Worker's Marseillaise

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Рабочая Марсельза
English: The Worker's Marseillaise

anthem of Russia Russian Republic
Russian Soviet Republic
(Briefly, alongside The Internationale)

Lyrics Pyotr Lavrov
Music Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle
Adopted 1917
Relinquished 1918
Music sample

The Worker's Marseillaise (Russian: Рабочая Марсельеза, Rabochaya Marselyeza; mispronounced by Russians as "Marsiliuza".[1]) was a Russian revolutionary song set to the tune of the Marseillaise (although in many recordings the tune is not exactly the same, particularly before the refrain). The lyrics were authored by Pyotr Lavrov, first published on July 1, 1875. The lyrics are not a direct translation of the French ones and are very radical-socialist in spirit.

It existed alongside several other popular versions, among others a Soldier's Marseillaise and a Peasant's Marseillaise.[1]

This anthem was popular during the Russian Revolution of 1905 and was used as a national anthem by Russia's Provisional Government until its overthrow in the October Revolution. It remained in use by the Soviets for a short time alongside The Internationale.[2] During the 1917 Revolution it was played at all public assemblies, street demonstrations, concerts and plays.[1]


Russian lyrics Transliteration English translation
Отречемся от старого мира! Otrechemsya ot starogo mira! Let us denounce the old world!
Отряхнем его прах с наших ног! Otryakhem yego prakh s nashikh nog! Let us shake its dust from our feet!
Нам враждебны златые кумиры; Nam vrazhdebny zlatyye kumiry; We are enemies to the golden idols,
Ненавистен нам царский чертог! Nenavisten nam tsarskiy chertog! We detest the imperial palace!
Мы пойдём к нашим страждущим братьям, My poydyom k nashim strazhdushchim brat′yam, We will go among the suffering brethren,
Мы к голодному люду пойдём, My k golodnomu lyudu poydyom, We will go to the hungry people;
С ним пошлём мы злодеям проклятья — S nim poshlyom my zlodeyam proklyat′ya — Together with them we send our curses to the evil-doers,
На борьбу мы его поведём. Na bor′bu my yego povedyom. We will call them to struggle with us:
Вставай, подымайся, рабочий народ! Vstavay, podymaysya, rabochniy narod! Stand, rise up, working people!
Вставай на врагов, брат голодный! Vstavay na vragov, brat golodnyy! Arise against the enemies, hungry brother!
Раздайся, крик мести народной! Razdaysya, krik mesti narodnoy! Let be heard the people's cry for vengeance
Вперёд! Вперёд! Вперёд! Вперёд! Вперёд! Vperyod! Vperyod! Vperyod! Vperyod! Vperyod! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward!
Богачи, кулаки жадной сворой Bogachi, kulaki zhadnoy svoroy The rich, the exploiters, the greedy mob
Расхищают тяжёлый твой труд, Raskhishchayut tyazhyolyy tvoy trud, Deprive you of your work so hard,
Твоим потом жиреют обжоры; Tvoim potom zhireyut obzhory; In your sweat the greedy fatten,
Твой последний кусок они рвут. Tvoy posledniy kusok oni rvut. They tear your last piece of bread.
Голодай, чтоб они пировали! Goloday, chtob oni pirovali! Starve, so they celebrate
Голодай, чтоб в игре биржевой Goloday, chtob v igre birzhevoy Starve, in the stock market game
Они совесть и честь продавали, Oni sovest′ i chest′ prodavali, They sell conscience and honor
Чтоб ругались они над тобой! Chtob rugalis′ oni nad toboy! So that they can moan about you!
Вставай, подымайся… Vstavay, podymaysya… Arise, arise, working people…
Тебе отдых — одна лишь могила! Tebe otdykh — odna lish′ mogila! You the rest is just the grave,
Каждый день — недоимку готовь; Kazhdyy den′ — nedoimku gotov′; Every day the debt is ready,
Царь-вампир из тебя тянет жилы; Tsar′-vampir iz tebya tyanet zhily; The Tsar-vampire pulls out your veins,
Царь-вампир пьёт народную кровь! Tsar′-vampir p′yot narodnuyu krov′! The Tsar-vampire drinks the blood of the people.
Ему нужны для войска солдаты: Yemu nuzhny dlya voyska soldaty, He needs for the army soldiers,
Подавай же сюда сыновей! Podavay zhe syuda synovey! So give up your sons!
Ему нужны пиры да палаты: Yemu nuzhny piry da palaty: He needs festivals and halls,
Подавай ему крови твоей! Podavay yemu krovi tvoyey! So give him your blood!
Вставай, подымайся… Vstavay, podymaysya… Stand up, arise, working people…
Не довольно ли вечного горя? Ne dovol′no li vechnogo gorya? Is eternal suffering not enough?
Встанем, братья, повсюду зараз! Vstanem, brat′ya, povsyudu zaraz! Let us stand up, brothers, everywhere right now!
От Днепра и до Белого моря, Ot Dnepra i do Belogo morya, From the Dnepr to the White Sea,
И Поволжье, и Дальний Кавказ! I Povolzh′ye, i Dal′niy Kavkaz! Along the Volga, and the far Caucasus!
На воров, на собак — на богатых! Na vorov, na sobak — na bogatykh! To thieves, the dogs – the rich
Да на злого вампира-царя! Da na zlogo vampira-tsarya! And even the evil vampire-Tsar!
Бей, губи их, злодеев проклятых! Bey, gubi ikh, zlodeyev proklyatykh! Defeat, kill them, the damned villains!
Засветись, лучшей жизни заря! Zasvetis′, luchshey zhizni zarya! Glow, dawn of the best life!
Вставай, подымайся… Vstavay, podymaysya… Arise, arise, working people…
И взойдёт за кровавой зарёю I vzoydyot za krovavoy zaryoyu And it goes on behind the bloody dawn
Солнце правды и братства людей. Solntse pravdy i bratstva lyudey. The sun of freedom and the brotherhood of mankind.
Купим мир мы последней борьбою, Kupim mir my posledney bor′boyu, We buy peace with this last fight,
Купим кровью мы счастье детей. Kupim krov′yu my schast′ye detey. With our blood we buy the happiness of children.
И настанет година свободы, I nastanet godina svobody, And it breaks in the era of freedom,
Сгинет ложь, сгинет зло навсегда, Sginet lozh′, sginet zlo navsegda, It resolves the lie that evil forever,
И сольются в едино народы I sol′yutsya v yedino narody Unite and struggle of the peoples
В вольном царстве святого труда… V vol′nom tsarstve svyatogo truda… In the free realm of the sacred work…

Common English Translation[edit]

The old world must be destroyed,
Tear it down all the way to its root!
We do not need the golden idol,
We detest the royal palace!
We will help our suffering brothers,
We will feed the hungry!
We curse our enemies for their wicked deeds,
We will fight them together!
We curse our enemies for their wicked deeds,
We will fight them together!
Arise, awake working class!
Charge the enemy hungry folk!
Cry out the vengeance of the people,
Forward, forward, forward, forward, forward!
Do you still want to be oppressed?
Arise, all brother across the country at once!
From the Dnieper to the White Sea,
And the Volga, to the Caucasus!
The thieves, the dogs of the rich,
And the evil Tsar!
Bring them all down!
Light up the dawn of a better life!
Bring them all down!
Light up the dawn of a better life!
The rise of the red dawn,
The sun of truth and brotherly love!
Although we pay a terrible price,
With our blood for the happiness of the land!
And for our rightful freedoms,
The evil will vanish forever!
We will unite as one,
In the realm of socialism!
We will unite as one,
In the realm of socialism!
  • Note that in English the song does not always refer to Russia, so some of the lyrics referring to the Tsar and Russian locations may be changed.


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