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Insel Air
Insel Air logo.svg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1993 (INC)
2013 (NLU)
Commenced operations 2006 (INC)
2014 (NLU)
Focus cities
Frequent-flyer program Insel Star Miles
Airport lounge Plesman Lounge
Alliance Pan Caribbean Alliance
Subsidiaries Insel Air Aruba
Fleet size 15
Destinations 22
Company slogan Reaching Higher
Headquarters Maduro Plaza, Dokweg 19, Willemstad, Curaçao
Key people
  • H.A. Van Der Kwast, Chairman
  • Albert Kluyver, CEO
Revenue Increase US$ 245 million (2015)[1]
Employees 750 (2016)

Insel Air (formally Insel Air International B.V.) is a Dutch Caribbean carrier that serves as the national airline of Curaçao. It is headquartered in Maduro Plaza, Willemstad.[2]

Insel Air currently serves 22 destinations throughout the Caribbean, South America and North America.[1] Its fleet consists of McDonnell Douglas MD-82 and MD-83, Fokker 70 and Fokker 50 aircraft. The airline's main hubs are Hato International Airport (Insel Air Curaçao) and Queen Beatrix International Airport (Insel Air Aruba) with a secondary hub at Princess Juliana International Airport.[3] Insel Air was incorporated as a private limited liability company (Dutch: Besloten Vennootschap) on September 8, 1993 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Curaçao under number 64577. Insel Air is the largest Caribbean-based airline and expects to carry 1.4 million passengers in 2016.[4]


Insel Air MD-80 aircraft at Hato International Airport
Insel Air Aruba Fokker 50 taxiing to gate at Hato International Airport

Early years[edit]

Insel Air started operations on August 28, 2006 with one Embraer 110-P1 Bandeirante flying out of Curaçao to the neighboring island of Aruba. Soon afterwards, Insel Air began flights to the neighbouring island of Bonaire and also to Las Piedras in Venezuela.

Starting in January 2007, the airline began serving the Eastern and Northern Caribbean via Sint Maarten with a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and with an additional McDonnell Douglas MD-82 in June 2008. Insel Air also added services to Miami via Curaçao and Bonaire at this time.

In September 2009, Insel Air took delivery of a second MD-82 aircraft. The aircraft arrived at Curacao as N434AG, being the only MD-80 with the known "screwdriver tail" at the time. Insel took delivery of its third MD82 on December 4, 2009 and fourth MD82 in May 2011. At this time Insel Air began operating four new destinations – Medellin, Charlotte, Barquisimeto and Caracas.

Since then, the company has grown into an airline with thirteen aircraft. Of these thirteen, eleven are owned by Insel Air.[5] With the additional aircraft, the total seat count in Insel Air's fleet has risen from 19 seats in 2006 to 167 in 2007, 319 in 2008, 653 in 2010, 955 in 2011 to 1,259 in 2013.

Development since 2011[edit]

Following the introduction of new services to Medellin and Charlotte, the airline added a fifth MD-80 on May 12, 2011. Apart from the new flights to Charlotte and Medellin, Insel Air is now flying to Manaus in Brazil and Barranquilla (Colombia). The Company also completed the IATA operational safety audit (IOSA) and joined ALTA, the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association in November 2011.[6]

On November 16, 2012, Insel Air inaugurated its Curacao-Maracaibo route and began regular operations on December 14. Mr Kluyver (CEO of Insel Air) said a sixth MD80 series aircraft will enter service in December 2012 and a seventh aircraft is slated to enter service in May 2013. The capacity generated by the forthcoming expansion of the MD-80 fleet will be directed by the Aruba venture. Insel Air was originally planning to expand its MD-80 fleet in early 2012 but delayed the project due to delays in launching Insel Air Aruba.[7] In 2012 Insel Air Aruba received its AOC certificate, giving the airline official authorization to perform services out of Aruba. Insel Air Aruba will begin operating 13 new routes - Miami, Santo Domingo, Cuba, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Curacao, Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo, Ecuador, Belem, Manaus.

Insel Air and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines consolidated their cooperation with a code-sharing agreement, offering customers greater comfort and options and thereby enabling them to travel to destinations served by the two partners without having to re-check luggage. Additionally, flight schedules will be closely coordinated so that travel time is minimized. In August 2013 Insel Air celebrated its first ‘in house’ heavy maintenance (C-Check) in Curacao on an MD-82. It was for the first time that the airline performed the check on its aircraft using its in-house expertise. In the past, the check was carried out abroad. The C-check is a big overhaul that needs to be conducted every year and a half according to regulations.[8]

Insel Air inaugurated its first four services from Aruba operated by Insel Air Aruba in the first half of 2014. Insel Air Aruba began operations to Miami, Valencia, Caracas, which were already served by via Insel Air's Curacao hub and Georgetown, Guyana was introduced in the network via Aruba in June 2014. Insel Air had also introduced Barranquilla, Colombia in June 2014 and La Romana, Dominican Republic in July 2014 from the airline's Curacao hub.[9] The airline had also acquired 3 ex-KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70's with the first aircraft having arrived on July 12, 2014. The Fokker jets are planned to be operated out of both the Aruba and Curacao hubs.[10] The Embraers were retired early in 2014. In December Insel Air introduced two new services from its hub in Curacao: Port-of-Spain (in Trinidad) was relaunched on December 15, 2014 and Georgetown was added on December 18, 2014. On January 14, 2015 Insel Air Aruba introduced its direct flight to Manaus, Brazil.[11] In 2015 the airline employs around 650 people, offers approximately 52 daily flights to 23 destinations and plans to grow to 27 destinations in 2015.[12]

In the third quarter of 2015 Insel Air made its first serious announcement about the acquisition of a new aircraft type including a target time frame. According to the CEO, InselAir is targeting 2017 as the year it hopes to acquire one or more Airbus 319s. For a couple of years already Insel Air was hinting about the acquisition of a new aircraft type, however a serious announcement did never hit the light. With the acquisition of this aircraft type; new destinations in Canada, USA and South America like Argentina and Brazil can become a serious option for the growing network of the airline.[13]


Insel Air operates scheduled flights to 22 destinations across Brazil, the Caribbean, Colombia, the United States and Venezuela from its hubs in Curacao and Aruba. The airline operates Seasonal flights to additional destinations as well as charter flights on demand.[14] In December 2015 Insel Air started charter flights from Miami to 5 different destinations in Cuba. These destinations are Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Havana, Santa Clara and Holguin.[15] Furthermore, Insel Air is planning to introduce Antigua, Barbados and Santiago de Cali (Colombia) to its network.[16]

[Hub] Base and Hub
[F] Future destination
[S] Seasonal
¤ Focus city
# Terminated destination
7I/INC Insel Air Curacao
8I/NLU Insel Air Aruba
City Country IATA ICAO Airport Refs/Notes 7I/INC 8I/NLU
Barquisimeto  Venezuela BRM SVBM Jacinto Lara International Airport X -
Barranquilla  Colombia BAQ SKBQ Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport X -
Boa Vista  Brazil BVB SBBV Atlas Brasil Cantanhede International Airport X -
Bridgetown  Barbados BGI TBPB Grantley Adams International Airport Start Date TBA - -
Cali  Colombia CLO SKCL Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport Start Date TBA - -
Caracas  Venezuela CCS SVMI Simón Bolívar International Airport X -
Charlotte  United States CLT KCLT Charlotte/Douglas International Airport X -
Georgetown  Guyana GEO SYCJ Cheddi Jagan International Airport X -
Havana  Cuba HAV MUHA José Martí International Airport X X
Kingston  Jamaica KIN MKJP Norman Manley International Airport X -
Kralendijk  Caribbean Netherlands BON TNCB Flamingo International Airport X -
La Romana  Dominican Republic LRM MDLR La Romana International Airport X -
Manaus  Brazil MAO SBEG Eduardo Gomes International Airport X -
Maracaibo  Venezuela MAR SVMC La Chinita International Airport X -
Medellin  Colombia MDE SKRG José María Córdova International Airport X X
Miami  United States MIA KMIA Miami International Airport X X
Oranjestad  Aruba AUA TNCA Queen Beatrix International Airport X X
Paramaribo  Suriname PBM SMJP Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport X X
Philipsburg  Sint Maarten SXM TNCM Princess Juliana International Airport X X
Port-au-Prince  Haiti PAP MTPP Toussaint Louverture International Airport X -
Port of Spain  Trinidad and Tobago POS TTPP Piarco International Airport X -
Puerto Ordaz  Venezuela PZO SVPR Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport X -
Punta Cana  Dominican Republic PUJ MDPC Punta Cana International Airport X -
Punto Fijo  Venezuela LSP SVJC Josefa Camejo International Airport X -
Quito  Ecuador UIO SEQM Mariscal Sucre International Airport - X
San Juan  Puerto Rico SJU TJSJ Luis Munoz Marin International Airport - X
Santo Domingo  Dominican Republic SDQ MDSD Las Americas International Airport X X
St. John's  Antigua and Barbuda ANU TAPA V. C. Bird International Airport Start Date TBA - -
Valencia  Venezuela VLN SVVA Arturo Michelena International Airport X -
Willemstad  Curaçao CUR TNCC Hato International Airport X X

Codeshare agreements[edit]

Insel Air has not established itself with any airline alliance, but does have a codeshare agreement with KLM, as well as interline agreements with Winair, Air Berlin, GOL, Avianca, Hahn Air and Air France.

As of March 27, 2011, passengers carrying a KLM ticket can now also fly to all Insel Air destinations. Passengers will be transported on one ticket with automatic baggage transfer via Insel Air's hubs in Curacao and Sint Maarten. This interline agreement pertains to five destinations - Kingston, San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port-au-Prince and Las Piedras. On December 1, 2012, codeshare flights began between both carriers.[17] The consolidation and expansion of this cooperation between KLM and InselAir enables KLM to establish better connections to Caribbean destinations via Curacao. It also allows Insel Air to better accommodate this growing need and to offer passengers greater convenience and additional destinations.


As of August 2016, the fleet of Insel Air and Insel Air Aruba consists of the following aircraft:[18][19]

Insel Air Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
7I 8I Y+ Y Total
Fokker 50 5 1 8 42 50 2 in maintenance
Fokker 70 4 3 15 65 80 Deliveries start in 2016
1 in maintenance
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 2 1 15 137 152 1 in maintenance
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 1 3 15 137 152 1 in maintenance
Total 8 8 4

Previously operated[edit]

Over the years, Insel Air and Insel Air Aruba operated the following types:

Insel Air Fleet
Aircraft In Service Passengers Notes
7I 8I Y+ Y Total
Embraer 110-P1 Bandeirante 2
Planned for re-introduction
Fokker 50 1 8 42 50
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 1 15 137 152
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 1 15 137 152
Total 4 2


The initial livery which was introduced on the Embraer 110's and the first 5 McDonnell Douglas MD80's, was a simplified livery of a white fuselage with the Insel Air logo near the front and a blue tail with a yellow curved line and 2 white stars representing the Curacao flag. The MD80's received a modified logo and a lighter blue color on the tail while the Embraers (with the exception of the first delivered aircraft) remained unchanged.

The McDonnell Douglas MD80's later received a new livery when the acquisition for the Fokker 50's were finalised and when Insel Air Aruba was established. The livery, which was introduced on the airline's 6th MD80, consisted of the same simplified white fuselage with the new updated Insel Air logo and three (yellow, red and blue) wave-like curves near the front and with an even lighter blue tail, but three (yellow, red and blue) wave-like curves replaced the yellow curved line and two white stars on the tail. This livery has also been applied to the rest of the MD80 fleet as well as the Fokker 70's that were delivered in 2014.

Insel Air Aruba McDonnell Douglas MD-82

One MD82, which is operated by Insel Air Aruba, featured a similar livery, but the official Aruba logo is located near the front while the Insel Air logo is closer to the center emergency exit doors and bears an Aruban registration. The MD83's operated by Insel Air Aruba still wears the standard livery but with an Aruban registration.

The Fokker 50's are also having some of their aircraft updated with the standard livery consisting of the white fuselage featuring the Insel Air logo and the blue tail containing the three colored waves. Two Fokker 50's have somewhat of a similar to the Insel Air Aruba MD82. The aircraft wears an enlarged version of the official Aruba logo in the front of the aircraft with a light blue and light green stripe running across the fuselage to the back. The aircraft also has the same light blue tail resembling the MD80's but includes the Insel Air logo with the three (yellow, red and blue) wave-like curves. The forward part of the tail includes an even lighter shade of blue blending into white. All six Fokkers still wear Curacao registrations.

Before being retired, the first Embraer operated by Insel Air received a new livery resembling that of the MD80's. The aircraft was named Elis Juliana, after a popular author and poet from Curacao.



Insel Air and Insel Air Aruba offers inflight service on flights longer than 45 minutes. For customers seated in Comfort class are offered Alcoholic beverages, Premium food, Local newspapers and a Comfort Class travel kit. For Economy class, customers are offered free food and beverages, local newspapers and also a chance to win back your ticket raffle.[20] Insel Air's inflight magazine INsights, are available onboard all aircraft and available for personal possession.

Loyalty programme[edit]

Insel Air's frequent flyer/loyalty programme is called "Insel Star Miles" in which members earn points for miles flown, with benefits such as priority check-in and free bagagge allowances. Membership levels include Basic, Silver, Gold and Diamond.


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