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Nanchang Rail Transit
Nanchang Metro Logo.svg
Locale Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 1 (operational)
1 (under construction)
5 (planned)
Number of stations 24 (2015)
Operation will start December 26, 2015 (Line 1)[1]
Operator(s) Nanchang Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd.
System length 28.7 km (28.7 km) (2015)
162 km (162 km) (planned)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
System map

Nanchang Metro map sb zh-hans.svg

Nanchang Rail Transit
Simplified Chinese 南昌轨道交通
Traditional Chinese 南昌軌道交通
Nanchang Metro
Simplified Chinese 南昌地铁
Traditional Chinese 南昌地鐵

Nanchang Metro (also known as Nanchang Rail Transit in official documents) is a metro system in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. Two lines are currently under construction with the first scheduled to be operational in 2015.[1]

The network is expected to exceed 122.2 km in length in 2020 after Phase 2 is finished.[2] Additional complementary lines are also being considered.[3] Five lines are planned with a total length of 163 km of network[4] (excluding the extension of Line 1 & Line 2 planned in the Phase 2).



The construction of a rail transit system in Nanchang was first proposed in the beginning of the 2000s:[5] In August 2005, Jiangxi Provincial Development & Reform Commission and Nanchang City Government replied to the proposal of building a metro system, and the City Government considered listing the proposal in the Eleventh Five-year plan.[6] In November, a plan of 4 metro and 1 light rail was drafted.[7][8] In 2006, the City officially started the research of building a rail transit system.[9] In the second half of 2007, the prophase research of the construction of the system was initiated.[5] On 30 July 2008, the construction of Nanchang Metro was formally included in the priority agenda.[10]


Initial Plan[edit]

The Xinhua Bookstore by Bayi Square was detonated to make space for Nanchang Metro Line 1

In 2008, Nanchang was approved to build a rail transit system by the State Council,[11] and Nanchang Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. was incorporated on 16 October 2008 to construct and operate Nanchang Metro.[12] On 15 September, the planned 5 routes were notified to the public,[4][13][14][15] which was approved by the State Council in July 2009.[16][17] On 29 July 2009, the construction of Nanchang City Rapid Rail Transit officially began,[18][19] and also on the same day the detailed route and construction plan of the five lines was proclaimed at the press conference.[20]

In April 2013, the Government planned to acquire approval for all 5 lines by 2014, start constructing all planned lines from 2015, and plan Line 6 to Line 10 to complement the existing network.[21][22]

Phase 2[edit]

On 31 May 2013, Nanchang Government submitted three candidate plans for the Phase 2 construction (2014-2020) to the expert panel,[23][24] which chose the compromising Plan 2.[25][26] According to the plan, Line 2 will be extended to both directions from 2014,Line 1 from 2016; the construction of Line 3 will start as soon as September 2014, and Line 4 will be constructed as soon as September 2015.[25][27]


Construction of Line 1 has started on 29 July 2009,[18] and the line is planned to be operational by Q4 2015. As of August 2013, the construction of Line 2 is also started.

Lines in operation[edit]

Line Terminals
Opened Newest
 1  Shuanggang
Yaohu Lake West
(Nanchang Co.)
2015 28.737 24
Total 28.737 24



Planned network of Nanchang Metro
Name No. of Sta. Length (km) Route
Line 1 24[† 1][28] 28.7[† 1] Lehua—Jiaoqiao—Fenghe Bei Dadao—Fenghe 2 Lu—Shimao Lu—Zhongshan Xi Lu—Zhongshan Lu—Bayi Square—Beijing Lu—Yaohu Dadao
Line 2 21[† 1] 23.3[† 1] Jiulonghu—CR Nanchang West Railway Station—Xizhan Dajie—Guoti Dadao—Fenghe Dadao—Fenghuang 1 Lu—Yangming Lu—Bayi Dadao—Luoyang Lu—CR Nanchang Station—Shunwai Lu—Shanghai Lu—Guangzhou Lu—Luojia Town
Line 3 22 27.2 Yaohu North—Minfeng Lu—Danxia Lu—Qingshan Lu—Bayi Dadao—Dieshan Lu—Xiangshan Bei Lu—Xiangshan Nan Lu—Shenjinta Jie—Shizi Jie—Jingshan Bei Lu—Yingbin Dadao—Liantang
Line 4 25 35.2 Wangcheng—CR Nanchang West Station—Xizhan Dajie—Chaoyangzhou South—Fusheng Lu—Hongcheng Lu—Hongdu Dadao—Nanjing Dong Lu—Shanghai Lu—Guowei Lu—Huoju Dadao
Line 5 25 34 Xialuo—Changleng Dadao—Xuefu Dadao—Honggu Nan Dadao—Xuefu Dadao—Chaoyang Dadao—Jiangling Xi Lu—Gaoxin Dadao

Rolling Stock[edit]

Nanchang Metro planned to operate with Model-B rolling stock, whose cars are 2.8 m in width, 3.8 m in height and 3.8m in length, providing the system with maximum capacity of 30 000 to 55 000 passenger per hour per direction.[29]


Single ticket will be available as plastic packaged RFID coin like many other cities in China.[30] Existing pre-payment smart cards such as local Hongcheng Tong (Chinese: 洪城通) are also expected to be used in Nanchang Metro.


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