Key figures in the Green Party of England and Wales

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This is a list of key figures in the Green Party of England and Wales:


Natalie Bennett
Deputy Leader:
Shahrar Ali, Amelia Womack

Council Leaders[edit]

Leader of Brighton & Hove Council:
Bill Randall

London Assembly[edit]

Darren Johnson AM
Jenny Jones AM

Members of European Parliament[edit]

Jean Lambert MEP
Keith Taylor MEP Molly Scott Cato MEP

Members of UK Parliament[edit]

Caroline Lucas MP

Green Party Executive Committee[edit]

Jayne Forbes
Elections Co-ordinator:
Judy Maciejowska
Policy Co-ordinators:
Chris Hyland and Jim Jepps
Finance Co-ordinator:
Dean Walton
External Communications co-ordinator:
Penny Kemp
Campaigns Co-ordinator:
Romayne Phoenix
Publications Co-ordinator:
Edward Milford
International Co-ordinator:
John Street
Internal Communications Co-ordinator:
Charlotte Dingle
Local Party Support Co-ordinator:
Gayle O'Donnovan
Management Co-ordinator:
Tom Beaton
Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator:
Polly Lane


Derek Wall - Former Principal Speaker
Rupert Read Cllr
Sian Berry - Former Principal Speaker and 2008 London Mayoral candidate
Margaret White Cllr - Former Principal Speaker

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