  2359. Democratic Party of Guinea-Ahmed Sejou Touré
  2360. Democratic People's Congress
  2361. Democratic People's Liberation Front
  2362. Democratic People's Party (Namibia)
  2363. Democratic Portugal-China Friendship Association
  2364. ‎Democratic Progressive Party (Transkei)
  2365. Democratic Progressive Tribune - Bahrain
  2366. Democratic Rally (Senegal)
  2367. Democratic Regroupment of Kolda
  2368. Democratic Renewal Party (Albania)
  2369. Democratic Renewal Party (Benin)
  2370. Democratic Revolutionary Peoples Party
  2371. Democratic Revolutionary Youth Federation
  2372. Democratic Socialist Party (Prabodh Chandra)
  2373. Democratic Turnhalle Party of Namibia
  2374. Democratic Unification Party
  2375. Democratic Union of the Algerian Manifesto
  2376. Democratic Union of the Malian People
  2377. Democratic Union Party
  2378. Democratic United National Front
  2379. Democratic Vanguard Party
  2380. Democratic Workers of the Philippines
  2381. Democratic Youth Federation of India
  2382. Democratic Youth Front (Nicaragua)‎
  2383. Democratic Youth Front
  2384. Democratic Youth League of Japan
  2385. Democratic Youth Organization of Afghanistan
  2386. Den Nya Politiken
  2387. Denzong Peoples Chogpi
  2388. Der Sozialdemokrat
  2389. Desh Sevak Party
  2390. Desha Vimukthi Janatha Party
  2391. Deshpremee Jana Samukshya
  2392. ‎Dev Gurung
  2393. Dev Raj Joshi
  2394. Devi Lal Chaudhari
  2395. Dhiravida Thelugar Munnetra Kalagam
  2396. ‎Die Gleichheit
  2397. Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa
  2398. Dilli Ram Bohara
  2399. Dimitrovist Pioneer Organization "Septemberists"
  2400. Dina Nath Sharma
  2401. Dipak Bahadur K.C.
  2402. Doordarshi Party
  2403. Doudou Ndoye
  2404. Dr. Syamaprasad Jana Jagaran Manch
  2405. Dravida Peravai
  2406. Dravida Vizhipunarchi Kazhagam
  2407. Drevviken Party
  2408. Drona Prasad Acharya
  2409. Durga Kumari B.K.‎
  2410. Dutch Bellamy Party
  2411. Dutch Fascist Union
  2412. E. Balanandan
  2413. East Pakistan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)
  2414. Eburnean Democratic Bloc
  2415. Ecolojovem
  2416. Economic Party
  2417. Economist Party
  2418. Egyptian Marxist Organisation
  2419. Egyptian Socialist Party
  2420. Egyptian Socialist Youth Organization
  2421. Ekta Shakti
  2422. El Pueblo
  2423. Election Results of Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  2424. Elections to the Church Assembly, 2005
  2425. Electoral Front United People
  2426. Elävä seurakunta - Levande församling
  2427. Entente of Independents of Côte d'Ivoire
  2428. Environmental and Left List in Tanum
  2429. Ephraim Israel National Convention
  2430. Ephraim Union
  2431. Eritrean People's Democratic Front
  2432. Ernesto Rojas Commandos
  2433. Erwin Schärf
  2434. Estonian Young Socialist League
  2435. Eugenio Tandonnet
  2436. European Nation State
  2437. European Parliament Election 1995
  2438. Euskal Ezkerra
  2439. Evolutionist Liberal Party of Ceará
  2440. ‎Evolutionist Liberal Party
  2441. Falu Party
  2442. Faroese Communist Party
  2443. Faroese Socialists
  2444. Faroe-Soviet Friendship Association
  2445. Federation of Chatkal Mazdoor Unions
  2446. Federation of Nepalese Journalists
  2447. ‎First Russian Society of Communist Agricultural Workers
  2448. Fishing Party
  2449. Folkhemmet i Hofors-Torsåker
  2450. Folkpartister i Svenska kyrkan
  2451. For Tuusala
  2452. ‎Foreign Literature Committee
  2453. Forward Bloc (Ruikar)
  2454. Forward Bloc (Socialist)
  2455. Forward Communist Party (Anandi Mukherji)
  2456. Forward Communist Party (Joglekar)
  2457. Forward Communist Party
  2458. Forward Seamens Union of India
  2459. ‎Franz Koritschoner
  2460. Free Bolivia Movement
  2461. Free Democrats of Arjeplog
  2462. Free EU-Critics
  2463. Free Social Democrats
  2464. Free Trade Party of Norrbotten
  2465. Frente Democrático Salvadoreño
  2466. ‎Frente Obrero
  2467. Friends of the Manifesto and Liberty
  2468. Friends of the Soviet Union (India)
  2469. Friends of the Soviet Union (Norway)
  2470. Friendship Association Norway-Albania
  2471. Frihetliga Ljusdalsbygden
  2472. Front de Libération de la Côte des Somalis‎
  2473. Front of Canalenan Unity
  2474. ‎Fu'ad Nassar
  2475. Future of Mullsjö
  2476. Future Party (Sweden)
  2477. Förbundet Arbetarfront
  2478. Galician Revolutionary Students
  2479. Galician Workers Party
  2480. Gana Abhiyan Orissa
  2481. Ganamukti Parishad
  2482. Gano Forum
  2483. Ganotantrik Biplobi Jote
  2484. Garo National Council
  2485. General Dutch Youth League
  2486. General Federation of Trade Unions (Iraq)
  2487. General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea
  2488. General Samaj Party
  2489. General Union of Arab Students
  2490. General Union of Syrian Women
  2491. General Workers Union in Côte d'Ivoire
  2492. General Workers Union
  2493. George Ganchev's Bloc
  2494. Georgian Workers Communist Party
  2495. Gerhard Danelius
  2496. German African Party
  2497. German-Hannoveranian Party (1953)
  2498. German-Hannoveranian Party
  2499. Ghan Shyam Yadav Ahir
  2500. ‎Giriraj Mani Pokharel
  2501. Gnosjö municipal election, 2002
  2502. Goa People's Congress
  2503. Goa Rajiv Congress Party
  2504. Goa Su-Raj Party
  2505. Gobabis Residents' Association
  2506. Golchhe Sarki
  2507. Golden India Party
  2508. Golos Prikazchika
  2509. ‎Golos Sotsial-Demokrata
  2510. Gommant Lok Pokx
  2511. Gorkha National Liberation Front (C.K. Pradhan)
  2512. Gorkha National Liberation Front
  2513. Gorkhali
  2514. Govinda Paudel
  2515. Green Youth (Germany)
  2516. Green Youth (Sweden)
  2517. Group 8 (Sweden)
  2518. Group of Marxist-Leninists/Red Dawn
  2519. Group of Narodnik Socialists
  2520. Guatemalan Democratic Vanguard
  2521. Guatemalan Party of Labour - Alamos
  2522. Guatemalan Party of Labour - Communist Party
  2523. Guatemalan Party of Labour - Nucleus of Conduction and Direction
  2524. Guatemalan Revolutionary Workers Party
  2525. Gujarat Janata Congress
  2526. Gunakhar Basyal
  2527. ‎Gästriklands Folkblad
  2528. H. Khekiho Zhimomi
  2529. Haitian Communist Party
  2530. Haitian Workers Party
  2531. Halifa Sallah
  2532. ‎Hama Amirou Ly
  2533. ‎Haqiqat-e Inquilab-e Saur
  2534. Harari People's Democratic Party
  2535. Hari Raj Limbu
  2536. Hariyali Nepal Party
  2537. Harka Bahadur Singh
  2538. Harkishan Singh Surjeet
  2539. Haryana Gana Parishad
  2540. Haryana Nayay Party
  2541. Haryana Republican Party
  2542. Haryana State Akali Dal
  2543. Haryana Vikas Party
  2544. Hawker (trade)
  2545. Hayist Bases Movement
  2546. Hedemora Party
  2547. Hemanta Bahadur B.C.
  2548. Herasto Reyes
  2549. Hewoto
  2550. Him Loktantrik Morcha
  2551. Himachal Kranti Party
  2552. Himachal Vikas Congress
  2553. Hind Mazdoor Kisan Panchayat
  2554. Hindi belt
  2555. Hindu Makkal Katchi
  2556. Hindu Prajatantrik Party
  2557. Hindustan Janata Party
  2558. Hindustani Lal Sena
  2559. Hisila Yami
  2560. Hit Kaji Gurung
  2561. Hokishe Sema
  2562. Honduran Revolutionary Party
  2563. Hope and Labour Bloc
  2564. Hridayesh Tripathi
  2565. Huanuni for All
  2566. Huguette Bello
  2567. Hul Jharkhand Party
  2568. Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (1993)
  2569. Hyderabad State Praja Party
  2570. Iberian Communist Federation
  2571. Iberian Communist Youth
  2572. ‎Imamia Students Organisation
  2573. Independent Civic Movement
  2574. Independent Civic Union
  2575. Independent Civil Party
  2576. Independent Democrats of the Municipality of Lindesberg
  2577. Independent Economic Party (Kenya)
  2578. Independent Group of Benalmádena
  2579. Independent Grouping for Reflection
  2580. Independent Guanacaste Party
  2581. Independent Municipal Democracy
  2582. Independent Municipal Party of Ljusnarsberg
  2583. Independent Party of Sine Saloum
  2584. Independent Party of the Community of the Cap-Vert Peninsula
  2585. Independent Patriotic Legion
  2586. Independent Socialist Republican Party
  2587. Independent Young Socialists
  2588. Independentists of the Catalan Countries
  2589. Independents in Espoo
  2590. Independents of Hällefors
  2591. Indian Christian Front
  2592. Indian Communist Party
  2593. Indian Confederation of Labour
  2594. Indian Congress (Socialist)
  2595. Indian Federation of Labour
  2596. Indian general elections 1951-1971
  2597. Indian general elections 1952-1999
  2598. Indian general elections 1977-1999
  2599. Indian general elections, 2004-Regional Scenarios
  2600. Indian left
  2601. Indian National Congress (Sheik Hassan)
  2602. Indian National Defence Workers Federation
  2603. Indian National Democratic Congress
  2604. ‎Indian National Democratic Front
  2605. Indian National League
  2606. Indian National Lok Dal
  2607. Indian People's Forward Bloc
  2608. Indian Peoples Front
  2609. Indian State Assembly Election Results (1951)
  2610. Indian Trade Unions
  2611. Indian Union Muslim League
  2612. Indian Uzhavar Uzhaippalar Katchi
  2613. Indian Youth Congress (Socialist)
  2614. Indian Youth Congress
  2615. Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra
  2616. Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura
  2617. Indrajit Tharu
  2618. Information Committee of the Labour Movement against Norwegian membership in the European Community
  2619. Insaf Party
  2620. Institute of Marxism-Leninism
  2621. Interim legislature of Nepal
  2622. International Bureau of Revolutionary Youth Organizations
  2623. International Committee of Children's and Adolescents' Movements
  2624. International Communist Party (Dominican Republic)
  2625. International Community of Socialist Youth Organisations
  2626. International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (International Newsletter)
  2627. International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (Unity & Struggle)
  2628. International Democratic Party
  2629. ‎International group of democratic socialists of Stockholm
  2630. International Secretariat of Christian Trade Unions
  2631. International Socialist Circle
  2632. International Working Union of Socialist Parties
  2633. Internationalist Communist League (Portugal)
  2634. Iraqi Islamic Party
  2635. ‎Irkutskoye Slovo
  2636. Irlandsfronten
  2637. Ishwar Dayal Mishra
  2638. Islam in El Salvador
  2639. Islam in Fiji
  2640. Islam in Guatemala
  2641. Islam in The Gambia
  2642. Islami Jatiya Oikya Front
  2643. ‎Islamic Organisation "Young Afghanistan"
  2644. ‎Islamic Rule Party of Afghanistan
  2645. Ismail Bilen
  2646. Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front
  2647. Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity
  2648. Ivorian Liberation Movement
  2649. Ivorian Revolutionary Party
  2650. Jagya Bahadur Shahi
  2651. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Mazdoor Congress
  2652. Jai Telangana Party
  2653. Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party
  2654. Jana Unnayan Mancha
  2655. Jana Yuddha
  2656. Janakeeya Kala Sahitya Vedi
  2657. Janakiya Samskarika Vedi
  2658. Janamukti Party Nepal
  2659. Janardhan Sharma
  2660. Janata Dal (Gujarat)
  2661. Janata Dal (Samajbadi Prajatantrik)
  2662. Janata Parivar
  2663. Janathipathiya Samrakshana Samithy
  2664. Janathipathiya Yuva Samithy
  2665. Janganotantrik Morcha
  2666. Janhit Morcha
  2667. Jantantrik Bahujan Samaj Party
  2668. Japan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)
  2669. Japanese Communist Party (Action Faction)
  2670. Jatiya Krishak Samity
  2671. Jatiyo Gano Front
  2672. Jaypuri Gharti
  2673. Jewish Communist Party (Poalei Zion)
  2674. Jewish Communist Youth Union
  2675. Jhakku Prasad Subedi
  2676. Jharkhand Chhatra Yuva Morcha
  2677. Jharkhand Disom Party
  2678. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (B)
  2679. Jharkhand Party
  2680. Jharkhand People's Party
  2681. Jharkhand Vananchal Congress
  2682. Jharkhand Yuva Morcha
  2683. Jiti Jitayi Politics
  2684. ‎Jordanian Arab Party
  2685. Jordanian Communist Party
  2686. Jordanian Communist Toilers Party
  2687. Jordanian Engineers Association
  2688. Jordanian National Liberation Movement
  2689. Jordanian People's Democratic Party
  2690. Jordanian Popular Democratic Unity Party
  2691. ‎Jordanian Progressive Party
  2692. ‎Jordanian Revolutionary People's Party
  2693. Jugendverbands REBELL
  2694. Juilão Mateus Paulo
  2695. Jun Kumari Roka (Oli)
  2696. Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista
  2697. Justice List
  2698. Justice Party - the Socialists
  2699. Juventud Aprista Peruana
  2700. Juventud del Poder Popular
  2701. Juventude CDU
  2702. Jyoti Basu
  2703. Järvenpää 2000 Plus
  2704. K. Kelappan
  2705. K. Velayudham Nayar
  2706. K.P.R. Gopalan
  2707. Kali Bahadur Malla
  2708. Kamarajar Adithanar Kazhagam
  2709. Kamraj Desiya Congress
  2710. Kamtapur Peoples Party
  2711. Kandeh Baba Conteh
  2712. Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha
  2713. Kannagi (newspaper)
  2714. Karn Jit Budhathoki
  2715. Karnataka Congress Party
  2716. Karnataka Kranti Ranga
  2717. Karnataka Vikas Party
  2718. KDU
  2719. Kedar Neupane
  2720. Kefagn Patriotic Front
  2721. ‎Keo Meas
  2722. Kerala Dalit Federation