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This aims to be a complete article list of Industrial design topics not yet categorized under Category:Industrial design (or a subcategory):

First we have to put Good, Bad or Unclear instead of the ?
Then we will decide to put the Unclear candidates under Good or Bad.
We will finally put the Good candidate articles under Category:Industrial design (or a subcategory).
When tagged, we will mark it as DONE here. To tag a Good article:

  1. Put {{WikiProject Industrial design|class=|importance=}} in the talk page.
  2. Put {{Portal|Design}} just under ==See also== in the article page;
  3. Put [[Category:Industrial design]] or a subcategory at the end of the article page;
Note: some articles may be 'false positives', in the sense that they are already classified under a category of Automobile designers, Motorcycle designers, Computer-aided design software, CAD file formats or Consumer goods.

Good Candidates[edit]

Unclear Candidates[edit]

Bad Candidates[edit]

Uncategorized Candidates[edit]





Concepts/Fields of Study/etc.[edit]