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A plate of Pakistani-style maghaz masala
Place of origin Indian subcontinent
Region or state Indian subcontinent
Associated national cuisine India, Bangladesh, Pakistan
Main ingredients Cow, goat or sheep brain
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Maghaz or magaj (Urdu: مغز‬) (Bengali: মগজ ; literally meaning brain[1]) is an offal dish, originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular in Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian cuisine. It is the brain of a cow, goat or sheep served with gravy.

In Hyderabadi cuisine, maghaz masala (beja fry) is a deep fried goat's brain's delicacy. Maghaz bhuna is a popular dish in Bangladeshi cuisine, which is cattle or sheep/goat brain sautéed in hot spices.[2] Almonds and pistacchios are often added. Magaj is also the name for an Indian sweet made with chick pea flour.


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