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This is a list of vegetarian and vegan festivals. Vegan festivals, vegetarian festivals, or vegfests are festivals held in numerous locations around the globe to promote veganism and/or vegetarianism among the public and support and link individuals and organizations that practice, promote or endorse veganism or vegetarianism. Many of them are also food festivals and/or music festivals and can also contain edutainment.

Almost all festivals in the world only allow vegan (plant-based) foods in the venue.[citation needed]




Vegfest 2015 was organized by the Vegetarian Association of Ghana.[1]


Hong Kong[edit]

Hong Kong Vegfest started in 2013. The festival only allows vegan food in the venue and is organized by the Hong Kong Vegan Association.


Ubud, Bali[edit]

The first Bali Vegan Festival started in 2015 at Down To Earth (Ubud).[2][3]



The Vegetarian Festival in Tokyo started in 2006.[4]



The Philippines had its first 3-leg vegan festival in November and December 2016.[5]


The EarthFest Singapore had its debut in September 2015 and was sponsored by Singapore's Vegetarian Society and others.



The Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok takes place each fall.[6]


This vegetarian festival is a nine-day period in October that celebrates the abstinence from meat during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar.


Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)[edit]

The Vegan Festival in Ho Chi Minh City takes place under the name Plant Power Celebration. The first one was held on 30 October 2016.[7]




Vegan Summer Fest is organized by BE Vegan.[8]

Republic of Ireland[edit]

Dublin Vegfest is the Irish capital's vegan festival.[9]



VeganFest Bologna is a big vegan event in Europe which had more than 43,000 visitors in 2014. The event took place in Bologna in September 2015.[10]



Oslo Vegetarfestival is Norways first and largest vegetarian and vegan festival, with over 100 stalls, 6000 visitors, cooking classes and talks, all vegan. The festival is both indoor and outdoor in the city centre of Norways capitol Oslo, and is held in may. In 2017 the dates are 13 and 14 May.

Vegansk Julefestival is a vegan Christmas fayre that focuses on vegan holiday food and ethical gifts. The Fayre is held in the end of November or beginning of December every year.



VeggieWorld was held in September 2016,


Since 1998 the vegan street festival Veganmania has been held in the city of Winterthur, Switzerland. The main organizer is Swissveg, the country's biggest organization for vegetarians and vegans.

United Kingdom[edit]


A fantastic day out with over 90 diverse stalls full of tempting treats to shop from, a wide range of expert talks, and plenty of delicious food to enjoy.

Bristol, Brighton, London[edit]


JustVShow is held in July.[11]


Maidstone Vegan Festival will take place for the second time on July 29 2017.[12]



The XIX Vegetarian Festival was organized in August 2015 in Budapest.[citation needed]




Vegan Fest Alicante has been organized by Alacant Rock since 2014. It is the only vegan festival in Spain.[citation needed]

North America[edit]



Vegfest Guelph[16] is an annual festival. The 2016 festival took place on Sunday, September 25 at Goldie Mill and the Guelph Youth Music Centre.


The Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival, currently the only fully vegan food and drink festival in the city, strives to present an all vegan experience featuring comfort food, craft brews, wine and spirits.[17] Now going into its third year for 2017, the festival saw attendance, and its actual size, nearly double in 2016, versus 2015. Run by the same organization[18] that is also affiliated with "Doomies", a vegan restaurant in Toronto, and "The Imperative", a vegan clothing and accessories outlet, it is currently held in downtown Toronto, on the Garrison Common grounds of Fort York (250 Fort York Boulevard). The festival features local and international vendors, live performances and, while an all-ages event, is also fully licensed. [1]

The Vegetarian Food Festival in Toronto is a large vegetarian festival which attracted over 50,000 attendees (as a large percentage of visitors return multiple times, number is not representative of unique visitors) in 2014 and featured more than 120 food and product vendors.[19] It is a free public festival held at Harbourfront Centre by the Toronto Vegetarian Association in Toronto the second weekend of every September.

The Toronto Vegan Expo (formerly known as Vegan Spring Expo) is a free annual vegan festival that took place in Toronto from 2011 to 2013 and had an attendee record of 1500 in 2012. It is not sure if the festival will continue in the future.[20]

Niagara (St. Catharines)[edit]

Niagara VegFest began in 2012 and is an annual event that takes place in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario.[21] The 2012 Niagara VegFest closed with a screening of Vegucated.[22]


The first Ottawa Veg Fest was held in 2009, and was organized by the National Capital Vegetarian Association.[23]


The first Kingston Veg Fest will be held in the fall of 2016. It is being organized by the Kingston Vegetarian Network[24]


The first Montreal Vegan Festival was held on September 26-27th, 2014. It welcomed over 5000 people.[25] This year's edition will take place at Marché Bonsecours on November 5-6th 2016.

United States[edit]



In early October at Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, there is the herbivorefestival.[26]



VegFest Colorado is 100% volunteer run, open to the public.[27]



The first North Florida VegFest occurred in 2015, with over 2,500 attendees. It is organized by the Tallahassee Vegetarian Community (TalVeg). The second annual event occurred on March 20, 2016, at Cascades Park, Tallahassee.[28]



Veggie Fest in Chicago, Illinois is one of the largest vegetarian food and lifestyle festivals in North America and held annually since year 2005. It celebrated its 10th annual ceremony in 2015. Over 800 volunteers have helped in the festival. Over 30,000 people came to visit this festival in year 2015.[29]


Grand Rapids[edit]

Grand Rapids' festival includes popular speakers and bountiful food offerings including El Cardenal Vegan Tamales. It is held the second Sunday in September.[30]


John Salley spoke at Michigan's Vegfest from 2009-2012.[31]


Kansas City[edit]

VegFest Kansas City's inaugural event will take place on June 24, 2017 at the City Market Park. It will feature myriad plant-based companies, speakers, and cooking demonstrations.


The New England VegFest is a free festival that brings the local community together to celebrate vegetarianism: an animal-friendly, environmentally sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.[32]


The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival (BVFF) is heard annually in the Fall.[33][34][35][36][37]


Las Vegas[edit]

The first Vegas VegFest took place on April 9 of 2016. It was 100% volunteer organized and featured local vegan options, speakers, cooking demonstrations, live music, kids' activities, and animal-oriented nonprofits.[38]

New York[edit]

New York City[edit]

The New York Vegetarian Vision Festival, which operated for several years during the late 1990s, was organized by NYC-based Vegetarian Vision, a nonprofit organization composed mostly of professional vegetarians from India who were largely devout Jains or Hindus. The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival is organized by U.S. Veg Corp.[39]


WNY VegFest is organized by WNY Vegans. It is typically held the first Sunday in August, is free to attend, is organized by volunteers, and includes a Tofurky Trot.[40]



The first ever Columbus VegFest is scheduled for September 17, 2017, and is expected to be held each September.[41]


Pittsburgh VegFest The inaugural Pittsburgh VegFest took place in 2015 with an attendance of over 4,000 people from all over the metro area and visitors from Virginia, West Virginia, Erie, Buffalo, Philadelphia and New Jersey.


A vegan beer and food festival is held every summer around May.[42]

VegFes is a two-day event held in mid-November at the Portland convention center, with the attendance of many vegan vendors and companies.[43]



The annual Texas VegFest is held in Austin.[44]


VegFest Houston is hosted annually by the Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E. This vegan community festival is dedicated to "Promoting an ethical, compassionate and sustainable world for all".[45]


HealthFest is an annual three-day whole foods, plant-based festival that takes place every spring in historic Marshall.[46]


The Erie Vegan and Vegetarian Society happens in the fall in Erie.[47]


The free annual Pittsburgh VegFest is held every summer in the North Side.[48]

Pittsburgh VegFest The inaugural Pittsburgh VegFest took place in 2015 with an attendance of over 4,000 people from all over the metro area and visitors from Virginia, West Virginia, Erie, Buffalo, Philadelphia and New Jersey.


The annual Bethlehem Vegfest was held in southside Bethlehem in 2015.[49]



Nashville Vegfest is held every April. It is a two-day event This event drew 4000 attendees in its first year.


Hampton Roads VegFest is held every fall in southeastern Virginia, bringing in over 2,000 people from the coastal region.[50]


Mad City Vegan Fest is held in the summer every year in Madison, WI.[51]



New South Wales[edit]


The International Vegetarian Union encourages regional and national organizations to run vegetarian festivals. The next World Vegfest will be the 43rd WorldVegFest in Sydney and Melbourne.[52]

South Australia[edit]




The IVU also encourages regional and national organizations to run vegetarian festivals. The upcoming next World Vegfest will be the 43rd WorldVegFest in Sydney and Melbourne.[53]

On November 1, Melbourne celebrates World Vegan Day.[54]

South America[edit]


Vegfest Brasil happens since 2004 biennially in a different city each edition. The main organizer is the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB).
Starting in 2018, Vegfest Brasil will be held annually.[55]
2013: Curitiba
2015: Recife
2017: Campos do Jordão



Vegan Fest Arequipa 2017: May 27, 28, 29 [56]


VegFest Cusco 2017: August 25, 26, 27 [57]

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