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Brian Hines (born October 7, 1948) is an Oregon writer and land use activist who fights development of farm and forest land in Oregon, US.

In 1971, Hines became a member of Radha Soami Satsang Beas, a spiritual organization based in India. He has written three books about mysticism and spirituality, two published commercially and one by Radha Soami Satsang Beas.

He earned a degree in psychology from San Jose State University in 1971, and a Master's in Social Work from Portland State University in 1973. Hines completed course requirements for a Ph.D. in Systems Science at PSU from 1974-77. He worked in health policy and planning from 1973 to 1988: four years as a Research Associate at University of Oregon Health Sciences Center and six years as a manager at the State Health Planning and Development Agency. Hines was a co-founder and executive director of Oregon Health Decisions, a citizen network on education and action on bioethical issues.

Actor Shahid Kapoor credits Hines' book Life is Fair for influencing Kapoor's choice to practice vegetarianism.[1]

Hines lives currently in Salem, Oregon with his wife, Laurel.


  • Hines, Brian. God’s Whisper, Creation’s Thunder ISBN 978-0-939660-48-3 is a study of how ancient mysticism relates to the new physics.
  • Hines, Brian. Science, Spirit, and the Wisdom of Not-Knowing is a 24-page essay that also explores how science and spirituality relate.[1]
  • Hines, Brian. Life is Fair ASIN B000CBCXP2 is a modern discussion of karma, complete with cartoons, and why vegetarianism is both sensible and moral. [2]
  • Hines, Brian. Return to the One ISBN 978-0-9777352-1-1 is an exposition of the teachings of Plotinus, a Greek mystic philosopher.


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