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The location of Nepal
An enlargeable map of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Nepal:

Nepal – landlocked sovereign state located in South Asia, located in the Himalayas and bordered to the north by China, and to the south, east, and west by India. The mountainous north has eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest, called Sagarmatha in Nepali.


General reference[edit]

An enlargeable basic map of Nepal

Geography of Nepal[edit]

An enlargeable topographic map of Nepal

Geography of Nepal

 India 1,690 km
 China 1,236 km
  • Coastline: none

Environment of Nepal[edit]

An enlargeable satellite image of Nepal

Environment of Nepal

Biota of Nepal[edit]

Wildlife of Nepal

Fauna of Nepal[edit]
Flora of Nepal[edit]

Natural geographic features of Nepal[edit]

Geography of Nepal

Glaciers of Nepal[edit]

Glaciers of Nepal

Rivers of Nepal[edit]

structured list

Lakes of Nepal[edit]
Mountains of Nepal[edit]

Regions of Nepal[edit]

Regions of Nepal

Ecoregions of Nepal[edit]

Administrative divisions of Nepal[edit]

Administrative divisions of Nepal

Administrative divisions by region[edit]
Eastern Region[edit]

Eastern Region, Nepal

Central Region[edit]

Central Region, Nepal

Western Region[edit]

Western Region, Nepal

Mid-Western Region[edit]

Mid-Western Region, Nepal

Far-Western Region[edit]

Far-Western Region, Nepal

Municipalities of Nepal[edit]

Municipalities of Nepal

Villages in Nepal[edit]

Demography of Nepal[edit]

Demographics of Nepal

Government and politics of Nepal[edit]

Politics of Nepal

Branches of the government of Nepal[edit]

Government of Nepal

Executive branch of the government of Nepal[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Nepal[edit]

Judicial branch of the government of Nepal[edit]

Court system of Nepal

Foreign relations of Nepal[edit]

Foreign relations of Nepal

International organization membership[edit]

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a member of:[2]

Law and order in Nepal[edit]

Law of Nepal

Military of Nepal[edit]

Military of Nepal

Political parties in Nepal[edit]

Communist parties of Nepal[edit]

Nepalese student unions[edit]

Nepalese politicians[edit]

Nepalese communists[edit]

Naba raj Subedi

Local government in Nepal[edit]

Local government in Nepal

History of Nepal[edit]

History of Nepal

History of Nepal, by period[edit]

Timeline of Nepalese history

History of Nepal, by region[edit]

History of Nepal, by subject[edit]

Massacres in Nepal[edit]

Previous governments of Nepal[edit]

Nepalese monarchs[edit]
Prime Ministers of Nepal[edit]

Culture of Nepal[edit]

Culture of Nepal

Art in Nepal[edit]

Music of Nepal[edit]

Music of Nepal

Nepalese musical instruments[edit]
Nepalese poets[edit]
Nepalese musicians[edit]
Nepalese flautists[edit]

Cuisine of Nepal[edit]

Nepalese cuisine

Newari cuisine[edit]

Festivals of Nepal[edit]

Languages of Nepal[edit]

Organisations based in Nepal[edit]

Non-profit organizations based in Nepal[edit]

Volunteer organizations in Nepal[edit]

People of Nepal[edit]

People of Nepal

Ethnic groups in Nepal[edit]

Social groups of Nepal[edit]


Religion in Nepal[edit]

Religion in Nepal – over 30% of the population follow Hinduism (see Hinduism in Nepal below).

Buddhism in Nepal[edit]

Buddhism in Nepal – though a minority faith in the country, Buddhism is linked historically with Nepal.

Buddhist temples in Nepal[edit]

Hinduism in Nepal[edit]

Hinduism in Nepal – practised by about 80% of Nepalese. Nepal has the highest percent of Hindu followers of any nation.[3]

Hindu temples in Nepal[edit]

Other religions in Nepal[edit]

Other temples in Nepal[edit]

Sports in Nepal[edit]

Football in Nepal[edit]

Football in Nepal

Nepal football competitions[edit]
Nepalese football clubs[edit]
Football venues in Nepal[edit]

Nepal at the Olympics[edit]

Nepal at the Olympics

World Heritage Sites in Nepal[edit]

List of World Heritage Sites in Nepal

Economy and infrastructure of Nepal[edit]

Economy of Nepal

Banking in Nepal[edit]

Banking in Nepal

Communications in Nepal[edit]

Communications in Nepal

Telecommunications in Nepal[edit]

Telecommunications in Nepal

Nepalese media[edit]

Media of Nepal

Internet in Nepal[edit]

Internet in Nepal

Classic Tech Pvt Ltd - www.classic.com.np

Newspapers published in Nepal[edit]

Radio in Nepal[edit]

Television in Nepal[edit]

Companies of Nepal[edit]

Law firms of Nepal[edit]

Trade unions of Nepal[edit]

Transport in Nepal[edit]

Transport in Nepal

Aviation in Nepal[edit]

Airlines of Nepal[edit]
Defunct airlines of Nepal[edit]
Aviation incidents in Nepal[edit]

Education in Nepal[edit]

Education in Nepal

Schools in Nepal[edit]

List of schools in Nepal

Universities and colleges in Nepal[edit]

List of universities and colleges in Nepal

Health in Nepal[edit]

Health in Nepal

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