Koshi Province

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Koshi Province in map of Japan

Koshi Province (越国 Koshi no Kuni?) was an ancient province or region of Japan in the area of Echigo, Etchū and Echizen provinces.[1] Also encompassed are Noto and Kaga provinces which were once part of Echizen.[2] It was sometimes called Esshū (越州?).

It appears as one of the original provinces in the Nihon Shoki. In 598 AD it sent a white deer to Empress Suiko as tribute.

At the end of the 7th century it was divided into three separate provinces: Echizen, Echigo and Etchū (evidenced by Taihō Code in 701). The names of new provinces mean front-Koshi, rear-Koshi and middle-Koshi respectively that represent the distance from Kinki region when Ritsuryō system had enacted.

This area is now known as the Hokuriku region.